10 of the Best Navigation Apps for the iPhone: Navigate to the End of the Earth

5. MapMyHike


We’ve given roads plenty of attention, now it’s time to talk about another kind of navigation app, this one designed for off-road activities. MapMyHike provides GPS tracking for mounting hiking and biking routes (or really, wherever you are). You can also log more than 600 different activities to keep track of everything you are doing, as well as notes about what kind of gear you are using, and share it with the MapMyHike community. You can even import data from smart wearables like Jawnbone, Fibit, Misfit and other devices. It’s one of the best GPS app for iPhone options for outdoor enthusiasts who want to know where everyone else is going and want to go there too.

You can download MapMyHike here for free

6. CoPilot

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CoPilot is a somewhat more trip-oriented app designed for offline navigation in areas where you don’t necessarily have a reliable wireless connection. It offers POIs designed for vacations and exploring, but also allows you to search more casual routes and switch to alternate directions whenever you want. There’s a walking mode for more unfamiliar areas, and the app ties into Yelp, Google and more. It’s an ideal app for exploring areas that you’ve never been to before.

You can download CoPilot GPS here for free

7. Sygic


You may remember TomTom GPS systems from back in the day. Sygic doesn’t want all that TomTom information to go to waste. This app uses all the TomTom GPS maps and POIs to offer you route planning information. Don’t worry, maps are still updated as needed, and there are 3D options, voice navigation, speed limit warnings, and lane indicators for moving around in heavy traffic. Yes, there are still TomTom apps available, but this app uses the most valuable content for free, making it one of the best navigation apps for iPhone.

Download Sygic here for free


8. Garmin


Garmin is one of the other big names in traditional GPS navigation, so it’s no surprise that they also have their own navigation app on iPhone. This software sports a very realistic roadway map that guides you exactly where you are supposed to go, shows you the speed limit, and gives you an arrival estimate all on the same screen. Voice prompts, integration with Google Local Search, full maps, exit services and more are all available. This is another more professional option, so the cost on this app is also on the high end.

You can get the Garmin USA app here for $49.99


9. MotionX GPS Drive


If you just want a basic app to help you drive your best within your city or town, take a close look at this option. GPS Drive provides life traffic flow maps and updates that show you not only what route to take, but also what traffic activity really looks like. It also offers quite a few social and customization options to provide the exact experience that you want. But there’s a catch to all this great local and live content: You have to pay a subscription fee of $1 per month for the full set of features.

You can download MotionX GPS Drive here for $0.99


10. Apple Maps


Hey, sometimes what you’ve already got is all that you need. The Apple Maps app is perfectly serviceable, and the iOS version works especially well with the larger iPhones. It offers turn-by-turn direction, voice direction, 3D perspectives, real-time traffic information, and all the general bells and whistles of other apps. It’s also compatible with Siri voice commands and provides flyover views of major urban areas.

Your iPhone already comes equipped with Apple maps

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  1. Google Maps as a turn-by-turn nav app for the iPhone is number 1? You’ve got to be kidding. I could not get an audible voice with Google Maps on my iPhone 6Plus. I tried every conceivable setting and had others work on the problem and reinstall the app. Nothing worked.

    The rest of your list is a mystery to me. The TomTom app that came with the iPhone has been a flawless guide on recent multi-state trips.

    1. David, it would seem that you have a core function issue in iOS. I suggest a clean install and then trying. And on a side note, my #1 is Waze, but from what I understand that works better in cities, such a LA, CA.

  2. Hey Tyler, thanks for writing/sharing this article. Getting ready to take a trip to PA (my birth place) for a wedding. I haven’t been back east (we live in the evergray.. oops, I mean the evergreen state) in many years and we’d like to take a drive and explore the place a little bit. Your article has been most helpful in choosing a gps. Thanks again. ~*~Shine~*~ WA, State

  3. MOTION X was the only navigation app to use. All other paled in comparison and frankly I don’t know what my husband and I will do without it. Everything about it was absolutely AWESOME. It found streets that other navigation apps like GARMIN could not find.

    1. i totally agree! My husband and I paid for the voice subscription and thought we had it all. then, the shoe dropped and there is no more MOTIONX. I do wish they would come back! I would pay for the service. It beat everything else out there!!!!

    1. Just found that out today myself when I went to renew…Motion-X GPS has been an outstanding navigation app for my wife and I for 4-5 years

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