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Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:32 PM
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What features make up the best helmet for an electric scooter? It starts with tested and certified safety performance; this means the helmet has passed all applicable US Department of Transportation, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and independent safety tests. Helmets are tested for impact performance, and to make sure their straps stay secure. Second, look for the correct fit. A helmet should be snug and comfortable but not so tight that it cuts off your circulation. Finally, a helmet for a top-rated electric scooter should be light enough to carry around during your commute.

Compared to a cycling helmet, cooling and ventilation are less important in an e-scooter helmet, since you aren’t pedaling an electric scooter. Keep reading our helmets for electric scooters buying guide to learn more.

Top Helmets Electric Scooter

 #1  Closca Loop Electric Scooter Helmet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This helmet has a unique folding system, which cuts down the size for hassle-free storage. The ventilated compact design is quite comfortable and has an ergonomic elastic band.

  • Incredible folding design
  • Compact design
  • Ventilation system
  • Buckling up is not easy

The Closca Loop electric scooter helmet is a unisex model that fits men and women. This helmet is well-padded, protecting the head in case of a fall or other accident. It dissipates shocks and impacts the entire surface of the element. The helmet has a unique folding system that reduces its size for easy transport and storage. It has a built-in safety feature that prevents the helmet from folding in case of an accident. However, adjusting the buckle under the chin is complicated.

Featuring a lightweight design, this helmet is comfortable. It has an elastic band that adapts to the shape of the user’s head for comfort. The clasp on this model is adjustable, fitting a wide variety of people. This helmet has an aerodynamically sound design that provides efficiency. It’s available in about 15 different colors, appealing to a wide variety of people and it has a well-ventilated design that allows continuous airflow.

 #2  Westt Escape M12 Electric Scooter Helmet

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WHY WE LIKE IT: With a half helmet design, this model provides protection without being too overbearing. It has a high-quality retractable eyeshade that offers protection against UV rays and the wind.

  • Excellent appearance
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Adjustable straps
  • Uncomfortable on larger heads

This Westt Escape electric scooter helmet has a stylish design that will add a touch of elegance to any electric scooter. The helmet is versatile, supporting deployment on electric scooters, motorcycles, and various sports activities. It has a reinforced ABS shield and thickened EPS shock-absorbing core that provides durability. The helmet is lightweight and users can comfortably wear it for long hours. However, this unit may be uncomfortable for people with larger heads.

A retractable sun visor protects the eyes from dirt, UV rays, and wind. It has high-quality elastic straps and adjustable fasteners to secure the helmet around the head. This helmet has thick padding to cushion the head against the force of impact. It has vents for keeping the rider cool on hot days. This helmet is available in S-M and L-XL sizes, catering to a wide variety of people.

 #3  Dclina Electric Scooter Helmet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This helmet has a stunning design that will stand out from the crowd. It has a visor to protect the user’s eyes from dirt and the wind.

  • Exquisite aesthetics
  • Washable mesh lining
  • Retractable visor
  • Visor is too short for some people

The Dclina electric scooter helmet stands out because of its unique retro design. It has exquisite flower patterns etched against a white background to make a bold statement. Featuring an ABS shell, this helmet is durable and provides adequate protection. A high-density EPS buffer material absorbs impacts during accidents for safety. This helmet has a washable mesh lining that is comfortable and supports hassle-free maintenance. However, the included sun visor is too small for some people.

Equipped with elastic straps, this helmet fits people of different head shapes. It has a quick-release buckle for hassle-free locking and unlocking. The helmet is very versatile and can be used on motorcycles, electric bikes, skateboards, and bicycles. Weighing just 1050g, this helmet is lightweight and pleasant to wear for long hours. A visor protects the eyes against dirt, insects, and wind. This scooter helmet is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

 #4  NIU KQi3 Electric Scooter Helmet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This helmet has internal recessed channels that dissipate heat, keeping the head cool during hot days. It has a safety lighting system that enhances visibility at night.

