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Best Monitors for PS4 Pro Gaming in 2023

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What features make for the best monitors for PS4 pro gaming consoles? It starts with the ability to take full advantage of the PS4 Pro’s upgraded processor and enjoy 4k console gaming. Next, a great display for gaming should have minimal lag. Finally, look for features like a sleek design, great ergonomics, and ample customization options that let you adjust the color and brightness levels to help avoid eye strain during longer gaming sessions.

Less important, in general, are things like portability and wifi capability. You also don’t need features like a smart TV interface, and you might be better off without one since smart TV features can cause increased lag time. Keep reading our top-rated gaming monitors guide to learn more.

Top Monitors for PS4 Pro

 #1   G-Story 15.6 inch 4K Portable Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has wide viewing angles and excellent picture quality thanks to its high resolution. It can easily render High Dynamic Range content and has a variety of inputs for flexible external connections.

  • Great picture quality
  • Wide viewing angles
  • FreeSync technology
  • Bad readability

Anyone who likes gaming while on the go will very much appreciate the convenience offered by the G-Story Portable monitor. With a 4K screen resolution, its picture quality is pretty good, and since it has support for HDR content, users will have the chance to enjoy ultra-realistic content. The portable monitor can accurately reproduce up to 16 million colors, and with an impressive 178° viewing angle, it is quite good for multiplayer gaming. The G-Story monitor also has support for FreeSync technology, and as a result, users aren’t likely to encounter screen stutter when gaming. Still, some previous have complained that the monitor had lousy readability.

The screen on this portable monitor is about 15.6 inches in size, and at maximum, the screen can get up to 350 nits bright. The monitor also has dual 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks for private listening and an impressive 1300:1 contrast ratio for a screen of its size. The monitor is also multi-device compatible, as it comes with a decent array of ports for external connections. It comes with an HDMI port, a USB port and a Type C port, and a set of two integrated stereo speakers for good sound.

 #2   GAEMS M155 Full HD 1080p Portable Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is a High Definition display with a 60Hz refresh rate for stutter-free games and weighing only 2.5 pounds, it is very easy to carry around.

  • 2.5 pound weight makes it very mobile
  • Has rubber feet that serve as its stand
  • Comes with a remote
  • High reflectivity

The GAEMS M155 is a Full HD portable gaming monitor that is capable of lag and stutter-free gaming thanks to a decent 60Hz refresh rate. Its screen is about 15.5 inches in size and weighs just under 2.5 pounds, it shouldn’t be a challenge for anyone to carry around. It comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack for private listening and an HDMI 1.4 port for video connections to consoles such as the Xbox X One, PS4 Pro, or the Nintendo Switch. Still, there have been complaints surrounding the high level of reflectivity, especially when viewing in a brightly lit environment.

This portable monitor also comes with an Infrared Remote for convenient operation, and on its rear, it’s got a set of integrated rubber feet that serve as a stand. The rubber feet prop up the display at a 12° angle, and its remote can be used to control its brightness and volume. It is powered by a USB connection and features a singular integrated speaker that can get loud enough for one user.

 #3   LG 27UN850-W Ultrafine UHD Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a wide array of ports for users to choose from, and its stand is very easily adjusted. It also has good picture quality and an impressive brightness level.

  • Great ergonomics
  • Wide range of ports
  • Good picture quality
  • Blacks appear grey when viewed in the dark

Unlike the Alienware AW3420DW, the LG 27UN850-W is an UltraFine UHD IPS display that has exceptional color due to its 99% coverage of the sRGB color gamut. The display measures about 27 inches and has a stand that allows for excellent ergonomics. Its screen has an impressive 4K resolution, and with a peak brightness level of up to 400 nits, it can maintain a good level of visibility even in a brightly lit environment. This LG display also has a very thin top and side bezel, but on the flip side, some have complained that its blacks appear gray when viewed in the dark. This could make it a top monitor for gaming and productivity.

