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Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:36 PM
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To find the best keyboards Android app you’ll want to look for the features most important to you. If you’re mainly looking for a keyboard app that offers a more functional typing experience, look for the ability to resize keys for different Android mobile devices. Or you might be looking for a keyboard that provides swipe typing or a wider selection of emojis. Some third-party keyboards for Android also provide multiple themes to choose from for an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional upgrade. You can find an emoji keyboard, photo keyboards, emoji GIF keyboards, and various color themes among our selection of the best keyboard Android apps. For more product choices, visit our best keyboard buying guide.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews among a multitude of products with varying prices and functions, we’ve selected the Microsoft SwiftKey as the best keyboard Android app you can download today. 

Top 10 Best Keyboards Android

 #1  Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: Gesture typing speeds up the input and intelligent AI-powered predictive text allows you to easily add your own slang, proper names, and favorite emojis, while plenty of customization options let you choose themes, and set language preferences, and more.

  • Swipe-to-type feature
  • AI-enabled predictive text
  • Expandable shortcut menu
  • Doesn’t have extra-large keys
  • Fewer language options than some keyboards offer

This Microsoft Swiftkey Android keyboard aims to improve upon the stock keyboard of Android devices, especially in terms of productivity. To that end, it offers AI-enabled predictive text and efficient, intuitive swipe-to-type features. This lets it provide faster typing with fewer mistakes. Its autocorrect feature adapts to your own writing style to help you quickly send off error-free professional and personal messages.

The SwiftKey keyboard also offers plenty of customization options including dozens of themes to choose from, with a few extra premium themes available for an in-app purchase. The app itself is free to download. Unlike many popular keyboard apps, it doesn’t require signing up for automatic billing. Users report relatively few bugs and glitches, so you may have trouble changing your keyboard back to normal. That kind of security is also needed with any one of the best wireless keyboards.

 #2  Flesky Keyboard for Android

Flesky Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This keyboard app comes with handy GIF, Yelp, and Web search shortcuts plus customizable themes, tons of languages, and the option of keyboard resizing so you can type faster than ever before.

  • Time-saving gesture control feature
  • Larger keys for faster typing
  • Expandable shortcut menu
  • Some features require full access
  • Extensions may require separate in-app purchase

This Android keyboard is both practical and fun, with customizable keyboard sizes and a large array of features for aesthetics and productivity. A full-fledged keyboard app as well as a GIF keyboard for quick responses, it gives plenty of keyboard customization tools, including the option of having a number row on top, and it also provides useful smart autocorrect that learns users’ typing habits. A gesture typing feature helps enable it to claim a world record for the fastest keyboard app for sending messages.

Whether you’re looking for a quick way to send GIFs, or are looking to take some of the frustration out of mobile productivity with the best Android keyboard for big fingers, this app is versatile and easy to use. Another easy-to-use model is the best chiclet keyboard that works with multiple operating systems including Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac OSs. That said, there are different types of Apple keyboards, so you’ll want to compare a magic keyboard vs a smart keyboard before selecting one.

 #3  Gboard Keyboard for Android

Gboard Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Gboard keyboard makes it easier to type quickly using its glide type function. It also provides smart text and emoji predictions and the option of creating and sending custom stickers and GIFs, helping make it a handy all-in-one web search and sharing app.

  • Glide type feature boosts typing speed
  • Intelligent predictive text and autocorrect features
  • One-tap search integration
  • Fewer theme options than some keyboards offer
  • Voice input and copy-paste functions not very intuitive for new users

This Google keyboard is designed to give Android users increased typing speed as well as easier sharing of web search items, Google Maps info, GIFs, and stickers. It provides features like glide type, letting users type by sliding from letter to letter. It also provides a number row, saving time when typing alphanumeric combinations. Spelling suggestions adapt to your typing habits, helping cut down on errors and false autocorrects.

In general, this keyboard app’s UI is intuitive and easy to use, and it will likely be especially convenient for users familiar with Chrome OS features. Some functions are a little tricky to discover, however, and it can make some common tasks like copying and pasting more complicated than with some other keyboard apps. Unlike most keyboard apps, however, Gboard is essentially an OEM keyboard for Android devices, and since it uses the same Google servers as the stock keyboard, it doesn’t require third-party data access, thus in theory making it more secure. But just in case you may also require a keyboard that allows you to easily switch the mainboard, we recommend the best hot-swappable keyboard.


 #4  Grammarly Keyboard for Android

Grammarly Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This keyboard uses Grammarly’s sophisticated spelling and grammar check feature to help you type more quickly and clearly. It comes with smart autocorrect, multi-word text predictions, and real-time writing suggestions.

