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Best iPhone Puzzle Games

The best iPhone puzzle games for 2018 and 2019 test a person’s problem solving skills, whether that be logic, pattern recognition, or word completion. With that in mind, if you want to enhance your problem solving skills, picking up one of our suggested top iPhone puzzle games could be the perfect way to do that. Apart from games, you can also explore our best software apps page.

Keep in mind, if the puzzles or iPhone word games aren’t difficult, you won’t be able to sharpen those problem solving skills. And unfortunately, the App Store is full of easy to solve puzzle games, with the majority of them being aimed at children. Of course, feel free to check out our most addicting iPhone games list if that’s your bag.

At any rate, we’ve taken the liberty of wading through the App Store in search of the top iPhone puzzle games that not only pose a serious challenge, but also have offer engaging gameplay, and beautiful graphics.

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Top 10 iPhone Puzzle Games

GamePriceIn-App PurchaseRatingGenre
Angry Birds 2FreeYes4andhalf-starsPuzzle
The Room$0.99Nofive-starsPuzzle/Mystery
Bejeweled BlitzFreeYes3.5stars-2105Match-3/Puzzle
Tetris BlitzFreeYes4andhalf-starsPuzzle
Unblock Me$0.99Yes4andhalf-starsPuzzle
Where’s My Perry?$2.99Yes4stars-newPuzzle/Advenutre
100 FloorsFreeYes3stars-2105Puzzle
Bad PiggiesFreeYes4stars-newPuzzle/Adventure
Triple TownFreeYes4andhalf-starsPuzzle/Fantasy
Cut The Rope: ExperimentsFreeYes4stars-newPuzzle

Our Top iPhone Puzzle Game Picks

#1 Pick Angry Birds 2

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2 is the first true sequel to the original Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds 2, while comparable in gameplay and mechanics as the first, adds some extra flavor into the gameplay. Players now get to choose which bird they’ll launch at their enemies next, but if players choose the wrong bird, they may fail the puzzle and have to start over. Boss battles are also now available in Angry Birds 2, which are much more difficult matches players will need to complete in order to progress.  This is surely a must iPhone game.

Download Angry Birds 2

#2 Pick The Room

Best iPhone Puzzle Games The Room
The Room may be one of the most mind-bending puzzlers you come across.

The Room is one of the most challenging iPhone games to date. This intricately crafted puzzler will immerse players in a room where they have to figure out extremely mind-bending puzzles, and then more puzzles within that puzzle. The game is quick, depending on how fast you can solve these riddles, but the developers have released two other titles that are both increasingly difficult than this first game in The Room series. Prepare to challenge your mind, as even the hints don’t give you answers; they only make you think more. Be sure to check out another one of the best puzzle games: the award-winning Hitman GO, where you have to navigate areas with multiple enemies to eventually reach your target. If you’re interested in an adventurous, ruins-based puzzle game, Square Enix Montreal followed up their Hitman GO game by bringing another popular franchise to mobile gaming: Lara Croft GO. For even more strategic games, keep reading and follow us through this list of the best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad. And for specific purpose apps for your Mac desktop or laptop, take a look at the best free Mac apps available today. If you are also looking to secure your PC from viruses when downloading games, here is a list of the best antivirus software you can use.

Download The Room

#3 Pick Bejeweled Blitz

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Bejeweled Blitz
Bejeweled Blitz has gotten extremely competitive in its modern age.

PopCap brought the classic video game title Bejeweled to the App Store, and it’s better than ever. The gameplay is the same, where players will have to match-3 colors or more to score any sort of points. While there are classic matches, PopCap also included some timed matches that will allow players to race against the clock. One of the best parts about this particular game is the insanely gorgeous visuals–each match has a different style and theme, and matching gems will result in explosive visuals. The more you match in a row, the more “explosive” they get! And by the way, if your iPad needs a makeover, why not get rid of those stale old apps and download the latest and best iPad apps and most of them are free.

What iPhone Puzzle Game is Right For You

4. Tetris Blitz

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Tetris Blitz
Electronic Arts has created an “explosive” version of the timeless classic.

