Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

What are the features that make the best noise-canceling headphones for sleeping? The two most important features to consider here are how well they block out unwanted noise while you sleep and how comfortable they are. Due to these features, these are the best headphones to wear for extended periods without the associated ear fatigue or discomfort.

On top of those two main considerations, these headphones also offer excellent sound quality (like the top Sennheiser headphones do) for a more immersive listening experience. If you have trouble sleeping at night due to external sounds, then you’ll definitely need to consider picking up a pair of the best headphones for sleeping.

Keep reading to learn more about the best noise-canceling headphones for sleeping, what their best features are, and how you can find the best one for all of your sleeping needs.

Top Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping

 #1  LC-Dolida Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is ideal for users who want something that feels soft and comfortable to wear. It is also available in six colors and has a battery life of up to six hours.

  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable mesh fabric dissipates heat quickly
  • Available in six color choices
  • Some concerns around build qualty

These Sleep Headphones from LC-dolida are designed to be one of the most comfortable and easy to wear on the market. They are available in up to six different colors and come with super-thin speakers that are guaranteed not to cause any discomfort when sleeping. The speakers can have music playing for up to 10 hours, and when depleted, they will take only 2 hours to get charged back to full capacity. The headband can be paired with any mobile device through Bluetooth in a connection range of up to 45 feet, but some previous users have raised complaints about the headphones’ build quality.

The headband is designed to conform to the shape of the eyes and also features a conveniently located control panel that’ll allow owners to power it on or off, switch between songs, or change the volume. It is also quite stretchy, and its inside consists of a breathable mesh fabric that dissipates heat quickly.

 #2  Lavince LAH002 Bluetooth Headband and Headphones


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is available in various colors and folds easily for storage. It also keeps the music playing for up to 10 hours and is very easy to wash.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Delivers up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Some users think that it might not be able to hold a charge

This Bluetooth Headband from the Lavince Store is available in up to 10 different colors, offering various options for buyers to choose from according to their taste. The noise-canceling sleeping headphones are great for shutting out noise from the environment and can also be used as an eye mask or a sports headband when engaged in sports-related activities. Its speakers are ultra-thin, and its battery will have music playing for up to 10 hours. Its battery will take only 2 hours to get to full capacity, but some previous users have raised issues with its capacity to hold a charge.

The headband can be folded easily for storage, and since it is also both adjustable and washable, users will also be able to keep it clean. It also has a pretty soft control panel, where there are controls for selecting different songs, changing the volume, or switching it on or off.

 #3  Buensueno Noise Cancelling Headphones


WHY WE LIKE IT: They can reduce noise production by up to 30dB, and they are also pretty easy to wash. They are ergonomically designed for a perfect fit, and they ship with a travel case for easy storage.

  • Impressive noise reduction level of up to 30dB
  • Ships with a travel case for easy storage
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Uncomfortable for users laying on their side

These Buensueno noise-canceling earplugs come as a pair of easy-to-wash silicone earplugs available in up to nine colors, with an impressive noise reduction rating of 30dB. They are also washable, so they’re easy to maintain. Still, some have complained that the earplugs are uncomfortable when lying on the side.

These earbuds can be used in a wide variety of situations. Owners may opt to have them on when sleeping, working, swimming, or even in a concert if the music gets too loud for their liking. The plugs are also very ergonomically designed and won’t have to be inserted too deeply into a user’s ears.

 #4  Blue Ear Sleep Headphones


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is very well padded for extra comfort and will have music playing for up to 10 hours before its battery needs to be recharged. It has a velcro closure for easy adjustments, and its Bluetooth speaker can also be taken out for recharging.

  • Well padded for comfort
  • Velcro closure that allows for easy adjustment
  • 200mAh battery allows for more than 10 hours of playtime
  • Only available in black

The BlueEar Eyemask is an ideal solution for anyone who would appreciate being able to listen to music or an audiobook when lying down and with their eyes shut. The eyemask consists of very comfortable eye padding and a pair of ultra-thin stereo speakers on its left and right that deliver good enough sound quality for comfortable listening. They are also designed to be quickly taken out for charging or washing. They are powered by a 200mAh battery that’ll keep the music playing for more than 10 hours and a charging time of between 2 to 3 hours. However, the eye mask is only available in black color.

