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Updated January 24, 2023

After thorough research and testing, the best kitchen cart is the Liberty White Kitchen Cart by Home Styles stood out thanks to its sturdy natural solid wood construction and huge storage space. It also excels in being multi-purpose, with cabinets that provide great utility for your kitchen ingredients and tools. An elegant kitchen cart is a must-have kitchen product for any stylish kitchen.

In the hunt for the best kitchen carts, we shortlisted 7 options that provide the best in their categories in terms of the durability of materials, available storage space, total weight capacity, locking mechanism, and versatility. Read on to know more about it and our other picks below.

Top 7 Best Kitchen Carts

 #1  Home Styles Liberty White Kitchen Cart


WHY WE LIKE IT: This white kitchen cart offers the best flexibility and solid build quality among our picks, and it’s also the only one in our list that has this many cabinets for storage. We absolutely love its drop-leaf bar that has the perfect extra space for food preparation and serving.

  • Most versatile
  • Extra cabinets provide additional space
  • Durable natural wood construction
  • Requires moderate assembly

The Home Styles Liberty White Kitchen Cart is our top pick due to its versatility—it has a two-door cabinet with adjustable shelves and three extra drawers for storage, letting you organize your kitchen items and ingredients neatly and separately. The towel bar and spice rack on either side of the tabletop made it a breeze for us when preparing and serving meals. It’s made of durable wood and has a white finish.

Our most favorite feature, though, is the drop-leaf bar that gives an extra 11” deep tabletop area. It’s a handy function that allows for extra prepping and serving. This kitchen island cabinet requires some moderate assembly and weighs 134lbs. Without the drop leaf, it measures 53.5” x 18” x 36”. If you’re looking to upgrade your dinner recipes, you’ll also want to look at the best Air Fryer.

 #2  AmazonBasics Kitchen Cart on Wheels


WHY WE LIKE IT: This kitchen cart lives up to its name, and to good effect—for an affordable price, you get a rolling kitchen cart that has three different levels—two chrome shelves and a wooden top that’s perfect for your kitchen tools and even a microwave oven.

  • Best on a budget
  • Simple, durable design
  • Adjustable height chrome shelves
  • Doesn’t have drawers or towel bar
  • Wooden top could be thicker

AmazonBasics’ Kitchen Cart is made of chrome-plated steel and has a 1.5” thick wooden top that slots right in on the chrome rods. It’s a basic but durable design, with the chrome shelves having a 50-lb capacity per level. The middle shelf can be adjusted in 1” increments to give you a more customized fit for whatever tools you decide to keep on the kitchen cart. You won’t have issues with stability, as two of the four wheels can be locked for when you need the cart to stay in place while preparing food.

The wooden top can carry a microwave oven and is sturdy enough to also double as a serving table or to help with food preparation. This kitchen cart microwave on wheels is a great space saver, weighing 26lbs and measuring 15” x 21” x 36.7”. And if you’re tight on space, be sure to read about the best coffee maker as they’re are many that are designed for small kitchens.

 #3  Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cart

Award: Best Durability

WHY WE LIKE IT: This pick has a top-notch construction and is built from solid beechwood, making it the best microwave cart. You’ll find this a great cart for your moderately-sized kitchenware, such as utensils, microwaves, or even a small coffee maker.

  • Great for microwaves
  • Simple, durable design
  • Lockable casters offer extra stability
  • Doesn’t have drop-leaf panels
  • Only has two shelves in cabinet

We love the look of the Winsome Wood Kitchen Cart and how its size was a perfect station for our small espresso machine. Thanks to its heavy, solid beechwood construction, it can take moderately-sized appliances and store a hefty amount of kitchenware in its two-door cabinet with two shelves. Its drawer is shallow enough to give easy access to your utensils but durable enough for heavier silverware. It’s ideal for small kitchens and even includes a towel holder.

Its lockable casters will keep the cart from sliding around when you don’t want it to, and the wheels are smooth enough that you won’t have a hard time carting it around. This cart measures 26.9” x 18.2” x 34.3” and weighs 54 lbs. This will be the perfect thing to keep your kitchen organized. Be sure to also get the best kitchen tongs, which would sit pretty well on your cart.

 #4  Seville Classics 3-Tier Heavy Duty Kitchen Cart

Award: Best for Restaurants

WHY WE LIKE IT: This kitchen cart boasts a surprising 500-lb total weight capacity thanks to its commercial steel construction. It’s perfect for restaurant applications where ingredients and tools are often portioned in big, heavy batches.

  • Heavy-duty steel wires and poles
  • High weight capacity
  • 10-year warranty
  • No extra drawers or cabinets

Seville Classics’ 3-Tier Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cart is rated for commercial use—it can carry a maximum of 500lbs of items evenly distributed in its 3-tier shelves. It does so with its all-steel frame construction, with the poles and wires coated in chrome for stain-proofing. You’ll find the perfect use for this heavy-duty kitchen cart in preparing big batches of food, such as for restaurants, small businesses, or big family gatherings.

It requires no tools for assembly and features a removable handle for easy carting. We like how Seville went for large, 4” rubber wheels on this cart, making it suitable for commercial kitchen floors that may be greasy and prone to slipping. It measures 34” x 18” x 33.5” and weighs 43 lbs. And if you want to upgrade your kitchen appliances beyond a cart, take a look at the best toaster oven.

 #5  Whitmor Supreme Kitchen Cart

Award: Most Lightweight

WHY WE LIKE IT: This kitchen cart is ideal as a rolling meat/deli cart—we like how the food-grade wooden board can take the place of your cutting board. It’s removable for easy cleaning but can also take the weight of sizable kitchenware thanks to its steel supports.

