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Best Moka Pots

Updated: Nov 9, 2023 10:11 AM
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The Moka pot isn’t automatic like your best coffee maker, but it does produce an unforgettable cup of coffee. If you’re tired of drinking the same standard coffee from your coffee maker, you’ll not regret trying the best Moka pot coffee, which is thick, concentrated, and aromatic. It takes some skill and learning to prepare coffee with a moka pot, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll forget about those instant coffee makers.

You’ll find that the top moka pots on the market are constructed of high-quality stainless steel or aluminum and are easy to clean. The traditional stovetop models will work just as well on an induction stove as on a traditional gas range. Of course, there are electric versions, too, if you want a bit of push-button convenience. While you can find a few models with plastic parts, we don’t recommend them since the plastic used doesn’t necessarily stand up well to the heat.

So, are you curious to know more about this stovetop coffee maker? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn what a moka pot is, how it works, and how to choose the best one.

Top Moka Pots

 #1  Bialetti 06799 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a durable metal construction that’s ideal for making brews at home or serving mugs around a campfire. Users will love this device thanks to the bold flavor and safe-touch surfaces that make it easy to pour fresh cups of brew.

  • Impressive build quality
  • Strong brews
  • Safe-touch sufaces
  • Sub-par filter basket

The Bialetti 06799 coffee maker is a fantastic pick for users who value bold flavor and versatile brewing options. This Moka pot features aluminum construction to keep it lightweight and durable so users can brew fresh coffee at home or on a gas stove while camping with friends. Additionally, this model provides users with the authentic Italian coffee taste of stovetop espresso. While the aluminum filter basket allows finely ground coffee to slip into the drink, users can utilize a coarser grind to mitigate the issue.

In addition to durable construction and multiple brewing options, the Bialetti 06799 coffee maker provides a simple way to make potent coffee for a busy day or early morning. This model provides up to 3 cups of fresh coffee in each brewing cycle, and the pointed pouring spout makes it easy to serve drinks without spilling or splashing. Additionally, this model offers a coated lid knob and pouring handle to keep users from burning their hands after a brewing session.

 #2  Primula PES-3312 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features simple operation and a large serving capacity for users who want to make traditional-style brews for a large group or long day at work. Users will love the durable construction and multiple safe-touch surfaces that protect users while dealing with a fresh brew.

  • Large serving capacity
  • Durable metal construction
  • Versitile brewing options
  • Unit gets heavy when full

The Primula PES-3312 coffee maker is a fantastic pick for users who want large amounts of traditional-style stovetop espresso. This model has a 12-cup serving capacity that makes it perfect for serving mugs to a camping group or at a large work meeting. Additionally, this model works on a variety of stoves like gas, electric, and ceramic. While the large serving capacity makes this model a bit heavy when full, users will love the pointed spout that mitigates leaking or spills while serving a group.

In addition to a large serving capacity and versatile brewing options, the Primula PES-3312 coffee maker provides users with rich and flavorful stovetop espresso. This model is simple to operate and the aluminum design makes it easy to tidy up after a brewing cycle. Thanks to the heat-resistant flip-top knob and handle, users can easily serve hot coffee without burning themselves on the hot Moka pot.

 #3  GROSCHE GR 439 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features an eye-catching finish and multiple soft-touch surfaces for a stylish and functional device for fresh morning mugs or entertaining a guest. Thanks to the pointed spout and metal construction, users will love filling their mugs without a hefty cleanup.

  • Modern design
  • Soft-touch knob and serving handle
  • Aluminum construction
  • Not machine washable

The GROSCHE GR 439 coffee maker is a stellar choice for users who want exceptionally strong stovetop espresso to start their day. This model heats up in minutes and produces authentic Italian-style coffee in only a few easy steps. Additionally, the blue finish and striking design ensure that this model looks great on a shelf or sitting on the stove after a cleaning. While this model isn’t machine washable, users will love the strong seals and metal design that makes it simple to clean by hand.