Owners will also easily be able to adjust the speaker’s position according to their needs, and since its fabric is made of high-quality memory foam, it feels very comfortable when worn. The eye mask has a velcro closure for easy size adjustments, and thanks to its support for Bluetooth 5.0 technology, owners will be able to connect their devices to it and play their music from the source.

 #5  Voerou VOEB01 Sports Headband Sleep Headphones


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a built-in microphone, so owners will also be able to receive phone calls while wearing it. It is also sweatproof and allows for up to 10 hours of playtime.

  • Has a built in microphone for receiving calls
  • Can connect to Bluetooth devices that are up to 45 ft away
  • Sweatproof for fitness enthusiasts
  • Sound quality is not impressive

This Bluetooth headband from Voerou is an ultra-thin alternative that is great for side sleepers and users who tend to engage in various sports activities since it is also sweatproof. The headband has two speakers that deliver stereo sound and supports Bluetooth connectivity so that owners may be able to connect and play music from their smart devices. Its speakers can connect to devices up to 45 ft away, and the headband can also serve as a sleep mask since it is thin enough not to cause any discomfort, especially for users who would like to sleep on their side. Still, some previous buyers were not very impressed with its sound quality.

Owners will also be able to play music for up to 10 hours, and this is from having its lithium battery charged to full capacity in only 2 to 2.5 hours. One particular feature that makes this headband stand out from others is the fact that this one has a built-in microphone. This means owners will also be able to answer phone calls through it, as long as their phone is connected to it through Bluetooth.

 #6  AcousticSheep SleepPhones Headphones


WHY WE LIKE IT: It features a 3.5mm headphone plug that can be connected to any device with a 3.5mm port and is available in up to seven different color options. It is also available in three different sizes and is made of very comfortable fleece fabric.

  • Has a 3.5mm headphone plug for non-Bluetooth connections
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Great for noise reduction
  • No support for Bluetooth connectivity

These AcousticSheep SleepPhones are made of super soft fleece fabric for comfort and also come with ultra-thin flat headphones that are great for sleeping on the side. Its stereo speakers produce decent audio quality and can be connected to any music source through its 4-foot-long 3.5mm headphone plug. Its fleece fabric is also very easy to wash, as long as users make sure to remove the speakers when doing so. Designed in the form of a headband, buyers will be able to choose from either a small, medium or large size. However, it does not feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless functioning.

These sleep phones are available in up to seven colors, and aside from sleeping, they can also be used for travel or just relaxation. They are ideal for noise reduction and are an excellent solution for anyone who would like to block out the snoring from their partner when sleeping at night. There’s also a simple to use control panel that allows users to stop, play, pause or skip tracks.

Beginner’s Guide to Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping

What Are Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping?

Noise-canceling headphones for sleeping are audio systems designed specifically to aid you in getting restful sleep, no matter what kind of environment in which you find yourself. With powerful noise-canceling technology, these headphones are perfect for anyone who needs something more adept at eliminating loud noises than a white noise machine without causing discomfort. Plus, you won’t need to sacrifice any sleep quality with these options, thanks to the fact that they typically offer more comfortable design features than regular headphones.

Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping vs Traditional Headphones

Comparing headphones for sleep with other types of headphones doesn’t yield too many differences, at least on the surface. These products function and look almost exactly the same as other types, apart from the slight cosmetic differences between individual models and manufacturers.

One of the main differences you’ll find in the sleep headphones is exactly how much they are dedicated to helping you sleep at night. Most of these headphones offer active noise cancelation, or ANC, which can eliminate most ambient noise while you sleep. They also tend to offer reliable passive noise cancelation features, like extra padding around the earcups on over-ear headphones and a tight seal on the tips of wireless earbuds.

These passive noise cancelation features also typically make sleep headphones much more comfortable than normal headphones. If you want to sleep for extended periods while wearing a pair of sleep headphones, then you’ll benefit from their extra padding and ergonomic design.

How Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping Work

If you’re considering audio functionality alone, then you won’t find any difference between sleep headphones and traditional headphones. All headphones act as speakers, just on a smaller scale. First, you’ll connect your headphones to an audio source. Then, the headphones receive an audio signal from that source and then translate it from an electrical signal into sound waves that your brain can interpret.

