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Best Office Coffee Makers in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The best office coffee maker is a durable, long-lasting machine that can handle daily heavy use. It makes a large amount of coffee relatively quickly to accommodate a big group of people. You’ll find that they run the gamut from a simple pod coffee maker to an automatic espresso machine. But whether or not it has advanced features or functionality, it will make the perfect solution for small to large offices.

These coffee makers are generally made with higher quality materials, so they last a long time, and there’s enough variety in the market to accommodate multiple preferences. From an LCD display, a dedicated hot water dispenser, dual warmer plates, or a thermal carafe, you’ll find a plethora of features to choose from.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn more about office coffee makers. You also might want to check out our picks for the best coffee makers overall.

Top Office Coffee Makers

 #1  Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features simple operation and a massive tank to provide a unit that is perfect for serving a big workplace. Additionally, with easy cleaning and a small footprint, users will love making fresh cups of brew while staying tidy in the process.

  • Impressive removable tank
  • Easy operation
  • Touch screen interface
  • Only makes single servings

The Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial coffee maker is an excellent choice for a small office that craves fresh coffee to keep them energized and motivated all day long. This Keurig coffee maker works with K-Cup pods and compatible third-party options so users won’t spill grounds in the office kitchen while making a lunchtime brew. Additionally, this model features an extra-large removable water tank that can make up to 22 servings of strong coffee without needing a refill. While this model only makes one mug at a time, users will love the quick brewing time.

In addition to a large water reservoir and K-Cup compatibility, the Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial coffee maker ensures that any office employee can make a strong cup of coffee thanks to the simple operation. This model features touchscreen controls so users can adjust brewing temperatures, brew strength, and set automatic brewing times. Additionally, thanks to this model’s Quiet Brew Technology, users won’t interrupt the concentration of their coworkers with the loud sounds of bubbling coffee.

 #2  Bonsenkitchen CM8901 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a compact design and a decent-size water tank so users can make multiple brews without needing constant refills. Additionally, users will love this versatile device that can utilize fresh beans or convenient capsules.

  • Strong versatility
  • Space-saving design
  • Adjustable base plate
  • Only brews single servings

The Bonsenkitchen CM8901 coffee maker is an excellent choice for a busy office with varied tastes and cravings for coffee. This versatile unit allows users to brew with freshly ground beans or K-Cup coffee pods, so they can use their favorite beans or mitigate the mess with convenient capsules. Additionally, this model offers brewing modes to match coffee pods or fresh grounds, so users can have the best possible flavor from either form factor. While this model only makes a single serving at a time, users can adjust their serving size from 6oz to 14oz.

In addition to versatile brewing options and multiple serving sizes, the Bonsenkitchen CM8901 coffee maker delivers fresh drinks for workers in a rush. This model brews fresh coffee within three minutes, and the auto-off feature saves on energy cost and preserves the unit itself. Additionally, this model can fit in most kitchens or break rooms thanks to the compact design. Lastly, users will love the adjustable base plate that accommodates small coffee mugs and large thermoses alike.

 #3  CONQUECO Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features an extremely lightweight design and Nespresso pod compatibility to deliver hot beverages wherever a user decides to get to work. With multiple power options and fast brewing, users will love settling into challenging tasks with a fresh mug.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy operation
  • Authentic espresso pressure
  • Only works with coffee pods

The CONQUECO coffee maker is an excellent choice for traveling workers who want the extra pep of authentic espresso brews. This compact model features a rechargeable internal battery that supports heating water and provides up to 15 bars of pressure to make authentic and strong espresso-style coffee. Additionally, users will love this unit’s simple operation that only requires a single button to brew high-quality coffee. While this model only works with pre-filled coffee pods, users do not need to worry about grinding beans and making a mess.

In addition to portability and authentic espresso brewing, the CONQUECO coffee maker easily plugs into a car so users can have strong shop-quality coffee while they’re working off the grid. This model works with Nespresso and L’OR original coffee pods, so users do not need to pack additional supplies while they travel or go on backpacking treks. Additionally, this model brews from pre-boiled water in 5 seconds, and it makes coffee from cold water within 10 minutes.

 #4  ADIRchef 800-01-BLK Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model delivers easy operation and a slimline design to offer a machine for quick brews in a tiny kitchen or even directly at a desk. Additionally, this model includes an insulated cup and mesh basket so users have almost everything they need for a warm drink.

  • Space-saving design
  • Fast brewing time
  • Reusable mug and filter included
  • Sub-par water tank size

The ADIRchef 800-01-BLK coffee maker is an excellent pick for settings where space is at a premium, like in a small break room or office cubicle. This model can fit in almost any setting, and the single-button operation lets users brew without interrupting their workflow. Additionally, the included mesh filter basket and insulated travel mug ensure that users have almost everything they need to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. While the water reservoir only covers a single 12oz serving, the wide reservoir opening makes it easy to refill without spills.

In addition to space-saving design and simple operation, the ADIRchef 800-01-BLK coffee maker’s included travel mug is great for professionals on the go. The 15oz mug features a spill-proof top and a heat-resistant grip for safely carrying to work. Additionally, the travel mug features a durable design, and it easily fits into most car cup holders. Lastly, every removable component of this coffee maker is dishwasher safe for users who don’t want to worry about washing by hand.

