Best Off Road Electric Bikes in 2023

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Products Updated February 1, 2023
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To help you find the best off-road electric bike, we have tried out a multitude of top ebikes, testing to ensure they featured fantastic shocks and suspension systems, so as to adequately traverse difficult terrains. We also liked electric bicycles with high-speed motors and long-lasting lithium-ion battery packs. This list will definitely propose to you options that can help you pick the best electric bike for you.

The best off-road electric bike that we tried was easily the HPC Revolution AT Off-road Electric Bike. This is one of the best electric bikes you can buy, off-road or otherwise, with an ultra-durable hand-welded aluminum frame, a high-speed motor that can reach 45 miles per hour, and a lithium-ion battery pack that can ride for 50 miles on a single charge. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality off-road electric bikes available for purchase.

Top 10 Off Road Electric Bikes

 #1  HPC Revolution AT Off-road Electric Bike

HPC Revolution AT Off-road Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best electric off-road bike, with an electric motor that can reach 45 MPH, a high-performance battery that gets 50 miles per charge, and quad-piston brakes that make for comfortable riding.

  • Hand-welded and durable aluminum frame
  • Quad-piston Magura MT7e brakes
  • 45 MPH top speed and 50 miles per charge
  • On heavy side, nearly 80 lb

The HPC Revolution AT is the best off-road electric mountain bike you can buy, thanks to hand-welded components, such as the ultra-sturdy aluminum frame. This bike is built from the ground up for off-road pursuits, with quad-piston Magura MT7e brakes that function excellently even as riders slide down hills. We loved the powerful 3000-watt power system and mid-drive powerful motor, which can achieve speeds up to 45 miles per hour, and the 1290Wh battery that can ride for 50 miles on a single charge. As a note, this battery can be upgraded to a 74V 2400Wh model for twice the range.

Just about every component of this bike is thoughtfully designed and built, in the USA no less, with the only drawback being the price, as it’s on the expensive side, and the weight. All of the high-grade components add up to a bike that weighs nearly 80 pounds. But then again, all these components make it the best electric bike for off-road rendezvous.

 #2  Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Off-road Electric Bike

RipCurrent S Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Great choice for trail seekers, with a battery pack that gets more than 70 miles per charge, a powerful Bafang geared hub motor, and an ultra-bright front-facing headlight.

  • 52-volt battery gets 70 miles per charge
  • 1000-watt Bafang geared hub motor reaches 28 MPH
  • 1,050-lumen front headlight and comfy gel seat
  • Requires assembly, though handlebars ship attached
  • Max load capacity 275 lb

The Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Off-road Electric Bike is simple a fantastic trail bike for wilderness lovers. This ebike boasts a 52-volt battery that gets more than 70 hours per charge and a new 1000-watt Bafgang geared hub motor that can easily reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour. This is also one of the best off-road electric hunting bikes, thanks to a relatively quiet motor and ultra-bright 1,050-lumen headlight, which helps you spot prey as you ride during the night.

This electric bicycle does require a fair bit of assembly, however, though the necessary tools are included and the handlebars arrived pre-attached. Also, the maximum load capacity here is 275 pounds, which is decent, though speed and range will take a hit as you approach that limit. This is still one of the best bikes for the wilderness.

 #3  Quietkat Ranger Off-road Electric Bike

2020 Quietkat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Exquisite choice for hunters, thanks to a whisper-quiet motor and a pair of heavy-threaded 26” by 4.5” tires which can handle difficult terrain and steep inclines.

  • Durable 6061 aluminum frame
  • Rust-resistant parts perfect for wet conditions
  • Large load capacity (325 lb) perfect for lots of gear
  • Battery takes over six hours to fully charge
  • Max speed 20 MPH

The Quietkat Ranger Off-road Electric Bike is an excellent choice for avid hunters, with a motor that is truly whisper-quiet, so as to not disturb potential prey, and a pair of ultra-large heavy-threaded 26” by 4.5” fat tires, which can easily traverse the types of terrain hunters typically encounter. Other hunting-forward features include rust-resistant components that are good for riding in the rain and an ultra-durable 6061 aluminum frame. The load capacity here is also on the higher end, 325 pounds, so it can easily accommodate a rider and their gear. It also comes in useful camouflage color, further enhancing its rating as a must-have for hunters.

Though the 48-volt Panasonic battery boasts a decent maximum range of around 40 to 50 miles on a single charge, it does take over six hours to fully charge, which could be an issue for some consumers. Additionally, the Bafang 750-watt hub drive motor can only reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, though high speeds aren’t typically important to hunters. And not important to your little ones looking to get the best kids mountain bikes either, although they have excellent motors.

