7 Best Moth Protection for Your Clothes in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

After conducting extensive research, we nominated Cedar Space’s cedar blocks as the best moth protection for your clothes because it was a natural solution with 24 cedar rings that can be placed in drawers, shoes, or even hung on hangers to prevent moths from infesting your closet. In addition to being best on a budget, we liked that it was sustainably sourced and safe for use around children and pets. Even the best clothing apparel needs protection from moths, so don’t skimp on that.

To determine the best moth protection for your clothes, we looked at the following key features: efficacy, the application process, materials, and scent. We know that the first step is to determine whether you’re trying to prevent an infestation or treat an existing one. So, we included natural options for repelling moths as well as aggressive solutions for stopping an infestation. However, we also prioritized easy-to-use options that were either scent-free or highlighted natural ingredients with pleasant scents. Keep reading to learn more about our criteria and to shop from our recommendations.

Top 7 Best Moth Protection for Your Clothes

 #1  Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Clothes Moth Protection


WHY WE LIKE IT: A no-mess solution for keeping pests out of your wardrobe with a large 24-pack of cedar rings, making it the best moth repellent for clothes.

  • Best on a budget
  • No-mess naturally derived repellent
  • 24-pack set for drawers or closets
  • Not everyone will like the cedar wood smell

Hands down, cedar is one of the most popular options for moth protection. It’s easy to use, with a scent that can last for quite a while. We think these cedar rings from Cedar Space are the best moth repellent for clothes because you get a large 24-pack of cedar rings that can be placed in drawers, on closet shelves, or even placed on hanger hooks to keep pesky moths away from your favorite clothes.

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This budget-friendly find is made from 85% core red cedarwood. While the brand promises that the scent is very mild and can only be detected when you sniff the wood rings if you’re sensitive to scents — especially cedar wood — you might want to keep looking. But we do like that cedar also helps to draw moisture out of the air and prevent mildew. That keeps your best clothing & apparels fresh and free from infestation.

 #2  Acmetop Aromatic Cedar Blocks Moth Protection


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large 60-pack of cedar shavings and blocks that can be used around the house or even in the car to get rid of clothes moths naturally.

  • Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly
  • Blocks and cedar shaving sachets for multiple applications
  • Also helps to absorb moisture from clothing
  • Scent may not appeal to everyone

If you have an infestation of clothing moths, you’re going to need a lot of repellents to effectively get rid of them. We like our Honorable Mention pick from Acmetop because it’s a massive 60-pack of cedarwood. This includes five hanging blocks, five sachets, 10 ripple blocks, 10 rings, and 30 blocks. This is a large pack and will last you a while (similar to some of the best stabilizing earring backs).

These sustainably sourced eco-friendly cedar blocks help to get rid of clothes moths naturally thanks to the recognizable aromatic scent they emit. We also like that these blocks are guaranteed safe for use around pets and also draw moisture out of the air to prevent mildew. And to get rid of hair that your pets leave around the house and other debris, we recommend the best vacuum cleaner for carpets.

 #3  Richard’s Homewares Moth Away Moth Protection


WHY WE LIKE IT: A great natural alternative for those who dislike the smell of cedar but prefer to use herbal remedies, with a formulation that also helps to deodorize clothing.

  • Also helps to deodorize fabric
  • Herbal fragrance isn’t as overpowering as cedar
  • 72-count set of herbal sachets
  • Frequent replacement required as sachets lose scent quickly
  • Only a repellent, doesn’t kill moths, larvae, or eggs

Not everyone likes the smell of cedarwood. And if you fall into this category, but you still prefer a natural repellent as opposed to one that relies on chemicals, then Richard’s Homewares moth repellent is a smarter choice for you. This pick relies on a blend of herbal fragrances as the active ingredient that includes rosemary, peppermint, thyme, and cloves to prevent moths from making a home in your wardrobe.

