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Best Leaf Vacuums Mulcher in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make the best leaf vacuum mulchers? These powerful yard tools feature strong vacuuming suction power, high bag capacity, and plenty of attachments for different outdoor scenarios, making them the best vacuum cleaners for your yard. Plus, they come in a variety of different types, so you can always find the right model for your needs.

If you’re looking for an easy way to clean up the leaves in your yard and turn them into composting materials, then the best leaf vacuum mulcher is a perfect choice. Plus, some even offer convertible functionality, meaning you can also use them as leaf blowers. Or, you can even find relatable machines like a great pond vacuum.

Continue reading below to learn more about the best leaf mulcher vacuum, its benefits, and the top considerations to make when purchasing one for your yard.

Top Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

 #1  Worx WG509 Trivac 9.3-Gallon Vacuum Mulcher


WHY WE LIKE IT: This cordless vacuum system has an 18:1 mulcher that drastically cuts down the size of leaves taken from the lawn. It has two different speeds, enabling precise customization.

  • Incredible blowing power
  • 18:1 mulching abilities
  • Lightweight one-handed design
  • On/off switch is hard to engage
  • Struggles with moist leaves

The Worx WG509 Trivac 9.3-Gallon vacuum mulcher is a three-in-one device that combines the functions of a vacuum, blower, and mulcher. With a metal impeller, this device chops leaves down in an 18:1 ratio, cutting down 18 bags of leaves to just one. This device has two different speeds: the 80 mph speed is ideal for pavements, while the 210 mph speed is good for open lawns. However, the on/off switch on this model is difficult to engage.

This Worx WG509 Trivac 9.3-Gallon vacuum mulcher weighs just 8.6 pounds, supporting one-handled operation. This 12A electric blower has an airflow of 350 cfm, sucking leaves without a hassle. We like the switch-based design of this device, which doesn’t require changing tubes to adjust the functionality. It has an angled tube, which enables reaching under patio furniture easily without squatting. With a capacity of 1 bushel, this device takes on plenty of leaves before requiring emptying.

 #2  Black+Decker BEBL7000 Vacuum Mulcher


WHY WE LIKE IT: This lawn cleaning system has a variable-speed blower and suction power. The device has a backpack collection system, which provides comfort and that supports hands-free operation.

  • Reliable corded design
  • Backpack leaf collection system
  • PowerBoost button
  • Power cord limits mobility

The Black+Decker BEBL7000 vacuum mulcher is a corded three-in-one vacuuming and blowing system that provides plenty of power for vacuuming, blowing, and mulching. This device has variable air speeds of up to 250 mph, providing incredible leaf blowing power. The machine provides airflow of up to 400 cfm, supporting hassle-free customization. It features a wearable backpack that allows hands-free operation. However, being a corded device, this vacuum provides limited mobility.

Thi Black+Decker BEBL7000 vacuum mulcher features a flexi-tube, which is dynamic to enhance maneuverability. A reusable zipper-free bag enables easy maintenance. This bag has a roll-and-clip design with a wide mouth for hassle-free emptying. This three-in-one machine is corded, so it doesn’t suffer from power loss caused by battery drainage. Equipped with a PowerBoost button, this device allows users to increase the suction at the flick of a switch.

 #3  Craftsman CMEBL7000 Vacuum Mulcher


WHY WE LIKE IT: This cleaning system features a high-capacity 14.5-gallon backpack to accommodate plenty of leaves. The device has variable speeds to enable adjusting the blowing and vacuuming functions.

  • Impressively consistent power supply
  • 14.5-gallon collection system
  • Stylish design
  • Power cord limits mobility
  • Switching between functions is complicated

The Craftsman CMEBL7000 14.5-gallon vacuum mulcher uses a 12-amp motor to blow, vacuum, and mulch. This device is a corded electric model, delivering consistent power for excellent results. With 450 cfm of airflow and up to 260 mph air speed, this device is quite fast and effective. It converts between blower, vacuum, and mulcher without using specialty tools. However, the power cord on this model limits its mobility.

This Craftsman CMEBL7000 14.5-gallon vacuum mulcher has a backpack leaf collection system that simplifies carrying. The bag has a capacity of 55 liters, allowing users to work for long periods of time before emptying. A wide-mouth opening on this device enables hassle-free emptying. This vacuuming and mulching system has a red and black color scheme, which offers a stylish appearance. We love the well-made lightweight backpack straps on this model for their comfortable design.

