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Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:48 PM
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Although cities like Atlanta have seen huge reductions in the crime rate over the past decade or so (down 27% between 2009 and 2016), the city still reports an average of around 4,400 home and apartment burglaries each year. So, if you live in Atlanta, it is wise to get the best home security system for your household.

Overall the city ranks #6 on the top 10 most dangerous cities to live in in America, which is why it’s important that anyone living in Atlanta or the Atlanta metro area has a strong home security solution at their disposal which can help to deter or even capture any burglars who might try to break into your home unannounced and uninvited.

But which security system is the best for Atlanta overall? After exhaustive research of some of the most high-profile options available, Gadget Review has determined that Protect America is the #1 home security system for Atlanta, thanks in part to its $0 equipment cost for new subscribers and 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the system in 30 days. To improve your security, you might also want to check out the best secret back door guide.

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Activation + Installation Fee$0$0$0
Monthly Fee$19.99 –
$34.99 –
Contract Agreement3 Years1 or 3 YearNone
Equipment Cost$0Starts at $99Starts at $129.99
Refund Policy100% money back, 30 days100% money back, 30 days30 Day Return + 10% Restocking Fee (if bought from Scout direct)
BBB RatingAA+A+
WarrantyLifetime3 Years1 Year
30 Day Trial with No Feegreen-check-markgreen-check-mark30 Day Return + 10% Restocking Fee (if bought from Scout direct)
Cancellation Policy15 daysEarly Termination Feen/a
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Atlanta Home Security System Reviews

#1 – Protect America


  • No activation or installation fees
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Backup 3G network
  • HD camera has great quality


  • Not many equipment options
  • Three-year contract commitment is lengthy
  • No glass break detectors

Protect America is our #1 pick as the best security system for Atlanta Georgia thanks to the security company’s longstanding reputation with customers as being a great option for anyone who doesn’t like spending a ton of money on equipment straight out of the gate, but also want a complete home solution that will cover every entrance of their home in a complete blanket of secure protection.

Protect America combines what makes older systems reliable in the case of a break-in and combines them with all the modern technology that’s necessary to stop a burglary in its tracks, rather than leaving you to clean up the pieces after one has already occurred.

Plus, unlike dozens of other security system companies that have entered the marketplace within the past few years, Protect America actually has a long-running pedigree to back all its claims up. The company has been in business since 1992 and has continuously adapted its model and device list to the needs of modern homes and families.

This is most apparent in the company’s unique approach to signing up users, which covers most (if not all) of the cost of equipment as long as the customer signs up to an (admittedly pretty lengthy) three-year commitment. This subscriber model allows you to get your home up and running under the network of  Protect America’s security system for almost no upfront cost, and the company will simply incorporate the cost of any cameras or sensors you ordered into the total amount of your monthly subscription.

#2 – FrontPoint Security


  • Smoke and heat monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • 100% wireless home surveillance
  • Pets under 40 pounds will not trip the alarm (meaning no fines from Atlanta city hall)
  • Live streaming to your device
  • 30-Day Risk-Free trial
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


  • No snapshot pictures or recording available
  • Monitored outsourced though one company (Rapid Response)
  • Contract must be at least three years
  • Only a 3-year warranty

FrontPoint Security makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy among us to get their DIY home security system up and running in just a few hours.

While some security systems feature complex setup processes that could confuse some, FrontPoint carefully walks you through the process using everything from a friendly numbered unboxing structure to their highly professional setup team that will stay on the phone with you every step of the way to guarantee that everything is set up and researched exactly the way it needs to be so there are no stones left unturned.

Be aware though that if you do intend on going with a FrontPoint system, that you only enter your information into their site as soon as you’re ready to actually sign up with them. The company is notorious (both nationally and within the local Atlanta Yelp reviews) for hounding customers who request a quote fairly aggressively, with some customers reporting they received over 10 unsolicited calls just within the first few days of giving the company their info.

That said, the service and the equipment that FrontPoint offers is top-notch in the industry, so at least on some level, we can understand why they’d be so eager to get you to sign up when they know the level of quality that they offer as a company.

#3 – Scout Alarm


  • No activation or installation fees
  • Easily to relocate
  • Backup 3G network
  • Integrates with Nest and Nest Cam
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money back guarantee
  • No contract despite using professional monitoring


  • Not many equipment options
  • Upfront payment for equipment
  • Does not include cameras, flood, break glass, or temperature units
  • Not registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • Limited motion sensor range
  • Inadequate battery life

While both FrontPoint and Protect America might fall in line more with your “traditional” home security setup, Scout Alarm does things a bit differently.

The company really puts the “do-it-yourself” in DIY home security, and modernizes their approach to home security by letting you fully customize every aspect of the system from the number of sensors you install in your home to actually letting you choose whether or not you even want to pay for a monthly subscription in the first place.

See unlike the other two companies mentioned above, Scout Alarm primarily offers the home security equipment as a series of sensors that you can attach anywhere around your home that needs protecting.

These sensors communicate with the main Scout Alarm hub, which then feeds all this data back to your smartphone and allows you to choose exactly how alarms are handled and by whom. This means that with Scout Alarm you’ll never be locked into a lengthy contract in case you ever want to cancel your service, and you can buy professional monitoring services for $19.99 a month and cancel whenever you don’t need it anymore.

This approach does have some downsides, however, including the fact that you’ll have to purchase all your equipment upfront and there’s technically no way for the company to offer what’s known as “crash and smash” protection.

Crash and smash protects the base units from issues like power disconnections and burglars physically breaking the hub itself, which can be an issue if they’re smart enough to know what to look for when they break in.

The company also doesn’t offer any equipment in the way of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or glass break detectors, so if you think any of these issues might become a problem in your home you’re likely better going off with either of the two recommendations above.

Atlanta’s Crime Statistics

atlanta safest neighborhoods
Darker blue = safer neighborhood

As we mentioned in the intro, overall the city of Atlanta has seen a drastic reduction in crime rates over the past decade, and that trend only looks to be continuing on its downward slope.

That said there are still around 4,400 burglaries within the city limits every year, which means that it’s important for anyone in the region to consider installing a home security system just in case where you live might be next on the list of potential targets.

Also, the region is known for its urban sprawl and many of the homes within the Atlanta area are both large and highly spread out. This makes them a perfect breeding ground for so-called “package pirates”, who will spend hours driving around less-populated suburban areas looking for packages on the front doorstep of homes and snatching them up before the homeowner gets back from work.

We recommend always choosing a security system that features waterproof outdoor cameras that you can install by your front door to avoid these thieves from being able to swipe your Christmas gifts off the porch the next time the holidays roll around.

Other Atlanta Home Security Companies to Consider

Aside from the big national brands, there are several local home security companies who are highly rated for their service and tech options in the Atlanta metro area.

  • SafePath Security
  • NorthStar Security
  • Alarm Monitoring Service of Atlanta 
  • Safeguard Protection Systems

Atlanta Home Security False Alarm Policy

Late last year the city of Atlanta actually reduced the penalty that home security system owners would face in the case of a false alarm. Previously the fine for a false alarms was $50 for the first offense, increasing incrementally for the second through fifth false alarms. Now the first false alarm isn’t billed, while the second remains at $50 and the amount of the fine increase between the second and fifth infraction have been reduced.

To avoid false alarms, we recommend going with a home security system that is complete with web-enabled cameras so you can quickly and easily verify whether or not an alarm is real for yourself before it goes to the authorities.

By being able to quickly check the footage on your own, you can determine whether or not an actual burglary is in progress or if your dog just got the “zoomies” and is running extra quick around the house, triggering alarms that normally wouldn’t pick him up.

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