This monitor comes with support for Radeon FreeSync technology. As a result, no screen tearing or stutter is likely to occur due to a mismatch between a monitor’s refresh rate and a graphic card’s frame rate. The use of Dynamic Action Sync technology on this monitor also minimizes input lag for a faster response rate, and since it also comes with a Black Stabilizer, owners will be able to enjoy good visibility even in dark scenes. This LG monitor also has a rich array of connectivity options. It features three USB 3.0 ports, one DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports for connecting next-gen consoles such as the PS4 Pro or Xbox X One Series.

 #4   Innocn 15.6-inch Portable OLED Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: It produces vibrant color and has a rapid response time to avoid any kind of motion blur. The display also has a wide contrast ratio and is slim and lightweight for easy portability.

  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Great contrast ratio
  • 1.6 pound weight makes it very portable
  • Not touch screen enabled

The Innocn 15.6-inch portable display is a Full HD Self-lit OLED monitor that is capable of dark blacks and bright whites thanks to its 100000:1 contrast ratio. The 15.6-inch screen also boasts 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 130% of the sRGB color scale, so users can enjoy bright and well-saturated colors. This display is also suitable for viewing in a well-lit environment thanks to a brightness level of up to 400 nits and weighing only 1.6 pounds, it is one of the lightest portable monitors around. However, it is not touch screen enabled.

This monitor is also ideal for gaming thanks to a rapid 1ms response time. This means there isn’t any likelihood of ghosting, especially during fast-action gaming scenes. Port wise, this display has one mini HDMI port for connecting gaming consoles such as the PS 4 Pro or Xbox X One Series, and since it also comes with a slim 0.2-inch side profile, it won’t take up too much space when carried as part of your luggage.

 #5   Acer SB220Q 21.5-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a very thin side profile, and its stand also does not take up too much desk space. It also has wide viewing angles and a brightness level of 250 nits.

  • Very thin side profile
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Elegantly designed
  • Not VESA mount compatible

The Acer SB220Q is a 21.5-inch desktop monitor with a Full HD screen resolution and a decent 75Hz refresh rate to avoid any instances of screen tearing. Gamers will be happy to hear that the monitor is equipped with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, as this will keep screen tearing at bay and allow for buttery-smooth gaming. Its narrow top and side bezels give it an elegant design, and with a brightness level that averages around 250 nits, it gets bright enough for problem-free viewing. Unfortunately, it is not VESA mount compatible.

This display boasts a rapid 4ms response time to prevent any instances of motion blur, and on its back, it comes with one HDMI and one VGA port for users to connect their PS 4 Pro and Xbox X Series gaming consoles. The IPS panel on this display allows it to deliver wide viewing angles, making it an excellent option to consider for multiplayer gaming or group viewing. The display also has a very thin 0.24-inch side profile, and because of that, it is not likely to take up a lot of desk space.

 #6   HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its stand allows for both height and tilt adjustability, and its screen can also be switched between landscape and portrait orientation. It also has wide viewing angles and a rapid 5ms response time.

  • Great ergonomics
  • Rapid 5ms response time for gaming
  • Allows for VESA mounting
  • No support for variable refresh rate technologies

The HP VH240a is a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p monitor with an IPS LED-backlit panel that can accurately reproduce up to 16.7 million colors. The display’s thin, bezel-less design gives it a modern look, and with support for VESA mounting, those who would not want to use it as a desktop are free to mount it on a wall. This display also has excellent ergonomics since it is height and tilt adjustable, and its orientation can also be easily switched between portrait and landscape. Unfortunately, it does not have any support for Variable Refresh Rate technologies.

The display’s 178-degree wide viewing angles make for stress-free group viewing, and with a 5ms response time, gamers are not likely to come across any motion blur during gameplay. Connecting it to next-gen consoles such as the PS 4 Pro or Xbox X Series is easy to do courtesy of its HDMI and VGA ports, and since it also has a set of dual integrated speakers, there won’t be any need for buyers to go and get an external pair.

Beginners’ Guide to Monitors for PS4 Pro

What Are Monitors for PS4 Pro?

Monitors for PS4 Pro are display screens compatible with the output of the Playstation4 Pro gaming console. This means that, on a basic level, they can display 1080p or 4K resolution and feature an HDMI port or USB port. Ideally, to get the most out of your PS4 Pro, your display should have a high-speed HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1 port, and it should be able to render 4k at 60 fps. Other aspects of a great PS4 Pro monitor include flicker-free technology for smooth motion graphics, variable refresh rate support, and a fast response time of 4ms or less.

