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Best iPad Case With Keyboard in 2023 (September Reviews)

Choosing the best iPad Keyboard can mean the difference between wobbly keys and lost productivity or a seamless integration with your favorite tablet. Our evaluation focused on tactile response, design, ergonomics, size, battery life, compatibility with multiple operating systems, and warranty.

After more than 9 hours of research, our top pick goes to the Apple Smart iPad Keyboard. It offers an outstanding list of features, including a slim profile, sturdy responsive keys, and no external charging needed. Keep reading to learn more about the Apple Smart iPad Keyboard and six others that met our strict grading criteria.

Top 7 Best iPad Keyboards

#1 Apple Smart iPad Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best keyboard for iPad 7th generation, featuring a lightweight cover with a direct connection that means no charging or batteries to worry about.

  • Best for iPad 7th generation
  • No batteries or external charging needed
  • Slim profile
  • No backlighting
  • So-so 1-year warranty
  • Keys may be too small for some people

Thanks to this iPad keyboard’s thin and lightweight profile, it is very easy and comfortable to type with. Its keys are made of a durable tactile fabric, very responsive to the touch with no extra friction or slippage. It is also very quiet. The keyboard is also equipped with smart keys for one-button access to your favorite apps. This smart keyboard is compatible with the 7th generation iPad and 3rd generation iPad Air, but it doesn’t connect well with the latest iPad Air. But to compromise for that, you will love our list of 5 of the best Apple iPad Air features on the market today too.

We also love this best keyboard for iPad Air for its charging capabilities. Rather than charge separately, it magnetically connects to your iPad Pro and is powered by its battery. This smart keyboard can also unfold to a full-size keyboard (like a desktop PC keyboard) and fold back to become a lightweight cover that doesn’t add bulk to your tablet so you can carry it around easily. Bonus points for its sturdy base, which allows the iPad to be inclined at different angles for bedside or table use. And it is available on Amazon. Don’t forget about the best ipad case too..

#2 Yekbee iPad Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best iPad Pro keyboard, coming with a 360° rotating hinge and slim durable polycarbonate shell. It is a great choice if you want multiple viewing options to work collaboratively and share presentations.

  • Best for iPad Pro & backlit keys
  • Very durable shell
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 1-year warranty could be longer
  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Loud keys

Thanks to this iPad keyboard’s 360° rotating hinge, it allows for multiple viewing angles from laying completely flat to at a 45° incline for tabletop viewing. Closing the case also puts the device in sleep mode, saving precious battery life. We also love its durable construction with a rugged polycarbonate shell that can eat the occasional drop like Pacman. This is Amazon’s choice for ‘6th gen iPad keyboard’. Learn more about our best iPad covers with keyboards to keep your Apple tablet protected.

This iPad keyboard’s keypad setup is dynamite. Unlike our #1 pick Apple Smart iPad keyboard, this one comes with a 10 color backlight setup and 3 brightness modes. This is great for night time use or work during red-eye flights. Bonus points for its durability, with a 10,000,000 stroke-certified promise. The best iPads need the best keyboards after all. Use one of these best iPad mini keyboards to type faster on your tablet.

#3 Coo iPad Keyboard

Award: BEST FOR IPAD 9.7

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best iPad 9.7 keyboard case, coming with 8 built-in magnets for multiple viewing angles and a highly durable cover that can sleep/wake the iPad accordingly.

  • Very durable cover
  • Durable cover
  • Great key spacing and backlighting
  • Odd delete and backspace button placement
  • Flimsy snap-on corners
  • So-so 1-year warranty

Thanks to this iPad keyboard’s durable polyurethane shell and faux leather cover, it is really well supported when dropped. The cover comes with raised 2mm edges, which help protect your screen as well. Kudos for its water and oil resistance, making it great for use around young children. We were really impressed with this iPad keyboard’s build quality. It is Amazon’s choice for ‘iPad Air 1st generation case with keyboard’.

We like this iPad keyboard’s strong magnets, which “clips” to your iPad without losing attachment. Its backlit keys are easily readable and spaced out evenly, responsive to the touch with no lag. Multiple viewing angles make it good for presentations, personal Netflix viewing, or propping at an odd angle against a vanity mirror. The best tablets are all better with a keyboard and this one is a top pick.

#4 Logitech K480 iPad Keyboard

Award: BEST FOR IPAD 10.2

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best iPad 10.2 keyboard case, providing a universal fit with a healthy Bluetooth range up to 33 feet. It is a great choice for people who use tablets and smartphones belonging to different operating systems outside of iOS.