  • Customizable grammar and spelling check
  • Emoji predictions and emoji search feature
  • Includes search bar
  • Not as many languages as most other keyboards
  • Lacks oversized keys or swipe-to-type

This popular keyboard app for Android devices uses Grammarly’s grammar and spelling tools to offer built-in writing suggestions. Designed to boost accuracy and save time when sending emails and composing notes, it includes a customizable smart autocorrect and predictive typing that adapts to your writing style. It’s also among the few third-party keyboard apps to highlight contextual grammar errors.

While there is a Premium expansion available, the free version offers tons of features lacking in the default keyboard, including a plethora of keyboard options such as a document editor for long-form writing, an emoji search bar, and a PC-style keyboard layout format. Overall, this app provides a solid keyboard option for work messaging on any Android phone or tablet. It won’t be a great keyboard for an iPad, but we have another list for that. But if you spend long hours typing on mechanical keyboards for work, consider the best ergonomic keyboard.

 #5  OpenBoard Keyboard for Android

OpenBoard Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple keyboard allows for a relatively sophisticated typing experience with customizable themes, multiple language support, and more privacy than many third-party keyboard apps provide.

  • Large library of emojis
  • Customizable themes
  • Seamless multilingual typing
  • Predictive typing may not be as accurate as on some keyboards
  • Lacks gesture type feature

While it’s not exactly the most complex or full-featured keyboard app, the OpenBoard keyboard is a good option for people seeking a basic, bare-bones keyboard based on open source code and compatible with custom privacy and permissions settings. This feature helps it stand out among other third-party keyboards. It doesn’t have a swipe to type, but it does have multilingual typing support and contextual predictions.

When it comes to typing performance, this keyboard is generally more than adequate, though it doesn’t break any ground compared to the official stock keyboard or other popular third-party keyboard apps. However, it does offer several simple keyboard themes to choose from. You should also consider the best keyboard for programming that has unique multicolored ABS keycaps.

 #6  AnySoft Keyboard for Android

AnySoft Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This open-source keyboard offers users plenty of customization options along with some advanced features like one-handed style keyboard layouts and swipe and gesture controls.

  • Multilingual typing and autocorrect
  • Built-in customizable dictionary and shortcut library
  • Voice typing feature available
  • Most colorful themes require extra paid downloads
  • Some swipe-to-type features in Beta

A popular choice for Android users looking for a keyboard app for privacy and customization, this keyboard gives you the option of adding your own words, phrases, and abbreviations as well as offering customizable autocorrect settings, predictive text, and multilingual typing. These shortcuts enable users to save time in everyday messaging and business situations. It also supports voice dictation and one-handed mode. Additionally, if you want to control multiple parameters for your creative work, then the best keyboard for designers is a good pick.

It also provides the ability to switch between keyboard layouts by swiping, which comes in handy for accessing the utility keyboard and such features as arrow and number keys. There are lots of fonts and custom theme options too, however, many of these require separate downloads from the Google Play store. But if you’re an iPhone user, check out the best keyboard for iPhone which will offer you intelligent auto-correct that allows you to easily add your own slang, proper names, and favorite emojis.

 #7  FancyKey Keyboard for Android

FancyKey Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This keyboard app provides several unique fonts and a broad selection of keyboard colors and themes; designed for social media and messaging apps, it also comes with numerous stickers, emojis, and GIF options.

  • Large array of theme and font choices
  • Compatible with swipe typing
  • Supports over 50 languages
  • Some users find it more complicated than the stock keyboard
  • Many of the custom themes require paid downloads
  • Some users report erratic autocorrect performance

This feature-rich keyboard app is notable for the many custom theme options it provides. With over 70 fonts and thousands of emojis and stickers, it expands greatly on the personalization capabilities of the built-in keyboard. Other extra features include multiple item clipboards, swipe typing, and customizable sound effects.

It works with over fifty languages and supports voice dictation and customizable background and key style effects including sounds, haptics, and font styles. Users can also upload images to serve as keyboard wallpaper, alongside the many color choices and patterns available. The keyboard layout is customizable as well, with resizable buttons and the option to add or delete keys. Compare that with the key puller tool in the best typewriter keyboard that can replace the keycaps.

 #8  AI Type Keyboard for Android

AI Type Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This full-featured Android keyboard app provides not only a plethora of colorful themes and different font options but also useful productivity features like smart next-word prediction and context-dependent auto-correction, swipe typing, and a customizable top row.

  • On-keyboard search feature
  • 50+ language compatibility
  • Over 1000 theme options
  • Requires paid download
  • Some users report difficulties with predictive text feature

This premium third-party keyboard app offers customizable autocorrect settings and context-specific word predictions using an AI-enabled personalized predictive typing feature. It also has a large selection of themes and backgrounds along with a searchable emoji library and emoji prediction. However, unlike some popular keyboards for Android, it requires a paid download.

