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Updated January 24, 2023

To determine the best hacksaw we looked at the following features — frame style and materials, handles, and the blades. With frame styles, we prioritized a dual-handle design composed of metal to ensure longevity. Additionally, a dual handle will give you more control for precision cuts. Also, consider frames that give you the freedom to adjust your cutting angle which makes it easier to cut when working with awkward positions.

After considering all of the above, we selected the Ganchun 12-inch Hacksaw with Reciprocating Blades as our Top Pick. In addition to being affordable, this model features a dual-handle design with an adjustable angle blade that can be positioned at 45 or 90 degrees depending on your needs. Plus the comfort grip gives you the ability to use this tool for prolonged periods. Keep reading for more details on our top picks.

Top 6 Best Hacksaw Reviews

 #1  Ganchun 12-in Hacksaw with Reciprocating Blades

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A dual-handle adjustable handsaw with the ability to cut at 45 and 90-degree angles with a comfort grip that makes this a tool a breeze to use for extended periods.

  • Most comfortable for large projects
  • Anti-skid handle to maintain grip
  • Angle adjustments to make cutting easier
  • A little flimsy

Hacksaws can often replace all of your saw tools if you buy the right one. The Ganchun 12-in Hacksaw with Reciprocating Blades promises to be the solution to your needs by offering an adjustable blade that can be repositioned into either a 90 or 45-degree angle depending on how you need to precision cut your materials. This hacksaw measures 15.6 inches long on the cutting edge.

But we like that it features two comfort grips to give you added stability if you decided to use both simultaneously. The anti-skid handle also promises to reduce hand fatigue. And the thicker material used on the frame also creates a sturdier sawing experience. Most importantly, the adjustable hacksaw can also accommodate standard 12-inch blades if you decide to swap out the built-in blade. Which is sort of like swapping out a bit on a corded drill.

 #2  Klein Tools 701-S Dual Purpose Hacksaw

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A workhorse adjustable hacksaw that gives you two high TPI blades in varying lengths to tackle any project that comes your way — also making it our Best Quality recommendation.

  • Best Quality
  • Includes 6” & 12” 24 TPI blades
  • 45 & 90-degree converting blade
  • Built-in blade holder is faulty

Imagine the joy of getting two items for the price of one. With the Klein Tools Dual Purpose Hacksaw, you get an adjustable hacksaw with up to 30 000 PSI high tension blade and two 24 TPI blades included. One blade is 12 inches for standard tasks while the additional one that can be stored in the frame is six inches in length for smaller projects. Each blade features three teeth sizes to help make quick work of cutting tasks.

We like that you can also adjust your cutting angle from 45 to 90 degrees for standard and flush-cut applications. The 45-degree mounting is used for flush cuts and the 90 for standard cuts. Also, this high tension hack saw blade handle has a soft touch grip and blade storage. This is one of the best hacksaw blades in the market, plus, can also adjust the blade tension to up to 30 000 PSI with the pivot-lock to achieve straighter more accurate cuts and preserve the life of your blades. And the thumb guards make it possible to safely use both handles for more controlled, two-handed sawing. Which is what you’ll need to do with some of the best disc sanders.

 #3  CRAFTSMAN 12-Inch Hacksaw

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable 12-inch hacksaw with a unique 180-degree adjustable blade angle, a comfort grip, and a full lifetime warranty.

  • Best180-degree angle
  • Comfort grip to provide more control
  • Cuts metal, plastic, & PVC
  • Lacks dual-handle design

Basic hand tools shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. And thankfully, Craftsman (a trusted tools brand) has created a no-nonsense hacksaw with a solid metal frame that’s perfect for cutting metal and a range of other materials. This affordable and adjustable metal hacksaw features a 12-inch blade that can be converted from a 90-degree cutting position to 180 degrees when needed.

While this specific Craftsman model lacks the preferred dual handle design, we like that it can cut at depths up to 4.375 inches and support tension adjustments up to 225 pounds. Most importantly, you’ll like that this tool is backed by Craftsman’s Full Lifetime Warranty, which can also be found on the best power scrubbers.

 #4  LENOX Tools Close Quarter Hacksaw

Award: Best Flush-Cutting Hacksaw

WHY WE LIKE IT: A specially shaped flush-cutting hacksaw designed especially to work in tight spaces with a long 18-inch blade length and a medium tooth count to help ensure even and smooth cuts.

  • Best mini hacksaw
  • 18in blade length
  • Heavy-duty aluminum handle
  • More expensive

You might be surprised to find that even hacksaws have specialty designs occasionally. The Lenox Tools Close Quarter Hacksaw is ideal for when you need to make precise cuts in areas where a traditional hacksaw would be too bulky to properly fit. This metal hacksaw features a longer blade that measures 18 inches.

But what also sets this option apart is that it features 10 TPI on the blade. While this is a medium-range as compared to some other models in our roundup, at this range you still get a smooth and consistent cut every time you use it. Also, although this model lacks a dual handle, you’ll like that the cast aluminum handle gives you plenty of space to secure a proper grip, and makes it durable.

