Best Hoverboards for Girls in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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It’s no secret that hoverboards are a popular e-gadget that kids all around the world love to ride. While we don’t subscribe to the idea that there’s a specialized kind of hoverboard that is specifically designed for girls, we do know that girls are just as likely to put this coveted piece of gear on their wish lists as boys. There are lots of top-tier hoverboards that are suitable for both girls and boys, so you should have fun researching them.

Regardless of gender, there are some key aspects you need to keep in mind as you shop for a hoverboard for a child. Safety is a priority, as well as ensuring that the specific hoverboard you select is compatible with your child’s skill level and doesn’t have the potential to put a kid in danger. And P.S., please don’t assume that a hoverboard for girls must be pink — the girl you’re buying it for might hate that color.

Top Hoverboards for Girls

 #1  TOMOLOO Scooter Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: Coming with a fast top speed and being easy to carry, this hoverboard is one of the best for children with its sleek and beautiful design as well as a good number of color options.

  • Moderate top speed
  • LEDs make for a better and safer design
  • Features Bluetooth speakers
  • Limited weight capacity

With a 12 km/h top speed and a 10km max range, the TOMOLOO Scooter makes for a fun and safe riding experience for kids as well as adults as long as they are within the 165lbs limit. The speed and range also make it a perfect fit for hoverboard accessories, allowing you to transform your board into a ‘Go-Kart.’ This will enable children to ride their hoverboards more safely, as this removes the risk of toppling over.

Apart from that, you’ll be happy to know that the device comes with three color options: black, pink, and bright blue. Paired with the stylish LED design on the wheels and in front of the hoverboard, make it looks better and safer to ride in the dark. And with the Bluetooth speakers integrated into the device, you can easily play music by connecting it to your phone, making for a more enjoyable riding experience.

 #2  XPRIT Hoverboard

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This hoverboard is an excellent toy for your daughter or niece with its easy steering and pretty design. You can even have a go at it yourself, thanks to its weight range.

  • Pretty and sleek design
  • Large weight capacity
  • Includes built-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • It doesn’t come with the recommended safety gear for kids

The XPRIT hoverboard impresses with a weight range of 45 to 220 pounds which means both children and adults can use it. And with several color options ranging from Pink, Blue, and Black to ‘Chrome Rosegold,’ you can choose the one you or your kids like best. However, kids should use safety gear like a helmet and knee padding to make riding it as safe as possible with its 6 Miles per Hour speed.

On the other hand, you’ll be happy to know that the hoverboard also comes with LED lights which add a more vibrant look to the device. Apart from that, you’ll also be benefitting from its integrated speakers that let you enjoy music or other audio content by simply connecting to your phone through Bluetooth.

 #3  Hover-1 Ultra Electric Scooter Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: A perfect gift for children, this hoverboard features a smooth riding experience that is safe and fun. Paired with its IPX4 water resistance, you won’t have to worry too much about damaging the board either.

  • IPX4 Water resistance
  • Long battery life and short charge time
  • The wide weight range for usability
  • Safety gear not included

The Hover-1 Ultra Electric Scooter, hoverboard, comes with a significant battery life thanks to its 25.2 V and 4 A lithium-ion battery, which takes only about 4 hours to charge up completely. You’ll also be thrilled to know that the board comes with 6.5 Inch wheels, and its top speed of 7 mph, makes it an excellent fit for Go-Kart seat attachments that you can buy separately. However, you should note that although this makes it slightly dangerous for children to ride, you need to purchase safety gear separately.

Moreover, the board also features three color options: blue, black, and pink. This will make it a more attractive option for kids as they can choose whichever color they prefer. Other than that, you also benefit from easy-to-learn controls with its self-balancing feature and 2x250W motors which add to its safety and flexibility for use by children.

 #4  Flying Ant Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This hoverboard is great for growing children with its easy controls and a vast weight capacity of 44lbs to 200lbs, making it an excellent fit for adults.

  • Wide weight capacity
  • Bluetooth speaker support
  • Numerous color options
  • Long charging time

Bringing a max speed of 6mph top speed, the Flying Ant Hoverboard makes for both a fun and safe riding experience. Although adults may prefer higher speeds, it is ideal for kids and removes the need to worry too much about accidents. You can also enjoy the nearly 1 hour use time thanks to its battery, but you should note that it takes about 3-5 hours to charge the device.