 #5  Barista Warrior Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This all-metal device delivers durable construction and a heat-preserving carafe to offer fresh, bold drinks while spending hours in a cubicle or enjoying a camping trip with friends. Additionally, users will love the external temperature reading and double filter that ensures a quality cup.

  • Exceptional insulation
  • Great double filters
  • Smooth press
  • No heating capabilities

The Barista Warrior coffee maker is an excellent choice for users who appreciate crafting a shop-quality brew to start their day. This stainless steel model offers exceptional insulation thanks to the double-walled carafe that keeps drinks hot for hours after brewing. Additionally, users will love the ergonomic steel handle and pointed spout that ensures safe pouring without splashing or spilling coffee on a desk or countertop. While this model cannot heat water on its own, the wide carafe opening makes it easy to add near-boiling water for brewing.

In addition to the great insulation and easy serving, the Barista Warrior coffee maker ensures that users stay informed while making their morning or afternoon brew. The built-in thermometer stem alerts users when their brewing water reaches the optimal temperature, unlocking optimal extraction for a bold drink. Additionally, with the dual-filters and effective plunger, users can enjoy smooth sips of coffee without experiencing grit or sediment slipping into their mugs.

 #6  Mueller MU-CM10 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model offers fast drinks and convenient capsule compatibility so users can get their morning mugs without much fuss. Additionally, users will love the space-saving design that lets them make quick brews in a cubicle or small workplace kitchen.

  • Fast brew cycle
  • K-Cup compatible
  • One-button operation
  • No basket for loose grounds

The Mueller MU-CM10 coffee maker is a compelling option for users who need fast and convenient drinks during a busy workday or brainstorming session. This model is exceptionally simple to use thanks to the one-button operation that delivers fresh coffee within three minutes. Additionally, users will love the space-saving design which means users can make their favorite K-Cup pods from their desk or a cramped office breakroom. While there isn’t an included basket for freshly ground coffee, this model is compatible with reusable Keurig-compatible pods.

In addition to the compact design and one-button operation, the Mueller MU-CM10 delivers shop-quality drinks to large or small mugs thanks to the wide and removable drip tray. Additionally, users will love the auto shut-off feature that prevents the unit from overheating and it saves on energy costs. This single-serve machine has a 10oz water tank that is just large enough for a brew cycle, meaning users get fresh water for their brew every time.

Beginner’s Guide to Office Coffee Makers

What is an Office Coffee Maker

An office coffee maker isn’t that different from the one you might use at home (like a Keurig alternative) but will offer ease of use. In general, they have features that work well in an office environment. And because these appliances get a lot of use, regardless of what kind of office it is, they tend to be very durable and long-lasting.

Speaking of long-lasting, our lists of the top-rated iced coffee makers and high-end single-serve coffee makers without pods have great longevity, too.

Ideally, these versatile machines will give everyone the type of coffee they want. If everyone prefers just a basic cup of coffee, there are a variety of high-quality drip machines on the market. Single-serve machines, like the Keurig K-Classic, will allow people to make their brew a cup at a time. More advanced models will let your office mates make specialty coffees, like shots of espresso.

Office Coffee Makers vs Standard Coffee Makers

An office coffee maker and a standard coffee maker will often have a similar design and features. They’re not that different, but a machine you use at home won’t get nearly as much use as the one you use in the office. As such, an office coffee maker is made with higher-quality materials that are meant to last longer.

You can use consumer coffee makers in the office, but it’s essential to select one built with much higher quality. A commercial coffee machine is an excellent choice for the office because it’s durable and meant for consistent use.

How an Office Coffee Maker Works

An office coffee maker works much like any other coffee maker, and the function depends on the type of machine. Traditional coffee makers have filter baskets for coffee grounds and a removable water tank for water. Some brew coffee using a simple brew button for one-touch brewing, while others may have additional features like auto-on, automatic shut-off, keep warm, or a digital display.

Single-cup brewers are also great for offices because you can purchase a wide range of coffee pods that appeal to everyone in the office. Once you insert the pod, the machine injects water into the pod and dispenses the beverage below. The brew cycle is quick, so it can serve many people in a short amount of time.

The best nitro cold brew coffee maker is also an excellent office coffee maker. It’s easy to use, it can brew large amounts of coffee at once, and it gives adventurous people something new and different to try.

Dual coffee makers serve multiple purposes. They are multipurpose, side-by-side machines perfect for office environments because you can brew two different types of coffee at once. In general, they’ll often have a full carafe on one side coupled with a single-serve side. More advanced models may even tackle specialty beverages like espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes. And if espresso is popular in your office, you may even want to look into the best portable espresso machine.

Why should you buy an Office Coffee Maker?

If your office doesn’t already have a coffee maker, it should. Everyone needs a pick-me-up in the morning, and coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. If you’re currently using a low-end consumer model, consider upgrading to accommodate different preferences among co-workers.

Is an Office Coffee Maker Worth Buying?