Sleep headphones can remain comfortable for extended periods of use thanks to their added comfort features. These include extra padding, a more ergonomic ear design, a more comfortable headband design, and a wide variety of fabric options around the earcups.

These headphones also include either active or passive noise cancelation technology, which both operate in different ways. For active noise cancelation, your sleep headphones use a combination of both speakers and microphones to create reverse sound waves that eliminate the ambient noise around you. For passive noise cancelation, your sleep headphones create a seal around your ear to mute external noises with ease. Most active noise-canceling headphones will also offer passive noise cancelation.

Do You Really Need Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping?

Do you have trouble sleeping at night, even when you use sleep aids like sleep masks and practice healthy sleep hygiene? Have you already given the best wax melts for warmers a try? If so, you may want to consider a pair of noise-canceling headphones made specifically to help you sleep. These powerful headphones combine stellar sound quality with comfortable designs to eliminate background noise and help even a light sleeper achieve a night of deep sleep.

Are Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping Worth Buying?

  • You Have a Hard Time Sleeping on Your Own: If you have a hard time getting to sleep – whether from excessive external noises or simply because you are a restless sleeper – then a pair of sleep headphones can be of great help. With superior sound quality, these headphones can play classical music or soothing sound while you sleep to create a more comfortable sleeping environment. Plus, with added comfort features, you can wear these headphones in bed through the night without a problem.
  • Your Sleep Environment is Noisy: You can’t always control the number of disruptive noises around your sleep environment, which can, in turn, lead to bad sleep, even while using sleep aids like an eye mask or earplugs. If you consistently sleep in a noisy environment, then purchasing a high-quality pair of headphones for sleeping is an excellent choice.
  • You Travel Often: When you travel, you have no choice on what kind of loud noises you’ll experience while you try to sleep. In fact, you’re more likely to experience environmental noise, loud music, and other noises while traveling than you normally would. A pair of headphones can help eliminate this noise and help you sleep better.

Why Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping May Not Be For You

  • You Don’t Like Wearing Anything While You Sleep: Wearing sleep aids like eye masks and sleep headphones can be restricting and uncomfortable for certain people. If you find yourself in this category, then you may want to consider something else to purchase to help you get to sleep. Other products you might want to consider include sound machines, foam earplugs, or pillow speakers.
  • You Only Need Headphones for Listening to Music: If you’re only planning on using your new pair of headphones for listening to music or taking phone calls and not for noise isolation while you sleep, then there are plenty more options available on the market. Take some time to find headphones that work for your preferences and comfort needs.
  • You Need Headphones for Your Kids: If you’re looking for the best noise-canceling kid’s headphones, then you won’t want to consider sleep headphones as an option. For starters, it isn’t recommended to let your kids wear headphones to bed. Also, these headphones tend to be more expensive and packed with more features than what your kids need. Instead, we recommend considering headphones made specifically for children.
  • You Need Headphones for Watching TV: If you need a new pair of headphones to watch TV without disturbing others, then you’ll want to consider something else, like the top TV headphones for seniors. This way, you’ll get features specific to that use case, including a reliable Bluetooth connection, extra-long audio cables, and greater comfort while sitting upright.

How Long Will Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping Last?

In general, you can expect a pair of high-quality sleep headphones to last anywhere between five and 10 years in total, depending on various factors. For starters, more expensive headphones tend to last longer overall thanks to higher-quality internal components and added durability.

Wireless headphones utilize rechargeable batteries for power, typically of the lithium-ion variety. If your headphones use batteries, you’ll also need to consider the lifespan of those batteries. Most lithium-ion batteries can be recharged upwards of 500 times before their quality deteriorates and they become inefficient.

Wired headphones are powered by the device to which they are connected, meaning you won’t need to worry about battery life. However, you will need to consider the wear and tear on your audio cable. The best wired headphones offer braided cables with durable material covering the important wires.

How to Choose Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping

Before you make a final purchasing decision for your new sleep headphones, you’ll need to consider a few different factors first. To start, you’ll only want to consider headphones with high audio quality. This way, you’ll get the best audio experience for eliminating noise at night. Next, you’ll need to consider comfort. The best headphones should offer breathable fabric on the earpads and an adjustable headband. Finally, only consider headphones with batteries that can last through many hours of playback so you can listen through the night.

