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To help you find the best kiddie swimming pool for your toddlers, we’ve researched a multitude of different products, including inflatable and molded plastic designs, looking for models that maximized fun factor, featuring kid-friendly shapes and colors, while keeping things safe for children. To that end, we liked kiddie pools that were just a few inches deep that didn’t overdo it with maximum water capacity and those with plenty of fun accessories. Check our best outdoor gear guide for other products that can spice up your outdoor adventures.

The best product we researched was easily the Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool, which features a soft inflatable floor, for comfort and safety, and comes in a kid-friendly multicolor design which really looks great in any backyard. It also comes shipped with a repair patch, should any accidents occur, and boasts a maximum water level of 6.5 inches. Keep reading to learn more about the Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool and the other models on this list.

Top 7 Best Kiddie Pools Compared

 #1  Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: Kid-friendly rainbow pool that comes with a soft inflatable floor, a maximum water height of 6.5”, which is great for infants, and a repair patch, should any issues arise in the future.

  • Durable & kid-friendly design
  • Soft inflatable floor is comfortable
  • Repair patch included
  • Should not be used as pool float
  • Does not come with a pump
  • Small size only supports one kid at a time

The Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool is light and portable, weighing just a pound, and features a kid-friendly rainbow design. This pool is great for infants aged from one to three years of age, thanks to it boasting a maximum water height of 6.5 inches and a soft inflatable floor that increases comfort. We also liked that the product comes with a repair patch, should any issues arise during use.

Though this is in an inflatable product, it does not come with a pump, requiring an additional purchase. Also, the small size may be great for infant safety but it does mean that only one child can use it at a time. It will look great in your lawn and garden area.

 #2  Jasonwell Foldable Kiddie Pool – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Fantastic foldable design that is extremely easy to set up and fill with water. It’s available in a variety of large pool sizes, with the largest being 63” around and able to easily accommodate multiple children.

  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Simple setup
  • Slip resistant material on bottom
  • Item is on heavy side
  • Large pool sizes not appropriate for infants
  • Does not come with repair materials

This Jasonwell Foldable Kiddie Pool is a high quality product with a foldable design that is extremely easy to set up and fill with water. It is available in a variety of large sizes, maxing out at 63 inches around, which can easily accommodate multiple children and pets. We also liked that these plastic pools come with a slip resistant surface along the bottom, increasing its safety rating. With this product providing both safety and inclusivity by being big enough for larger families, it’s a suitable option for quality family pool time.

Though the sides of this pool are comprised of a thick fiberboard, the package does not come with any materials intended to make quick repairs, should the need arise. Additionally, the large size of these pools makes them ill suited for infants and even younger toddlers, but it is one of the best backyard pools for older kids who want to spend their pool time with their pets. Another fun addition to your yard are the best outdoor swings for adults and the best outdoor swingset for toddlers. Now, if you are going for a mountain climbing excursion, use quality gear, like the best carabiner.

 #3  Step2 Play & Shade Pool – Best for Toddlers

WHY WE LIKE IT: Toddler-friendly design that is designed to prevent slips, with the inclusion of multiple toys, including funnel cups and wheels, along with coming attached to a handy umbrella

  • Special design to prevent slips
  • Contains 2 molded-in seats
  • Bright kid-friendly colors
  • Small size may not suit older kids
  • On the heavy side, at 13 lb
  • Not the easiest to install, with many parts

The Step2 Play & Shade Pool is a neatly designed product that comes with an array of toddler-friendly attachments, including funnel cups and spinnable wheels, increasing the fun factor. It also comes with an umbrella that easily attaches to the side, for blocking out sunlight, and contains two molded-in plastic seats along the bottom that are perfectly shaped to accomodate children aged two to six. Consider this product if you’re looking for an all-in-one pool and play center for your children. Families may also want to take a look at the best swing set for toddlers.

Though this pool is fun for kids once it is fully assembled, that assembly will take a few minutes, thanks to the number of moving parts involved. Also, this product is on the heavy side, at 13 pounds, so it may not be truly portable for beach outings and the like. When it comes to cleaning pools, have a look at the best robotic pool cleaners.

