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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To help you find the best kids headphones, we purchased 20 of the top options available today and spent over 15 hours testing each one of them for overall quality. During our testing, we also looked at comfort, durability, sound quality and, most importantly of all, volume limitation. Each option on our list excels at keeping your kids’ ears safe and comfortable, no matter how long they stay on.

After we were done listening to our fair share of music and watching our fair share of movies while using these kids’ headphones, we chose the Vogek Wired kids headphones for our top pick spot. With their incredible microphone, sharing capability, and super durable and comfortable design, these headphones are guaranteed to make your kids happy. Keep reading to learn more about the Vogek headphones and our other top picks.

Top 6 Best Kids Headphones

 #1  Vogek Wired Kids Headphones

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Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: These wired headphones are our top pick because they offer a high-quality microphone, easy sharing functionality and super comfortable design. These headphones are best for younger and older kids alike.

  • Best for voice calls
  • 3.5mm aux sharing port
  • Breathable, comfortable ear pads
  • In-line controls can be confusing for kids

The Vogek on-ear headphones are some of the most well-designed earphones for kids that we tested during our research process. For starters, they feature thick, breathable ear pads that stay comfortable on children’s ears for longer periods of time. They also feature a premium build quality with tangle-free, nylon fabric wires and tough casing that can take a hit or two with ease. One of our favorite features about the Vogek headphones is the sharing port that allows you to connect two pairs of Vogek headphones with an audio cable into a single device so both kids can watch or listen to the same thing.

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You also get a best-of-class inline microphone on these top kid headphones. The mic offers crisp quality that was better than any of the other mics on headphones we tested. The mic also features inline controls through a single button, but controlling your music with that button can be confusing for younger kids. The Vogek wired headphones for kids also feature max volumes of 85dB, right where it needs to be to keep your kids’ ears safe. Learn more about the best headphones.

 #2  Mpow CH6 Kids Headphones

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Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: These kids’ headphones offer a unique take on volume limitations, giving you two different levels to choose from, making them perfect for airplanes or noisier environments.

  • Best for airplanes
  • Two volume output choices
  • Two volume output choices
  • Audio cable can sometimes easily disconnect
  • Middling sound quality

The best feature about the Mpow CH6 kid’s headphones is the variable volume limitation that allows you to choose either 85dB or 94dB. If you need to use these headphones in environments with more ambient noise like on an airplane, train, or road trip, you can easily increase the volume so your children can hear their music. This alone should get them rated as the foremost noise-canceling headphones for kids. Unfortunately, there’s no way to restrict your kids from making the switch themselves, so we recommend you purchase these for older kids to prevent younger children from damaging their ears.

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We were impressed with the Mpow’s ability to connect to other pairs of headphones through the 3.5mm headphone jack and share audio from a single source. This gives your kids the option of sharing a movie or music, or simply using the headphones for themselves. The CH6 headphones are also really durable, with a braided nylon cable and foldable design. And comfort wasn’t forgotten here, either. With pinch-free hinges, your kids can fold, unfold and adjust the headphones without worrying about getting hurt. Speaking of comfort, check out the best over-ear headphones.

 #3  Noot products K11 Kids Headphones

Award: Best for Adolescents 

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Noot on-ear headphones are travel-ready and durable, with excellent and loud sound quality. Without a robust sound and sleek design, these are the best headphones for older kids.

  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Extra-tough cord
  • No volume control or limitation
  • Fit can sometimes be too big

The first thing we noticed about the noot products K11 headphones is the distinct lack of volume limitation. And while this would normally turn us away, the overall quality and durability of these headphones were too good to pass up. However, this lack of control only makes these good for older kids and not for younger kids. The headphones are comfortable and durable, making them a great choice for travel, much like the top Beats headphones can also do.

We were surprised at how good the audio quality was on these kids’ headphones. This is only enhanced by the noise reduction provided by the extra-padded ear pads. Once over your kids’ ears, the pads create a seal that keeps external noise out so they can enjoy all the sound the headphones have to offer. Unfortunately, the K11 headphones can fit a little big sometimes, which is another point in favor of them being better for older kids. If your kids prefer something lighter, the best earbuds may be the thing.

 #4  Elecder i37 Kids Headphones

Award: Most Portable

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Elecder i37 children’s headphones are extremely portable, with a lightweight, durable and foldable design. These headphones are best for kids who are always on the go, whether to school, soccer practice, or the airport.

  • A durable design that collapses makes them extra compact
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Lightweight
  • No volume limitation
  • Ear pads are on the smaller size

If you’re looking for kids’ headphones that offer some more style and variety, then the Elecder i37 headphones are the best choice for you and your kids. They come in a huge variety of different colors so you can customize them to your children’s tastes. The headphones are also incredibly portable and lightweight, making them perfect for carrying around to all the places your kids go.

The Elecder i37 headphones’ portability is one of their biggest selling points, and they can be folded for easier storing and carrying. Fortunately, they’re also durable enough to handle all the folding and adjusting that kids typically do with their headphones. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any kind of volume limitation, so you’ll likely want to avoid using these for your younger kids. All in all, though, the Elecder i37 headphones offer great sound quality and versatility for kids that need to use them for school and recreation. Also, check out the best headphones for the TV.

 #5  iClever Kids Headphones

Award: Best on a Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: These kids’ headphones are incredibly durable, with a frame that can be bent and twisted without breaking. If you’re looking for durable kids headphones on a budget, you can’t go wrong here.

