4 Best Kegerators in 2023

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Updated June 1, 2023

We researched multiple different brands to assemble a list of the best kegerators available. We preferred single and double-tap full-size kegerators built for up to full-size standard kegs, which have mobility options, are relatively easy to install in most kitchens, and feature temperature controls. If you enjoy your lager every now and then, you will love having this top-rated wine & bar accessory.

Of the kegerators we researched, the EdgeStar KC2000 was the best. We liked it for having among the lowest temperature setting options on the market, for its high-quality construction, mobility, and ease of installation. Keep reading to see what other kegerators are available.

Top 4 Best Kegerators

 #1  EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator


WHY WE LIKE IT: Lower temperature options than most models, slim design for maximum space-saving, and easy installation in a heavy-duty, durable package.

  • Adjustable temperature down to 32 degrees
  • Super energy efficient at an average of $32/year
  • Full-size interior with slim exterior for space-saving and ventilation
  • Lack of digital external display
  • Does not accommodate extra full-size kegs like Coors or Miller

The Edgestar Kegerator KC2000 is a full-size single-tap kegerator that uses 5lb cO2 tanks and holds US standard ¼ and ½ kegs. It features adjustable temperature controls from 32 degrees- the lowest temperature setting available on the market, and it’s built for high energy efficiency, with the average yearly bill being $32 a year. We loved its slim but durable build, which accommodates standard full-sized kegs but saves kitchen space and allows for maximum ventilation.

It lacks an external digital delay or external controls, and it does not accommodate nonstandard, extra-large “full size” kegs such as Coors or Miller. However, its heavy-duty caster wheels allow plenty of mobility, and its lower temperature controls allow for longer storage of some specialty beers- which combined with its high efficiency, ease of installation and cleaning, and slim build make it an excellent all-around choice for serious beer connoisseurs. It’s perfect for storing your self-made beer too so the best home brewing kit is probably a good investment.

 #2  Homecraft Kegerator


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sleek black look, extra durable and reliable tap dispenser, mobility, and trays for easy conversion to a standard mini fridge make it a versatile and reliable choice.

  • Lightweight caster wheels for mobility
  • Cools down to temperatures of 32 degrees
  • Specialized American Sankey-made keg coupler
  • Lack of external display or controls
  • Half-size CO2 tank requires more frequent changing

The Homecraft Kegerator is a full-size single-tap kegerator that holds standard ⅙ to ½ barrels. It is capable of refrigeration at temperatures down to 32 degrees and uses a patented American Sankey “D” Single tap keg coupler, built to stand up to heavy, regular use better than most similar models.

We loved the included mesh shelves which allow it to be used easily as a regular mini-fridge, much like the best wine fridge, and we also loved its lightweight design with heavy-duty caster wheels for mobility. It takes half-size 2.5 lb co2 tanks which require more frequent switching, and external controls and a display are missed, but it’s a super-mobile, solidly-built, elegant-looking solution that will stand up to rugged and frequent use. It will look exquisite on your home bar counter, next to some of the best whiskey glasses.

 #3  Kegco K309SS Kegerator


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large interior fits a full-size barrel and an external digital display with controls. The incredibly wide temperature range makes it an exceptionally high-quality kegerator.

  • Adjustable for use as a fermentation chamber
  • Can hold multiple small and custom barrels
  • Wide temperature range
  • Large size may not suit all consumers

The Kegco Kegerator K309SS is a full-size single-tap kegerator using 5lb co2 tanks and capable of holding standard full-size barrels as well as multiple smaller and custom barrels. Its extremely wide adjustable temperature range (35 degrees to 75 degrees) allows it to be used as a fermentation chamber for homebrewers, and it can also easily be used as an extra-large mini-fridge.

We loved its versatility and solid build, as well as its full external digital display and controls. For casual beer enthusiasts, this kegerator’s large size and abundance of features and adjustability may actually be more than is needed for many, but its impressive versatility, modern display features, ease of cleaning and installation, and solid construction make it a great choice for home brewers and serious connoisseurs. And just in case you get too intoxicated, you’ll definitely need any one of the best products to prevent a hangover.

 #4  Danby Dual Tap Keg Cooler and Kegerator


WHY WE LIKE IT: A solidly built economical choice for a two-tap, full-size kegerator, perfect for large parties and events that need a reliable option capable of serving large groups quickly.