 #4  Poolmaster 81610 Go Bananas Monkey Swimming Pool – Brightest Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: Incredibly bright and kid-friendly tropical design, complete with squeaky monkey toy and overhanging canopy, that is made entirely from heavy duty vinyl that should withstand consistent use.

  • Very durable vinyl build quality
  • Canopy blocks out sun
  • Inflatable monkey toy squeaks
  • Small size only holds one child
  • Should not be used as pool float
  • Does not come with repair patch like top pick

This Poolmaster 81610 Go Bananas Monkey Swimming Pool is a great sitting pool for kids two and up, featuring a bright toddler-friendly design that is heavy on the tropical theme. It comes with an overhanging canopy, for blocking out sunlight, and an inflatable squeaking monkey toy, which should delight youngsters. We also liked that the whole thing is made out of heavy vinyl, decreasing the likelihood of an accidental leak.

Though we did like that the product features an inflatable center seat, that is fairly comfortable, we did notice that the pool’s size makes it impossible to accommodate more than one child at a time. Additionally, it does not come with a repair patch, like our top pick, should anything manage to break through that tough vinyl exterior. Enjoy a great summer day watching the kiddos in the pool and cooking on the best charcoal grill.

 #5  EverEarth E Lite Waterproof Beach Blanket & Kiddie Pool – Best for Beaches

WHY WE LIKE IT: Incredibly beach-friendly design, with the ability to instantly transform into a blanket, and comes with a carrying bag that also doubles as a water bucket that helps to fill up the pool.

  • Comes with carrying case
  • Doubles as blanket
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Pool does not inflate, just slightly ridged
  • Does not come with any repair materials
  • Blanket can get hot in the sun

This EverEarth E Lite Waterproof Beach Blanket & Kiddie Pool is perfect for a beach outing, thanks to its unique hybrid design that instantly transforms from a small toddler-friendly pool to a beach blanket. To that end, it also comes with a carrying case that, once emptied, is perfect for transporting water as you go about filling the pool. We also liked that it is manufactured using safe and eco-friendly components.

We did notice that the polyester that comprises this product can heat up a bit in the sun, however, so take that into consideration before purchasing. Also, this is not an inflatable pool design. It features slightly raised ridges when laying blanket side down, which creates an indentation for water to collect. Also for the patio area, the best cushion covers 26 x 26 will be perfect for patio furniture.

 #6  XFlated Sprinkle and Splash Baby Pool – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfect for the budget-conscious consumer, with a toddler-friendly duck design that boasts a built-in sprinkler and a canopy to protect from harsh sunlight.

  • Canopy to protect from sun
  • Comes with sprinkler
  • Comes with repair patch
  • Small size only accommodates one kid at a time
  • Does not come with a pump
  • Confusing to fully inflate

The XFlated Sprinkle and Splash Baby Pool is a budget-friendly inflatable product with plenty of fun factor, including a built-in sprinkler, which is perfect for splashing around, and a canopy that protects from sunlight. We also liked the cute duck-shaped design and the fact that it comes with a repair patch, putting it in line with our top pick.

Though this pool is heavy on the fun, it is fairly small and, as such, can only support one toddler at a time. Additionally, there are multiple points of contact to inflate, which can get slightly confusing as you go about setting it up. Summer is great with kids in the backyard, and the best portable grill cooking a steak.

 #7  Dressbar Inflatable Kiddie Pool – Best Replacement Guarantee

WHY WE LIKE IT: Comes with a replacement guarantee, should any accidents arise, and features an inflatable design that is easy to drain after use, thanks to a large valve on the bottom.

  • Drains very easily
  • Soft bubble bottom
  • Comes with repair patch
  • Not for use as pool float
  • Does not come with pump
  • Difficult to inflate

This Dressbar Inflatable Kiddie Pool is a well made inflatable product, with a large drain valve that quickly empties after use and a soft bubble bottom that is comfortable for toddlers to sit or walk on. It comes with a repair patch, like our top pick, but the company also throws in a replacement guarantee, should your repair needs exceed the limits of the included patch. The fairly large size of this blow-up pool can also easily accommodate a couple of kids at once, which is nice.