  • Durable, food-grade cutting board
  • Commercial-grade wheels are lockable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Relatively smaller than other carts

Whitmor’s Supreme Kitchen Cart is constructed from a heavy-duty steel frame with chrome coating for added durability. It’s topped with a food-grade wooden board that can be used for chopping meat or vegetables. It’s also rigid with enough heft to support heavier kitchenware such as a food processor or coffee maker, thanks to the steel grills that support its underside. Despite its durability, we like how light and easy it is to move around our kitchen.

The cart has adjustable shelves and four hooks for hanging your utensils. It weighs 20.3lbs, making it the most lightweight cart on our list. This one is ideal for your next barbecue session or as a mobile deli tray. It measures 13.25” x 27.5” x 33.5”. And speaking of BBQ, check out list of the best blenders too, which will surely help with crafting many tasty recipes.

 #6  Baxton Studio Kitchen Cart

Award: Best Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: This kitchen cart has a great vintage feel and comes with wire baskets that enhance its look even further. This is ideal as a serving caddy for cold cuts or even as a liquor cart.

  • Best quality
  • Wire baskets give extra utility
  • Premium vintage look
  • Wheels don’t have locking mechanism

The Baxton Studio Kitchen Cart comes in a vintage wood design that would go great with items that are just as classy as the cart itself. You can place your wine chiller or an ice bucket and your favorite whiskey on top of the cart, or perhaps even a flat lay of scrumptious cold cuts.

The cart is framed in a durable iron metal colored in bronze. We like that Baxton included three wire baskets that enhance its rustic feel—it’s a great touch to an already unique kitchen cart. Plus, it has solid handles at each side so you can hang your kitchen towels and other utensils. This cart measures 47.63” x 17” x 31.38” and weighs 55.7lbs. If you want to start out your morning with a fresh Latte, take a look at the best espresso machine too.

 #7  Linon Kitchen Cart

Award: Best for Mobile Bars

WHY WE LIKE IT: This kitchen cart boasts a premium granite top and natural wood finish, making it a great addition to any bar counter. Apart from its quality, we also like its slide-out wire basket and four-bottle wine holder.

  • Premium, durable granite top
  • Light but sturdy wooden construction
  • Lockable casters
  • Only has one drawer

The first thing you’ll notice with this Linon Kitchen Cart is its premium granite top, likely to suit any kitchen. Its natural wooden finish is sturdy and light, and its casters are built for heavy-duty use—it rolls smoothly and can take weight in stride. Another plus is it can be locked securely.

This granite top kitchen cart has a wire tray that slides out smoothly to store things like glasses and small plates, while the second tier shelf can contain four wine bottles. It has a total weight capacity of 300lbs, great for holding a small microwave on top, a blender at the bottom, and other items in your kitchen. It measures 22.8” x 15.6” x 33.8” and weighs 46 lbs. Overall, this seems like a perfect cart for your next wine night.

How We Decided

In deciding the best kitchen carts, we first considered the durability of the products. Since the best kitchen carts should hold heavy kitchenware with no problem, we looked at each one’s build quality and total weight capacity, chucking those that are below 100lbs.

We also opted for kitchen carts with high-quality lockable casters or wheels. While a rolling function in itself was great, we thought that wheels with locking mechanisms took the product to a new level and also offered extra stability to the cart.

While most kitchen carts are suitable for home use, we also considered those that are suitable for commercial use. We chose a few heavy-duty steel frame kitchen carts that can carry a lot of weight—a necessity when working at a kitchen or preparing meals for guests.

Finally, we considered the storage space. Since kitchen carts take up significant space, it’s best to maximize that space with built-in multi-tier cabinets and utensil drawers. Bonus points were given to features that offered versatility—such as a wine rack, cart top as a portable chopping board, or towel holders.

Best Kitchen Carts Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Type of frame
    Depending on your existing kitchen counters, you’ll want to match this with the kitchen cart you’re planning to purchase. Steel carts can go along with modern, neutral bar counters, but you’ll likely find better wooden cart matches that also offer extra storage.
  2. Surface material
    Kitchen carts come in surfaces of different materials too. Some have a simple steel wire surface for storage, but also consider natural wood or even granite surfaces depending on your intended use.
  3. Dimensions
    Match the height and width of your carts with your kitchen area, especially if you intend to use the carts as an extra surface to work on when preparing food. Some carts are also adjustable and give you more freedom to move shelves around.
  4. Build quality
    Considering that kitchen carts can stand in as an extra countertop, you’ll want to go for ones that are built solidly and can take weight, such as microwave kitchen carts. Steel frame ones are good for these, and so are carts that are made of solid blocks of natural wood.

Kitchen Carts FAQs

What is the best top for a kitchen island cart?

You may opt for different kinds of tops for your kitchen cart depending on your intended use. If you intend to use it as an extra space to prepare food, a heavy wooden block would be better to withstand anything from kneading to chopping food. Otherwise, a stainless steel kitchen cart with a wire top could be enough for storing extra tools.

What is a kitchen island counter height?

While kitchen carts don’t necessarily have to be the same height as your countertops, they come pretty close in height and are usually between 28” to 36”. Some even have adjustable heights for more customizations.

What is a kitchen cart used for?

Kitchen carts find a wide range of use from transporting snacks, drinks, and small food items from the kitchen to the dining area, to even as an extra surface for preparing food or storing extra appliances. Some are also multi-purpose and suitable for more than one function.
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