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Updated January 24, 2023

We spent the past week trying out a number of products from some notable cookware brands to find the best non-stick frying ball you can get online. We narrowed down our list of 14 different pans to just six based on qualities like durability, construction, heat distribution, and safety. You can also find other quality kitchenware items for your cooking needs in our best cookware guide.

Out of our favorite picks, Norpro’s Nonstick Pancake Pan won as our top pick thanks to its high-quality build, elegant and ergonomic design, and overall reliability when it comes to cooking. Read on to find out more about this product and our other favorites.

Top 6 Best Non-Stick Frying Ball

 #1  Norpro Non-stick Stuffed Pancake Pan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This non-stick frying ball pan is a simple yet effective pancake ball maker for hassle-free cooking. Its cast aluminum construction ensures fast and even heating across its surface, and the ergonomic grip guarantees maximum comfort.

  • Includes a free recipe book
  • High-quality mini pancake maker
  • Excellent value
  • Molds are a bit shallow

This mini pancake frying pan by Norpro is made of durable cast aluminum that’s one step above its cast-iron counterparts. Norpro designed this pan with an ergonomic plastic grip for easy handling and maximum comfort when cooking. It keeps your hands a fair distance away from stove fire and the plastic material keeps the handle from getting too hot.

This pan is great for cooking pancake balls like aebleskivers, takoyaki, and other similar dishes. The pan itself has a 9-inch diameter and can cook up to seven balls at once. The molds may be a bit shallow compared to traditional standards, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re strict with your cooking. The best nonstick pan is also a big help in the kitchen.

 #2  Nordic Ware Danish Aebleskiver Pan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This item from Nordic Ware is a well-built, heavy-duty cast aluminum pan that’s perfect for cooking traditional Danish aebleskivers. The heat-efficient and warp-resistant material is complemented well by a decently long handle and just the right dimensions.

  • Very high durability
  • Good, even heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Handle angle is a bit high

Nordic Ware is a reputable brand known for American-made Scandinavian kitchenware, and this aebleskiver pan is made with that same authentic, homegrown quality that fans of the brand love. Made with cast aluminum and manufactured with the highest of American standards, this pan is built to last and can help you cook your favorite pancake balls to perfection.

It’s aluminum construction allows heat to spread quickly and evenly, making sure the food you’re cooking finishes at the same time, which means you’ll be overcooking your pancake puffs less. The angle of the insulated stainless steel handle may be a little awkward for some, but it’s nothing that can hamper your experience by much, if at all. Unless you prefer the best slow cooker.

 #3  Lodge Pro-Logic P7A3 Cast Iron Pan


WHY WE LIKE IT: A humble non-stick cast iron aebleskiver pan that’s rugged and easy to handle, this item from Lodge is the best aebleskiver pan on our list. It heats up slower than cast aluminum pans, but it’s easier to control, reducing the risk of burning your food.

  • 7 total slots for Danish pancakes
  • Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil
  • Somewhat small
  • The handle may heat up

The Pro Logic P7A3 by Lodge is an excellent cast iron skillet for cooking up Danish aebleskivers. It has 1-inch deep cooking molds that are also 3 1/4 inches in diameter, making this pan perfect for cooking aebleskivers that are closer to their traditional counterparts. Unlike the aluminum-based pans on our list, cast iron pans heat up more slowly, due to the combination of their high heat capacity and weight. But despite not heating up as quickly, these pans offer an extra dimension of control for the more meticulous cooks out there.

The P7A3’s surface is rustproof and comes pre-seasoned with a vegetable oil formula, enhancing its non-stick capabilities. It has a small helper handle on the other side of the main grip to make moving a little bit easier, especially over small fires. It’s a little bit smaller compared to other pans on our list, but it isn’t much of an issue as far as practicality is concerned. For breakfast, try the best waffle maker.

 #4  Camp Chef Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This product from Camp Chef is a vintage cast iron aebleskiver pan designed for cooking the traditional Danish delicacy and other similar treats. The thick base allows proper heating and gives ample space for decently deep holes, and the short grip allows for easy handling.

  • Very easy to maintain
  • Great handling
  • Good value
  • A bit heavy

This cast iron pan is another excellent choice for cooking pancake ball-style food. It sports a thick and durable base that efficiently absorbs heat and spreads it evenly across the surface. The pan can cook seven food items at once, and each mold is decently sized to allow for bigger servings compared to our other picks.