  • Holds sizes up to standard half-barrels
  • Reversible door for left or right-hand users
  • Low-maintenance design featuring auto-defrost
  • Fewer temperature options than some models
  • No external display or controls

The Danby Dual Tap Kegerator is a full-size double-tap kegerator that uses 5lb co2 tanks and is capable of holding standard ⅙. ¼, and ½ barrels. Through research we found its dual taps to perform reliably over several hours of heavy use. We especially loved features such as its scratch-proof worktop, caster wheels for mobility, auto-defrost function, and reversible door, which is easily switched to accommodate left or right-handed users.

It features a smaller range of temperature options than some models, and it lacks an external display or controls, though neither affects performance for most casual and event use. For high-volume events, parties, and home use, it’s an excellent value for a reliable, easy to clean kegerator with several convenient bonus features. Don’t forget that one or more of the best wine openers may also come in handy at one of these events, just like the best straw dispensers for your soft drink guests.

How We Decided

We preferred single and double-tap full-size kegerators built to house ½ barrel standard kegs. We liked models with features like automatic defrost or self-cleaning functions for low-maintenance performance and those that were relatively easy to put together by one person and install most kitchens.

We also liked models with features like digital display, precise temperature control, and mobility features such as heavy-duty caster wheels. We preferred models that were heavy-duty but not too heavy to be moved by a single person.

Finally, we also liked models that could hold oversized kegs such as those made by Coors and Miller, featured spring-loaded taps, which had extra features such as “deep chill” quick-temperature drop functionality, and which used standard 2.5 to 5lb cO2 tanks that were easy to install. We did not test the best commercial kegerators.

Best Kegerator Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Exterior
    A full-size standalone kegerator needs to be big enough to fit the size kegs you’ll be buying for it while still having enough clearance around it to get proper ventilation- otherwise, you will shorten the lifespan of both the keg and the kegerator. Most standalone kegerators available are built for full-size kegs. Another feature to look for is a digital temperature display if you’re slightly more serious about your beer, and especially if you plan to use your kegerator for fermentation- a function some allow for. Many kegerators on the market will feature only an internal temperature dial and no dedicated display, and can’t necessarily be adjusted for an exact desired temperature, so be sure to check the details of each product.
  2. Interior
    Most standalone kegerators available are built for full-size keg barrels (which are also referred to, in case of confusion, as “½ barrels) but not every beer brewer agrees on what a full-size keg is. While the majority of brewers’ full-sized kegs are a uniform size, there are some even major brewers whose “full-size” is slightly larger. Therefore, it’s important to know if you’ll be using your kegerator for beer by such brewers and to then make sure the model you choose has the interior dimensions to accommodate it. Another feature to consider is if the kegerator includes wire shelves or the ability to hold them, which is useful for using it as a mini-fridge, or for storing additional items above your keg as room allows.
  3. Easy To Use and Clean
    Once properly installed and placed, most kegerators are fairly simple to use. Some problems you can encounter include cloudy beer and excessive foam, but these shouldn’t be regular issues with a high-quality, properly maintained, and cleaned kegerator. A good kegerator should be easy to clean using a kegerator cleaning kit, which is generally inexpensive and widely available, and it’s a good idea to clean them after each keg, as otherwise, the taste of your beer and the performance of the kegerator can start to be affected.

Kegerator FAQs

What is a kegerator?

Combine the words “keg” and “refrigerator,” and you have a kegerator- a draft beer dispenser for home use. A keg of beer is kept chilled or ice-cold inside while a built-in pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) tank and coupler is used with an attached tap to push beer out of the keg and through the tap. Most kegerators are “full-size,” meaning they’re made to accommodate standard full-size barrels (also called “½ barrels) and smaller, and some will accommodate extra-large standard barrels such as those made by Coors or Miller.

How long does a keg stay fresh?

This depends on the style of beer, type of pump installed, whether that beer is pasteurized or not, and the temperature at which it’s kept. Typically, an average keg of pasteurized beer will last at least 6-8 weeks before the taste is affected, and as long as 3-6 months at lower temperatures. Unpasteurized beer will generally not last longer than 2 months before losing its fresh taste, with temperature having less of an effect.

How do I clean my kegerator?

With the proper tools, it generally won’t be too hard. Inexpensive kegerator cleaning kits are available which flush your beer lines and clean your faucet and keg coupler. It’s a good practice both for safety and taste to clean your kegerator after each use, and attempting to clean it without a proper kit is not recommended.

What is the best kegerator?

The best undercounter kegerator is the Edgestar Kegerator KC2000, for having among the lowest temperature setting options on the market, for its high-quality construction, mobility, and ease of installation.
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