Best Laptop Bags in 2023 (February Reviews)

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Based on our extensive research, the best laptop bag is the Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather 15.6-inch Laptop Portfolio; it is assembled from full-grain genuine Colombian leather and features a tear-resistant lining. The bag can hold computers up to 15-inches in size, with extra compartments ready to take care of additional files, accessories, and even a tablet.

To find the best laptop bag, we looked into the features that make for a great product experience, including each bag’s style, choice of materials, overall size, and organization ability. Depending on your needs, you may opt for a classic, yet professionally styled, portfolio laptop bag or, on the other hand, a business travel ready messenger that is a joy to take on long treks. A bag’s size and organization ability will help determine what size laptop and tablets you can hold, as well as the ability to transport other objects and keep them accessible when needed. No matter your preferences, we have an option for you. For more information on this bag, as well as our other best laptop bag selections, keep reading.

Top 7 Best Laptop Bag

#1 Kenneth Cole Reaction Columbian Leather Laptop Bag Portfolio


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bag not only holds a large 15.6-inch laptop, while sporting a reasonable amount of additional storage, it is also crafted from full-grain genuine Columbian leather and adds an instant air of elegance.

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  • RFID blocking compartment
  • Full-grain Columbian leather
  • Available in black, brown, & cognac
  • Leather leads to expensive price-tag

If style and quality are your foremost concerns, then Kenneth Cole Reaction has you covered with its Columbian Leather Laptop Portfolio. Crafted from full-grain Columbian leather, this bag can’t help but scream luxury when you carry it from your home to the office. The pack also features a spot for holding a full-size tablet, as well as an additional 1.5-inches in a neat portfolio space.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction is also available in multiple leather colors, so you can pick the option that best suits your personality — black, brown, and cognac. Of course, leather isn’t cheap, and the price-tag on this bag reflects that fact; it might be on the pricier side for some individuals. Perfect for a Father’s Day or birthday gift, this option is one of the best laptop bags for men.

#2 AmazonBasics Laptop Bag and Tablet Shoulder Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: This laptop bag option is not only functional, but also affordable. With versions fitting laptops from 11.6-inches to 17.3-inches, this bag is compatible with nearly every computer available.

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  • Best on a budget
  • Fits 11.6-inches to 17.3-inches
  • Slim, compact form factor
  • Not the finest materials

The AmazonBasics brand has been known to craft great products at an affordable price, and this Laptop Computer and Tablet Shoulder Bag Carrying Case is no exception. Available in a variety of sizes, it can fit laptops from 11.6-inches to 17.3-inches — no matter if you have a tiny netbook or a thick gaming laptop, Amazon delivers an option. The slim, compact form factor also helps you cut down on bulk, while still offering internal accessory storage pockets.

Due to its price, this AmazonBasics product is also our top choice for a laptop bag on a budget, but don’t let that title fool you, we believe it’s still a solid choice. The one area you can see the price reflected is the materials, you won’t find waterproof fabrics or leather here, but that doesn’t detract from this practical option.

#3 Sunny Snowy Nylon Laptop Bag Tote


WHY WE LIKE IT: This option from Sunny Snowy allows you to carry your laptop around in vogue, thanks to its shoulder-like design with a variety of available patterns and colors. Best of all, it can fit laptops up to 17-inches, so you’ll have plenty of room on the go.

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  • Excellent at resisting rain and spills
  • Includes multiple pockets
  • Thick padded laptop layer
  • Not much internal structure

Do you want something a bit more stylish than a standard briefcase-style laptop bag? Sunny Snowy offers the Nylon Laptop Bag Tote, an excellent option for transporting your computer in style. The tote design fits a laptop up to 17-inches, and a variety of different patterns and colors are available to best suit your taste. The bag is constructed from water-resistant nylon, which makes it a bit safer to use in inclement weather.

We also are happy to see that the internal laptop area is well padded to prevent your laptop from incurring damage during transport. The bag is on the larger side, which is great for some; what we don’t love is a lack of internal structure, as the bag seems to want to collapse when it isn’t filled with items.