  • Outstanding vented design
  • Safety LED lighting
  • Reflecting strap
  • Only available in one size

The NIU KQi3 electric scooter helmet has a half-helmet design that comes in handy when riding on electric scooters, motorcycles, and skateboards. This helmet has pronounced internal recessed channels, providing visual appeal and directing cool air around the head. It has moisture-wicking pads that remain dry throughout long journeys. These pads are washable to maintain the helmet in pristine condition. However, this unit is only available in one size, limiting its appeal.

Integrated LED lights to enhance visibility, promoting safety on the road. These lights have three different lighting modes and they can be charged conveniently with a USB charger. The strap on this model is reflective for visibility. This helmet has a minimalistic design that provides 360° vision. It has a one-handed fitting system that allows fastening of the strap easily. Weighing just 540g, this helmet is very comfortable and easy to store. The helmet is CPSC-certified for safety.

 #5  TCTCXQG Fashion Girl Electric Scooter Helmet

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This helmet has a reflective lining that enhances visibility on the road. It features an EPS foam buffer to cushion the head against impacts. The helmet weighs just 550g and has an eye shade.

  • Incredibly lightweight design
  • Reflective lining
  • Retractable visor
  • The visor is too small for some people

The TCTCXQG Fashion Girl electric scooter helmet features a high-quality ABS shell that provides protection against impacts. This helmet is compact, safeguarding users without being overbearing. It has a half-helmet design that frees up the face for comfort. This helmet has a soft moisture-wicking liner that’s skin- and hair-friendly. Padded with an internal EPS foam buffer, this helmet helps protect the users against primary and secondary injuries during accidents. However, the visor is a bit small for some people.

Weighing just 550g, this helmet is easy to carry and comfortable to wear. It has a reflective strip that’s visible from all sides for safety. This helmet is available in a myriad of colors, including lavender and peach. With an elastic strap and buckle, this helmet provides a secure fit. It has vent holes to promote airflow, keeping the user’s head cool. This device features a retractable sun visor for protecting the eyes.

 #6  LXBH Electric Scooter Helmet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This helmet has a vintage design that will appeal to users with classic e-scooters or motorcycles. It features a high-quality eyeshade to protect the eyes against UV rays.

  • Gorgeous vintage design
  • Heavily padded
  • Available in four sizes
  • Not ideal for cold weather

This LXBH electric scooter helmet has a versatile design that’s suitable for electric scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles. This helmet has a retro design that brings vintage vibes to the ride. It features an ABS shell to safeguard vital parts of the head in case of an accident. With a breathable moisture-wicking lining, this helmet provides comfort. It has an elastic strap with a quick-release buckle for hassle-free opening and closing. However, the helmet is not ideal for cold weather.

The helmet is available in four different sizes, catering to the needs of men, women, and teenagers. It has a high-quality sun visor to protect the eyes against distracting sun rays and dirt. The helmet is available in a selection of colors, meeting the preferences of various riders. This model weighs just 900g, so it’s easy to carry around. It has a half-helmet design that frees up most of the head to enhance spatial awareness.

Beginners’ Guide to Helmets for Electric Scooters

What Is a Helmet for Electric Scooters?

A helmet for electric scooters is a form of protective headgear that is safe and comfortable to use while riding a two-wheeled, electric-powered stand-up scooter. The best helmets for e-scooter use are typically similar to those used for electric bicycles, motor scooters, or motorcycle riding. Applicable safety standards include the NEN NTA 8776 standard for e-bike helmets or Snell M-2005 for motorcycle helmets.

Helmets for Electric Scooters vs Other Types of Gear

Like bicycle and e-bike helmets, an adult helmet for electric scooters is an essential piece of safety gear and can help riders avoid serious head injuries. Electric scooter helmets should also be comfortable and fit well.

That said, if you’ve already got a helmet and want to start shopping for your scooter, check out our review of the Glion Balto electric scooter.

Helmet requirements for scooter riders vary by city, but in most US communities, an electric scooter helmet is required for riders using bike lanes or city streets, and for any electric scooter rider under 18 years of age. Speaking of other requirements, make sure you’re following the scooter riding laws in your city, as some areas hate on electric scooters because many owners break local laws.