It doesn’t have the widest array of layout options, but the on-keyboard search feature is helpful, as is the customizable top row; users can select numbers or other frequently-used symbols. It also has support for swipe typing, helping save time. It works with over 50 languages and includes some 1000+ theme options. Compare this with the best mechanical keyboard for typing that has a 50 million key press life span, but with the Cherry MX red switches that give a satisfying, tactile click.

#9  Chrooma Keyboard for Android

Chrooma Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Chrooma Keyboard RGB provides a high level of personalization with colorful themes and frequent emojis, making this a fine choice for those seeking a premium keyboard app.

  • On-keyboard search feature
  • 50+ language compatibility
  • Over 1000 theme options
  • Requires paid download
  • Some users report difficulties with predictive text feature

This premium third-party keyboard app offers customizable autocorrect settings and context-specific word predictions using an AI-enabled personalized predictive typing feature. It also has a large selection of themes and backgrounds along with a searchable emoji library and emoji prediction. However, unlike some popular keyboards for Android, it requires a paid download.

The available fonts and themes are among the most diverse and customizable of all downloadable keyboards; users can also personalize the shortcuts and suggestions, giving the Chrooma Keyboard- RGB & Emoji app an advantage for productivity as well. A notable feature is the in-keyboard search function, allowing quick and select numbers or other frequently-used symbols. It also has support for swipe typing and spellchecks for over 50 languages. Compare this with the best membrane keyboard, to determine the features that are right for you and your typing or gaming needs!

 #10  GO Keyboard for Android

GO Keyboard for Android


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Android keyboard app supports many features designed for social media and messaging. It comes with a convenient library of over 1000 stickers, emojis, and reactions, along with a custom emoji avatar creator.

  • Large array of theme and font options
  • Comes with its own emoji avatar creator
  • Supports swipe-typing
  • Some users find it slower than the built-in Gboard keyboard
  • Future face and many of the custom themes require a paid subscription
  • Some users report erratic performance with the latest versions of Android

This keyboard app is focused on social media and convenient messaging with GIFs, emojis, and stickers. It also provides numerous colorful theme options including dynamic themes and custom backgrounds. It also comes with a very large set of emojis and stickers, giving users the ability to save favorites to a custom emoji keyboard. Personalized layouts and speedy swipe typing are also on hand.

Unlike many keyboards, it includes an avatar creator and the option of using its “future face” technology, an artificial aging app letting you quickly edit a photo of yourself to present aged facial features. This option, however, like many of the fonts and template themes, is limited to premium subscribers. It also requires giving the keyboard app full access in permissions. You may also want to consider purchasing the best keyboard for editing that is billed as a gaming keyboard but is also a great video editing keyboard.

How We Decided

To pick the best keyboard for Android devices, we looked for useful and robust keyboard apps that provided both advanced functionality and convenience features, along with solid privacy protection and reliable performance. We looked for useful features like swipe typing or gesture control, searchable GIFs and Emojis, helpful text predictions, and customizable keys while remaining compatible with all your favorite Android keyboard settings.

We also took into consideration aesthetics as well as functionality. We looked for diverse themes along with custom fonts and layouts. The ability to personalize the keyboard and background with custom images was considered a cool extra feature. We gave bonus points to keyboard apps that offered improved typing speed and accuracy via swipe typing and resizable keys.

When it came to GIF and personalized emoji keyboards, we looked for apps that streamlined sharing and promised broad social media utility, looking for the best keyboard for Android Reddit, Twitter, and messaging posts. We gave extra credit to apps that offered a number row and extra features like a search function. Robust performance and a friendly, intuitive UI were a must, while great accessibility features like voice commands and a one-handed or floating keyboard layout were also considered.

Best Keyboards for Android Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Customizable Autocorrect Suggestions
    Depending on your preferences, the best keyboard app for Android 2020 and 2021 devices might be one that allows you to customize grammar and spelling suggestions and add words and shortcuts to your own dictionary. Make sure any keyboard app works with all the languages you’re likely to use it for. Some offer more advanced context-specific predictions and grammar checks as well.
  2. Swipe Typing
    Some users looking for the fastest keyboard app or the most convenient way to type on an Android device may want to look for Android keyboard apps with “Swype Typing” or gesture typing. This feature enables smoother, quicker input, though it can take some getting used to. The best-designed Android keyboards can help boost accuracy and typing speed this way.
  3. Customizable Settings
    If you’re looking for a keyboard option that gives you more control, consider features like customizable keyboard sizes and one-handed modes, as well as the availability of multiple themes and custom background options. Some android keyboard apps provide the ability to fine-tune security settings and permissions as well, worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for an app for privacy.
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