Apart from that, this board also features LED lights and numerous color options that make it personalizable. The colors range from Black, White, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, and Yellow, which gives kids the opportunity to choose the color they like best. Moreover, you also get the added functionality of connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to play music or audiobooks through the integrated speakers to make for a more enjoyable experience.

 #5  HOVERSTAR HS2.0 Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This hoverboard is a fun toy for both kids and adults, especially for those who want a flashy and sleek new toy. It comes in many color options.

  • Nine mph top speed
  • Unique design accents
  • Flashing LED lights
  • Limited weight capacity

The HOVERSTAR hoverboard HS2.0 comes in many different colors, from basic blue, chrome black, chrome purple, and chrome pink to more customized designs like ‘Unicorn’ and ’Candy Land,’ adding more fantastic customizability options. Paired with the integrated LED lights, it has a sleek yet pretty design that is perfect for your girls and maybe even yourself. However, do note that the weight capacity is limited to 165 pounds.

Moreover, the board features a nine mph top speed, making it exceptionally suitable for hoverboard seat attachments or go-kart attachments. They will allow you to enjoy the full speed of your hoverboard without worrying about toppling over or being less concerned with any other safety issues. Also, with a 1-hour battery life, you enjoy it for a reasonable amount of time before you need to plug it back in.

 #6  CBD Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: Bringing you a fun and safe way to enjoy time with your kids, this hoverboard comes with both powerful performance as well as an easy setup thanks to its quick calibration method.

  • Easy setup
  • LEDs add for a more aesthetic look
  • It comes in a plethora of colors
  • Weight range is limited to kids

The CBD Hoverboard is the perfect gift for kids, with its LED flashing lights located at either end of the boards on the surface of the wheels. You’ll be happy to know that the wheels are 6.5 Inch wheels, making them suitable for many hoverboard attachments like seats and ‘Go-Kart’ accessories while also making them easy to carry with designated hoverboard bags. However, you should note that it doesn’t have a significant weight capacity making it unsuitable for adults.

The board also features Bluetooth support, allowing you to have a more enjoyable experience when riding it. You can easily connect it to your phone to play your favorite music. The easy setup and self-balancing feature of the board also make it easy to calibrate. You simply need to hold the power button for 10-20 seconds while it’s on the ground, and once the LEDs flash 5 to 6 times, you’re all set to go after the board restarts.

Beginner’s Guide to Hoverboards for Girls

What is a Hoverboard for Girls

Can we be honest? There’s no such thing as a hoverboard for girls! While many people think that something “designed” for girls must be a pastel hue, covered in unicorns, or bedazzled, please know that not every girl likes that sort of thing.

You can, however, find hoverboards for kids. Kid-friendly hoverboards are essentially hoverboards that are designed specifically for smaller people (i.e. children) to use. And since little girls are also children, that means there are going to be ideal options for them. Some of the best hoverboards for beginners are suitable for all kids, so you don’t need something specifically for girls.

These hoverboards usually reach lower top speeds and have lower weight ratings. They may also feature more durable materials designed to keep up with anything that rough and tumble children of both genders might throw at them.

This makes kid-friendly hoverboards ideal for children who are most likely just learning how to use these devices. You may also find that kids’ hoverboards often offer nice add-on features such as LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, or built-in speakers to play music.

Moreover, there are some colorful and powerful hoverboards for girls, like the F1 Gryoor or the Ninebot S hoverboard, both of which have speeds over 10 mph. But, if you want your daughter or niece to have something without too much speed, then you’ll do better with the Gotrax Hoverfly ION or the Razor Hovertrax 2.0.

Hoverboards for Girls vs Hoverboards for Kids

We really can’t stress enough, there is no difference between a hoverboard for girls and a hoverboard made for kids. And especially if you’re buying a hoverboard for a younger child, you’ll want to prioritize a hoverboard for kids over a hoverboard for adults. After filtering for safety ratings, your child’s comfort level with riding a hoverboard, maximum speed output, battery lifespan between charges, and weight capacity ratings, the “right” hoverboard is going to depend on design preference.