 #4  IZIP E3 Peak+ Off-road Electric Bike

IZIP E3 Peak+


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality ebike with plenty of bells and whistles, including a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and an impressive Suntour air fork for maximum stability and a smooth ride.

  • Stepover hydroformed aluminum frame
  • Kenda Havok 2.8” on 27.5” wheels
  • SR Suntour air fork provides maximum stability
  • Saddle on the rigid side

The IZIP E3 Peak+ Off-road Electric Bike is of exceptional quality, with multiple high-end features like a Bosch Performance Line CX motor that can go over 20 miles per hour. We loved the SR Suntour air fork, which provides maximum stability, and the Kenda Havok fat tires, which absolutely excel in all manner of difficult terrain. The stepover hydroformed aluminum frame is exceptionally durable and the interior cable routing gives the bike a clean and attractive aesthetic.

The Bosch Powerpack 400 lithium battery is also exceptional, with a 65-mile maximum range and a charge time of just four hours. It also has exceptional stability like any one of the best adult tricycles. We did, however, find the Velo saddle to be somewhat rigid, though it can be replaced.

 #5  Haibike Sduro Fullseven LT Off-road Electric Bike

Haibike Sduro Fullseven LT Off-road Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfect electric bike for beginners, thanks to plenty of high-quality safety features including Tektro Orion hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe Tough Tom fat tires.

  • Tektro Orion hydraulic disc brakes
  • Schwalbe Tough Tom 27.5”x2.35” fat tires for a smooth ride
  • Shimano Deore RapidFire Plus 10-speed shifter
  • Max speed 20 MPH
  • Assembly is required though tools are included

The Haibike Sduro Fullseven LT Off-road Electric Bike is built for safe riding, making it perfect for those new to the world of off-roading. This electric bike includes ultra-reliable Tektro Orion hydraulic disc brakes along the front and rear and a Shimano Deore RapidFire Plus 10-speed shifter, which excels at shifting gears on the fly. We loved the sturdy aluminum frame and the Schwalbe Tough Tom fat tires, which further enhance safety by helping to absorb vibrations from bumps and debris.

Though the Yamaha PW-ST system motor is great at both acceleration and traversing steep inclines, it does max out at 20 miles per hour. Additionally, there is some assembly required upon receipt, though necessary tools are included with the purchase. Make sure to read our buying guide on the best electric road bike.

 #6  Rambo R750 Off-road Electric Bike

Rambo R750 Off-road Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Includes best-in-class Kenda Krusade kevlar fat tires that are puncture-resistant, so as to prevent flats, with an external LG battery that gets 45 miles per charge and is good for nearly 1,000 cycles.

  • External LG battery gets 45 miles per charge
  • Dual-piston hydraulic brakes offer supreme stopping power
  • Thumb throttle offers precise control
  • Max speed 19 MPH
  • LCD screen can be difficult to see in low light

The Rambo R750 Off-road Electric Bike is a great choice for those looking to avoid getting flats while out there in the wild, as it is outfitted with Kenda Krusade kevlar fat tires that are highly puncture-resistant. The dual-piston hydraulic brakes offer fantastic stopping power, even in rainy conditions or while descending steep inclines, and the thumb throttle offers easy and precise control.

Though the Bafang 750w mid-drive motor boasts plenty of torque and acceleration capabilities, it does max out at 19 miles per hour. Also, the integrated LCD screen is useful, relaying a number of metrics, but can be difficult to see in low light conditions as often found while blazing trails. But maybe that could be a good thing in terms of security if you lock it with the best bike lock and park it in a dark place in the wilderness for example.

 #7  Surface 604 Rook Off-road Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Includes a 500w hub motor paired with an industry-leading 12mosfet 25A controller, which translates into more than enough torque to tackle ultra-steep inclines and hills.

  • Passcode-protected color LCD display
  • Selle Royal ergonomic gel saddle
  • Battery gets nearly 40 miles per charge
  • Max speed 20 MPH
  • Taillight on dimmer side

The Surface 604 Rook Off-road Electric Bike is an absolute beast when it comes to climbing steep inclines and the kinds of hills found while traversing trails. The motor combined with an industry-leading controller creates 65Nm of torque, so it is particularly mountain-friendly. We also loved the large color LCD display, which not only relays a number of useful metrics but is also passcode-protected so the bike won’t start without inputting the correct code. The ergonomically designed and ultra-comfortable gel saddle was also much appreciated, as was the internal battery, which gets more than 35 miles of use on a single charge.