Electronic Arts brought the timeless classic Tetris to the App Store long ago, but more recently introduced a new and more explosive version of the game called Tetris Blitz. Players will experience the classic mechanics of Tetris, but with a unique twist. In Tetris Blitz, you can enable a frenzy mode, which adds fast-paced explosive effects and double points to the game. There’s also a new “drag-and-place” control, which lets players tap a piece and place them with precision, but you better be quick or you risk losing it all! Would you like to get into a more adventurous game? You should check our best RPG games iPhone guide.

Download Tetris Blitz

5. Unblock Me

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Unblock Me
Unblock Me will throw you through a loop in at least one of its 1500+ puzzles.

Unblock Me is another fan-favorite, requiring players to move blocks around so that the red block can progress to the next level. The first few introductory levels are easy, but it gets increasingly difficult as players go along. There are four difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. But no matter the difficulty you choose, players will be spending weeks to fully complete this game, as there are almost 15,000 different puzzles in tow.

Download Unbock Me

6. Where’s My Perry?

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Where's My Perry?
In Where’s My Perry? guide the water to Agent P to give him a helping hand!

Where’s My Perry? is the ultimate puzzler from Disney. Players will have to guide water through a level in order to power Agent P’s secret transportation device. The game is full of complexity of the puzzles for children and adults of all ages. Players will have to figure out how to transport water to Agent P in the form of liquid or steam, even when difficult obstructions get in the way. Where’s My Perry? is a quick puzzler, but Disney has all sorts of extra levels for those that want to keep playing. For another one of the best puzzle games, check out Monument Valley, where you manipulate challenging architecture to guide a princess character from Point A to Point B. The game has minimalistic yet stunning visuals as well, so prepare to be in awe every time you advance to the next level.

Download Where’s My Perry?

7. 100 Floors

Best iPhone Puzzle Games 100 Floors
100 Floors has many difficult puzzles, including encrypted keys that have to be solved.

The concept of 100 Floors is simple. Players start out at the top floor, and will have to complete a puzzle in order to move to the next floor. Players will have to pinch, poke, shake, tilt, and swipe the on-screen images in order to solve the puzzle. There are items players will come across that they can keep in their inventory to help solve these mind-bending puzzles as well. As the name implies, there are 100 levels, meaning there’s plenty of content to keep you busy for some time.

Download 100 Floors

8. Bad Piggies

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies will require players to construct creative contraptions to solve the puzzle.

From the developers of Angry Birds comes a new and unique title, Bad Piggies. Players are tasked with building makeshift contraptions from a massive collection of parts, and then that contraption has to be used to complete the mission objectives, such as obtaining stars and hitting the red button at the end of the map. Bad Piggies is a lot of fun, as there’s a lot of puzzles involved, but also endless creativity. Just make sure to avoid blowing your vehicle up!

Download Bad Piggies

9. Triple Town

Best iPhone Puzzle Games Triple Town
Triple Town is a fun puzzler with a city building twist!

Triple Town is one of the more unique puzzle games on the App Store. Players will have to place pieces of equipment in the proper order to build a great city full of castles, cathedrals, and houses. Players build this city by matching three or more pieces (e.g. three trees, three stones, and so on).  It’s a fairly long game, as you do run out of moves and will have to wait for some time to pass before they’re refilled. The game is also very difficult, as bears also randomly appear and try to put a stop to your city’s progress.

Download Triple Town

10. Cut the Rope: Experiments

Best iPhone Puzzle Games cut the rope
Players cut the rope to release the candy, and hopefully feed Om Nom!

Cut the Rope is a fan-favorite, with many different expansions and versions of the game available. Players will interact with some simple mechanics, as the only thing they have to do is cut the rope that candy is attached to, and do it in such a way that it makes it to Om Nom, the main character in this game. Levels start out fairly easy, but it gets more and more complicated when players have to begin making sure the the rope is cut at just the right time. With over 175 levels, players will have mind-bending content for days and weeks to come.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments

What iPhone Puzzle Games Are Right for You

There’s something for everybody here – and if you can’t find it – then check out all of our amazing iPhone game reviews. If you love those difficult puzzles with a fantasy twist, Triple Town is right up your alley. If you like a puzzler that takes things much less seriously and with a cartoon-ish style, Angry Birds 2, Bad Piggies, and Cut the Rope are another couple of perfect choices that will meet your gaming needs. And if puzzlers aren’t your thing, we’ve constructed a list of the absolute best iPhone games on the App Store as well.

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