Best Knee Pads for Hoverboards in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make hoverboard knee pads work? Known as a key component of protective riding gear, these items come either as protective sleeves or standard pads with a hard exterior that covers the knee and is filled usually with EVA foam and has velcro straps that can be adjusted behind the knee.

Hoverboard knee pads are sold based on sizing (similar to the best hoverboards that come in different sizes), which requires you to measure the circumference of your knee to achieve a perfect fit. Especially for beginners, you’ll want to look for knee pads that offer plenty of padding to give you additional protection against falls. Keep reading our hoverboard knee pads buying guide to learn more.

Top Knee Pads for Hoverboards

 #1  Gyroor Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: This complete set of protection allows you to suit up at whatever size you need. It can adjust to your body to achieve a perfect fit every time. You can also use it for a wide variety of different sports.

  • Size is customizable
  • Multi-sport usage
  • Full set of protection
  • Made for kids

If you want to protect more than just your knees, this set offers an answer to the other most important points of impact. It includes protection gear for your wrists and elbows, as well. This impact-resistant grouping will give 90 degrees for your range of movement to not feel constrained. However, this set is made with children in mind. If you’re an adult, you’ll want to choose a different set of protective gear.

You’ll enjoy strong protection from all parts of this set. They’re made with the durability of 600D nylon cloth. This longevity is increased by the inclusion of wear-resistant PE hard shells. For comfort, a 10mm thickened EVA foam is included. Foam will also help with absorbing more impact and keeping you safe. High elastic sleeves keep skin safe during accidents and fasten your body’s protection gear more securely.

 #2  Hover-1 Protective Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has an incredibly comfortable design with extra cushioning, so falling down doesn’t hurt nearly as much. It also comes in a convenient bag that you can use to store your gear and travel with it.

  • Extremely comfortable option
  • Comes in a convenient bag
  • Full set of protective gear
  • Sizes run small

Multiple materials ensure that this set is breathable, durable, and comfortable. There is mesh included to provide plenty of airflow while you’re riding your scooter. EVA foam keeps you comfortable and absorbs far more impact than other materials. Finally, there is also nylon to help with durability and provide rugged protection. Some consumers report that the sizing on this protection set runs small. Because of this, it might be wise to order up a size.

The thick EVA foam and PP hard shells will absorb much of the impact from falls. That makes this set an excellent option for those looking for high-impact resistance. The hardcovers follow the natural contour of the knee for better security as you ride. You’ll enjoy the versatility provided by the velcro straps used to secure all of the protective gear to your body. They allow a perfect fit for every single ride.

 #3  Anikea Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: This highly breathable option is made with several materials that allow maximum airflow, like soft EVA foam. There are six pieces included in this fall protection kit, so you don’t have to worry about protecting multiple body parts.

  • Includes easy carry bag
  • 6 pieces included
  • Highly breathable option
  • Straps may be too loose

Impact resistance is the biggest concern for most parents. This set of protection gear allows you to fear no fall, even if you hit the ground hard. The PVC hardshell material is scratch-resistant, so you can rest assured these knee pads will have high durability. The hard shell molds perfectly to the knee to keep it safe while also moving freely. Unfortunately, some consumers report that the straps do become a little looser after some usage.

There are adopted ventilated fabrics used so that airflow can remain undisturbed. This allows children to move and play freely without worrying about getting sweaty under their gear. Since kids grow fast, this set includes adjustable velcro straps to correct the fit as your child grows. There is also an included easy-carry bag made of mesh. This helps keep your knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guard safe and sound while not in use.

 #4  Panegy Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: The adjustability of these knee pads makes them an excellent choice for those looking for a perfect fit every time they ride. They also come with a convenient mesh bag, making them a portable pick.

  • Usable for multiple sports
  • Comes with a mesh bag
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Knee pad strap is weak

PE material is used in the creation of these knee pads. This is an impact-resistant material that is high-density and wear-resistant. The longevity of protective gear is crucial, so this brand ensures that its product will last a long time by choosing materials wisely. You’ll enjoy how protective the high-hardness hard caps are, especially if you take a tumble. They are some reports that the knee strap is a little weak. This means it might come off after your first significant impact or fall.

From the side, you can see how thick the EVA foam is. This provides even better impact resistance and makes this set a fantastic choice for shockproof protection. They also follow the body’s natural lines, allowing for a better range of motion and keeping you from getting injured. Various adjustments can be made using the velcro straps, which are super-wide for your convenience.

 #5  Wrzbest Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: Comfort is the primary concern of these pads. They’re made with a combination of materials, including polyester and PE foam. This keeps them breathable, bendable, and comfortable.