In addition to simple operation and cleaning, the GROSCHE GR 439 coffee maker provides users with up to six cups of fresh coffee with each brewing cycle. This model features a fine brew basket that keeps grounds out of the drink and easily empties after a brew thanks to the all-metal design. Additionally, users will love the pointed spout that keeps spills to a minimum, and the soft-touch handle that keeps them from burning their hands while serving espresso to friends and family.

 #4  Zulay Kitchen 2020 Model Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a decent serving capacity and strong build quality to provide a unit that works just as well in the kitchen as it does on a camping trip. Additionally, users will love the robust taste that comes from this brewing method.

  • Impressive portability
  • Easy serving
  • Heat-reisistant handle
  • Sub-par filter basket

The Zulay Kitchen 2020 Model coffee maker is a compelling pick for users who want to take their coffee brewing on expeditions through the wilderness or simple weekend trips for car camping. This model works on multiple heat sources like electric, induction, gas, and camping-style stoves to keep users prepared to make cowboy coffee wherever they go. Thanks to the aluminum design, this model remains durable and lightweight while traveling. While the brew basket tends to let some grinds through, users can easily apply a paper filter or make a coarser grind for their brewing cycle.

In addition to durability and portability, the Zulay Kitchen 2020 Model coffee maker provides users with strong stovetop espresso in only a few steps. The smooth threads make it simple to assemble for brewing, and users can easily wipe this model clean after a brewing cycle. Additionally, the heat-resistant handle and flip-top knob keep users safe while they brew and serve exceptional stovetop espresso.

 #5  Godmorn GODMORNgjdklaks177 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This uniquely-designed model features a decent serving capacity and fast heating to provide full-flavored brews for developed palettes. Additionally, users will love the fine filter that delivers smooth mugs for a wonderful start to any day.

  • Excellent flavor
  • Multiple heating options
  • Fast heating
  • Small serving capacity

The Godmorn GODMORNgjdklaks177 coffee maker is a compelling pick for users who want quick stovetop espresso without much fuss. This unique-looking Moka pot is lightweight and durable thanks to the stainless steel construction that is anti-corrosive and rust-resistant. The precision threads lock in the pressure during the brewing process so users can enjoy thorough extraction for a full-flavored stovetop espresso. While the serving capacity isn’t the biggest, users can still enjoy multiple cups from a single brewing session.

In addition to durable construction and strong flavor, the Godmorn GODMORNgjdklaks177 coffee maker provides fresh and hot drinks where many Moka pots do not. This model works with multiple heat sources like gas, electric, ceramic, and even induction stoves so users can make coffee wherever they go. Thanks to the heat-resistant handle and flip-top button, users can safely serve traditional Italian coffee without burning their hands. Lastly, the high-density fine filter ensures that users will enjoy smooth mugs of coffee that are free from sediment.

 #6  Coffee Gator Sily200 Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a durable design and two included mugs so users can be prepared to make fresh drinks for a small group of friends. Additionally, users will love the all-metal construction that provides portability and fast heating.

  • Authentic Italian flavor
  • Two included serving cups
  • Durable design
  • Small serving capacity

The Coffee Gator Sily200 coffee maker is a great choice for users who want a versatile coffee brewer that works in the kitchen or while users are sitting around a campfire. This model provides a durable aluminum construction and a compact design so users can bring this Moka pot wherever they go. Additionally, users will love the stainless-steel serving cups that are perfect for serving stovetop espresso to a small group. While the serving capacity isn’t huge, this model’s simple operation makes it easy to whip up multiple brew sessions.

In addition to durable construction and included serving cups, the Coffee Gator Sily200 coffee maker offers bold flavor while keeping users safe throughout the brewing cycle. The steam safety valve keeps the pressure level within safe limits, and the cool-touch handle makes it easy to serve up cups of coffee without burning your hands. Additionally, the pointed spout and flip-top cover ensure that users won’t splash or spill hot coffee while filling their friends’ cups.

Beginners Guides to Moka pot

What Is a Moka pot?

Invented in 1933, a moka pot is a stovetop coffee brewer, which is not the same as a stovetop percolator, that relies on steam pressure for coffee extraction. Although the moka pot is often called a stovetop espresso machine, it doesn’t brew true espresso. However, it does give you concentrated coffee that’s as close to espresso as you can get without using an espresso machine. Owing to their low cost and high durability, you’ll find moka pots are popular in many households.