  • Best Design
  • Works with multiple operating systems
  • Superb battery life
  • Noisy keyboard & no backlighting
  • 1-year warranty could be longer
  • Heavy at 1.8 pounds

This Logitech iPad keyboard is really comfortable to use. A built-in cradle allows users to mount their smartphones or tablets to a comfortable viewing angle. Keyboard buttons are soft and ultra-responsive with no lag time between typing and input on the screen. It has all the keys that a desktop PC has. We especially like its key spacing, which makes it easy to avoid typing mistakes.

Thanks to its Easy-Switch dial, this iPad keyboard can sync with up to 3 Bluetooth devices at a time. No need to repair when connecting your Android tablet, phone, or iPhone. This means quick toggling between an iPad, iPhone, or an other phones in seconds. We like this for device-agnostic households, where this iPad keyboard can be installed in the family room for anyone to use. It is available on Amazon. For your kid’s tablet, check out the best ipad case for kids.

#5 Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable iPad Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best keyboard for iPad Pro 11, the lightest on our list (0.37 pounds) and compatible with multiple operating system devices.

  • Great for iPad Pro 11
  • Works across multiple OS’
  • Good 2-year warranty
  • Does not support Windows 8 mobile
  • Some users reported keys falling off with improper use
  • Cannot check battery level

Although light, this iPad keyboard is very durable. It is Amazon’s choice for ‘Arteck wireless keyboard’. Its zinc alloy back shell and tough plastic keyboard works well under normal wear and tear. Bluetooth pairing is pretty seamless, connecting to devices within seconds with no lag or hiccups. Kudos for its long-lasting battery which can hold up for 6 months on a single charge with two hours of daily use.

We love this iPad keyboard’s lighting options, coming with 7 backlit colors and 2 brightness levels. It is very useful in dimly lit areas, especially on planes with the overheat lighting turned off. This makes it a winner in our book. Also, it has system specific function keys for all operating systems including iOS Windows, Android, and MacOS. So it works with iPhones, iPads, Windows devices, and Android tablets. And it is available on Amazon. You may also need one of the best ipad mini cases.

#6 ProCase New iPad Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best iPad keyboard for writers, featuring a built-in Apple pencil holder and an adjustable stand. It is a good choice for anyone who will use it primarily when sitting at a desk.

  • Great for longform writers
  • Includes case and pencil holder
  • Excellent battery life
  • No backlighting options
  • Customer service could be better

This iPad keyboard is built really well. It comes with an integrated stand for 3 landscape viewing angles and a built-in Apple pencil holder, providing a nice option for artists and prolific note-takers to customize setup. Plus, strongly magnetized clips keep it firmly attached to the case.

Unlike most of the iPad keyboards on this list, this one comes with a faux leather cover and a felt-like interior that prevents scratches and holds well with accidental drops. All in all, we have a high level of confidence in using this product. And in case you need an iPad upgrade, you may want to take a look at some of the best features of the Apple iPad Air 2, which has several significant updates to the original Air.

#7 ZAGG ID9RMK-BB0 iPad Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: Hands down, this iPad keyboard is the most rugged on our list with rugged construction, raised case edges, and silicone rubber. It is a great choice for people such as field technicians or mechanics who plan on exposing it to constant wear and tear.

  • 2-year battery life
  • 7 backlight colors
  • Can connect to two devices at a time
  • May be too bulky for some people
  • 1-year warranty could be longer

Aside from the ZAGG name, we enjoy this iPad keyboard’s durability. While researching, it easily withstood 4, 5, and 6-foot drops off the top of a ladder onto concrete. Its 2-year battery life is nothing to sneeze at either.

This iPad keyboard comes with a built-in stand, which folds in different positions for multiple viewing angles. It can be comfortably used as a mini laptop and even includes a built-in holder for an Apple pencil.