You’ll like that this is a set with 72 individually filled sachets so you can use them all over your home, or even in your car to keep areas smelling fresh and pest free. Note though that this is only a repellent and isn’t designed to kill moths or their larvae and eggs. Another aspect we noted through our research was that these sachets can lose their scent fairly quickly — which explains why you get 72 in a pack. Enough to leave even your best tactical pants moth free for a long time.

 #4  Dr. Killigan’s Premium Clothing Moth Protection Traps


WHY WE LIKE IT: A classic no-odor glue trap infused with moth pheromones to lure pesky moths and prevent them from disturbing your clothes.

  • Easy to use hanger design
  • Pheromone infused glue trap design
  • Set of 6 traps
  • May need to be replaced frequently
  • Must use 2 traps simultaneously

Not everyone likes scented repellents. If a scent doesn’t agree with you, now your entire closet full of clothes smells like cedar or essential oils. For those people. We think Dr. Killigan’s moth traps are a great alternative. These scent-free traps feature a classic glue design that’s infused with a strip of moth pheromones to specifically entice male moths.

This relatively easy to use solution can be quickly installed by removing the protective cover from the glue layer, folding the trap into a triangle, and then placing one on your closet rod and the other on your closet floor. However, we did note two drawbacks with this pick. First, this isn’t the most economical pick since you need to use two at a time and you only get six in a pack and you may need to place multiple rounds to successfully get rid of an infestation. Second, there’s an ick-factor here since you need to toss these glue traps after they’ve caught a few moths.

 #5  Enoz Moth Protection 12-Pack of Cakes


WHY WE LIKE IT: A 12-pack of moth cakes designed for small spaces that also kill moth eggs and larvae — for the best moth protection for garment bags.

  • Ideal for use in airtight locations
  • Kills eggs and larvae of moths and carpet beetles
  • 12-pack set
  • Some may not like the chemical odor

Even if you try to store seasonal clothing away during the offseason, it’s not uncommon to open up your sweater bag in the fall or winter and see that the moths still got to it. We like the Enoz moth cakes because we feel they’re the best moth protection for garment bags from our research. Specifically, these are designed to work in small spaces such as containers, garment bags, and even under bed storage or vacuum containers.

More importantly, we like that this selection is designed to not just repel moths, but to kill adult moths, their larvae and eggs — preventing future infestations. And it can also work to repel and kill carpet beetles. You’ll get a 12-pack set of moth cakes — each with an adjustable hook. If you’re not using them with a garment bag, you can slide the hook into the closed position so that you can lay the cake flat in a container or drawer. However, keep in mind that this is a chemical solution rather than one that relies on essential oils. So, some people may not like the scent created by these moth cakes. Especially when it clings to one or more of your best men’s hoodies.

 #6  Acmetop Cedar Blocks Moth Protection


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large quantity of 100 sustainably sourced cedar balls that come with reusable drawstring sachets that can be used in a range of locations around the home.

  • Harvested from sustainable forests
  • Large quantity (100) can be used with clothing and shoes
  • Comes with reusable drawstring sachets
  • Cedar scent may be overwhelming for some

If you prefer cedar as a moth repellent then you can’t go wrong with this 100-piece set of cedar moth balls from Acmetop. We like that this option comes with four reusable drawstring sachets so that you can add as many or as few cedar balls as you need to naturally repel moths from your clothing or shoes.

With the cedar sachets, you can hang them from hangers in your closet, stuff them into shoes to draw out moisture, or just place them in drawers to keep moths from attacking your favorite items like your best winter boots. And of course, you can also leave the cedar balls loose in small spaces. You’ll appreciate that these cedar balls are sustainably sourced from American red cedar forests and are safe for use around pets and children.

 #7  Cedar Space Dried Lavender Flower Buds Sachet Moth Protection


WHY WE LIKE IT: A solution that resembles a homemade moth repellent, made with food-grade safe lavender that can also be used to repel mosquitos or for aromatherapy solutions.