Also, keep in mind that hoverboards for kids usually reach slower top speeds, have smaller wheel diameters, and support lower weight capacities than hoverboards for adults. Some girls might like a hoverboard that’s fashioned based on a preconceived design aesthetic of what people think a girl would like. But other girls might want something more understated. So, it pays to be aware of your child’s tastes as you shop for a hoverboard for the girl(s) in your life.

How Hoverboards for Girls Work

All hoverboards — regardless of whether they’re for adults or children — tend to work based on the same technology. However, if you are an adult on the big side, the safest option is to buy a hoverboard for heavy adults. To learn more, check out our guide to the best hoverboard for heavy adults. A network of sensors works together to provide self-balancing technology support and to move the hoverboard forward. As soon as your child steps onto the footboard, multiple sensors work to maintain their position, direction, and balance.

The logic board receives and distributes the data so that the hoverboard can operate properly. The gyroscope is essential for the hoverboard’s self-balancing feature, which allows kids to stay standing even when the board isn’t moving. The IR sensor holds the hoverboard steady when a child is getting on and off of it.

The accelerometer measures your child’s position through three linear dimensions. Along with maintaining speed, the accelerometer also controls the voltage transmitted from the motor.

Of course, one of the most important features is the brushless motor that uses electromagnets to create a charge that supports the internal rotor’s 360-degree rotation that powers the board. Your child’s hoverboard will also have tilt and speed sensors that regulate speed and wheel velocity.

The hoverboard is very sensitive to the slightest position changes, as this controls how and where the hoverboard moves. Move forward by pressing your toes downward. Go backward by placing pressure downward on your heels. To turn, your child will need to place pressure on the foot on the outside of the turning direction.

So, they’ll go left by pressing their right toe down and go right by pressing their left toe down. And to spin in place, they’ll need to learn to coordinate by pressing down with one toe on one foot and pressing down on their heel with their other foot.

Why Should You Buy a Hoverboard for Girls

If your child’s been asking for a hoverboard, you might be thinking that it’s time to grant their wish. As long as you get them an age-appropriate hoverboard, there are plenty of benefits that come with gifting this gear.

Are Hoverboards for Girls Worth Buying?

Reduces Reliance on Screen Time: What parent doesn’t try to push their children to spend less time on smartphones and tablets or in front of a television screen? A hoverboard gives them a reason to want to spend more time outside, and off their phones.

Encourages Physical Activity: Being sedentary is a serious epidemic for people of all ages. A hoverboard again encourages more physical activity. And while it might seem like you don’t have to do much when you’re on a hoverboard, the opposite is true. Learning to maintain your balance means that your child is actively engaging their core with every trip around the block on their hoverboard.

Improves Balance: Because hoverboards require you to maintain your balance while you ride, this means that children can improve their balance over time.

Encourages Socializing: Along the same lines as reducing screen time, hoverboards — especially among children — tend to be a social activity that encourages neighbors or school friends to interact with each other.

Why a Hoverboard for Girls May Not Be for You

Your Child Struggles to Maintain Balance: While hoverboards can aid in engaging your core and improving balance, not everyone will master the art of riding these mobility devices. If your child is somewhat clumsy and tends to fall off of things easily, introducing a hoverboard might not be a good idea.

Your Child Refuses to Wear Safety Gear: Children’s hoverboards are usually designed to be more durable, offer a smoother ride, and lower maximum speeds. But your child still needs to wear safety gear, as falls are the leading cause of hoverboard injuries. If your child refuses to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads, this might not be the gift for them.

Your Child is Too Rough on Items: While kid-friendly hoverboards tend to be made of more durable materials, there’s a limit to how much punishment this type of gear can take. If you have a child who defeats even the most indestructible of items like military-grade phone cases or just doesn’t take care of their things, you might want to think twice about gifting them a hoverboard.

Your Child Loses Things Easily: Similar to a child who’s too rough, a child who loses everything you give them might be better served by not receiving a hoverboard. While they’re not the most expensive gift you can give someone, they range anywhere from $250 to upwards of $1,000 for premium models. Even if money is no object, you don’t want to keep replacing pricey tech gear.

How Long Will a Hoverboard for Girls Last?

Most hoverboards are designed to last between three to five years. The main predictor of how long your hoverboard is going to last is going to depend on your child’s riding and battery charging habits.