For more great coffee-related items, you’ll want to check out our roundups of the leading Keurig coffee, the finest coffee percolator, and the top-rated coffee makers for RVs.

Moka Pot vs Other Coffee Makers

Moka pots are an excellent choice if you enjoy preparing your coffee manually and experimenting with the preparation process. Other coffee makers, like Keurig machines, can produce coffee at the touch of a button (and sometimes without). A moka pot takes much more work, so it’s not high on convenience and speed. If you want more coffee tips, read our info article on how hot does coffee get in a coffee maker.

But moka pots are known to produce thick and concentrated coffee, sometimes with a crema, like the one you see on an espresso shot. It takes some learning and effort to prepare coffee with this method, but it’ll give you coffee that’s far better than what most coffee makers produce.

At the same time, remember that moka pots produce strong cups of coffee, not the best quality coffee. If you prefer a strong cup of coffee that doesn’t take too much effort, the moka pot is great. But if you want better-tasting coffee with delicate notes, there are other options, like pour-over coffee makers. Moka pots are incredibly budget-friendly and portable, so you can take them with you on your outdoor adventures. Also, their simple design makes them more durable than most coffee makers out there, and by a colossal margin.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, like espresso, moka pot capacity is measured in demitasse cups, which equates to about two ounces of liquid per cup. A typical American drip coffee maker produces five ounces per cup.

How a Moka Pot Works

A coffee maker is different from how a moka pot works. A moka pot design features three chambers and relies on pressure to extract flavor. The bottom chamber is where you add preheated water. It has a thin spout that moves into the middle chamber, where you add ground coffee. There is a filter separating the middle and upper chambers. The narrow spout moves through the filter and into the upper chamber, where the coffee collects.

As the moka pot heats up, pressure from the steam forces the water in the bottom chamber upward, through the filtered coffee grounds, and into the upper chamber, where it collects as coffee. Moka pots come with lids, but you can keep the lid open and watch the coffee preparation (it doesn’t change the taste).

When using the moka pot, you’ll have to be aware of both temperature regulation and the grind of your coffee beans. Grinding your coffee too fine is a common mistake, so make sure the beans are ground coarser than what you’d use with an espresso machine but finer than what’s used for drip coffee.

Leaving it on the burner for too long is a mistake, too, because it over brews the coffee and gives it a bitter taste. Generally, when the coffee gets pale and bubbly, it’s time to remove it from the burner. Another indication that the process is complete is if the pot stops making a gurgling sound, which means there’s no water left in the bottom chamber.

Once you turn the burner off, add cold water to the bottom chamber or place the moka pot in a bowl of cold water to halt the brewing process quickly and prevent any metallic taste from seeping into your coffee.

Why Should You Buy Moka Pot?

Preparing coffee with a moka pot will give you heavy-bodied coffee that’s strong and flavorful. But the process demands attention and skill, unlike what a Keurig machine offers. If convenience is your priority, then moka pots are not for you. But if you’re an above-average coffee enthusiast, you might really enjoy the moka pot coffee extraction experience.

Is Moka Pot Worth It?

  • You Want Strong Coffee In Five Minutes: Once you become adept at preparing coffee in a moka pot, you could have a strong and aromatic cup of coffee ready in five minutes. If you’re just starting out, it’ll probably take 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You Enjoy Preparing Coffee: A moka pot doesn’t prepare coffee at the touch of a button; it needs more involvement. If you enjoy paying attention to your coffee preparation process and want to control the variables, this is for you.
  • You Want a Budget-Friendly Coffee Maker: Moka pots are superbly budget-friendly compared to most other coffee makers. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to enjoy delicious coffee, a moka pot will be an excellent investment.

Why Moka Pot May Not Be for You

  • You Want Something More Convenient: As mentioned earlier, moka pots need your involvement in coffee preparation. If convenience is what you’re after, a moka pot is not suitable for you.
  • You’re a Coffee Connoisseur: A moka pot may not cut it for some coffee connoisseurs. If this is you, other coffee makers are likely to suit your needs better, like pour-over and espresso machines.