#4 Samsonite Classic Laptop Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: The bag offers a professionally styled, yet affordable, laptop bag for those who want to protect their computer with sharp business styling; it’s our best laptop messenger bag.

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  • Classic, durable business style bag
  • Increased durability with ballistic fabric
  • Soft cotton lined interior
  • Metal zippers can wear out

This laptop bag from Samsonite provides an excellent option for those seeking classic business styling — a black bag with a reserved look; you won’t be attracting any funny faces at your next boardroom meeting. On the inside, however, the Samsonite does take it up a notch thanks to the use of soft cotton, keeping your electronic devices safe and scratch-free. The exterior of the bag features ballistic fabric for increased durability; it is the best laptop briefcase.

The Samsonite is quite large and can hold laptops up to 17-inches thanks to the large construction. Exterior pockets also make it a breeze to store your accessories; it is among the best laptop bags for business travel. One item to note is that the metal used for the zippered pockets are a bit delicate and can be easily worn out, so handle with care.

#5 KROSER 17” Messenger Laptop Bag

Award: Best for Air Travel

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re carrying your office around with you, this laptop bag can carry it all with internal dimensions of 17.1 x 12.5 x 7.1-inches. The bag can also expand, widening from 7.1-inches to an ultra-large 9.1-inches.

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  • Comfortable PU leather carrying handle
  • Highly water repellent
  • Includes removable shoulder strap
  • Laptop pocket is a tad small

If you need to carry around your laptops, a tablet, a collection of accessories, and more, you’ll want to look at the KROSSER Messenger Laptop bag. Designed with lots of internal storage, the bag can be widened from 7.1-inches to 9.1-inches when you need the extra bit of room. It’s not the best laptop bag with a lunch compartment, but the extra space should allow for small meals. It’s also comfortable to carry, which you can do using the removable shoulder strap or comfy PU leather carrying handle.

The bag itself is contracted from ballistic fabric, which is both durable and eco-friendly; it can also help to repel water if you’re ever caught in a bit of rain. What could be improved is the main laptop pouch, which seems to be a tad small for 17-inch machines — an odd design decision, as the bag itself is certainly large enough. Need to bring everything on your next flight? The KROSSER is the best laptop bag for air travel. We would, however, liked to have seen a dedicated water bottle pocket due to the bag’s size.

#6 Dachee Waterproof Laptop Bag Case Sleeve


WHY WE LIKE IT: This laptop bag from Dachee doesn’t just have style — it makes a bold statement. Protecting your laptop and loudly proclaiming your personality, Dachee has crafted a product that is both affordable and highly fashionable.

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  • Chic patterns and prints
  • Slim-style messenger carrying bag
  • Available in 13-inch & 15-inch sizes
  • Not much storage space

Turn heads with the Dachee Waterproof Laptop bag Case Sleeve, available in two sizes for either 13-inch or 15-inch laptops. A plethora of different patterns can be chosen from flowery designs to multi-color skulls — there is an option for everyone. This slim-style messenger carrying bag also takes this Dachee product easy to take with you, as it doesn’t take up much space or weigh you down.

If desired, you can completely detach the shoulder straps, transforming the messenger style bag into a case sleeve with handle. A lot of focus here is on the form, but it still keeps your laptop protected. There isn’t much interior room, though, so some of your accessories may need to stay behind when you head out the door. However, the Dachee is certainly among great fashionable laptop bags.

#7 Lenovo T210 Shoulder Laptop Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: Your laptop is heavy enough, and this Lenovo laptop bag doesn’t attempt to pull you down with any extra weight, coming in at less than a single pound. The sleek modern design is also welcomed with its water-repellent fabric.

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  • Multiple pocket storage options
  • Simple, modern, minimalist design
  • Available in three color options
  • Runs on the smaller side

Lenovo is a company known for its innovative consumer products and services, such as its sturdy ThinkPad business laptops. What Lenovo also does well, though, is accessories, such as this T210 Laptop Shoulder Bag. Featuring a modern, minimalist exterior design, it won’t go out of style any time soon. The unit appears small, but still manages to fit multiple internal pockets for organizing your belongings, so you don’t spend minutes digging to find an accessory.