Hoverboards rely on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power the motor. Every battery has a total cycle charging range — meaning the total number of times you can recharge the battery before it begins to malfunction and fail to hold a charge.

Factors like overcharging the hoverboard, or leaving it fully charged for too long between rides can all prematurely degrade a battery’s charge cycle life span.

How to Choose the Best Hoverboards for Girls

Hands down, safety and ride compatibility should be your most essential criteria when you’re buying a hoverboard for a child. While kid-friendly hoverboards tend to be designed with key safety features in mind, other factors will also come into play.

Hoverboards for Girls Key Factors to Consider

We can’t stress enough that safety should be your priority. Whether your child is transitioning from skateboards to a hoverboard, or this is their first time attempting to balance while standing on a moving object, you want to make sure that the risk of injuries is as minimal as possible.

1. Is it UL 2272 certified?

Once upon a time, hoverboard manufacturing processes weren’t well-regulated. And as a result, faulty lithium-ion batteries could burst, smoke, explode, and in extreme cases, catch fire. After numerous recalls and high-profile stories of houses catching fire because of exploding hoverboards, United Laboratories created the UL 2272 protocol. It’s a safety certification that outlines manufacturing best practices to ensure that lithium-ion batteries being used are stable and less likely to malfunction.

2. What is the maximum speed?

As compared with hoverboards designed for adults, kid-friendly hoverboards feature significantly lower speeds. Usually, these types of boards offer a maximum speed of nine miles per hour. And in some cases, you can find models that reach limited top speeds of just six miles per hour.

Especially concerned parents should also consider investing in kids’ hoverboards that feature an accompanying app that lets parents control the maximum speeds remotely. But as a general guide, first-timers should be paired with lower-speed hoverboards.

3. What’s the size of the hoverboard?

Hoverboards designed for kids tend to be smaller. Measured by wheel diameter, you’ll most likely find that five- and 6.5-inch hoverboards are better suited for younger children. However, older kids might be better paired with hoverboards featuring 8.5-inch wheels. Also, make note of weight limits, as most hoverboards for kids tend to offer a maximum capacity of between 165 and 220 pounds.

4. Is it age-appropriate?

Most experts agree that hoverboards aren’t a good idea for very young children, such as preschoolers or kindergarteners. While manufacturers don’t always put an age restriction, many people recommend waiting until a child is eight years old before introducing a hoverboard into their lives.

5. How long is the battery range?

Battery ranges on hoverboards can vary widely. However, most models designed for kids tend to have a maximum operation range of six to nine miles before they need to be recharged. This translates to anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of riding time on a single charge.

6. Are there any value-added features?

Beyond the essentials like a working motor, functional wheels, and essential charging ports, you can find quite a few fun features on kid-friendly hoverboards. This can include LED lights or a built-in Bluetooth speaker for music playback.

7. What about the tires?

Kid-centric hoverboards usually come with solid plastic tires that are best suited for hard surfaces. While this material is more likely to show wear and tear, they’re less likely to go flat or pop — which can reduce maintenance expenses over time. But if you’re shopping for a more experienced hoverboard rider who wants to go off-road, rubber tires offer a better grip.

Hoverboards for Girls FAQs

Do all hoverboards have a UL 2272 certification?

Unfortunately, no and it depends on where you buy your hoverboard. If you buy your hoverboard from a reputable physical or online store from the United States or other countries with stricter hoverboard regulations, you can be confident that the device has UL 2272 certification. But if you shop from unregulated vendors, there’s no telling what you’re getting.

How can I prevent my hoverboard from exploding?

Along with buying a hoverboard for kids that has UL 2272 certification, be mindful of your charging habits. Most hoverboards can fully charge in two to three hours. Leaving it plugged in beyond that time frame can damage the battery. Likewise, leaving a fully charged hoverboard idle for extended periods can also cause the battery to become unstable.

Are hoverboards safe for kids?

As with any other type of mobility device, hoverboards aren’t without risks. Thanks to better manufacturing protocols and standards, exploding hoverboards are less of a risk. These days, injuries related to falling off a hoverboard are the most common risk a child might experience. And this is why it’s important for kids to always wear the proper safety gear — helmets, knee pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads — every time they get on a hoverboard.
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