7 Best Jacket Covers for Your Closet in 2023

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Updated June 1, 2023

After more than 12 hours of research, we’ve found that the Zilink Garment Bag and jacket covers are the best jacket covers for your closet on the market right now. In order to pick the best products to keep your suits, winter coats, jackets, and formal outfits dust-free, we looked at size and value, materials quality, and ease of closure. We looked for durable non-woven fabric with zipper closures so you can adjust for breathability.

In order to help you pick the best jacket covers for your closet, we compared popular garment bags and dust covers for apparel storage, making sure to only include breathable, dustproof, UV-resistant, and moth-resistant options. Read on for more of the best jacket covers on the market to help organize your closet. And, if you need some more items for your closet, you can find some great pieces in our best clothing apparel guide.

Top 7 Best Jacket Covers for Your Closet

 #1  Zilink Garment Bag Jacket Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Made from high-quality non-woven fabric, these jacket covers are breathable and dust-proof, and with a secure zipper closure backed up by a zipper clip, they make it easy to keep your suits and blazers safe when traveling.

  • Secure for travel thanks to zipper clip
  • Transparent windows for easy perusal
  • Breathable fabric helps prevent must and mildew
  • 50” length may not be long enough for some coats
  • Lacks internal pockets

These fabric garment covers have a plastic, see-through window that lets you tell their contents at a glance, helping to make them among the most convenient jacket covers for frequent travelers. They measure 50 inches tall by about 24 inches wide, and they come with a full-length zipper for easy fitting and removal.

Unlike many suit covers, these come with a zipper clip that helps prevent them from slipping off during travel. The clip also helps keep hangars in place, saving you from having to unzip the covers and fish around in them. Breathable non-woven fabric construction helps keep away dust and to prevent your clothes from getting musty. Breathable fabric is the same quality you should be looking for in the best running shoes too.

 #2  Uouehra Hanging Moth Proof Jacket Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: These jacket covers are made of splash and dust-proof PEVA material, a non-toxic and formaldehyde free plastic that helps keep suits and other garments fresh and gives off no odors.

  • Protects from moisture and dust
  • Easy to identify contents due to translucent material
  • Full-length zipper closure
  • May not work for three piece suits due to limited, 40-inch height
  • Not as secure for travel as jacket covers with zipper clips

These zippered, 40-inch long clothes covers for closets benefit from a cool, translucent and polished appearance that allows you to easily identify their contents, and which makes them suitable for display as well as for long and short term garment storage. Made from a non-toxic and non-volatile plastic, they outperform paper garment covers and cotton garment covers when it comes to moisture protection. Speaking of moisture protection, you can also get that if you invest in one of the best winter boots around.

While they may not have the security of a zipper clip, these are a good choice if you’re looking for the best garment cover to protect jackets and shirts from moths, dust, and humidity, just like the moisture-wicking properties you get from the best men’s wool socks.

 #3  Whitmor Protective Jacket Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: These mostly transparent slim plastic shoulder covers do a great job keeping dust off your sport jackets, shirts and suits in the closet, without subjecting you to the hassle of a full-length garment bag or wasting a lot space in your closet.

  • Durable clear vinyl material preserves visibility
  • Easy to use shoulder-cover design
  • More durable than paper clothes covers
  • Not as protective for long term storage as a garment bag
  • Can be a tight fit on top of larger overcoats

These convenient shoulder length jacket covers are designed to protect your suit coats, blazers and shirts from dust. They’re easier to place and to remove than full-length zippered fabric garment covers, and more durable than paper garment covers. That said, they don’t offer the same type of protection from moths and moisture as you get with a non-woven fabric garment cover.

Essentially reusable dust covers for clothes hangers, these jacket covers can be used with almost any hanging garments, though their compact size may make it more difficult to put them on larger overcoats. On smaller garments like the best men’s v-necks, this will not be a problem at all.