 #5  LENOX Tools Adjustable Hacksaw

Award: Best Ergonomic Handle

WHY WE LIKE IT: An adjustable hacksaw with a comfort grip handle designed to help minimize fatigue, making it easier to work for longer periods of time.

  • Excellent handle prevents fatigue
  • Adjustable hacksaw
  • Bi-metal blade, aluminum frame
  • Lacks dual-handle design

One traditional pain point (no pun intended) with hacksaws is that they can cause hand fatigue if the grip isn’t comfortable. The Lenox Tools Adjustable Hacksaw works to correct this with an ergonomic handle that features a plush cushion grip made from rubber.

Although it doesn’t feature a dual-handle design, you do get a solid metal frame with the capacity to fit 10 or 12-inch bi-metal blades. You’ll also like that you can make quick work of projects that require cutting metal, PVC, or plastic when you use this adjustable metal hacksaw.

 #6  HAUTMEC 12″ Heavy Duty 2-in-1 Hacksaw

Award: Best Blade Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: An impressive 24 TPI carbon steel blade gives you the precision you need to make precision cuts through harder materials without causing your blade to twist, making it perfect for power users.

  • Most durable blade
  • Adjustable angle cutting
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Lacks dual-handle

If you’re the type who relies heavily on your hacksaw for almost every project you complete, then you want something with a sturdy blade that won’t dull after just a few uses. The Hautmec 12-inch Heavy Duty 2-in-1 Hacksaw is the perfect solution. This adjustable hacksaw features a 12-inch 24TPI carbon steel blade that is guaranteed not to twist under pressure.

We like that this aluminum alloy frame hacksaw is complemented with a soft rubberized grip to minimize hand fatigue. You’ll like that you can adjust your cutting angle from 45 to 90 degrees depending on your needs. And the adjustable knobs give you the freedom to control the blade tension as well as easily swap out new blades as needed.

Note: Other hacksaws we haven’t reviewed here that are worth mentioning are the Lenox Tools 12 inch High Tension Hacksaw that uses I-beam construction for up to 50 000 PSI and accepts any blade by Lenox and also converts to a jab saw. There’s also the DEWALT DWHT20547L high tension hacksaw blade that makes accurate cuts, both standard and flush cuts.

How We Decided

Hacksaws are a must-have tool for home DIY projects. To help narrow down the field, we looked at the following criteria — frame style and materials, handles, and the blades. In general, you’ll see that our recommendations range between models with a dual-handle design and those that only feature one handle. While one handle is normally a drawback (as you’ll see in our “Cons” mentions), in the case of our #4 recommendation, a single handle is beneficial because it’s a flush-cutting hacksaw where a dual handle design would be impractical. You’ll also note that the bulk of our options feature a metal frame that provides added stability.

The next important feature is the blade on a hacksaw. Except for our #4 and #5 recommendations, our other hacksaw reviews offer adjusted angle cutting. The adjustment range can vary as some models allow you to shift between 90 and 180 degrees while most support 45 and 90-degree cutting.

While not every brand clearly outlines the TPI count for their blades, where available, we provided that information to help you make an informed decision. In general, a higher TPI will help you create more precision cuts with a cleaner finish to the edges of your work materials. And you can also expect that most blades you’ll encounter when you shop for a hacksaw will be made from steel. But higher-end options are available. A great example of this is with our #6 selection which features a steel carbon blade with a 24 TPI.

Hacksaw Buying Guide


The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Frame Style
    Hacksaw frames are usually available in two styles, fixed and adjustable. As the name implies, a fixed frame is designed to be a set length and only works with a specific blade length. In contrast, an adjustable hacksaw frame can be fine-tuned to fit a range of blade lengths.
  2. Frame Materials
    It’s also equally important to find a hacksaw made from sturdy materials. The best hacksaws tend to be made from metal.
  3. Handle
    Since using a hacksaw might require vigorous sawing back and forth while you firmly hold it, it’s important to look for a handle that’s comfortable to hold for long periods. Look for options that include a rubber grip and have a wider handle. Not only will this improve ease of use, but it will also help you maintain a firm hold if you’re using this tool outdoors in cold or rainy conditions.
  4. Blade
    There are a few factors to keep in mind when considering a hacksaw’s blade. First, it’s always preferable to use a hacksaw that can accommodate multiple blade styles and lengths. But you should also focus on options that have a high TPI (teeth per inch) rating.

Hacksaw FAQs

Why is an adjustable hacksaw better than one that isn’t?

One of the biggest benefits of using an adjustable hacksaw is that you can swap out the blades to accommodate your projects. And in addition to improving the functionality of your hacksaw, this also means that you can cut down on the total number of tools you need to use to complete a project.

Why is a higher TPI blade considered ideal?

The TPI refers to the tooth per inch on a blade. The higher this figure is, the more accurate your cuts will be. Plus a high TPI allows you to finish quicker and to have neater ends when you finish sawing with your hacksaw.

What materials can I cut with a hacksaw?

Traditionally, hacksaws were designed to be used to cut metal. But these days, you can also find hacksaws that cut plastic and wood.
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