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Best Monitor Accessories in 2023

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What features make for the best computer monitor accessories? Above anything else, these products are meant to enhance your monitor’s functionality and add convenience. If they don’t, then these products will just get in the way.

Next, when pairing a top monitor with the top monitor accessories, be sure you’re investing in quality products, especially when it comes to durability. You don’t want to spend extra money on something that will break in a month or two. The most popular options include warranties or manufacturer guarantees to keep them protected from defects.

Finally, the best computer screen accessories should fulfill their intended purpose without sacrificing user-friendliness. Read customer reviews before purchasing any monitor accessories to ensure they work properly.

Keep reading to learn about the best computer monitor accessories, how to identify which options will work with your monitor, and how to pick the most reliable products.

Top Monitor Accessories

 #1   VIVO STAND-V002 13-27 inch Monitor Desk Stand for Computer Monitors


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is easy to assemble and perfect for small to medium-size displays. It is also VESA compatible and easy to adjust.

  • Very easily Adaptable arms
  • Easy to assemble
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Not ideal for monitors that have different frame sizes

The Vivo Dual monitor desk is a stand that can hold up two 13 to 27-inch monitors at a time. It allows for easy adjustability and is compatible with monitors with both VESA 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm mounting holes. It has a wingspan of about 29 inches, and its center pole has a height of about 17 inches. Users will appreciate how easily its adjustable arm tilts, as it can tilt through 170°, swivel through 180°, and also rotate a full 360° so that users can easily switch between portrait and landscape orientation. Unfortunately, using monitors that have different frame sizes might result in some form of misalignment.

The stand can support monitors with a weight capacity of up to 22 pounds, and since its mount can be fixed onto a desk that is up to 4 inches thick, users will be able to quickly adapt it to the size of their desks. The stand’s integrated cable management system ensures that the workspace stays clean and tidy, and since every joint on the arms is adjustable, users will easily be able to achieve their desired placement.

 #2  Simple Houseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand for Computer Monitors


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is perfect for users who want to improve their sitting posture. It raises the monitor to a more comfortable viewing height and provides storage and easier access to office supplies.

  • Ideal for a more comfortable posture and viewing height
  • Four side caddies for added storage
  • Removable drawer
  • Height cannot be adjusted

This nifty stand helps organize your workspace by availing space to store stationery. Users will be able to slot in their notebooks, diaries, and other essential documents right underneath and place their pens and markers on its four side pockets. The stand also raises the monitor to a comfortable viewing position. However, the monitor stand’s height cannot be adjusted.

The stand’s bottom drawer also slides out for convenience, so users will be able to easily reach and arrange their office supplies. Weighing only 3.96 pounds, the mesh drawer is pretty light, and it sits about two inches high from the desk it is placed on. Users who do not have any supplies to store under the monitor can also opt to remove it, and since it is about 18.5 inches wide, users will also be able to store a laptop or keyboard underneath.

 #3   NB North Bayou F80 Monitor Desk Mount Stand for Computer Monitors


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its use of a gas spring makes it very easy to adjust. It has a height allowance of up to 10 inches and an intricate cable management system.

  • Great build quality
  • VESA compatible
  • Has an upright range of 10 inches
  • Only supports one monitor

The North Bayou computer monitor stand is ideal for users who have only one monitor, such as a leading 23-inch monitor, and would like to have it mounted on an easily adjustable arm. The stand offers excellent build quality and can hold a display with a screen size of 17 to 30 inches and a weight of 4.4 to 19.8 pounds. Its durable gas spring system makes it very easy to adjust, and with an upright range of about 10 inches, users will be able to easily position it for comfortable viewing. However, it can only support one monitor.

The stand has a maximum tilt angle of up to 85 degrees and is compatible with both VESA 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm configurations. It allows for both edge and grommet installation and offers intricate cable management for a tidy workspace. Users will also be able to adjust the tension on the arms and determine the amount of force required to make any adjustments.

 #4   AmazonBasics Single Monitor Stand for Computer Monitors


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is easy to install and can accommodate a monitor that is up to 32 inches in size.

  • Exceptional build quality
  • Good range of motion
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mediocre tilt tension mechanism

This single-arm monitor stand from AmazonBasics is perfect for freeing up space on the workspace and also improving one’s viewing angle. It can support monitors up to 32 inches in size and has a weight capacity of 25 pounds. It is very easy to install and offers an impressive range of motion for tilt, rotation, and swivel adjustments. The stand works well with monitors that have either VESA 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm configurations on its rear. Its only major drawback is its tilt tension mechanism, as many users have complained of it being difficult to adjust.

The monitor stand is of exceptional build quality and offers a good range of motion for easy adjustment and positioning. It is also very easy to assemble and comes with a cable management channel on the lower part of the arm. Users will also appreciate that the monitor arm can be installed through either a side clamp or a grommet installation.

 #5   Huanuo Adjustable Spring Dual Monitor Stand for Computer Monitors


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is ideal for users who want to hold up two monitors. It has a gas spring system for easy adjustments and offers a great range of motion.