For slower e-scooters and local riding at speeds of less than 15 miles per hour, something like a skateboard helmet may be sufficient for many electric scooter riders. When riding at higher speeds or on a more congested bike path, we recommend scooter helmets that offer more protection than regular bicycle helmets. You are welcome to wear a helmet with any type of e-scooter to stay safe while riding, whether it be a fast e-scooter or folding mobility scooter.

Compared to bike helmets, an electric scooter helmet doesn’t need to have as much of a focus on ventilation and aerodynamics. A slip liner that protects against rotational forces is a must when it comes to an electric scooter helmet. Some e-scooter riders prefer a helmet that offers more face coverage, somewhat like a motorcycle helmet.

How Helmets for Electric Scooters Work

Like other types of bike and motor vehicle helmets, electric scooter helmets work to minimize the risk of head injury in a fall or accident. An effective e-scooter helmet may be a full-face helmet or a lightweight helmet, but it must fit correctly and provide sufficient impact cushioning to reduce the severity of head injuries at common e-scooter speeds.

E-scooter helmets should ideally incorporate some form of multi-directional impact protection system or “MIPS.” This helps protect against injury from the obliquely angled, rotational impacts common in low-speed scooter crashes and falls.

Helmets for scooters are generally made of EVA foam with a hard plastic shell. The shells can be made from polycarbonate or lightweight metal. An electric scooter helmet can have various additional features such as a visor, ear coverage, and even built-in speakers, depending on helmet type.

Why Should You Buy a New Electric Scooter Helmet?

Do you need an electric scooter helmet? In general, adult electric scooter helmets are necessary whenever riding on a public road or when riding an electric scooter with a maximum speed of over 15 miles per hour. For lower-speed riding and in low-risk conditions, a bicycle helmet may be sufficient. However, when riding on public streets, a more secure type of helmet is recommended. Recent developments include the introduction of helmets specifically designed for e-bike and electric scooter riders. Similar to downhill helmets, these provide more comprehensive protection than regular bike helmets. An e-scooter crash helmet should conform to US CPSC standards, such as the NEN NTA 8776 standard for e-bike helmets or Snell M-2005 for motorcycle helmets.

Is a Helmet for Electric Scooters Worth Buying?

  • May be legally required: Under electric scooter laws in most US cities, an electric scooter rider on streets with speed limits over 25 mph or riding an e-scooter that has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour or more is required to wear a helmet. A helmet is also a necessity when riding an e-scooter in more challenging environments such as high-traffic bike paths or on hilly terrain such as the streets of San Francisco.
  • Increased protection: Compared to no helmet or just wearing a regular bike helmet, an e-scooter helmet with MIPS offers more protection against oblique impacts. Depending on helmet type, an e-scooter helmet may also provide more coverage, helping protect against common scooter injuries.
  • Essential for higher-speed riding: Some high-speed electric scooter models are capable of reaching over 40 mph, and if you ride such a scooter anywhere near its maximum performance speed, a helmet is an absolute necessity. For the fastest electric scooter riders, a helmet meeting the standards for motorcycle use is recommended. For medium-speed riding, such as the 18-20 mph cruising speeds of most commuter e-scooters, an e-bike helmet or downhill helmet is a good idea. Look for a helmet meeting Snell M-2005 or Snell M-2010 standards for additional face and chin protection, which helps mitigate the types of injuries often seen in higher-speed scooter and e-bike accidents.
  • Important for Commuting: If you ride electric scooters on streets with motor vehicle traffic, or share bike paths and lanes of traffic with other types of vehicles, the chances of having a low-speed accident increase significantly. Such accidents carry a much greater risk of serious injuries when riders aren’t wearing a helmet, so pair a good commuter scooter with a sturdy helmet.