The T210 is available in three different color configurations, including black, blue, and gray. The interior color also changes to accent the exterior — lovely attention to detail. One word of warning, the bag does run on the smaller side with many purchasers saying that it best fits a 13-inch machine, rather than the advertised 15-inch.

How We Decided

To find the best laptop bags available, we began by researching essential factors, including each bag’s style, choice of materials, overall size, and organizational ability. Once established, we crafted minimum criteria, ensuring that only the best options are presented to you in our buyer’s guide. This process allows you to browse our lists with confidence, helping you find products to shape your life.

When it comes to style, we made sure to include a variety of options, including standard top-loading bags, messenger bags, and expandable folios. We know that style is personal, but we’ve got you covered. For choices of materials, we selected only high-quality and durable options, such as ballistic nylon and full-grain leather. Some of others are even waterproof to help you if you get caught in sudden rain. No cheap or easily damaged materials are found on our list.

For the overall size of each bag, we included options capable of holding up to a 17-inch laptop, so that you can carry around a large computer or pack all your needed accessories. Of course, we’ve also picked high-quality slim options, with the requirement that they are still able to carry accessories. Lastly, for organizational needs, all of our selections feature multiple external pockets for storage so that your needed accessories can join your laptop.

Best Laptop Bag Buyer’s Guide


  1. Overall Style: Laptop bags come in different styles; some popular options include folio bags, messenger bags, and laptop sleeves. You’ll need to do some research to find what you like best, but our recommendation is to pick an option with comfortable shoulder straps, like the best messenger bags if you want a one-shoulder style, or perhaps laptop backpacks if you plan on carrying your gear around for long periods.
  2. Materials: Want a premium feeling bag that wears well with the passing time? If so, you might want to consider leather — although it can be quite expensive. On the other hand, more affordable materials such as ballistic nylon can be incredibly durable and water repellant. These two materials, as mentioned above, are our favorite options.
  3. Size: Ensure that your laptop bag will find your computer. Most bags will say if they are rated for 13-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch laptops — keep an eye out for these specs. Remember that while a more spacious bag will carry more gear, it will undoubtedly be bulkier, so you may want to balance your decision with a smaller, more lightweight option.
  4. Organization: Some laptop bags will offer large pouches to drop your accessories in, but others will provide dedicated pockets to hold cables, pens, credit cards, and other gadgets. When making a purchase, remember not only to examine the outside of your new bag, but also the inside — it could help you stay organized in the long run, saving you time.

Laptop Bag FAQs

What brand is best for laptop bags?

Our round-up of the best laptop bags include options from Kenneth Cole Reaction, AmazonBasics, Samsonite, Sunny Snowy, KROSSER, Dachee, and Lenovo. The best laptop bag went to the Kenneth Cole Reaction brand.

What is the best laptop messenger bag?

According to our research, the best laptop messenger bag is the KROSSER Messenger Laptop Bag; it can carry all your gear with internal dimensions of 17.1 x 12.5 x 7.1-inches. The bag can also expand, widening from 7.1-inches to an ultra-large 9.1-inches. Another popular choice that just missed our list is the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag. This bag can fit a smaller 15” laptop and comes with a complete daily photograph kit.

What about laptop backpacks instead of a typical laptop bag?

Choosing an appropriate laptop bag can be the difference between owning a convenient, useful accessory and owning a bag that causes shoulder and back pain on your commute home. Shoulder bags are the more traditional choice and are easily accessible. They also make a good choice for transport as shoulder bags are more compact and can sit comfortably on your lap or close to your side. The biggest downside to a shoulder bag is weight distribution. Putting weight on one shoulder constantly can lead to back and neck pain making laptop backpacks with their double straps the more suitable choice, and especially good if you cycle or walk to work. However, backpacks are unfortunately considered a “student bag” and not always appropriate for work. Also, if worn incorrectly a backpack can present the same issues as a shoulder bag.
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