7 Best iPhone 11 Cases in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The best iPhone 11 cases you can buy today is the Mkeke iPhone 11 case. We chose it because of its attractive, ultra-light, slender design, which still provides excellent protection and maximum ease of use and functionality at an excellent.

We took the time to assemble a list of the best iPhone 11 cases available based on rigorous testing. We favored inexpensive cases that were made primarily with soft, semi-flexible, shock-absorbing synthetics like TPU and featured precision-cut openings and reinforced buttons, as well as raised edges or bumpers for keeping the screen away from surfaces. Keep reading to see what other iPhone 11 cases made our list.

Top 7 Best iPhone 11 Cases

 #1  Mkeke iPhone 11 Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a sleek, slim, transparent case that has all of the safety and functionality features of the toughest and heaviest of cases, while adding as little bulk and weight as possible, and at an excellent value.

  • Made of tough but flexible TPU
  • Precision-cut openings won’t interfere with ease of use
  • Extremely light and thin
  • Edges are raised only at corners, offering slightly less protection than heavier models
  • Transparent design makes it harder to personalize

The Mkeke iPhone 11 case is a slender, transparent case made with a combination of flexible but tough TPU and a hard polycarbonate and features precision-cut openings that offer maximum functionality for button use and chargers and raised corner pieces that keep the screen off surfaces to prevent scratching and contact when dropped.

The Mkeke offers excellent protection with a sleek but transparent design that is great for showing off the iPhone 11’s multiple color options, and it’s one of the lightest and least bulky cases on the list, making it great for hands of all sizes and still easy to keep in a large pocket. The precision-cut openings don’t hinder the use of any of the phone’s functions, including wireless charging, but the edges are only raised on the corners, offering a little less screen protection than some of the heavier-duty offerings on our list. Still, the high build quality, beautiful aesthetics, lightweight and slender design, and nonetheless excellent protection it offers make it our top pick. If your phone’s always dying when you’re on the go, take a look at our guide on the the best iPhone battery cases.

 #2  Penom iPhone 11 Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a sturdy case with an excellent grip that offers great protection without too much bulk and weight and precision-cut openings for maximum ease of use.

  • Reinforced buttons for extra responsiveness
  • Double-thick corners add extra shock absorption
  • Raised edge that’s not too thick
  • Material can yellow over time
  • Raised edge adds slight lip over display
  • Heavier than similar cases

The Penom iPhone 11 case is a transparent, fairly slender case made of 100% TPU and features precision-cut openings with reinforced buttons and raised edges with double-thick corners for extra screen protection.

It’s a great value for a case that offers plenty of protection with a nonbulky design, openings that don’t interfere with the functionality and offer increased button responsiveness, and the double-thick corners of the raised edges offer more screen protection than similar cases, but it’s considerably heavier than some slender cases, and the transparent material can yellow quite a bit over time.

 #3  Kitoo Military Grade iPhone 11 Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: An absolute tank of a case that will take the most punishment of any phone case on the list without sacrificing ease of use with added features that make it stand out, such a built-in kickstand.

  • Tough-as-nails TPU and polycarbonate construction
  • Built-in kickstand for hands-free view and video recording
  • Drop-tested up to 12”
  • Much bulkier and heavier than most of the list
  • Limited aesthetic options that may not please all

The Kitoo is a heavy-duty, military-grade flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate case that’s been drop tested to withstand falls of up to 12”, has precision-cut openings, and features a sturdy built-in kickstand for hands-free, vertical or horizontal recording and viewing.

It’s the heaviest and toughest case on our list, with a bulky, thick design that slightly forgoes the ergonomics of slender cases for a tough-as-nails feel and aesthetic. It’s a fantastic case for hiking, fishing, camping, or outdooring in general, and it’s the only case on the list with a built-in kickstand, which will save some users from having to make an extra purchase for such functionality. The bulk and weight won’t be for everyone, nor will the very particular aesthetic with few color options, but it’s the absolute best choice for active and outdoorsy phone users. This is definitely one of the best iPhone cases to take on your next hunting trip.

