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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Does your iPad need a makeover? Why not get rid of those stale old apps and download the latest and greatest options for entertainment, organization, personal creation and more? Here are some of the best apps for iPad currently available, and all of them $10 or less! For a wide variety of some great apps, go to our best software apps page.


1. FTL: Faster Than Light for iPad

Let’s start out the iPad apps list with a game – a game that has finally arrived in HD glory on the iPad after being released for nearly every other machine around. Fortunately, FTL remains one of the best mobile/computer games to play, with its spaceship role-playing world perfectly designed for iPad controls and casual space adventure. It may not be an app for young kids, but everyone else can put hours and hours into this Star Trekish game without noticing the time fly by. For Mac users interested in getting suggestions for free apps, head to our best free Mac apps page.

You can get FTL for $9.99.


2. Kitchen Stories

There are many cooking apps for the iPad, offering everything from videos to shopping list features – picking a winner from this long list is a challenge. However, one of the most innovative kitchen apps is certainly Kitchen Stories. It offers plenty of recipes, daily updates, and videos for both walkthroughs and inspirations for your own meals. The layout is also pleasantly like Pinterest, which makes the app much easier to pick up and play with. If you love digital cooking options, this is one of the best free apps for iPad around. Would you like to customize your iPhone 6 to your liking? Then you need to check out the best iPhone 6 jailbreak apps.

You can download Kitchen Stories for free here.


3. Storehouse

Storehouse is a lot like a personalized version of Storify, designed to create and share simple stories of your life with friends. It is miles better than posting a series of photos on Facebook or trying to cram details into an email. With this app you can merge photos, videos, text and other objects in story that others can explore. Hashtags and linking to other apps (like photo or social network apps) are allowed. You can also use the app for more professional projects.

You can download Storehouse for free here.


4. Movist

Movist remains one of the must-have iPad apps for managing your entertainment options, hands down. Rather than try to juggle multiple apps like Netflix, Hulu, Fandango and more, Movist allows you to search for movies, find out where they are, and add them to your collection or wish list. It’s great for sorting out what you or your friends have and haven’t seen, and what’s currently the easiest way to watch a movie. This app is particularly useful on the iPad, because you can often jump to the right app and start watching if you are looking for a streaming movie.

You can download Movist for $1.99 here.


5. Day One

Many people dream of a handy way to journal on their mobile devices, and Day One is one of the top iPad apps for easy, graphically powerful journaling. You can add photos, swipe between days, swiftly update posts, and more. There’s also a weather function, an app passcode lock for more privacy, and a publish option to share specific posts with friends.

You can download this app for $4.99.


6. Pixelmator

With so many apps that favor adding photos and video, what iPad users really need is an advanced system that allows them to edit and adjust photos for the perfect look. Pixelmator for iPad does exactly this. It’s full of creative tools, templates and editing features that allowing you to alter every detail of your image and build whatever perfect collage, portrait or other masterpiece you have in mind. It also plays nice with Adobe Photoshop for more professional projects.

You can buy Pixelmator for $9.99.


7. Microsoft Word

One of the annoyances of past iPads was the inability to do much with ubiquitous Microsoft Word documents. Microsoft Word for the iPad helped solved a lot of those problems, allowing users to at last view, edit and event create documents. Sure, the full features require some investment in Office 365, but this app is still a necessity for a vast number of users and remains a more-than-welcome addition to the iPad pantheon.

You can download Microsoft Word for free here.


8. Toca Nature

Kid games on the iPad are great for distraction, but have you ever wished they were a little more…meaningful? Toca Boca’s Toca Nature app is one of the best iPad apps around for more inventive play. This app allows kids (and everyone else) to build a fun-filled ecosystem the way they want, constructing forests, mountains, meadows and more. Then kids can dive in and start collecting food, attracting animals, and eventually build an entire food chain. They can also watch their habitat evolve and grow from day to night. It doesn’t get much better than this.

You can buy Toca Nature for $2.99.


9. Cubby

Cubby is a handy little app for moving stuff around and sharing files with friends. It has been available for a few years now, and the latest version provides a surprisingly strong alternative for Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on. It has excellent ease of use – the only challenge may be convincing friends and coworkers to start using it as well.

You can download the free Cubby app here.


10. Traktor DJ iPad App

There are also quite a few DJ apps for the iPad, but the Traktor DJ app can meet all your mixing needs and more. The interface is great, the syncing features are phenomenal, and there’s a load of DJ effects, integration with other popular apps, and more. Different modes let you remix live, record live, and more. If your iPad is a staple in your performance kit, you need to this app.

You can buy Traktor DJ for $9.99.

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