  • They’re versatile: An office coffee maker should be able to do many things. Whether it takes pods to offer various flavors or a side-by-side coffee maker that can do multiple things at once, it will accommodate many different tastes and make plenty of coffee quickly.
  • They’re durable: Office coffee makers are made with higher quality materials than typical consumer coffee makers. This ensures that they can withstand heavy use and still last a very long time.

Why an Office Coffee Maker May Not Be For You

  • They’re expensive: Durable materials cost more money. So, if you’re not willing to dedicate a larger portion of your budget to purchasing an office coffee maker, you may want to look into some of the best drip coffee makers geared towards home use.
  • They can be hard to clean and maintain: While high-quality materials are often easier to clean, maintaining a multipurpose machine in an office environment can be very difficult because they get used so frequently. Not many people want to take responsibility for cleaning a community machine, and the more moving parts it has, the harder it will be to maintain.

How Long Will an Office Coffee Maker Last?

A durable office coffee maker can last up to 20 years or more. As long as it’s well cared for and maintained properly, a high-quality machine will last a very long time. Everyone in the office must understand how to use it properly so that it continues to work the way it should. Cleaning duties should be shared and performed almost daily to combat heavy use.

How to Choose the Best Office Coffee Maker

It’s essential to consider several factors when choosing an office coffee maker. Start with brewing speed, and then consider ease of use and additional features or functions.

Office Coffee Maker Key Factors

1. How fast should it brew coffee?

Any coffee maker can brew coffee quickly in the grand scheme of things. While a single cup brewer can warm the water and brew a cup of coffee in a matter of seconds, a drip coffee maker will take less than 10 minutes and make up to 12 cups of coffee for several people.

However, speed is a factor when you consider brewing coffee for dozens of people because a small drip coffee maker will need to run another brewing cycle when the carafe is empty. The more brew cycles you need, the more the time adds up, and the person responsible for making coffee wastes a lot of their day making coffee.

This is where dual coffee makers come in handy. They can brew two different things at once or make more than one pot of coffee at a time. Single-cup brewers are also ideal because they brew coffee quickly and allow everyone to be responsible for their own coffee.

2. Should it be easy to use?

An office coffee maker should be easy to use because many different people have to learn to use it. The more complex the machine, the higher the risk of something breaking due to misuse. The easier it is to use, the less time it will take to brew because it will be straightforward enough for everyone to understand.

However, that doesn’t mean that specialty coffee makers don’t have a place in the office. If there is a subset of co-workers that enjoy specialty beverages who possess the skills and experience to operate an advanced machine, it offers more variety in the office.

3. What other features should it have?

An office coffee maker doesn’t necessarily have to have any additional features. A simple drip coffee maker with an on/off switch is sufficient for a small to medium office group that prefers the same type of coffee. However, an auto-off function is a plus, so no one has to remember to turn off the pot at the end of the day.

Additional features like various brew sizes are also an excellent way to offer versatility and a variety of brew strength to an office group. Depending on your office environment, advanced features like steaming milk, brewing espresso, and dual-function machines may or may not be a good idea. At the very least, a warming plate will keep the coffee warm for longer.

Best Office Coffee Maker FAQs

Are pricier coffee makers worth it?

There are a lot of high-quality coffee makers that don’t cost a lot of money. Some of the longest-lasting coffee makers are the cheapest, and high-quality pour-over kettles and French press options are the least complicated and often cost the least. While you may need extra accessories to operate them, you’ll still equip yourself for cheaper than a premium drip coffee maker or specialty machine. However, expensive coffee makers are worth it to a certain extent. If you want authentic espresso, you should invest in a quality machine, which will cost $500 or more. They’re durable and consistent, making for the best-tasting espresso. Often though, for a drip coffee maker, the difference in price amounts to features rather than the taste of the actual coffee, so pay attention to what you’re paying for.

What is an office coffee machine?

This machine is different than what you’ll find in your kitchen at home because it needs to be easy to use and offer options for a larger group of people, no matter how much experience they have. The right machine for your office will depend on how many people are using it, what it can brew based on the preferences of those people, and a lot more. However, there’s a delicate balance between a capable machine and one you might find at the coffee shop, meant for an experienced barista for a wide variety of specialty beverages. These machines are expensive and have a learning curve. You want to look for something that sits nicely in the middle.

Do you need an office coffee machine?

While a coffee shop isn’t a requirement, it’s generally a workplace staple. Frequently, employees expect it as one of the most simple perks of an office job, but it also has other benefits. It’s easy for employees to get a warm cup of coffee when they feel like they need it and can even boost morale and increase productivity. Coffee can combat the afternoon sleepiness that many people feel after lunch, and it can keep people working through the end of the day. It’s also a great way to take a quick break, socialize, and build camaraderie. Coffee machines make people happy and prevent them from leaving the office altogether to find a coffee shop nearby.

Does it need to grind?

A grinder is a nice feature, but it doesn’t have to have one. You can always supply a coffee maker along with pre-ground coffee or coffee pods. It’s typically good enough for the average coffee consumer. If you want to provide a grinder for someone in the office who enjoys the experience or prefers the taste, you can consider it, but it’s not required.
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