 #4  LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201 14-Gallon Vacuum Mulcher


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has an excellent mulching system with a two-stage heavy-duty shredding system, drastically reducing the size of the collected leaves. The device has easy-to-use airspeed and airflow dials for simple customization.

  • Powerful corded design
  • 16:1 mulch ratio
  • Lightweight design
  • Requires changing tubes to switch functions

The LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201 14-gallon vacuum mulcher features a powerful 12A motor for mulching, vacuuming, and blowing. This device has variable airspeeds of up to 240 mph, cleaning up lawns fast. The airspeed can even be increased further by attaching an optional concentrator nozzle. It has a maximum airflow of 380 cfm, so it picks up leaves and other large particles fast. However, this device requires changing tubes to adjust between blowing and sucking.

This LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201 14-gallon vacuum mulcher is corded, so it won’t lose power and doesn’t require charging. With a two-stage metal impeller, this vacuum cleaner cuts down the size of leaves collected dramatically. It has a 16:1 mulching ratio, which is suitable for users who collect large amounts of leaves. The 14-gallon collection bag on this model allows users to work for a long time before requiring refilling.

 #5  Sun Joe SBJ605E 18-Gallon Vacuum Mulcher


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has a very powerful blowing system, which cleans up lawns fast. With a very large 18-gallon collection capacity and an excellent 16:1 mulching ratio, this device collects large amounts of leaves.

  • Incredible blowing power
  • 16:1 mulching ratio
  • Adjustable wheels
  • Require changing tubes to switch between blowing and vacuuming

The Sun Joe SBJ605E 18-gallon vacuum mulcher is a three-in-one leaf collection system for cleaning lawns. This device has a noise rating of just 96 dB, so it’s suitable for users who do cleaning regularly. Weighing just 8.6 pounds, this device is lightweight for easy operation. It has a maximum airspeed of 250 mph and a maximum airflow of 150 cfm. A six-speed rotary dial enables customizing the airspeed easily. However, changing between suction anb blowing tubes is a complicated process.

This Sun Joe SBJ605E 18-gallon vacuum mulcher runs on a powerful 14-amp motor that offers incredible leaf pickup power. The device is corded, so it won’t lose power like cordless versions. This vacuuming system features a durable aluminum alloy impeller. With a 16:1 mulching ratio, this device shreds 16 bags of leaves to just one. Its adjustable wheels simplify maneuvering this machine. This system has an oversized 18-gallon bag, which helps users minimize the frequency of emptying.

 #6  Ryobi Vac Attack Vacuum Mulcher


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has a cable-free design and uses a rechargeable li-ion pack to offer outstanding mobility. It has a adjustable wheels and a wide mouth that picks up large leaves with ease.

  • Excellent cable-free design
  • Adjusable wheels
  • Compatible with other Ryobi tools and batteries
  • The battery is sold separately
  • Has no blowing functionality

The Ryobi Vac Attack vacuum mulcheris a two-in-one vacuuming and mulching system. This device has a high-quality metal impeller for shredding leaves. It has a 16:1 mulching ratio, cutting down 16 bags of leaves to just one. We love the cordless design of this model, which offers mobility. This cleaning system is compatible with select Ryobi 40-volt batteries and chargers. However, it doesn’t come with a charger or battery, so they have to be sourced separately.

This Ryobi Vac Attack vacuum mulcher comes with a heavy-duty reusable bag to keep maintenance costs down. The bag has a zipper with a very wide opening to simplify emptying. The wheels on this machine are adjustable to enable maneuvering this machine on rough and smooth terrain. A variable speed dial gives users control over the suction power. This vacuum cleaner has a wide leaf suction mouth to take up large leaves easily.

Beginner’s Guide to Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

What Are Leaf Vacuum Mulchers?

A leaf vacuum mulcher is a powered yard tool that helps clean up leaves that have fallen into your yard from your trees. These handy tools do all the work for you, so you don’t have to use a manual rake for hours on end in the fall. Leaf mulchers with vacuum functionality suck up both dry leaves and wet leaves before breaking them into mulch. The resulting shredded leaves can then be used for composting and easier yard clean-up.

Many of the best leaf vacuum mulchers also feature blowing functionality with a quick flip of a switch. This way, if you’re not looking to create mulch, you can blow leaves into the street or a pile for collection.

Leaf Vacuum Mulchers vs Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

Both leaf vacuum mulchers and traditional vacuum cleaners perform the same basic function of sucking up debris to make cleaning up much easier for you. However, the type of debris these tools clean up and the environments in which they are used are vastly different.