Note: Other iPad Cases Worth noting that are not on our list above include the Brydge Pro for iPad Air and iPad Pro, available on Amazon. There’s also the Apple Magic keyboard case, also available on Amazon. The Brydge Pro case offers a Bluetooth 4.2 keyboard that Mimics a MacBook or MackBook Pro and has backlit keys. The Magic keyboard for iPad Pro features a USB-C port for fast charging, front and back protection, and backlit keys. While this case is quite pricey, the magic keyboard offers an innovative trackpad, has a floating cantilever design, and is compatible with 3rd and 4th gen iPad Pro. Both the Brydge and Magic keyboard protective cases attach magnetically. Finally, there’s the Fintie iPad 9.7 keyboard case. The Fintie supports most 9.7 inch iPads and iPar Air but not the Pro models

How We Decided

In determining the best iPad keyboard to buy, we explored design, ergonomics, battery life, warranty, and compatibility with multiple operating systems.

Many iPad keyboards come with tough polycarbonate shells, hard backshells and raised edges to withstand accidental drops. On the ergonomic side, we like iPad keyboards with 360° rotating hinges, which allow users to enjoy multiple viewing angles in a flat, standing, or seated position. Tactile response should also be on point, with immediate input after hitting each key and proper spacing between keys to minimize typing errors. Keyboards with flimsy, “stuck” feeling, or overly noisy keys were disqualified.

Warranty is very important. The longer the warranty, the more protection there is against manufacturer defects. Most of the warranties on our list are 1 and 2 years long.

In evaluating iPad keyboards, we also look at battery life. With 1 to 2 hours of daily use, some iPad keyboards can run as long as 6 months on a single charge. Others, like the Apple Smart iPad Keyboard, are charged while connected to a plugged-in iPad, which creates less fuss with external chargers.

Lastly, look to iPad keyboards with multiple operating system compatibility. Some Bluetooth-enabled keyboards can work with Mac/OS, Windows, and Android, making it great for device-agnostic households.

Best iPad Keyboards Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Fold Out Stands and Slots
    The best iPad keyboard case has fold-out stands or slots that allow users to prop tablets and smartphones at different inclines, which allow for multiple viewing options. We love the Yekbee iPad keyboard’s rotating hinge, which allows for the most number of incline positions out of all picks on our list. This makes it equally comfortable to use when laying on one’s stomach or upright on a desk.
  2. Construction
    Our favorite iPad keyboards have durable keys and cases. The ZAGG leads the pack with a rugged hard shell and silicone rubber construction which is more than capable of withstanding heavy drops over and over.
  3. Bluetooth
    Bluetooth allows iPad keyboards to sync to 2 or more devices at a time. It can also work across multiple operating systems and devices (smartphones and tablets). This is a very nice must-have for people who frequently conduct presentations and need to toggle between devices.
  4. Backlighting
    Some iPad keyboards have more than 5 backlight colors and 2 or 3 brightness levels. This is a must, especially for frequent travelers on red-eye flights with the overhead lights turned off.
  5. Compatibility with Mac/Windows/iOS Android
    We love iPad keyboards that can work across multiple operating devices, such as Windows and Android. That way, the same keyboard can be used in the same household or amongst colleagues at work who work with different systems for presentations and other work-related tasks.

iPad Keyboards FAQs

Can you use a keyboard on an iPad?

Yes, you can use keyboards on the iPad. They help instantly convert your iPad into a laptop with a lot of the same functionality, including smart keys and a long recharging time. As a bonus, many of them are integrated with cases to keep your iPad protected as well.

Does any Bluetooth keyboard work with iPad?

Yes. Any recent version of the iPad will work with Bluetooth-enabled keyboards. Some keyboards even own a range of up to 33 feet, which is great for conducting presentations on a Bluetooth-compatible large screen in front of an audience.

What is the best Bluetooth keyboard for iPad?

In our opinion, it depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for a lightweight and slim profile to carry around easily? The 0.38 pound Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable iPad Keyboard is a worthwhile option. Are you looking for an IPad keyboard that can be used with other devices as well? Look to the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device iPad Keyboard which is also Windows compatible.

What do you consider the best ipad mini 5 keyboard case?

For the iPad Mini 5th generation, we really like the Logitech Focus Keyboard Folio. Although it didn’t make our list, we appreciate it for its thin profile, shortcut key selection,,built-in stand for multiple viewing angles, and auto wake and sleep to save on battery power.

What’s the difference between the iPad and the iPad Pro?

The iPad and the newer iPad Pro are designed with two separate target audiences in mind. They are both excellent tablets that boast a range of great but very different features. The iPad is a solid option for students, great for coursework and games. However, the iPad is not great for drawing and creativity. Artists will find some features and accessories limiting. If you need a tablet with a superior display and increased performance to act as a replacement for your notebook, the iPad Pro is a wiser choice.

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