The pan’s short handle is shorter than the rest of our picks, but this is most likely a design choice that was made to complement the pan’s heavier weight. Unlike the other pans on our list, this one weighs 5 pounds. It’s a bit heavier, but the added weight makes it easier to handle when cooking. Also, have a look at the best stainless steel cookware.

 #5  CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Cucina Pro Multi Baker Deluxe is a complete solution to your cooking needs. It is an electric stove that comes with three different pans to choose from. This one is great for those who want an all-around solution for cooking many different dishes.

  • Complete cooking solution
  • Great cooking ability
  • Easy to clean
  • Power cord heats up
  • Hole sizes may not be ideal

This electric cooker is the best choice for those who are looking for something that can bake a bit of everything. The CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe comes with three different skillet tops designed for baking different kinds of delicacies, including aebleskivers, takoyaki, meatballs, pancakes, sandwiches, and more. It can as well be used as a frying pan. This cooker beats every other pan on our list in terms of versatility.

It has absolutely no problems in terms of cooking. It can spread heat over each skillet quickly and evenly, and each non-stick skillet is free of harmful chemical coatings and very easy to clean. However, you’ll have to watch out for the power cord, as it can reach very high temperatures while cooking. It is as easy to use as the best toaster too.

 #6  CookKing Non-stick Takoyaki Pan


WHY WE LIKE IT: An excellent product from what is arguably the best takoyaki pan brand out there today, this large pan is specifically designed for cooking the Japanese delicacy. However, it can also be used for other treats as well to an amazing extent.

  • 16 cooking molds
  • A great takoyaki pan
  • Non-stick, easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Short handles

This Korean-made takoyaki pan is a square-shaped cast iron skillet designed for properly cooking big batches of ball-shaped food at once. The non-stick surface makes flipping food smooth and easy, and it removes the hassle of having to scrub off stubborn grime after use. The pan has a total of 16 cooking molds that can be used for all sorts of dishes, but keep in mind that the molds are designed with takoyaki in mind.

CookKing’s takoyaki pan is a simple and reliable piece of kitchenware, but its short handles may prove to be difficult to use for some, especially those who aren’t used to this style of cooking pans. Looking for the right fondue pot for your fondue recipe? Find a wide selection of pots that are compatible with gas, electric, induction, and ceramic stove pots in our best fondue pots guide.

How We Decided

To determine what the best non-stick frying balls are, we drafted our list of favorites based on how well they handle, the materials they’re made of, how well they can cook (despite not being oven-safe), and how easy they are to maintain. We did not include pans made out of cheap pot-metal, ones with faulty handles, and pans that did not spread heat evenly. We stuck with cast iron and cast aluminum frying pans to ensure maximum durability among our picks, and we picked the ones with handles angled at least 30 degrees upwards for maximum comfort.

Through our testing, we found that the most important thing you should look for when cooking with these types of pans is the ease of use. All of our picks are significantly easier to cook with because of how well they conduct heat on their non-stick surfaces and how easy it is to clean them up after cooking. Even though the other options we tried had merits of their own, the ones we picked won because of how convenient they are to use.

All the non-stick frying balls we drafted on our list can be obtained by simply clicking their Amazon link, although without free shipping.

Best Non-Stick Frying Ball Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Material
    Whether a skillet is made of cast iron, cast aluminum, or simple metal can make a big difference. Each type of metal has its own unique properties. For example, cast iron is heavier and heats up more slowly, while cast aluminum is lighter and heats up much quicker.
  2. Coating
    Non-stick pans come with a layer of protective chemical coating over their surface that prevents food and liquids from sticking. Before, pans used to be covered in perfluorooctanoic acid (or PFOA) which is a known cancer agent. Today, pans are coated with either Teflon or ceramic, which are much safer. Be sure to take a look at a pan’s stickers to see what type of coating it uses.
  3. Ergonomics
    This involves the overall size and shape of the pan, as well as the design of its handle. Always consider the length of a pan’s handle as well as the angle at which it protrudes to make sure that you pick one that is most comfortable for you personally.

Non Stick Frying Ball FAQs

What’s the difference between cast iron and cast aluminum?

Cast iron is heavier and takes more time for its surface to heat up evenly, while cast aluminum is lighter and heats up much faster. Cast iron is also more resistant to scratching than cast aluminum, but it also tends to accumulate rust.
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