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Updated: Nov 13, 2023 9:36 AM
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To determine the best iPad cases for kids, we considered a variety of factors. Specifically, size compatibility, durability, protection, and functionality. Size is the most important issue as not all iPad cases are designed for all types and generations. So, for each option on our list, we’ve outlined the compatible iPad models. Durability and protection are the two next important options since children can unintentionally break an iPad by being too rough or dropping it. And finally, we looked for models that were easy for small hands to use while also providing enhanced viewing angles. Most adults prefer the best iPads. And if you want to secure your iPad from external damage, go for the best iPad cases.

After taking all of the above into account, we selected the AVAWO Kids Case for the 9.7-inch iPad for the second, third and fourth generation as our top pick. This model is sturdy and travel-friendly with a large grip that also serves as the kickstand for angling the iPad. The anti-slip silicone outer layer gives children a good grip and the shock-proof design protects your investment if it’s dropped. This is why even adults need the best iPad case.

Top 6 Best Kids iPad Cases Compared

 #1  AVAWO Kids Case for 9.7″ iPad 2 3 4

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy and travel-friendly iPad case for kids that’s designed for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPads. A 180-degree rotating grip handle, anti-slip silicone soft outer layer, two viewing angles, and shock-proof protection makes this great for younger children.

  • Best young children
  • 180-degree rotating grip
  • Shock-proof protection
  • Generation compatibility issues
  • Foam construction

If you have small children, you know better than others how important it is to have an iPad case for protection. This sturdy Avawo iPad Case for second, third, and fourth-generation iPads is the perfect budget-friendly solution and our Top Pick. In addition to offering eight colors, this lightweight iPad case is designed with shockproof features to protect your investment if your child drops the iPad.

An easy-to-grip handle for smaller hands can be moved into two viewing angles for a total rotation of 180 degrees. Complete access to important controls and charging ports round out the top features. You can also check out the best tablets for babies.

 #2  TopEsct iPad & iPad Air 2017/2018 9.7” Case

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A rugged iPad case for kids with three handles and a foldable kickstand. Shock protection, tempered glass screen protector, included shoulder strap that supports car mounting, and compatibility with 5th & 6th generation iPad and 2013 iPad Air.

  • Multiple handles
  • Car mountable
  • Screen protector
  • Case isn’t rigid

Road trips and iPads seem like such a natural fit for children. And the TopEsct iPad Case is perfect for the car thanks to the carrying strap that can also be used to secure your child’s iPad to the headrest. The multiple handles make it easy for little ones to grip and carry their iPad.

And the built-in kickstand makes it easy to adjust your view. This model is compatible with the 5th and 6th generation iPads and the 2013 iPad Air. But you’ll also like that this model comes with a tempered glass screen protector to prevent damage to your iPad’s screen. Choose from four color options.

Also for iPad Mini owners, there is also the TopEsct iPad Mini case for kids that is compatible with the Apple iPad Mini 5,4,3,2, and 1. You can compare it to some of the best iPad mini cases available today.

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 #3  CCTOK 9.7-inch 2018/2017 iPad, iPad Pro, & iPad Air Case for Kids

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: An extremely affordable simplified iPad case for kids with a built-in handle. Compatibility across iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Air models, two viewing angles, shock protection, and four available colors round out the top features.

  • Built-in stand
  • 2 viewing angles
  • Shock protection
  • Lacks button labels

Considering that children’s iPad cases tend to have simplified functionality, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on them. The CCTOK iPad case is a great option if you have a limited budget but need to ensure that your child’s iPad is protected. A major benefit is that it’s compatible across the fifth and sixth-generation iPads, the 2016 iPad Pro, and the first and second-generation iPad Air models.

You’ll like that this streamlined case offers two viewing angles for typing and watching media. But it also features a built-in handle and shock protection to prevent damage to your iPad. Pick from four bright colors to match your child’s personality. Learn more about the best tablet cover.

 #4  BMOUO Case for 5th & 6th Generation iPad 9.7 Inch

Award: Best Durability

WHY WE LIKE IT: A simple and easy-to-use iPad case for children with a sturdy anti-slip grip handle. The handle can be repositioned into a kickstand with two viewing angles, shock-proof protection thanks to the EVA non-toxic foam construction, and available in eight colors.

  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy installation
  • Unstable upright angle

When you have smaller children, you know that giving them delicate items can be risky. But the BMOUO case for fifth and sixth-generation iPads is ideal because of its sturdy and somewhat oversized construction. This makes it easier for smaller hands to grip — especially the handle.