Though the 500-watt motor can handle the steepest of inclines, it does max out at 20 miles per hour, though it accelerates to the top speed in just several seconds. Additionally, the tail light is on the dimmer side, though the integrated LED headlight is quite luminous. For long-distance commutes, or traveling between cities, read our guide on the best electric cargo bike.

 #8  Haibike Xduro Off-road Electric Bike

Haibike Xduro Off-road Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Highly durable ebike with an aluminum frame, forged aluminum cranks, and a pair of Maxxis Minion tires, with RockShox Deluxe rear shocks for a smooth and effortless ride over a variety of terrain types.

  • Maxxis Minion 27.5” fat tires
  • RockShox Deluxe rear shocks for smooth riding
  • Shimano dual hydraulic lever brakes
  • Schwartz saddle is somewhat rigid
  • Max speed 20 MPH

The Haibike Xduro Off-road Electric Bike is built like a brick, with an aluminum alloy frame and forged aluminum cranks, in addition to high-grade components running throughout. We loved the RockShox Deluxe rear shocks and Maxxis Minion 27.5-inch fat tires, both of which combine to offer a smooth ride over debris and thorny paths. The Shimano dual hydraulic lever brakes are of exceptional quality and have no problem coming to a complete stop even while descending steep hills.

Though the Yamaha PW-X2 System motor includes a handy walk mode and can easily ascend inclines, it can only approach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Also, the Schwartz saddle is somewhat rigid, though the seat post offers several adjustment positions. For those seeking a taste of adventure, read about the best electric mountain bike.

 #9  Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Off-road Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Great choice for beginners and kids looking for some offroad action, with a light form factor, 50 lb, responsive rear hand-controlled brakes, and pneumatic knobby tires that do well on multiple terrain types.

Read Full Review: Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

  • Extremely light form factor
  • Ultra-responsive rear brakes
  • Pneumatic knobby tires can handle bumps and debris
  • 30 minutes of use per charge
  • Max speed 14 MPH
  • 140 lb load capacity

The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Offroad Electric Bike is the perfect gift for kids (13+) that are interested in off-roading pursuits. This electric bike is light enough for kids to handle and surprisingly durable, with responsive hand-controlled rear brakes and a twist-throttle with plenty of acceleration. We also loved the pneumatic knobby tires, as they excelled over bumps and debris-laden trails.

This is an electric bicycle intended primarily for kids. As such, the internal battery only gets 30 minutes of use per charge and the motor can only reach speeds up to 14 miles per hour. Also, there is a 140 maximum weight limit here. Best sure to check our list of the best ebike for hills. Now, if you want to know more about the best batteries for ebikes, read our best battery for electric bike guide.

 #10  Macwheel Wrangler 600 Off-road Electric Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-friendly ebike with plenty of high-end features, including 27.5” fat tires that excel on debris-laden paths and a high-quality Shimano transmission system that includes shift levers and Tourney gears.

  • Adjustable to suit many heights
  • 27.5” fat tires excel across multiple surface types
  • High-quality Shimano transmission system
  • Requires fair bit of assembly
  • Max speed 15.5 MPH

The Macwheel Wrangler 60 Off-road Electric Bike comes in at a value-conscious price point while still offering a feature set in line with higher-priced competitors. This electric bike boasts 27.5” fat tires that do a great job at traversing the kinds of obstacles one finds while off-roading, with a high-quality Shimano transmission system, gears, and levers, that allows for a smooth and stable ride. We also loved the adjustable handlebars and frame, which can accommodate riders up to 6’4”.

This electric off-road bike does require a fair bit of assembly, however, and we found that it took a few hours to get this thing roadworthy. Tools, including an Allen wrench, are included in the package. Additionally, the 500-watt brushless hub motor makes short work out of steep inclines but can only travel up to 15.5 miles per hour. For a more balanced experienced, check out our guide on the best mid-drive electric bike.

How We Decided

To help narrow down the above list, we focused primarily on offroad bikes that could easily handle the types of terrain riders expect to encounter during off-roading pursuits. To that end, we made sure that each bicycle featured large and puncture-resistant tires and that they included high-grade suspension forks and shocks.

The electric motor was especially important as we went about testing these offroad bicycles. Speed wasn’t too much of a consideration, though we ensured each bike could at least reach 20 miles per hour, the climbing ability was. We made sure each bike had plenty of power/torque to easily ascend steep hills and inclines of the type riders encounter in the wild. Battery life and maximum range were also considered, as we ended up choosing mountain bikes with batteries that could get at least 30 miles of use out of a single charge.