  • Polyester blend material
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Uses PE foam
  • Meant for toddlers

You can choose from three different sizes to make sure the fit is entirely correct, which is a huge tenet of safety gear. This set of protection equipment includes two knee pads, two handguards, and two elbow pads, so you can have a complete suite of safety in one package. This set is strictly made for small children and toddlers. If you’re not looking for protective gear for either of these groups, this will not be the right fit for you.

A rigid outer shell will keep shock from ringing through to your knee. Going deeper, the inner materials are made up of soft, breathable sandwich mesh lining layers. This provides great breathability while keeping the safety gear comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. It won’t rub up against your skin or cause chafing. You’ll be able to use this gear for multiple sports, such as BMX, rollerblading, inline skating, riding a scooter, and more.

 #6  LIOOBO Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll find an extremely breathable mesh throughout the design of these knee protectors. This allows for better airflow while riding your vehicle. They also give plenty of freedom for a range of movements.

  • Breathable mesh material
  • Molded plastic covers
  • Allows for range of movement
  • Seams may come undone

This complete protection suite provides everything you need to stay safe while riding a hoverboard. Two knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are provided. You can also use them for many sports, even beyond riding a hoverboard. Unfortunately, some consumers report that the craftsmanship of these knee pads leaves something to be desired. Because of this, the seams might come loose sooner than expected if you experience a fall.

They are specifically designed to offer complete protection whenever you have a fall. There is a plastic shell used on all the pieces made with high-hardness plastic. The interior has a wonderfully thickened, soft sponge that contours your body and provides ample shock absorption when a fall happens. There are ventilated linings to provide airflow and plenty of ventilation built right into the different pieces of protective gear you receive.

Beginner’s Guide to Hoverboard Knee Pads

What are Hoverboard Knee Pads

The hoverboard itself isn’t a danger, but learning to use it can prove to be dangerous unless you know how to make your hoverboard safe. To be honest, there aren’t any special kinds of knee pads made specifically for riding hoverboards. If you’re shopping for safety gear, you’re going to look at the same types of knee pads that you would use when rollerblading or skateboarding.

So what are knee pads, then? Just like they sound, knee pads are designed to protect your knees from injury just in case you fall. Keep in mind that many hoverboards can reach speeds of up to 15 and even 20 miles per hour. So, if you fall off your board, you’re going to feel it, and there’s a good chance you can get seriously injured. Also, if you are concerned about safety, you should also invest in a helmet. The best hoverboard helmets can protect you from very serious injuries.

But more importantly, quality hoverboard knee pads won’t impede movement while you’re riding. Typically, these types of knee pads feature protective padding and a hard exterior that covers your knee. However, usually, the back has adjustable straps, so you can get a perfect fit. Although it is possible to find pull-on styles.

Hoverboard Knee Pads vs Knee Pads

There are many different types of knee pads on the market depending on usage — i.e. knee pads used in the construction industry are different than those intended for sporting activities. But in general, hoverboard knee pads are the same as those used for rollerblading and skateboarding. While they have a hard exterior shell filled with sturdy padding that covers your knee, the back is usually a set of straps or velcro fabric panels that are adjustable so you can achieve a perfect fit. And if you have bad knees and would like to give them a rest sometimes, you can add a hoverboard seat attachment to your device. They are affordable and make sense for people who want to sit and steer instead of standing.

How Hoverboard Knee Pads Work

Knee injuries are no joke. And since falls are the most common hoverboard injury, there’s a good chance you can land on your knees — hence the importance of hoverboard knee pads. While “hoverboard knee pads” aren’t actually a thing, you can still grab a pair of skateboard knee pads to protect yourself the next time you ride.

Designs can vary slightly, but the two most popular versions are standard pads and sleeve pads. While both are protective, standard pads offer the ultimate protection. Standard pads have a fabric liner and a hard plastic shell that’s filled with foam or another material to soften the impact if you do fall. Usually, you’ll use a velcro strap to properly tighten them around your knees.

Sleeve pads have a low-profile look and are usually made from stretchy nylon. Unlike standard pads, these are pulled onto your leg and over your knee rather than being strapped around it. While these pads do offer some protection, the thinner design means you may still get abrasions if you fall.

Why Should You Buy Hoverboard Knee Pads?

Without a doubt, invest in your safety. Even if you don’t think wearing pads looks cool, consider that there’s nothing cool about trips to the hospital because you injured your knee and have to hobble around on crutches for six weeks or more. We can’t stress enough that falls are the biggest injury category with hoverboards. Don’t become a statistic.

Are Hoverboard Knee Pads Worth Buying?

Prevents Serious Knee Injuries: Considering how essential knees are for everyday activities like walking, bending, stretching, and sitting, you want to keep them in good working order. Quality hoverboard knee pads will protect you if you fall off your hoverboard. And while you might be a little sore, you can avoid more serious injuries that might require a trip to the hospital.