How Long Will Moka Pot Last?

How long a moka pot lasts generally depends on what material it’s made of, but it’s not uncommon to hear of moka pots that have been in use for a few decades. If you clean it regularly and maintain it well, a moka pot will easily last 5 to 10 years or more. You’ll also have to be careful not to drop it and damage its structure.

You may need to switch out the gasket seal on the best stainless steel moka pot models once every 12 months, depending on how frequently you use it. Moka pots are sturdy machines, and often, they look new even after years of use.

How to Choose the Best Moka Pot

With a moka pot, you can brew yourself a concentrated and flavorful cup of coffee, but you’ll have to keep several factors in mind when choosing a suitable model for your taste. This includes looking at what material it’s made of, your coffee intake, the type of pot, and your budget.

Moka Pot Key Factors

1. What Material Is It Made Of?

Moka pots are generally made of two materials: aluminum and stainless steel.

The original moka pots used aluminum because it was easy to shape and it wasn’t expensive. Aluminum moka pots are lightweight, fairly durable, and conduct heat efficiently. However, aluminum releases a metallic taste into the coffee at high temperatures, which most people don’t enjoy. Although it’s not hazardous to your health, it tampers with the coffee taste.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that aluminum is porous and has microscopic holes along its surface, and coffee oils can get lodged into these over time. You can’t clean it with soap or a strong detergent since that can scratch off tiny aluminum pieces and increase the metallic flavor. Instead, you’ll have to rinse it with warm water and wipe it with a clean cloth. You’ll also notice a change in coffee flavor is inevitable over the years or decades with an aluminum moka pot. You may also notice dark spots developing on the pot due to aluminum corrosion.

Although it doesn’t conduct heat as effectively as aluminum, stainless steel is much more durable than aluminum and generally stays free from scratches and corrosion. It’s also non-porous, so it doesn’t have any microscopic holes along its surface the way aluminum does. This ensures metallic flavors don’t seep into your coffee, and it also makes it easy to clean the pot effectively.

You’ll also want to ensure your moka pot’s material is compatible with your stove. Aluminum moka pots are mostly incompatible with induction stoves, but they work effectively on gas and glass top stoves. Stainless steel moka pots might perform better on induction stoves, but you’ll have to check the product information to confirm.

2. What Size Pot Do You Need?

When searching for moka pots, you’ll notice there’s always a mention of the number of cups, like a 3-cup moka pot or 6-cup moka pot. But these aren’t standard coffee cup sizes; the moka pot size chart is different:

  • 1 cup equals 2 fluid ounces
  • 3 cups equal 6.5 fluid ounces
  • 6 cups equal 10 fluid ounces

You’ll want to ensure you pick the right size for yourself because it’s best not to brew less or more than what the moka pot’s capacity is. Also, note that these cup sizes are small because each cup packs plenty of caffeine. When finalizing a size, you’ll have to consider your caffeine tolerance and that of others if you’re sharing the pot with them.

For most people, a 3-cup moka pot should be fine. But if your caffeine tolerance is high and you’re sharing the pot with another person, a 6-cup version or above pot may be more suitable.

3. Do You Want a Manual or Electric Model?

A moka pot isn’t like the best Mr. Coffee maker — it needs your attention to prepare a good cup of coffee. You have to control the variables, which are temperature and grind size. Managing the grind size is relatively easier than controlling the temperature, since the latter requires intricate handling and practice.

With an electric moka pot, the machine will regulate the temperature, so you’ll just have to focus on the right grind size. This makes it easier and more convenient to prepare coffee, but the fun of moka pot is in managing all the variables yourself.

4. What’s Your Budget?

Compared to the best manual espresso machine, a moka pot is incredibly cheap. You’ll find manual aluminum moka pots for less than $20, but the price increases as the cup-size increases and the material changes. Electric ones are more expensive, generally $60 or more.

You’ll also find other premium moka pot options that feature glass tops. If you want to watch the entire process of your coffee being brewed, this type of moka pot would be ideal. These are generally $40 or more, though you could find even lower prices if you catch them on sale.

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