  • Scent can also repel mosquitos
  • Food-grade safe lavender
  • Natural alternative to chemical-based repellents
  • Scent may fade quickly

If you don’t like the smell of cedar, but want to avoid using harsh chemical-based moth repellents, then natural items like lavender are a smart alternative. With Cedar Space, you get 28 sachets of naturally sourced organic dried lavender flowers for a homemade moth repellent. But the reason we picked this option as our Best Quality is that natural lavender has a wide variety of applications.

Lavender is also a natural mosquito repellent. And since this option from Cedar Space is food-grade quality, you can also use the lavender in recipes for cooking or even making drinks like a fresh glass of lavender lemonade. And of course, lavender is perfect for aromatherapy to create a calming atmosphere in your home, office, or even your car. However, do keep in mind that lavender sachets can lose their scent over time so you may need to replace them often. And of course, a good aroma doesn’t help much if you have debris lying all over your house, which is why you need the best vacuum cleaner too.

How We Decided

No one likes moths — especially when they’ve eaten through clothing. To create our moth protection buying guide, we focused on the following key features — efficacy, the application process, materials, and scent. Except for two recommendations that worked as a moth killer or trapped adult moths, the remainder of our recommendations are designed solely to repel moths rather than treat an infestation.

Likewise, the majority of our recommendations were designed to be easy to use. Only one pick featured a slightly messy process that required tossing used glue traps and replacing them. Along the same lines, we prioritized natural solutions such as cedar or herbal blends that could gently repel moths without filling your closet with harsh scents.

And finally, we know that scent matters. Because we focused on natural solutions, this meant that options such as cedar, lavender, and even herbal blends with peppermint and rosemary offered calming alternatives to harsher chemical-based repellents that had cloying or offensive odors.

Best Moth Protection for Your Clothes Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Efficacy
    No one likes to pull out a sweater after packing it away for the summer to find it full of holes from moths. But when you’re shopping for moth protection, you need to decide whether your goal is to kill the eggs, prevent moths from laying eggs, repel future moth infestations, and which types of moths you’re trying to repel.
  2. Application Process
    Just like with any other type of pest-repelling product, application methods can vary when you’re trying to get rid of moths. Some items like cedar rings, mothballs, and sachets are very user friendly since you only need to place them in a closet or drawer and the product does all the work. Others work by spraying surfaces or must be replaced frequently since they’re designed to trap insects.
  3. Materials
    Moth protection can be found with chemical or natural materials as the primary ingredient. If you’re focused on treating a current infestation, you’ll most likely have to rely on chemical-based solutions that can trap or kill moths, their larvae, and eggs. If you’re just concerned about repelling adult moths from laying eggs, then natural solutions such as cedarwood, herbal blends, or essential oils are perfect.
  4. Scent
    Not everyone likes the smell of cedarwood, mothballs, or even lavender — a common natural moth repellent. It is possible to find scent-free moth repellent products. You’ll need to decide which option is right for you.

Moth Protection for Your Clothes FAQs

How do you protect clothes from moths?

One of the best ways to protect your clothes is to air your closets and drawers out frequently. Specifically, moths are drawn to wool clothing, so check them frequently to ensure that a moth hasn’t made a home there. Keep clothing clean — especially before storing them. And also think about storing freshly washed seasonal clothing like sweaters in vacuum-sealed plastic bags when not in use.

What do clothes moths hate?

A reason that scented moth repellents are so popular is that moths dislike them. Popular options include the oil naturally found in cedarwood and lavender. You can create DIY moth repellents by creating sachets with dried lavender or soaking cotton balls in lavender oil.

Can you see moth eggs on clothes?

You usually can’t see moth eggs or their larvae because they’re usually only a millimeter long when they hatch. And once hatched, they tend to burrow into clothing so you most likely still won’t see them.

What is the best moth repellent?

The best moth repellent should feature an effective ingredient that’s known to repel moths, but should also have a pleasant scent that you don’t mind. Everyone’s idea of a “pleasant scent” will be different but the most popular options include cedar, lavender, and herbal blends. In our guide, we nominated Cedar Space as our Top Pick because it was a 24-pack set of ethically sourced cedar rings.
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