Monitors for PS4 Pro vs. Other Gaming Monitors

Compared to gaming monitors in general, the best display choices for a PS4 Pro console place more emphasis on resolution, pixel density, and consistent performance across a wide range of viewing angles. For this reason, such a monitor is more likely to use an IPS panel type display. The latest high-end models may also feature OLED screens for even more vibrant colors and a lower black level in dark scenes. This makes for a more immersive experience when playing your favorite console games.

As with all gaming monitors, faster response times are always better, and minimal input lag is essential. For best performance with a PS4 Pro, you’ll also want a high maximum refresh rate. The Playstation 4 Pro can display HD content at 60 frames per second, so to make the most of the console’s output quality, a monitor needs a refresh rate of 60Hz or better. You don’t strictly need the highest refresh rates currently found in display screens, up to 240Hz, since the PS4 Pro maxes out at 60Hz.

How Monitors for PS4 Pro Work

A PS4 Pro monitor connects to the console via a premium high-speed HDMI 2.0 cable and works with the PS4 Pro’s upgraded GPU to render more detail and smoother gameplay than you’d get on ordinary screens. Speaking of cables, make sure you have the best cable management system setup, so you don’t end up with a tangled mess.

The main display options for this 4K-capable gaming console are IPS panel LCD monitors and OLED screens. While the two technologies differ in price range and in how they go about producing an image, both types offer excellent image quality and a great overall visual experience when paired with a PS4 Pro.

LCD monitors use a backlit liquid crystal display, a technology that benefits from decades of development and testing. IPS (or “in-plane switching”) panels offer better viewing angles and a better contrast ratio when compared to older LCD types.

An LED monitor, on the other hand, uses individual light-emitting diodes instead of a backlight and liquid crystal screen. Most modern LED monitors use OLED technology, which stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode.” This allows for an even higher contrast ratio and a better color gamut. LED screens also typically have faster response times than LCD monitors, with some of the higher-end models advertising less than 1ms response time. OLED 4K monitors tend to be more expensive, however, and not all of them are optimized for gaming.

Why Should You Buy a New Monitor for PS4 Pro?

To get the most out of your PS4 Pro gaming console, you need a monitor capable of 4k resolution at 60 frames per second. And for competitive gaming or for playing any fast-paced games, you’ll want a monitor with at least a 60Hz refresh rate and minimal input lag.

Many newer gaming monitors have minimal input lag, plus the ability to render 4k content at 60 fps. So if your current monitor doesn’t support 4k, or has a slow response time, a new monitor might really enhance your gaming experience.

Is a Monitor for PS4 Pro Worth Buying?

Play 4K Console Games at Full Resolution: If you’ve invested in a Playstation 4 Pro to experience 4K console gaming, a 4K-capable monitor is a must. Even on a 1080p monitor, you’ll still see some definite graphics improvement when comparing a PS4 Pro to a PS4, but a 4K monitor with a fast refresh rate delivers a far-more significant visual upgrade.

Competitive Gamers: For hardcore and professional gamers, a monitor with a quick response time and minimal lag provides a definite edge. Some of the latest gaming monitors for the PS4 Pro are capable of a response time of 1ms or less and show minimal input lag even when tasked with fast-paced, high-contrast sequences. This kind of performance is now available even on some of the ultra-high resolution 4K monitors designed to support the max resolution and frame rates of both the PS4 Pro and Ps5.

Fast-Paced Games: Having the best monitor for console gaming is arguably most important when it comes to fast-paced games and especially racing games; here, even casual gamers may notice the difference between the smooth, realistic motion that top-quality gaming monitors can show and the blur caused by choppy frame rates on regular monitors.

Multiplayer Gaming: If you’re someone who enjoys multiplayer games, you’ll find that the best gaming monitors for the PS4 Pro offer wide viewing angles, which makes for a much more comfortable viewing experience when playing in a group. Newer displays also maintain more consistent brightness even when viewed with peripheral vision. On some older LCD screens and current budget monitors, there’s as much as a 50% difference in brightness depending on whether you’re sitting directly in front or just 30-degrees off to the side of the monitor screen.