Where traditional vacuum cleaners are meant for use within the home to clean up dirt, pet hair, and other dry messes, leaf vacuum mulchers are intended to be used outside to clean up leaves and other small yard debris. If you were to use a traditional vacuum cleaner for this purpose, it would very likely be ruined.

Leaf vacuum mulchers also include the mulching functionality on top of the vacuuming functionality. As the leaf vacuum sucks up leaves, it chops them up into smaller pieces for easier disposal or composting purposes.

How Leaf Vacuum Mulchers Work

Like traditional vacuums, leaf vacuums create a suction effect using internal components, such as intake and exhaust ports, electric motors, and fans. After powering on your leaf vacuum mulcher, the motor causes the fan to spin rapidly, creating a vacuum effect inside the intake port.

As you pass over leaves, the blower will suck them up through the vacuum tube and move them toward the exhaust port with airflow. However, as the leaves pass by the container bag, they are heavy enough to drop while the air continues out of the exhaust port.

After the leaves drop toward the storage bag, they pass through the mulching component of the tool. This piece of the vacuum is typically made up of small metal impellers or a string similar to weed eaters. The impellers or string spin and shred the leaves as they pass through. The remaining mulch is then dropped into the storage bag.

Do You Really Need a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?

Leaf mulchers and vacuums are convenient tools for yard enthusiasts, landscapers, and anyone looking to save some time on yard cleanup. If you’ve ever found yourself tired and annoyed after spending all day raking leaves in your yard, the best leaf mulcher vacuum is an excellent option.

These are an excellent option for anyone without the physical capacity to rake leaves manually. Whether you’ve had surgery recently or you’re elderly, a leaf vacuum mulcher enables you to still clean up without too much exertion.

Is a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Worth Buying?

  • You Have a Lot of Large Trees in Your Yard: Leaf vacuum mulchers make quick work of yard debris, regardless of how many piles of leaves there are. If you have many trees in your yard that drop all their leaves in the fall, you can’t afford to pass up on the best leaf vacuum mulchers.
  • You Own a Landscaping Business: If you own a landscaping and yard cleanup business, you know just how true it is to say that time is money. Leaf vacuum mulchers can help you clean up your clients’ lawns faster than ever before. Plus, you can use the leftover mulch for composting your clients’ gardens.
  • You Use Composting for Your Gardens: Leaf mulch is an excellent composting material for your garden. You will pay a pretty penny for mulch if you go to the gardening store. When you use a leaf mulcher, you’ll be able to produce your own mulch, saving yourself time and money.

Why a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher May Not Be For You

  • You Have a Small Yard with Minimal Trees: If you don’t have many trees that drop leaves into your yard, purchasing a leaf mulcher vacuum probably isn’t worth it. Instead, a hand rake might be better if a few leaves end up on your lawn.
  • Your City Has a Leaf Disposal Service: One of the best things about leaf vacuum mulchers is the fact that they make leaf disposal much easier. However, if your city offers free leaf disposal, you may want to utilize that instead of creating mulch that you need to dispose of yourself.
  • You Want to Save Money on Yard Tools: Powered yard tools like leaf mulchers are much more expensive than alternative manual and hand tools. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend on power yard tools, you may want to look at rakes instead.

How Long Will a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Last?

Leaf vacuum mulchers and other outdoor power tools have many moving parts and require a lot of regular maintenance. Plus, since they are used outdoors, they are often exposed to the elements and debris. All of these factors can affect your tool’s lifespan and durability.

According to a study performed by the University of Arkansas, you can expect an average of around five years for both your gas-powered and battery-powered lawn tools. Of course, this life expectancy can change based on how you treat and maintain your tools.

We always recommend using your leaf vacuum mulcher in the way it was intended to be used. Only suck up leaves and other small yard debris. Don’t use the tool to clean up branches, or you risk damaging the mulching components.

If you buy a gas-powered leaf vacuum, make sure you regularly change the oil and perform proper winter maintenance. With battery-powered leaf vacuums, make sure you keep the battery charged and stored in a cool, dry location.

How to Choose a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

When you’re reading to purchase a new leaf vacuum mulcher, you’ll want first to determine your needs and then use your findings to find the right model to fill those needs. You’ll want to consider factors such as the type of tool to purchase, how much capacity it offers, and how much power it uses to suck up leaves. You’ll also need to consider whether or not you need any additional attachments for specific use-case scenarios.

Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Key Factors to Consider

1. What type of fuel should your leaf vacuum mulcher use?

The type of fuel your new yard tool uses for power is one of the most important considerations to make while you research options. Fuel type can affect running costs and maintenance needs. Leaf mulcher vacuums use the following fuel types:

  • Gas: This is the most common fuel type for yard tools. Gas-powered blowers and vacuums tend to offer more robust functionality but require more maintenance in the long term. They’re also louder than electric models.
  • Corded: This electric option requires a constant connection to a power source through a power cable. A corded model can offer similar power to gas models, but it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance or operating costs.
  • Cordless: This electric option uses a rechargeable battery for power. Cordless models offer lightweight designs and minimal operating costs, but they aren’t as powerful or long-lasting as a gas-powered alternative or corded model. If you’re looking for the best lightweight vacuum for leaves, a cordless option is your best bet.

2. How do you want to handle your leaf vacuum mulcher?

There are a few different ways to handle your leaf mulcher vacuum, depending on the type you purchase. The following list explains the different kinds of vacuum mulchers and how you hold them:

  • Handheld: This is the most common configuration for leaf mulchers. Everything is contained in a handheld form, making it easy to use for short periods. It’s important to note that handheld configurations often feature smaller storage bags for easier operation.
  • Backpack: This is a form of handheld leaf vacuum that features a larger storage capacity in the form of a pack you wear. These models are best for professional landscape and yard businesses. Alternatively, you can learn how to build a leaf vacuum to save money.
  • Walk-Behind: These vacuums are perfect for heavy-duty jobs. Instead of holding the entire tool in your hands, you place the front end of the intake nozzle on the ground and hold up the other end. The nozzle usually features wheels for easier transportation. Walk-behind leaf mulchers are perfect for cleaning up a massive pile of leaves in one go.

3. How much power do you need your leaf vacuum mulcher to offer?

When it comes to vacuuming power, leaf mulchers use a combination of cubic feet per minute (CFM) and miles per hour (MPH) measurements. The higher the numbers in this category, the more powerful your leaf vacuum is. For smaller yards, you don’t need very much power unless you’re cleaning up a lot of leaves. We recommend higher CFM and MPH measurements for professional applications or massive lawns.

You may also want to consider a leaf vacuum with variable speeds and power, which applies to vacuum/blower combinations. The power at which your leaf vacuum can blow leaves is helpful when you want greater control over where the leaves gather.

4. How much bag capacity do you need, and what is the mulching ratio?

Another vital consideration to make when shopping for the best blower vacuum mulcher to clean up leaves is how much storage capacity it offers. You don’t want to constantly empty and replace your storage bag, especially on large jobs. A leaf vacuum’s capacity is typically measured in gallons. For larger yards, look for higher capacity.

You’ll also want to consider the leaf vacuum’s mulch ratio, which indicates how well the tool can mulch leaves. For example, a 10:1 mulch ratio means your tool can reduce 10 gallons of leaves into one gallon of mulch. In general, you’ll find mulchers with either a 10:1 mulch ratio or a 16:1 mulch ratio.

5. Do you need additional attachments of functionality for your leaf vacuum mulcher?

Many leaf mulcher vacuums also offer additional attachments and functionality. These can be incredibly handy to have, especially if you want an all-in-one tool that has more than just a vacuum mode. Take a look at the following additions you may find with your leaf blower vacuum:

  • Leaf blower functionality
  • Gutter attachments
  • Extendable hoses
  • Larger leaf bags
  • Blower tube
  • Extension cords
  • Variable speed control

Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher FAQs

Can you use a leaf vacuum mulcher on wet leaves?

Yes, you can use your leaf mulcher vacuum on wet leaves, but you will have a more challenging time than with dry leaves. If your vacuum includes variable speed control, use a higher setting when working with dry leaves.

Are mulched leaves good for composting?

Yes, mulched leaves are excellent composting materials, especially alongside grass clippings. If you’re looking to make your own composting materials, using a powerful leaf blower vacuum is an excellent idea.

Can you use your leaf vacuum mulcher as a pool leaf vacuum?

A standard leaf mulcher vacuum will not work as a pool leaf vacuum. Sucking in water will destroy your leaf mulcher and render it unusable.

What is the difference between a mulcher and a chipper?

A mulcher is meant to break down soft materials like leaves and grasses, whereas a chipper is meant to break down hard materials like pieces of wood.
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