This type of pool does not come with a pump and it is rather difficult to inflate, with a multi-tiered design that requires multiple inflation stages. As a matter of fact, this product would do best with an electric pump, as a hand pump could still be frustrating. Have a look at the best grills and have a great summer by the pool.

Note: Other kiddie pools worth mentioning that are not on our list include the Intex Dinoland inflatable play center, and the Homech Family inflatable swimming pool. The Intex Dinoland kids pool is ideal for children who’re 2+ years, and it features 4 games for kids to enjoy, a slide landing mat with extra padding, a repair patch, 6 colorful balls, and a drain plug to easily keep the pool clean.
The Homech Family inflatable pool is a family lounge pool ideal for 2 adults and 4 kids to enjoy a splashing pool party. It is a basic pool made of PVC material, inflatable in 4 minutes, and 2 times thicker than most inflatable ones.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we focused on products that were free of toxic materials that could be harmful to children, such as phthalates. We also made sure that most of these pools were appropriate for young toddlers, with maximum water levels of no more than several inches, thus reducing the chances of accidental drowning.

We also liked products manufactured using sturdy materials and components, including PVC plastic, heavy duty vinyl and thick fiberboard. If the product was inflatable, we preferred models that came with repair patches or guarantees, so an accidental tear will not render the pool useless.

We also populated the above list with plenty of kid-friendly designs and fun accouterments, including models with sun-blocking canopies, assortments of toys and other knick knacks. Finally, we tended to prefer lighter models, as they could easily be stowed away or transported to the beach or a similar location.

It’s not always convenient to take the kids to the local crowded pool and wait in line for a water slide on a hot summer day, so why not bring the refreshing fun of a pool to your own home. That all in mind, a pool for your child is a piece of outdoor gear that will create memories of fun times in the backyard.

Kiddie Pool Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size and Depth
    These pools come in a variety of exterior sizes and depths to accommodate different families with different needs. Some, which include our top pick, are baby sitting pools, which feature a low water level of just several inches. These shallow pools are great for toddlers who are just learning to feel safe around water, but often cannot support multiple children at once. Our number two pick is more of a standard above ground pool, which is large enough to accommodate multiple children at once, but may not be as safe for toddlers to play in, due to the relatively high water level. With parental supervision, however, any of the above products can work for any age level, and they’re ideal for when you have company over, and the little kids want to play out of the larger swimming pool.
  2. Materials and Setup
    These products are made from a wide variety of high quality materials. Inflatable designs are often made from PVC plastic or heavy duty vinyl, both of which offer some measure of protection from accidentally poking a hole in the pool. Other pools, like our number two pick, are made from thick fiberboard, which are often larger and can support both children and adults. As far as setup goes, it would help to have some kind of pump, preferably electric, to blow up the inflatable units. If you already have an air mattress, or something similar, then you likely already own one of these pumps.
  3. Additional Features
    These products all reach a minimum threshold of performing adequately as a pool. Some, however, kick it up a notch by including all manner of toys and accessories that are perfect for the intended audience of toddlers and babies. Some feature molded plastic seats and others come with umbrellas and other canopies, to protect from harsh sunlight. Just find one with features that suit your desires and purchase accordingly.

Kiddie Pool FAQs

What type of designs do these pools come in?

Kiddie pools come in all kinds of different designs, each manufactured using a different set of materials. There are pools made from molded plastic, pools from inflatable materials, such as PVC plastic and vinyl, and those that are comprised of thick fiberboard, just to name a few.

Do I need a manual or electric pump to blow up the inflatable pools?

While all of the above products can be blown up with breath alone, it would be difficult and time consuming. We recommend purchasing or borrowing a manual hand pump or an electric pump to simplify the process.

Can the inflatable pools be used as floats inside of a pre-existing pool?

Technically, yes, but the above products are not designed for that purpose so we would advise extreme caution, particularly if there is a baby on board. Your best bet would to buy something like an inner tube or a standalone float.

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