 #4  Plixio Travel Garment Bags and Jacket Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: These versatile fabric garment covers can be hung up in a closet on a hanger or folded for travel, and with zipper and grommet closures on the top and bottom, they help keep suits wrinkle-free when traveling.

  • Made from dust-proof non-woven fabric
  • Transparent window for easy garment identification
  • Can be hung folded up to save space
  • Lacks a zipper clip to prevent hangers from slipping down
  • More cumbersome than shoulder-length jacket covers

These fabric garment covers are dust proof and water resistant thanks to their non-woven fabric material and sturdy zipper closure. They fit most suits and dresses and are suitable for dusters, light overcoats, rain coats and tuxedos. Like cotton garment covers they are breathable and help avoid mustiness, but with the added benefits of moisture resistance and moth deterrence.

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A small plastic window offers a peek at what’s inside, though these mostly opaque clothes covers for closets don’t offer the same visibility as you can get with translucent plastic garment covers.

 #5  Perber Lightweight Hanging Garment Bag and Jacket Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: These translucent plastic jacket covers are useful for long term storage as well as for travel and moving, since they protect garments from dust, moths, and moisture while letting you tell at a glance what’s inside.

  • Ships with nearly a dozen units
  • Full-length zipper for easy fitting
  • Can be packed tightly thanks to wrinkle-free, ultra-thin construction
  • Not long enough, at 40 inches, for larger men’s overcoats
  • No provision for hanging them folded-up

If you’re looking for a plastic garment bag with a more refined and sophisticated appearance as well as better protection for your suits and jackets in the closet, these translucent jacket covers may just fit the bill. They’re transparent enough to let you see what’s inside, yet they’re sturdy enough to provide good dust and moisture protection. The set comes with 10 of them, which makes them a great value for organizing an extra closet or storing out of season clothes.

Made from washable, formaldehyde-free EVA, they help prevent odors and serve as a barrier to protect clothes in storage from moths and fungi. You could try even try this cover on the best wearable blankets to protect them from dust and moisture. They’re wrinkle-resistant and can be packed tightly in a closet without compromising space. Among the only features missing on these garment bags is an easy way to fold them up on hangers.

 #6  Fu Global Garment Bag and Jacket Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: These washable, reusable garment bags and jacket covers for your closet are especially adept at keeping suits and jackets pressed and looking good when traveling. They feature secure zipper stoppers for easy loading, plus an eyelet that lets you carry them folded up on a single hanger for convenience.

  • Dust and splash-resistant
  • Built-in metal loop for easy folded carrying
  • The clear plastic window includes a pocket for cards
  • Large hangar opening means hangars can sometimes fall in
  • Not long enough, at 42 inches, for floor-length coats

These fabric garment bags make good jacket covers for your closet as well as for traveling, serving to keep dust, moisture and grime off of your clothes. Unlike paper garment bags they’re splash resistant and reusable. Made from non-woven fabric and featuring sturdy full-length zippers, they’re easy to load and unload. A small plastic window offers visibility and comes with a cleverly-designed small pocket, just the right size for business cards.

With an inside length of 42 inches and a width of 24 inches, these jacket covers fit most suit jackets, tuxedos, and blazers as well as medium length dresses, dress shirts, and blouses. They may not fit larger garments well, such as trench coats and gowns, but will do well with the best men’s hoodies, keeping them dust and moisture-free.

 #7  Innovative Home Creations Shoulder Jacket Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: A great value with16 jacket covers in a pack, these clear plastic clothes covers for closets help keep your jackets and shirts dust free and easy to identify at a glance.

  • Transparent design for stellar visibility
  • Breathable fabric helps to avoid foul musty odors
  • Reusable, thanks to easy to clean plastic material
  • Limited room for wood or wider plastic hangers
  • Not as protective or moth-proof as full length suit covers

These clear plastic shoulder covers come in a 16 pack and are a convenient, cost-effective way to keep dust off of jackets and shirts you keep in storage in your closet. They measure 24 inches wide by 12 inches tall and about 2 inches deep. They fit around three wire or thin plastic hangers or one wooden or thicker plastic hanger.