  • Pillow-soft ear muffs for long term use
  • Very durable build
  • Attractive design
  • 94dB volume limit
  • No microphone

The iClever kids’ headphones are the most durable headphones on our list, by far. For starters, the cable is made from premium nylon fabric which can withstand pulling and tangling. However, what’s even more impressive is the headphone’s super flexible headband. You can twist it, bend it and drop it without any fear of it getting damaged, which is perfect for kids of all ages, especially if they’re harder on their devices.

On top of this durability, you also get premium comfort. The earpads are made from pillow-soft material that your kids won’t notice is there, even after long periods of use. Keep in mind, though, that while the iClever kids headphones offer volume limitation, that limit is a little higher than we like to see, at 94dB instead of the safer 85dB recommended levels. In the end, these are the perfect kids headphones for children who are tough on their belongings. You may also like the best wireless earbuds. The best waterproof earbud is also a good choice.

 #6  isightguard Kids Headphones

Award: Most Fun Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: The isightguard kids’ headphones feature a stylish design with light-up cat ears and fun color choices. If you’re looking for a good choice of kids’ headphones for girls (and those alike), these are the best ones for you.

  • Built-in lights that can flash or remain steady
  • Fun cat ear design
  • 85dB volume limitation
  • Average ear pad quality
  • Ear cushions can come off sometimes

The first thing that stands out about the isightguard kids’ headphones is their fun design. The attached cat ears don’t just add an additional element of style, they also light up for even more fun. The LED lights have two modes: steadily on and blinking for added customizability.

These headphones aren’t only designed with style in mind, they’re also perfect for kids with their 85dB volume limits and overall durability. They can be folded for easier storage and the headband can be adjusted to fit any head size. The earpads are comfortable enough for kids, but one of the least comfortable options on our list. The cushions can sometimes slip off the headphones, too, which can get annoying. If you’re looking for a good paid of girl kids headphones, then the isightguard headphones are an excellent option. For Apple products check out the best lightning cable headphones. And if you are active, the best headphones for running are great.

How We Decided

As we started testing each pair of kids’ headphones that we bought, we of course looked for kid-friendly features like volume limitations, durability, and comfort, but we also measured things like user-friendliness and portability. Kids need items that are simple to use, which is why we didn’t include any kids’ wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones on our list. This includes popular options like the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones. Your children should be able to simply plug the cable into their device’s audio jack for quick and easy listening.

That being said, we didn’t ignore essential features like volume control, durability, and comfort. If the headphones you buy lack in these categories, they won’t last for long with your kids. The need for volume limitations can vary depending on the age of your child and how responsible they are. We always recommend volume limits for young kids, but older kids often do well without volume limits because they understand how higher volumes can hurt their ears.

When it comes to durability and comfort, we put each pair of headphones through the wringer. We dropped them, stepped on them, and more. Each option on our list endured through our rigorous testing. For comfort, we measured pad thickness and breathability to ensure your kids won’t get bothered after wearing them for longer periods of time.

Kids Headphones Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Volume Limitation
    The most important feature you should consider above all else when it comes to headphones for children is the kind of volume limitation integrated into the headphones themselves. Experts agree that the maximum volume going through a pair of kids headphones should not exceed 85 decibels (dB) or else you risk damaging your kids’ ears. The best kids headphones feature some kind of volume control so you can limit how loud the music can go. This is most important for younger kids, but as they get older, the volume limitation feature becomes less necessary since they can usually figure out how to turn it off. If you’re worried about your kids turning off the volume limits, there are options that have the limits built-in that cannot be turned off.
  2. Durability
    Kids break things, that much is a certainty in life. This is why it’s incredibly important that something as portable and every day as headphones be durable and able to take the inevitable continuous dropping and bumping. While the headphone casing and headband should be built from materials that won’t break easily, the cord should also feature the same kind of durability. The best kids headphones feature tangle-free, braided cords that stand up to the constant plugging and unplugging.
  3. Comfort
    Kids are big on comfort. If the headphones you buy for your children are uncomfortable, you better believe that they won’t use them and they’ll get tucked away somewhere just to be forgotten. When you start looking for a good pair of headphones, consider options that feature large ear muffs with soft padding. The earmuffs should also be breathable so your kids’ ears don’t get sweaty after extended periods of use.

Kids Headphones FAQs

Are kids headphones safe?

When used at the appropriate volume level, kids headphones are more than safe and offer a fun and easy way for kids to listen to their own music. However, the “appropriate volume” part of that statement is the most important part you need to worry about as a parent. Kids headphones specifically limit overall volume to 85 decibels. Music above 85 decibels can damage your kids’ ears. To prevent hearing loss, we recommend limiting noise exposure and creating a safe sound for your kids with volume-limited headphones.

Are earbuds bad for children’s ears?

You might think earbuds are worse for your children’s ears than over-ear headphones because they sit closer to the eardrum. Fortunately, they’re not any worse or better than over-ear headphones. If you want earbuds instead of over-ear headphones, remember to buy a pair that has volume limitations.

Are there safe headphones for toddlers?

While buying headphones for kids is more feasible, buying a pair of headphones for toddlers with integrated safety features can get a little tricky. While volume limited headphones are a must for any kind of headphones you give to your toddler, you should also think about the duration of listening. In the end, it’s likely safer to limit your toddler to very short increments of headphone usage and only at low volumes.
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