 #4  Meifigno Magic Series iPhone 11 Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a heavy-duty case that offers outstanding protection and ergonomics without being quite as bulky as other military-grade phones.

  • Certified not to break for up to 26x 6-foot drops
  • Specialized matte finish is anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint
  • Non-slip bumper provides excellent grip
  • Thicker than many on list
  • Heavier than cases with similar thickness

The Meifigno is another military-grade iPhone 11 made with a hard polycarbonate back panel and flexible TPU raised edges featuring Air Cushion Technology that help to reduce the overall bulk while maintaining maximum protection for phone body and screen. The openings are precision-cut and the specialized matte coating prevents scratches and fingerprint marks. It also features a special no-slip bumper for an outstanding grip.

The Meifigno comes with a certificate for having been tested to withstand up to 26 drops at a height of 6”, and its overall heavy-duty design, highly-tuned features like the no-slip bumper, air-cushioned corners, and matte finish, along with its reduced bulk for a military-grade case make it the ideal case for recording video in fast-paced and hectic scenarios like outdoor sports and large public events. This will be one of the best cell phone cases if you just need something to keep your phone safe.

 #5  Diaclara iPhone 11 Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a very durable case made with maximum usability in mind with a bright, fun appearance, extra deep edges, and a built-in display protector for added damage prevention.

  • Fun, colorful style
  • Excellent grip
  • Extra deep edges great for accident-prone users
  • Only available in one color which may not suit all tastes
  • Slightly more effort to remove and install than most cases

The Diaclara is a two-piece iPhone 11 case that offers great protection with its hard polycarbonate back piece, extra-raised TPU edges, and durable and touch-sensitive polyethylene screen protector, and features precision-cut openings and a scratch-resistant finish.

The extra thick raised edge provides better than the average screen to surface separation, and the touch-sensitive polyethylene screen protector is an atypical feature that means the fragile glass of your iPhone’s screen is completely sealed off without losing any functionality. It comes in an attractive light purple color that nevertheless may not be for everyone, and it’s a little less easy to remove and install than most cases, but it’s a great option for an iPhone user who’s especially concerned about their touch screen’s safety and doesn’t mind a slightly bulkier and heavier than the average case. If you have the iPhone 6 instead of the 11, try one of the best iPhone 6 plus cases. 

 #6  BELONGME iPhone 11 Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s the least bulky and lightest case on our list that still provides good protection at an excellent value that ships with 2 extra screen protectors.

  • Slim and transparent design helps show off the phone
  • Comes with two extra screen protectors
  • Easy to remove
  • The case only has raised edge on corners
  • Screen protectors are relatively fragile tempered glass

The BELONGME is a fairly slender, lightweight case made of 100% transparent TPU with raised, cushioned corner bumpers for screen to surface separation, precision-cut openings for unhindered functionality, and two tempered glass screen protectors included. This case is not waterproof, however, so if that’s a necessity read up on the best waterproof iPhone 5 cases.

Its extremely slender, lightweight design may provide slightly less protection than bulkier, more built-out cases, but it’s balanced out somewhat by the two included tempered glass screen protectors, meaning it’s a great option for smaller hands and pockets and a good value for a high-quality case that still offers excellent protection.

 #7  Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This iPhone 11 case offers plenty of protection and trouble-free useability with fun, color glitter designs that kids will love.

  • Reinforced buttons improve responsiveness
  • Ultra-thin profile
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Not as good of a grip as most on our list
  • Practically no raised edge
  • No screen protection

The Spigen is a colorful, bright iPhone case made from 100% flexible TPU featuring precision-cut openings with reinforced buttons for extra responsiveness and raised edges to keep the screen away from surfaces. It’s a transparent case filled with liquid crystal glitter designed to play against the color of your iPhone.

The Spigen is a simple, medium-weight case that’s fairly slender and easy to remove and install, but its soft TPU builds and raised edges still provide more than enough protection, while its simplicity and fun, colorful design make it a great choice for kids without sacrificing functionality. If you have an older iPhone, try one of the best iPhone 5s cases.