Easier to put on and remove than full-length garment bags, these plastic jacket covers are among the easiest ways to keep your seldom-used formal wear from gathering dust in a closet. They offer better dust and moisture protection in general than cotton shoulder dust covers. And with the best men’s undershirts, you won’t have to worry about the moisture problem at all. But lacking full-length coverage, however, these jacket covers aren’t as protective as zippered non-woven fabric or plastic garment bags when it comes to travel or long-term storage.

How We Decided

In order to help pick the best jacket covers for your closet, we looked for dustproof items that provided convenient protection for stored jackets, blazers, dresses, and suits. We looked for quality materials that were easy to clean and keep free from musty odors.

Among fabric garment covers we looked for non-woven fabrics and only included those that were dust-proof yet breathable. A clear plastic window to help identify garments was considered a bonus, as were pockets for business cards or gift cards and loops for easy folded carrying.

When considering wardrobe care covers designed for storage, we looked for ease of use and the ability to fit at least three shirts or two suit jackets in each cover. We decided on a minimum width of 24 inches so that the most common hanger size would fit comfortably.

For garment bags, we looked for a length of at least 40 inches and gave preference to features like a secure zipper closure and a clip that prevents the hanger from falling into the bag.

Best Jacket Covers for Your Closet Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Garment Bag vs Shoulder Cover
    One of the first things to consider when choosing jacket covers for your closet is whether you’re looking for an easy solution to keep dust off your garments in storage or a versatile cover that’s also useful for travel. Reusable fabric and plastic garment bags can be used as jacket covers in a closet as long as they’re breathable, whereas shoulder-length covers are easier to set in place and remove, but don’t offer the same benefits when traveling or taking clothes to the dry cleaner.
  2. Visibility
    To be able to see what’s in your closet at a glance, look for jacket covers made of clear materials or fabric garment bags with a clear plastic window. Garment covers made of translucent EVA materials offer a compromise, with better visibility than cotton garment bags but more dust and moth protection than clear dust covers for clothes hangers. For long term storage in an extra closet or storage unit, clear jacket covers make it easier to tell and remember what’s on your garment rack.
  3. Size
    Especially important when considering fabric garment covers that you may also wish to use as a garment bag for travel, the length of the bag determines how easily a floor-length coat or three-piece suit will fit. The thickness of the bag or cover determines how many jackets or suits will fit inside.

Jacket Covers for Your Closet FAQs

How to organize your clothes closet?

Depending on your space and storage needs, clothes covers for your closet can help you stay organized, keeping your shirts and suits where you can find them. For extra space saving, you can choose slim garment bags that can be hung folded in half on a garment rack. Consider replacing a cardboard box or two with semi-translucent plastic organizers, and you can replace plastic bags from a dry cleaner with see-through jacket covers or garment bags.

How do the clothes in my closets get little holes?

Generally, the little holes sometimes found on clothes that have been in long-term storage are caused by moths or other insects that may consume natural fibers. To avoid this as well as to keep your clothes safe from dust and moisture, consider storing your clothes in a high quality garment bag or using jacket covers.

What is a garment bag?

A garment bag is a bag that you can hang on a clothes hanger, and typically goes on jackets, suits and dresses, keeping them wrinkle-free and offering protection from dust and moths. Similar to the paper covers typically found at a dry cleaners, they’re useful for formal attire.

What are the top closet must-haves?

Depending on what kind of clothing you have and what else you wish to store in your closet, a good set of clothes covers or garment bags is a must-have, along with a sturdy high quality garment rack. Consider a space-saving closet organizer with drawers, a shoe rack, and a footstool if needed, to help reach any items in an overhead shelf.
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