If there are two accessories that work especially well with the iPad, it’s a cover and a keyboard. Quick to recognize this, manufacturers have developed a number of excellent hybrid keyboard covers that protect your iPad while letting you type on a physical keyboard whenever you want. Here are some of the best iPad keyboard options available for the latest iPads. Find a great keyboard by checking out our guide on the best iPad keyboards.

1. Belkin Qode Thin Type


When it comes to high-class protection plus an included keyboard, it’s hard to beat the Belkin Qode iPad keyboard cover. First, like many parts of the iPad, the Qode is made of anodized aluminum, matching the style of your tablet while providing some serious protection. This ipad cover with keyboard is designed to mirror Apple’s own keyboard products as closely as possible, so switching from an Apple brand to the Qode shouldn’t be much of a problem. When you want to close up, simple snap the iPad into the hinge at the end of the keyboard and fold the whole thing closed, keys facing inward. The case costs $99.99.

2. Logitech Ultrathin


The Logitech Ultrathin iPad keyboard cover pulls double duty as both a keyboard and a protective cover for your iPad. The super thin aluminum design is made to match the materials and style of the iPad, and the keyboard includes all the expected buttons, including shortcuts for copy, paste, and more. Like many iPad covers, the Ultrathin attaches to the iPad with a set of internal magnetic clips. When you want to use it as a keyboard, flip it open and position your tablet on the groove made to fit it (in landscape mode). There are Ultrathin versions for all the latest iPads – prices are around $99.99.

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3. Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3


This iPad keyboard cover is designed primarily for the iPad 2, but you may be able to use it for other models, too. The heavy-duty keyboard includes scissor keys, but its real prize is inside the surprisingly thick cover. That cover holds extra battery power that can be used to charge your iPhone if it starts to die on you, pulling double duty as a lifesaver in a tight spot. This product is current available for preorder at $99.99.

4. Anker TC930 Ultra-Thin

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This Bluetooth keyboard is designed specifically for the iPad Air and is significantly shinier than the other keyboards on the list. That shiny black frame hides a surprisingly heavy-duty keyboard that automatically turns on when the iPad Air is placed in the corresponding slot. The cover also has molded keycaps, in case you love the concave molded feel. According to Anker, an extra-large battery allows the keyboard to last for around six months without needing an additional charge. This may be the best keyboard for iPad if you are looking for cheaper options: You can get this Anker ccover for $35.99 on Amazon.

5. Zagg ProFolio Plus


The ProFolio+ is an extra-thin keyboard case with an extra dash of cool ideal for on-the-go iPad lovers. This cover only measure around 0.81 inches thin when closed and weighs a total of 16 ounces, making it very easy to transport in a backpack or purse. Its island-style keys (where the keys are gently rounded) are full-sized and – in a particularly unique move – backlight with interchangeable colors so you can type in darker locations with ease. If you’ve been missing your backlighting, this could be the keyboard for you. The cover is available for $90.99.

6. ClamCase Pro


The ClamCase Pro does a little bit of everything. It can function as a keyboard, an iPad cover, and a stand, based on how you swivel the iPad on its base. The keyboard part of the case looks and feels a lot like a laptop, so if you’ve been wishing that your iPad had a little less pad and a little more Mac in it, this could be your ideal solution (ClamCase even has data that shows people can type more quickly on its keys than competitor options). You can buy the Pro for $169.

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