Why a Monitor for PS4 Pro May Not Be for You

You’re Concerned About Eye Strain: While you might think that a higher resolution monitor with a higher brightness level would cause more eye strain, this isn’t always the case with modern PS4 monitors. That said, eye fatigue is still a concern, especially for marathon gaming sessions and for people who use a screen for both work and gaming.

Fortunately, many newer OLED monitors and IPS display LCD monitors have extra features designed to cut down on harmful blue and near-ultraviolet light. Look for options such as ASUS Eye Care or custom color temperature settings, along with automatic brightness. You may also avoid using RGB strips to decorate your PC.

You Need a Work Monitor: For occasional PS4 Pro users and casual gamers, a specialized monitor for console gaming may seem like an extravagance. Many of the best display choices for the PS4 Pro, however, are also great all-around computer monitors with the same factors that make for realistic images in games, providing crisp, clear visuals for graphic designers and photo/ video editors.

Visual arts professionals may also appreciate features like high levels of color accuracy, custom color gamut presets, and a wide range of connectivity options.

You Use Dual Monitors for Your PC: If you already have a dual monitor setup for your PC or laptop and are concerned about integrating a separate monitor for console gaming, you may wonder if it’s worth it to get another display device for your PS4 Pro.

If your current HD monitors are lacking in responsiveness, consider one of the newer gaming monitors that offer plenty of USB ports and HDMI 2.0 ports. These tend to work well with a dual monitor setup. They also provide superior performance and resolution that’s perfect for gaming.

How Long Will a Monitor for PS4 Pro Last?

In theory, CRT monitors last for 20,000 hours of use. LCD screens such as those used in modern IPS monitors have a lifespan of roughly 60,000 hours. Because OLED monitors use newer technology, their longevity is less certain. Still, based on the tested lifespan of individual LEDs, it should be comparable to that of other display technologies.

These estimations aside, according to the Journal of Waste Management, most computer monitors and other display devices last around 5 years. Of course, consumers often discard display devices just because they want to replace them with a newer version, not because the devices failed.

When monitors do break, it’s generally because of liquid spills or physical damage, such as from being knocked over or accidentally dropped. An exception to this is in the case of screen burn-in, which mostly affects older CRT monitors but can also happen with OLED screens. Some first-generation 4K OLED TVs also suffered uneven color reproduction and brightness levels. This is sometimes caused by a phenomenon called “hot pixels” or “dead pixels,” for individual diodes that are too bright or that fail to light up, respectively.

How to Choose the Best Monitor for Your PS4 Pro

As you may have guessed, there are some things to consider when buying a monitor for your PS4 Pro. At a minimum, we recommend looking for a refresh rate of at least 60Hz, a resolution of 1080p or above, and minimal input lag.

Also, consider an HDR monitor to take advantage of the rich colors and high dynamic range options the PS4 Pro offers, which can make a difference even when not playing 4K-capable games.

Another factor that makes for a more involving and comfortable gaming experience is the display’s contrast ratio. A higher contrast ratio provides deeper blacks in darker scenes, allowing you to view your favorite games much more clearly without having to turn the monitor’s brightness all the way up. Keep reading to learn more about these and how to choose the best monitor for your PS4 Pro.

Monitor for PS4 Pro Key Factors

1. What size display?

Choosing your preferred screen size can narrow down the range of options considerably. On the higher end, if you’re looking for a 48-inch or larger screen, you might want to look for a high-performance 4K TV with gaming modes and on-screen control. By contrast, most gaming monitors tend to be in the range of 22-28 inches diagonally. You can even find some excellent gaming monitor options in the smaller 17-19 inch range. A curved monitor allows you to fit a larger screen in the same amount of space as a smaller display. Though not for everyone, a monitor with a curved screen can in some cases make for more of an enthralling, overwhelming visual experience

2. Are you a serious or competitive gamer?

More avid gamers will likely have specific display requirements. Flicker-free technology and a quick response time might be of the utmost importance to ensure peak performance. You’ll want a monitor that can utilize the PS4’s highest frame rates, and that supports at least some variable refresh rate processing. A 5ms response time may be acceptable for casual gaming and work purposes, but competitive gamers might insist on a 1ms response time or better.