  • Great range of motion
  • Supports medium to large size monitors
  • Gas spring system allows for easy adjustments
  • Users cannot adjust the tension for its tilt adjustment

The Huanuo Monitor Stand holds 17 to 27-inch monitors in perfect alignment when installed correctly and is ideal for improving posture, especially for users that prioritize a full range of motion. Each of its two arms can be extended forward by up to 18.5 inches, and they both allow for a height adjustment of up to 15.7 inches. The stand can easily be tilted, rotated, or swiveled, and it is also very easy to assemble. However, due to its use of a gas spring, users will not be able to adjust the tension for its tilt adjustment.

The monitor stand can be mounted either on the edge of a desk or through a grommet hole, and it supports monitors that have a combined weight of up to 28.6 pounds. Users will also appreciate how easy it is to make independent adjustments on each monitor arm, and since it comes with both a C clamp and grommet kits, users won’t have to purchase these separately.

 #6   Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer for Computer Monitors


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is ideal for users that need to store their goods in an organized manner and keep their workspace clutter-free.

  • Very sturdy construction
  • No assembly needed
  • Improves sitting posture
  • Only available in black

Individuals who prefer to have their office supplies handy will love the storage convenience offered by the Huanuo monitor stand riser. It has two separate drawers that allow for easy storage of office items and can hold either monitors or printers that weigh up to 33 pounds. The stand raises the monitor by up to 4.7 inches, thereby improving the user’s sitting posture and viewing angle. However, it is only available in black color.

The monitor comes with an upper and lower drawer, where the upper one has three different compartments, and the lower one is fully open. The compartments on the upper drawer measure between five and six inches. This is perfect for storing and organizing pens, markers, or any other smaller size stationery.

Beginner’s Guide to Monitor Accessories

What Are Computer Monitor Accessories?

In short, computer monitor accessories are essentially desk or office accessories purchased separately that you can attach to or use with your display. They are generally intended to enhance some aspect of your computer screen.

Each product in this category fulfills a different purpose, and, as you might imagine, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. When it comes to selecting reliable options that work for you, you can, in general, apply the same decision-making processes for all of them.

Monitor Accessories vs. Traditional Monitors

Computer monitor accessories differ from traditional computer monitors solely in the sense that they are products intended for different purposes. Whereas your computer’s screen is meant to display visual data coming from your computer or gaming console, an accessory is meant to enhance the overall function of that same monitor. And a console gaming monitor is what you need if you’re a serious gamer.

All computer monitors are electronic devices that require power and a connection to a computer. On the other hand, accessories are either mechanical or electronic products that need to be paired with a computer display to work properly.

How Monitor Accessories Work

The way a specific accessory works depends on its intended purpose, form factor, and user interface.

Generally speaking, electronic accessories require a direct connection to your monitor or a wall outlet for power. Most of these accessories plug into your monitor using a standard USB or USB-C cable. These products typically add some kind of functionality to your entire desk setup’s user operation.

Mechanical accessories usually either attach directly to your monitor or provide a space upon which your monitor can stand. These products typically improve user-friendliness by increasing ergonomics, reducing eye strain, or keeping your monitor clean.

Do You Really Need Monitor Accessories?

Simply by nature, monitor accessories are not required for the general operation of your screen. However, you may consider the enhancement to your monitor’s operation well worth the extra cost, if only for the sake of your own comfort and enjoyment.

Are Monitor Accessories Worth Buying?

  • You Need a Specific Functionality Added: If your computer screen doesn’t do everything you need it to do, then purchasing an accessory is the easiest solution. Whether you need better audio, protection from eye strain, or a wide range of positions, a computer monitor accessory can give you what you need.
  • You Need to Save Desk Space: If you need extra space on your desk, then computer accessories like a height-adjustable stand or a monitor arm with a grommet mounting base can help.
  • You Need More Ergonomics: If you don’t have an adjustable monitor, a monitor arm may well be an essential accessory for you. This way, you’ll get a wide range of motion that allows you to position your monitor where it’s most comfortable for you, whether it be at eye level or tilted down.
  • You Use Your Computer for Long Hours: If you spend long periods of time on your computer, then there are accessories available to help alleviate eye strain and increase overall comfort.

Why Monitor Accessories May Not Be For You

  • You Don’t Want to Spend Extra: Computer monitor accessories cost extra. Depending on the type of accessory you purchase, you may be spending a lot more than your initial budget. If you don’t want to go over budget, then purchasing additional products to use with your monitor may not be the best idea for you.
  • You’re Happy with Your Monitor’s Core Function and Design: It’s entirely possible that you are completely happy with your monitor out of box. If your computer display fulfills all of your needs, then you may not need to purchase any monitor accessories.

How Long Will Monitor Accessories Last?

The expected lifespan for monitor accessories can vary wildly, depending on the type of product you’re purchasing. According to industry experts, like those at Equinix, most consumer electronics will last anywhere between five and ten years.

Mechanical accessories like monitor arms can last for 10-15 years, depending on how well you treat them. These feature longer lifespans because they are built to be durable.

Other accessories like monitor cleaning kits are expendable, meaning their lifespan ends when you run out of materials to use. As such, their lifespan ultimately depends on how quickly you use them up.