We tended to be impressed by mountain bikes with robust safety features, such as dual hydraulic, mechanical, or disc brakes, often by known manufacturers like Shimano and Bafang. Durable aluminum alloy frames were also appreciated, as were comfortable saddles and adjustable seatposts. Finally, we liked bikes with nifty additional features like large LCD screens, USB ports for the charging of smartphones, and rear racks, for storage.

Best Off-road Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Tires and Shocks
    These offroad bikes are intended for use on mountainous paths and other off-road areas, so you are going to want to make sure the item you choose is outfitted with large tires that are also puncture-resistant.
    • You’ll also want to choose a bicycle with a well-made suspension fork and high-grade shocks to eliminate vibrations from bumps and debris as you travel. For example, the best electric beach cruiser will be built with a robust, lightweight frame.
    • Finding the best electric bikes for hunting means researching different models to find one that meets your needs and budget.
    • For a look at a great bike with similar features, check out our Angotrade electric road bike review.
  2. Motor
    Off-road electric mountain bikes need good quality turbo motors that can easily ascend steep inclines.
    • Look for motors made by Bosch or Yamaha, in addition to other reputable companies, and those that offer plenty of torque and climbing power.
    • A good torque sensor helps maintain momentum, and a well-made powertrain will ensure your motor is efficiently powered. For an example of a good motor, check out our RadRover bike review.
    • Maximum turbo speed should be a consideration, but it should not weigh too heavily on your decision if you are planning to primarily use the bike for off-roading.
    • These motors can be rear hub motors, mid-drive motors, or front-facing motors and often come with an assist mode. Moreover, you’ll find similar motor types on the finest electric trike. However, they may not always be available on the cheapest electric bikes.
  3. Battery
    You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the wilderness with a dead battery. That’s the kicker with these electric personal transporters like the best electric scooters for adults.
    • To that end, make sure the electric bicycle you choose comes with a long-lasting battery that can get at least 30 miles of use out of a single charge. So, you might want to look into the best front drive electric motor bikes.
    • Also, look for batteries with quick-charge capabilities that can reach a maximum charge in four hours or so. Finally, some batteries can be easily removed for theft deterrence and easy charging.
  4. Customization
    Many electric bikes allow for extreme customization, which you can find in the best Rad power bike; these bikes were made for customization.
    • Look for bikes with adjustable seatposts, handlebars, and head tubes, each allowing for even weight distribution and peace of mind. Adjustable bottom brackets can help with storage.
    • LED displays can also typically be adjusted to display a number of metrics, including speed sensor capabilities, GPS tracking, and runtime.
    • As you’ll see in our Moustache ebike review, these features are an added bonus and create a more convenient experience for riders.
  5. Safety Features
    Look for brakes with plenty of stopping power, as stopping power can ensure you won’t career down a mountainous trail. Stopping power is also important on standard asphalt or pavement roads.
    • In addition to stopping power and brake response time, look for durable head tubes and reliable speed sensors.
    • These speed sensors will let you know exactly how fast you are traveling, so you can adjust accordingly.
    • Speed sensors can be found on the integrated displays.
    • In that case, you’ll at least want basic safety features, as you’ll find on the model in our IZIP E3 Brio review.

Off-road Electric Bike FAQs

What is the best off road electric bike?

We think each and every electric bike we put forth on the above list of high quality, but if we had to choose just one we’d go out with the top pick. The HPC Revolution AT Off-road Electric Bike includes an incredible turbo motor that can reach a top speed of 45 miles per hour and a battery that can hit 50 miles per charge. This bike will ensure you won’t be using fossil fuel anytime soon.

What is the best electric bike for the money?

If you are looking for value, may we suggest the Macwheel Wrangler 600 Off-road Electric Bike. This bike features a high-quality Shimano transmission system and 27.5-inch fat tires that do well with off-roading.

Can I ride by ebike in the rain?

If you are out in the wilderness, the weather can be difficult to predict. To that end, maybe off-road bikes are waterproof, or at least water-resistant, and feature non-skid tires, in addition to large LCD screens that can be viewed in dim light.

Who are the best off-road electric bike manufacturers?

We were sure to include electric bikes by many well-regarded manufacturers, including Haibike and Surface 604. Other great bikes that nearly made our list include Xtreme Fat Tire Hunting Electric Bikes and Backcountry E Bikes. Some renowned companies include Pedelec, Gtech, and Kalkhoff.
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