3. Do you also use your gaming monitor as a TV or PC display?

An excellent gaming monitor will generally work very well for video streaming and offer brilliant image quality when it comes to more mundane computing tasks as well. You may not need a 10-bit color depth and a near-infinite contrast ratio for Excel data entry or HTML coding, but it can’t hurt.

When it comes to dual-purpose monitors, though, an ergonomic design is even more important. You’ll also want to make sure to check for compatibility with all your devices. Check for compatibility with the operating systems of your PC and/or laptop.

Look for a monitor that features USB ports, a display port connection, VGA ports, and USB-C ports, depending on what your PC, laptop, and other devices require. For playing movies and streaming videos, make sure the display supports different aspect ratios, as well as using it with the best capture card.

4. With what other gaming consoles will you be using it?

You might want to look for different features in a PS4 Pro console monitor, depending on what other systems you use and whether you’ll be using the same monitor for PC gaming. For example, if you want to make sure a new 27-inch 4K monitor will also work with your older legacy consoles, check to make sure it has the right connectivity options such as VGA ports, display port connections, and USB ports.

For best performance with a PC or other consoles like the PS5, you’ll want to check the specs and determine if the monitor has some form of variable refresh rate support, such as AMD FreeSync. The PS4 Pro console may only offer native 4k at a maximum of 60 frames per second, but if you want a more “future proof” monitor, choose one with 4k and a 120Hz refresh rate, so that it will also be able to display the top quality from a PS5.

5. What kind of games do you mostly play?

If you mostly play immersive, open-world type games on your PS4 Pro, then the aesthetics and image quality are super important. These games tend to offer 4k support and have highly detailed backgrounds that call for amazing picture quality. You might want to look for color performance: color accuracy, pixel density, and dynamic range. You might also want to check for features like custom color temperature and P3 color gamut options.

For fast-paced action games, flicker-free technology and consistent frame rates are important, too. Look for a 75Hz refresh rate or at least a 60Hz refresh rate to enable the PS4 pro’s highest 4k frame rate to run smoothly. A higher refresh rate enables fast-moving gameplay without screen tears during action scenes. This means you can also connect the monitor to Xbox Series X and other latest consoles and enjoy fast-moving gameplay.


Can a PS4 Pro gaming monitor work for the Xbox, too?

Both systems can take advantage of a monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz, so there’s no reason you can’t use the same display screen for both. To get the most out of the PS4 Pro, you’ll want somewhat upgraded display quality, whereas HD monitors are generally fine for the Xbox and Xbox One.

Should you get a TV instead of a monitor for the PS4 Pro?

There are few reasons why you might want to use a television instead of a gaming monitor or portable monitor for your PS4 Pro. Compared to a budget monitor, most of today’s television screens offer enhanced display quality with more accurate colors and higher resolution. They also tend to be larger and to be more optimized for different viewing angles, which is nice for multiplayer gaming. Plasma and OLED TVs also tend to have better contrast than IPS monitors, with deep blacks and rich, bright colors. Even though some TVs have gaming modes, however, they may have a slower response time than a true gaming monitor.

Is it worth getting a 144Hz monitor for the PS4 Pro?

While the PS4 Pro doesn’t support 144Hz, plenty of 144Hz monitors will have excellent quality when using the Playstation’s 4k and 60Hz settings. So, while a 144Hz monitor isn’t strictly necessary for playing this console, it doesn’t hurt, either.

Is it worth it to get a 4k monitor for the PS4 Pro?

Since one of the main reasons for upgrading to the PS4 Pro is to get 4K console gaming, a 4k monitor is an excellent choice. Screen resolution isn’t everything though, especially when it comes to the demands of gaming. Make sure to also look for a high enough refresh rate of 60Hz or more, along with plenty of connection ports including at least one HDMI 2.0 port.

What is a good response time for a PS4 Pro Monitor?

It depends on whether you’re a competitive gamer and on what type of games you mostly play. The general consensus is that anything less than 5ms in a 4k monitor is good. Many HD monitors have a 1 ms response time, which is preferable for first-person shooters and fast-paced action games.

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