How We Decided

iPhones are impressive pieces of technology but they’re very far from indestructible, so buying a case for yours is pretty much a must. There’s a whole galaxy of options out there for each iPhone model, some favoring looks over protection, some built like tanks but not exactly pleasing to the eye, and some that manage to do both. We put together a list of the best iPhone 11 cases available.

We favored cases that were inexpensive but built to withstand abuse and allow the full functionality of the iPhone without sacrificing durability or aesthetics.

We also looked at cases with precision-cut openings for chargers and buttons that didn’t interfere with normal phone function and were made of lightweight, highly durable, but flexible material like silicone.

Additionally, we preferred iPhone cases that had raised edges to prevent direct contact between the iPhone’s screen and any surfaces- either by featuring corner bumpers that were raised and included some sort of cushioning or by raising the entire case itself.

We also liked cases that didn’t add significant bulk to the device while still protecting it, had been drop tested at a minimum of 6 feet, and which offered multiple colors and aesthetic design choices.

Best iPhone 11 Case Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Flexible Material
    Hard plastic iPhone cases have been proven not to absorb shock and protect as well as more flexible materials such as silicones or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a synthetic material that has qualities of both plastic and rubber. They’re also far more likely to crack or shatter when dropped, so it’s essential when shopping for your iPhone 11 case to look for cases that prominently feature semi-flexible material that will absorb shock well and stand up to standard abuse without cracking or shattering but won’t add significant bulk or weight to your phone. Silicone and TPU are the best materials for this purpose but many other synthetics work well too.
  2. Raised Edges
    Although it can slightly increase the overall bulk of your case, you’ll only get real protection for your device’s fragile screen with a raised edge or lip. Not only does it prevent the screen from touching any surface and being scratched, or worse, being shattered when it hits the ground, but the added material increases shock absorption, especially when it’s made from a semi-flexible material like silicone.
  3. Precision-Cut Openings
    Although you’d think that any case made for an iPhone 11 would be made to allow for total functionality and free use of all the phone’s buttons and thunderbolt connection, not all phone cases are made equal in this regard, and sometimes a well-made, durable, and attractive phone case can still be one that makes your phone harder to use if its openings aren’t designed and manufactured to exact specifications. That’s why it’s important to always look for a case that has precision-cut openings as part of its description- especially when ordering online, where you can’t test it in advance.
  4. iPhone or iPhone Pro?
    The iPhone 11 comes in two primary models: the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro- and it’s important to know which one you have when shopping for a case, because as the phones are different sizes, so are the cases, and a case for an 11 Pro won’t fit a case for a standard iPhone 11. Generally, that information will be included in the name of the product, but it’s always best to be double sure before you make a purchase.

iPhone 11 Case FAQs

Do I need a case for my iPhone 11?

iPhones are marvels of technology that manage to pack an amazing array of features and functionality into a very small package. But even with improvements to their durability over the years, including water-resistant screens, they’re still not the most robust of devices and can be easily broken with one bad fall or footstep. In fact, if anything, their increasingly thin design over the years has made them more susceptible to certain kinds of damage. That’s why a case is an absolute must for anyone who wants their device to last. And with a seemingly endless variety of colors and designs for even heavy-duty cases, they’re a great way to personalize yours.

Hard plastic or flexible?

Hard plastic cases may seem like the more durable option, but they don’t absorb shock nearly as well as those made of flexible material, meaning that they don’t protect your phone from drops as well, and they’re more likely to crack themselves. That’s why it’s generally better to go with a case made of silicone, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or other semi-flexible material. Most phones available will include this in their descriptions, making it easy to find them.

What is the most protective iPhone case?

In general, an iPhone 11 case that’s advertised as “military-grade” will offer the most protection, though often at the cost of significantly increased weight and bulk. Though there are two military-grade cases on our list, a very popular model that almost made our list is the Otterbox iPhone 11 case, which offers excellent protection, though it is less of a value than the models we’ve listed.

What is the best slim iPhone 11 case?

We tested several slim iPhone 11 cases that made our list, but one popular model that didn’t make our list is the Speck iPhone 11 case, which is a very lightweight, slender case that still offers good protection, though again, at a lesser value than those on our list.