How to Choose the Best Monitor Accessories

Before you start researching the best monitor accessories for your setup, take some time to use your computer monitor on a regular basis and make note of the things you wish it did or offered. Then, determine your needs from that point. Otherwise, it can be really easy to get caught up in purchasing a bunch of cool new accessories only to end up with too much.

Moreover, it’d be a shame to waste a monitor accessory before you know know what you’re getting out of your monitor, especially if you’re not sure what black frame insertion does.

Following is a list of the most popular and common monitor accessories available today. Take a look through the list to see if you need any of these items:

Monitor Accessories Key Features

1. Monitor Arm

One of the most common accessories you can purchase is a monitor arm. These products either clamp to the edge of your desk or use a grommet mounting base to provide support for your display. They typically feature the universal VESA mount, which attaches to most monitors.

Once installed, a monitor arm gives you a wide range of motion so you can position your screen exactly where you want it. Depending on the type of arm you buy, you can even configure a dual monitor setup using the same product.

2. Monitor Riser

Whether you’re looking to save desk space, store office supplies, or raise your monitor up to eye level, a monitor riser can be a huge help. These accessories are essentially small tables upon which your screen sits. Many risers offer built-in storage and a sleek design to match the look of your desk.

3. Standing Desk Converter

This monitor accessory mimics your favorite standing desk configuration. Instead of a full standing desk setup, these converters simply sit on top of your desk with your monitor placed on them. Once you’re ready to stand, you manipulate the mechanism on the converter and lift it up.

4. Cable Management

If your monitor doesn’t have built-in cable management, then you might find yourself with a bunch of cables out in the open getting tangled and in your way. If this is the case, then we recommend purchasing cable management clips.

The best cable-management options can attach to either your monitor or your desk to organize cables and keep them in place.

5. Privacy Screens

If you work in a busy office or in another area where people can constantly see your monitor, then you may want to consider a privacy screen. This accessory either clips to the top of your display or uses the monitor’s frame to hold itself in place.

Once installed, a privacy screen prevents anyone from seeing what you’re working on unless they are sitting directly in front of it. This makes it one of the most popular business accessories.

6. Screen Cleaning Kits

Monitors can get dirty over time, especially if you own a touchscreen display. This is where a screen cleaning kit comes in handy. These accessories feature a liquid cleaning solution and microfiber cloth.

The cleaning solution is safe to use on display technology and the microfiber cloth is soft enough to not scratch your screen.

7. Adapter Cables

Depending on the connectivity ports available on your monitor, you may need to purchase a universal cable or any variety of adapter cables. These accessories allow you to connect your monitor to nearly any device.

8. Blue Light Filters

All computer monitors output blue light, which can be damaging to your eyes over long periods of time. If your monitor doesn’t include a low blue light mode or built-in blue light filter, you may want to purchase a top-rated blue light screen protector that filters the blue light for you.

These blue light filters attach to your display in the same way as privacy screens. They can be attached or detached as often as you’d like.

9. RGB Lighting Kits

If you like to customize the look of your desk setup, then an RGB lighting kit is an excellent monitor accessory. These kits usually feature LED strip lights that you can attach to the back of your monitor.

Once installed, RGB lighting kits produce a wide range of different color options. Depending on the kit you buy, you can either customize the colors or stick with a pre-arranged pattern.

10. External Speakers or Headphones

If your computer monitor provides an audio jack, then you can use it to connect external speakers or headphones directly to it. This is especially helpful if your computer is too far away to comfortably use an audio cable.

11. Gaming Peripherals

If your computer monitor features USB ports, then you can use it to connect to any number of different gaming peripherals. You can use these ports to connect to mechanical keyboards or even to your gaming mouse.

This added flexibility solves the same problem you typically face with external speakers. Your computer may be too far away for a comfortable connection to your keyboard and mouse. Utilizing the USB ports on your monitor is incredibly helpful. A good example of this is how you can use the USB 3.0 port on Asus monitors for charging.

Computer Monitor Accessories FAQs

What is the best way to clean my computer display?

The best way to clean a computer monitor is by purchasing a screen cleaning kit. You can also use distilled water and a soft microfiber cloth to clean your monitor. However, we recommend using a cleaning kit to ensure you’re getting the safest and most comprehensive clean. Do not use any other cleaning supplies like Windex to clean your monitor. The chemicals are too harsh for the glass on your display and can cause irreparable damage.

What accessories should I buy for my monitor?

The best accessories to purchase for your computer monitor are the ones that will best serve your needs. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Simply take the time to understand what you need and want out of your monitor accessories, and then choose the options that fit those needs.

What are computer accessories called?

Depending on the type of product you’re purchasing, there are a wide number of different names for computer accessories. Many people commonly call them peripherals, but that refers to the keyboard and mouse more than anything else. In general, you can easily call these products computer accessories and not run into any confusion.

Can you put any monitor on a mount?

Virtually all computer monitors are compatible for use with a mount, especially with the VESA mount standards most manufacturers follow today. If you look at the back of your display, see if you can find four holes arranged in a square. If those holes are present, your monitor can be mounted.

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