The built-in handle can be repositioned into two angles, viewing and typing. But you’ll also like that this case is designed from EVA foam for shockproof protection from falls. And with eight color choices and a budget-friendly price, there’s very little not to like. Kids are new to tablets, so these details matter.

 #5  BMOUO Kids Case for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Generation iPad

Award: Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: A simple and easy-to-use iPad case for older generation models. An anti-slip grip handle that can be repositioned into a kickstand with two viewing angles, shock-proof protection from the EVA non-toxic foam construction and seven color options round out the features.

  • Most Compatible
  • 2 viewing angles
  • Shock-proof protection
  • Generation incompatibility

If this product looks familiar, that’s because it is. While this is the exact same model as our fourth pick, you’ll note that the generation compatibility is different. While #4 is only compatible with fifth and sixth-generation iPads, this version fits second, third, and fourth-generation models. Additionally, one other difference between these two options is that this model only offers seven color choices while our fourth pick offers eight. If your child will use a stylus, read the best stylus guide.

 #6  Suplik iPad Mini 1/2/3/4/5 Generation Case for Kids

Award: Best iPad Mini

WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable and rugged kid-friendly iPad case for multiple iPad Mini generations. A built-in handle, two viewing angles, shock protection, and eight available colors round out the top features.

  • iPad Mini compatible
  • 2 viewing angles
  • Shock protection
  • Lacks button labels

Our final selection might also give you a sense of deja vu as it is similar to our Best Budget choice. However, this model from Suplik is different in that it’s compatible with all of the iPad Mini generations, whereas our Best Budget selection has select compatibility with generations from the iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Air.

Model compatibility aside, this model also offers the same core features as our Best Budget — a built-in handle, two viewing angles, and shock protection. However, you’ll appreciate that this version is available in eight colors. You may also like 8 of the best 10-inch tablets.

How We Decided

Getting an iPad for a child can be a nerve-wracking experience if you don’t buy something to protect it. Children are notoriously rough with things. And for something as expensive as an iPad, you’re going to need a case to keep it in one piece. With that in mind, we narrowed down our criteria to a few specific features to help you streamline your search. We focused on size compatibility, durability, protection, and functionality. If you want to explore Android, read 10 of the best 7-inch Android tablets. You can also explore Nexus with 8 of the top Google Nexus 9 features.

Size compatibility is going to be your first factor as you can only fit iPad cases on specific iPad models. You’ll note as you go through our round-up, that it might appear as if there are duplicate items in our list. However, when you read further, you’ll realize that many brands make the same case but for different iPad models. So, we’ve clearly outlined which iPad category and generation is compatible with each case we featured.

Durability and protection are the next major feature and to that extent, all of the iPad cases we featured are made of extremely durable materials that are designed with children’s use in mind. You’ll note that iPad cases for kids tend to be made of thicker materials with a larger design that’s easier for them to grip and can stand up to any punishment they give it. Common materials you’ll find are EVA foam or sturdy yet soft to grip silicone.

Finally, we considered functionality. Children’s iPad cases tend to be more simplified than adult cases. So, functionality is usually limited to a handle grip and viewing angles. While you can certainly find models that will offer other things, these tend to be the most important features. In some cases, the grip also becomes the kickstand for angling the iPad. But typically, iPad cases for kids only offer two angles, typing, and viewing.

Kid’s iPad Cases Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size Compatibility
    This is going to be one of the first features you need to consider. Anyone with experience with electronic devices knows that protective cases typically aren’t universal. So, before you fall in love with a design or style, always confirm that the iPad case for kids that you’re considering purchasing is rated for use with the specific model of your child’s iPad.
  2. Durability
    Whether you’re shopping for a younger or older child, parents know that children can put a product to its limits. So you need to focus on iPad cases that won’t fall apart easily and will last more than a few months. Specifically, focus on iPad cases made of durable materials that will protect your tech investment, such as one made with a foam material that is tough but not too heavy.
  3. Protection
    Protection is a feature that closely aligns with durability. You’re going to want to prioritize features such as iPad cases with drop protection or screen protection because for kids all the extra protection is important. And you might even want to consider more rugged iPad cases with a built-in screen protector that can offer water resistance. Some iPad cases also come with screen protection to help prevent them from being dropped. So the best thing would be to find an iPad case with a built-in screen protector that is water-proof, scratch-proof, and dust-proof for the much-needed extra protection.
  4. Functionality
    In addition to ensuring that your preferred iPad case has clear access to essential controls or charging ports, you might also want an iPad case with a stylus holder if your child uses an Apple iPad Pencil or third-party stylus. Additional features include multiple built-in viewing angles or handles so your child can easily hold their iPad.
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