8 of the Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases

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Updated January 24, 2023

Yes, the iPhone 6+ is the bigger, more phablet version of the iPhone – and it contains some great bonuses like full 1080p HD video. But that extra size also makes it a little easier to drop the Plus, and its bigger screen may be more open to damage. Take care of your 6 Plus with the best iPhone cases – like these.

1. PureGear DualTek


Puregear’s DualTek Extreme Shock Case is a great option if you want to protect your bigger, better iPhone. This case is designed for the Plus and is approved up to military standards for protection against falls. This layered material case isn’t extra bulky, either – actually, it looks surprisingly cool for a case that’s all about protection. It is available is black or white for around $35. If you own an iPhone 5, you would be interested in getting the best waterproof iPhone 5 cases.

2. Grovemade


Grovemade specializes in creating phone cases with natural materials, especially wood. When the iPhone 6 Plus came out, Grovemade seized the opportunity and created a series of new cases for it (and the smaller 6). The walnut and leather case, which flips closed to protect the phone, is especially cool. These iPhone 6 cases look and feel great, and are perfect if you want something a bit more natural. However, they are also a bit pricey – that walnut number is going to cost you $139 if you want to preorder. They also do iPhone 5 cases if you want to upgrade your old case.

3. i-Blason Halo Series


It’s understandable if you don’t want to cover up the 6 Plus with a case, hiding all of that aluminum beauty. Fortunately, there’s an alternative: You can use the cheap i-Blaison clear iPhone 6 Plus case that offers basic protection while still showing off your iPhone in all its glory. Sure, it won’t be winning any scientific awards, but this $10 case answers a common need without asking for too much case in return. For lovers of the iPhone 11, check out the best iPhone 11 cases.

4. Rokform Aluminum Case


Rokform is another great purveyor of heavy-duty cases ideal for protecting your larger-than-before 6 Plus. This aluminum case offers “six-sided” protection with rubberized sides and an impact-resistant inner shell. It also comes with a wrist lanyard if you are really concerned about dropping your phone when rock-climbing or skiing or whatever selfies the crazy kids are taking these days. Best of all, this $89 case looks absolutely awesome in a high-tech sort of way.

5. Twelve South Surface Pad


Apple-focused company Twelve South was quick to develop cases for the new Plus, ready as soon as it came out. This Napa leather case is actually a lot more than just a case – it also serves as a handy wallet that opens up to a SurfaceGrip surface with pockets where you hold cards of all kinds. This saves you a lot of pocket space and may replace your wallet entirely. The Surface comes in four colors and the Plus version costs $50.

6. Pong Rugged Case


All right, maybe you want protection for your 6 Plus, but you don’t want to be showy about it. You just want something that gets the job done and doesn’t attract too much attention – but still looks good when people take the time to notice. Enter. The Pong Rugged Case, a minimalistic but effective design ideal for a more professional look. This simple case offers built-in antenna technology to help improve signals (and block any phone-based radiation), as well as shock resistant qualities. You can get one for $70.

7. Spigen Tough Armor


The Spigen Tough Armor case sounds like it’s covered in bulletproof mass, but this case is actually slim and phone-fitting. One of its best features, in addition to its shock resistance, is a little flip-out kickstand that’s built into the back of the case. This is especially handy for the Plus, which is more designed for watching video than any other type of iPhone. The Spigen case is also one of the more affordable cases on this list, costing $35.

8. Urban Armor Gear Navigator


This rugged case is made from composite materials and comes with scratch-resistant skid pads. It’s good choice for all-around protection and long-term guard against bumps and drops. Notably, it comes with a screen guard that fits into place on the front of the case. It costs $40 and also looks a little like a stormtrooper if you get the white version, which could be a plus.