Increases Confidence While Riding: If you’re not afraid that you’re going to bang your knees or get scrapes and cuts, you can focus on the experience of riding your hoverboard or learning how to master more complex maneuvers.

Improves General Peace of Mind: Whether you’re buying hoverboard knee pads for yourself or someone else who rides, you can feel better that they’re operating the device safely.

Why Hoverboard Knee Pads May Not Be for You

Can Be Bulky: Standard knee pads tend to be bulky. And in some cases, might limit your range of motion slightly. However, the upside — not seriously injuring your knees with every fall — far outweighs any negatives. If you’re not going to ride safely, you shouldn’t be riding at all.

Added Expense: Depending on the pads you choose, the costs can add up along with other protective gear like helmets, wrist pads, and elbow pads. But then again, what’s your health worth to you? It’s better to make the initial investment for safety gear and avoid truly expensive medical bills associated with a nasty fall.

How Long Will Hoverboard Knee Pads Last?

Longevity depends on the types of pads that you choose. Standard pads that feature a hard ABS plastic shell exterior over the knee tend to be the most durable. However, you can also find standard pads that have a fabric cover over the plastic shell. While these pads are still excellent at protecting your knees, if you fall on hard pavement, the fabric shell covering can get ripped.

Truthfully, the lifespan of your knee pads is going to depend on your usage habits. If you’re someone who not only falls frequently but falls in rough areas like asphalt and concrete pavement, you may find that you need to replace your knee pads every few months.

Conversely, if you’ve mastered balancing on a hoverboard and rarely fall, a good pair of hoverboard knee pads may last you years. Still, you should inspect your pads regularly and replace them if it seems like the foam interior isn’t as sturdy as it once was or the straps are difficult to keep securely closed.

And there’s another factor to consider — the smell. Over time, knee pads can absorb sweat and other odors. And even if you clean and air them out regularly, odors build up over time. So, when your knee pads get a bit too funky, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to grab a new pair.

How to Choose the Best Hoverboard Knee Pads

Now that you know how important hoverboard knee pads are for your overall safety, you need to focus on a few important aspects so that you pick the right knee pads for your needs.

Hoverboard Knee Pads Key Factors to Consider

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a child, or someone else, you’ll want to pay attention to the questions below, as they’ll help you pick the right level of protection.

1. Who’s riding the hoverboard?

We’ve already established that everyone needs protection. But beginners and young children should use standard knee pads that offer comprehensive protection with the foam-filled hard shell design.

In contrast, a more experienced rider — including someone who’s transitioning to a hoverboard from skateboarding — may not need heavy-duty protection. Because they know how to fall safely or safely dismount a moving board without falling, they may be fine with a shell pad.

2. Can you comfortably move in them?

Protection is important. But since balance and subtle movements are essential for successfully riding a hoverboard, you’ll want to make sure that the wearer can still comfortably move in their hoverboard knee pads.

3. How much protection do the pads offer?

If you’re shopping for knee pads, your goal is to not have hurt knees. So you’ll want to look at the shock absorption features. As we’ve repeatedly mentioned, the best protection comes with standard pads that feature a hard shell filled with shock-absorbing materials. The most popular options are EVA, memory, gel, and reinforced foam.

4. How do they fit?

Just like with clothing, hoverboard knee pads aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. These knee pads are available in multiple children and adult sizes. Usually, these pads are sized based on the circumference of your thigh, knee, and calf. Before you go shopping for a pair of knee pads, use a measuring tape to check your dimensions and select a pair of pads based on those numbers.

5. Do you want to hide your pads?

Some people dislike the look of knee pads. Standard knee pads tend to be too bulky to wear underneath close-fitting clothing. If you don’t want to look like you’re wearing padding, you’ll want to pick sleeve knee pads which can often be worn under pants.

Hoverboard Knee Pads FAQs

Who needs to wear knee pads?

Anyone riding a hoverboard should be wearing knee pads. It’s very easy to lose your balance and if you don’t know how to fall properly, you could land on your knees and cause serious injury.

How do I determine my knee pad size?

Knee pads are usually sold based on knee circumference. So, measure your knee by using a soft tape measure.

How do you clean knee pads?

This is going to depend on the materials in your knee pads. Some can be machine washed but must be air-dried. Others must be hand washed only.

When do you know that it’s time to replace your knee pads?

While there’s no set timeline for when people should replace knee pads, most experts and athletes agree that when you can begin to feel the falls more than previously, it’s time for a new pair of pads.

How tight should my knee pads be?

Ideally, you should aim for a snug fit. This means that they’re securely attached to your knees, but aren’t restricting your ability to move or constricting blood flow.
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