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping Factors to Consider

1. What type of headphones match your sleeping position?

There are no two ways about it. Sleeping with headphones on isn’t the most natural thing in the world. In fact, if you’ve never done it before, you may need to take some time to learn how to do it. However, by purchasing the right pair of headphones to match your sleeping position, you can eliminate a lot of the discomfort you may have experienced otherwise.

Let’s take a look at different types of headphones and for which sleep position they work best:

  • Over Ear Headphones: These headphones are best for back sleepers since you won’t need to worry about lying directly on the bulkier ear cups and causing discomfort. Plus, while sleeping on your back, you won’t need to worry about displacing the headphones and losing audio quality or noise isolation.
  • Wireless Earbuds: These headphones are best for side sleepers since they typically feature a much smaller profile, allowing you to remain comfortable even while lying directly on the earbuds. You may want to consider a pair of the top noise-canceling true wireless earbuds with additional wingtips or fins to enable a more secure fit.
  • Neckband Headphones: These headphones use a neckband to fit snugly around your neck and retractable earbuds to deliver the sleep sounds to your ears. Due to their snug fit, the leading neckband headphones are best for restless sleepers who toss and turn throughout the night.

2. What type of noise cancelation technology is best for sleeping?

When it comes to noise cancelation, you have two options to consider: active and passive. Which is best for sleep headphones, though? Let’s take a closer look at both options:

  • Active: Headphones with active noise cancelation (ANC) utilize speakers and microphones to block out unwanted noise. The microphones detect external sound and then the speakers create an inverse sound wave to cancel out those external sounds. Active noise cancelation is recommended for light sleepers who are disturbed by even the slightest noises.
  • Passive: Headphones with passive noise cancelation utilize build features to block out sound. These features include things like silicon tips or thick padding on the ear cups to create a seal around your ear that doesn’t allow sound in. Passive noise cancelation is good for anyone who only needs a slight amount of noise cancelation.

3. What design features should you consider for maximum comfort?

Since you’ll be wearing your headphones through the night, you’ll need to consider how comfortable the pair you purchase is. Consider these features to maximize your comfort through the night:

  • Extra padding around the ears
  • Breathable and machine washable fabric
  • Adjustable headband
  • Memory foam padding
  • Different ear top options

4. What kind of noise masking or additional sleep-specific functionality should your headphones offer?

Headphones that are branded specifically as sleep headphones typically offer sleep-specific functionality that increases the overall convenience of their use. These features include built-in sounds for sleep like white noise or meditation audio. These headphones also may include app compatibility so you can track your sleep schedule and the quality of sleep you’re getting. Some options even utilize biometric functionality to determine when you fall asleep to automatically switch from music to white noise.

5. What kind of battery life do your headphones offer?

If you’re using a pair of wireless headphones for sleep, which we recommend, then you’ll also need to consider rechargeable battery life. If you’re following the guidance of getting seven or more hours of sleep, then you’ll need headphones with a battery life that lasts at least that long.

However, we recommend purchasing an option that offers more than just the bare minimum, in case you sleep longer than seven hours or you want to continue using the headphones throughout the day. Consider a pair with at least a 10-hour battery life. However, the best options offer a 15-hour battery life at a minimum.

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping FAQs

Is it OK to sleep with noise canceling headphones?

Yes, it is completely fine to wear noise canceling headphones while you sleep, even overnight. However, in order to get the safest and most comfortable experience, you’ll want to only use wireless headphones to avoid getting tangled in wires.

How do I block out noise in my sleep?

There are a variety of ways to block out noise while you sleep, including wearing sleep headphones or using foam earplugs. You can also utilize a white noise machine in your bedroom.

Is it OK to sleep with noise canceling AirPods?

Yes, it is OK to sleep with AirPods. However, some people may find this to be uncomfortable.

Is it OK to sleep with Bose QuietComfort?

Yes, it is OK to sleep with Bose QuietComfort headphones, especially if you are a back sleeper. Like the best Sennheiser headphones, these headphones feature active noise cancelation and a high level of comfort, allowing you to sleep without a problem.
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