Why an Electric Scooter Helmet May not Be for You

  • You already have a bicycle helmet: In general, standard bike helmets may be fine for an adult rider and for low-speed electric scooter use in low-risk conditions. However, when riding at night or at speeds above 15 miles per hour, we recommend an upgraded helmet with MIPS. This type of helmet better protects against head injuries resulting from rolling and sliding impacts. For faster e-scooters, a full-face downhill helmet or motorcycle helmet is preferable.
  • You don’t ride on city streets: While the risks for electric scooter use may be lower in areas where there’s little to no motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and in most places, there are no specific regulations applicable to e-scooter helmet use on private property, a helmet is still generally advisable. When there’s no traffic, you may find yourself riding faster, and since an e-scooter with a sufficiently powerful electric motor can reach truly scary speeds, a good electric bicycle helmet is important even on an empty bike path in a rural area.
  • You use a motorcycle helmet: It’s possible to use a motorcycle helmet when riding electric scooters on streets or bicycle paths, and it’s even advisable to use one when riding on a street with a speed limit above 25 mph. For shorter trips and for using an electric scooter to get to and from public transit, however, a large and heavy motorcycle helmet can be inconvenient to carry and store. An e-scooter helmet or electric bicycle helmet still provides more protection than standard bike helmets.

How Long Will an Electric Scooter Helmet Last?

In general, as with any helmet meeting bicycle safety requirements, an electric scooter helmet will last five to ten years under normal circumstances. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, however, any helmet that has been in a harsh impact or crash should be replaced. a helmet might not perform as well in a subsequent crash. This is a general rule with motorcycle helmets, but the guidelines are similar for snowboard, skateboard, and downhill bicycle helmets.

Storing your electric scooter helmet indoors and away from intense heat or freezing temperatures can help prolong its lifespan. Most bike helmets and all street-legal motorcycle helmets are waterproof. However, frequent exposure to ice, road salt, and UV light may make the hard shells more prone to damage.

How to Choose the Best Helmet for Your Electric Scooter

When it comes to choosing the best helmet for your electric scooter ride, we recommend considering only helmets that meet US CPSC or ASTM standards. For riding above 10 mph, a basic bike helmet may not be ideal, so most electric scooter companies, including Gotrax, recommend at least a downhill helmet that has passed ASTM F1952 testing. They also recommend using a helmet with a chin bar.

For riding 20 miles per hour or higher, or anytime you ride an e-scooter on streets with speed limits over 25 mph, it is advisable to wear an e-bike helmet or motorcycle helmet and an elbow pad. Make sure to look for Snell-M2005 or similar certification, and only consider helmets that are DOT approved for use on a public highway.

Electric Scooter Helmet Key Factors to Consider

There are a number of key factors that go into choosing what adult helmet for electric scooters is best for you.

1. How fast do you ride?

Both riding style and the maximum speed of your e-scooter are important considerations when it comes to choosing the best helmet. For very low-speed riding with minimal riding on the street, any helmet that meets the legal requirements for a bicycle helmet should do. However, for typical e-scooter cruising speeds and for any riding on streets with a 20 mph speed limit or higher, a full-face downhill helmet or mountain bike helmet may offer more protection. Finally, if the normal speed of your electric scooter is above 25 mph, a Snell or DOT-approved helmet for motorcycles, electric bicycles, and electric skateboards is recommended. Helmets are smart no matter the type of transportation you use, like when we compare a hoverboard vs an electric scooter, as both can get to speeds that can be dangerous if you crash without a helmet.

2. What kind of streets do you ride on?

No matter how fast the normal speed of your e-scooter is, your helmet should be appropriate to the traffic speeds of the streets or bike paths you might be riding on. If you strictly use your electric kick scooter on a bicycle path or other protected single-lane right-of-way, then a bike helmet or snowboard helmet may be enough. For riding on city streets, an e-bike helmet or DOT-approved motorcycle helmet is safer.

3. What kind of scooter do you ride?

Some of today’s e-scooters and electric skateboards use surprisingly powerful motors and can reach 30 or 40 mph. If you use a scooter with a maximum performance speed above 25 mph, a scooter helmet or motorbike helmet meeting Snell-M2005 standards may be necessary. Or, you can pick up the fastest e-scooter instead.

4. Do you often ride at night or in low-visibility conditions?

If you ride an e-scooter at night, a helmet with a higher level of protection is recommended regardless of the vehicle’s top speed or road speed limits. For night riding, also consider looking for features like a rear light or rear reflectors, since e-scooter taillights tend to be very low to the ground and can otherwise be hard to see.

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