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The best grill tongs have a long-handled design that keeps you safe while grilling meat by keeping your hands away from the flame. They also have a good grip that makes it easy to flip large pieces of meat and other slippery food, which is helpful when you’re cooking for friends and family at the cookout.

Yes, there’s no doubt about it — good BBQ tongs make great companions to the best grills. However, due to their large size and heavy-duty materials, they can be rather bulky and hard to store. They can also be rather pricey, as the top grill tongs are made with high-quality materials that won’t melt from the heat.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn more about choosing the best grill tongs for your next barbecue.

Top Grill Tongs

 #1  MOUNTAIN GRILLERS 4335483098 Grill Tongs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This set of utensils makes preparing fresh meals for friends and family safe and easy. Whether you want to prepare chicken outside or whip up a stovetop steak, this set of utensils will keep you from harming the chef.

  • Extended grip
  • Rubberized base
  • Storage hoop
  • No spatula component

The MOUNTAIN GRILLERS 4335483098 grill tongs are an excellent choice for users who like to prepare fresh-cooked meats like steak, chicken, or pork on the grill or stovetop. This two-tong set features a 12” and a 16” tong so users can reach their cooked meats without burning their hands or singeing their arm hair. Additionally, users can prepare chicken and steak without cross-contamination, thanks to having two tongs. While there’s no spatula component, the serrated edges make picking up your food from the grill easy.

In addition to an extended grip and limited cross-contamination, the MOUNTAIN GRILLERS 4335483098 grill tongs ensure that your guests are safe while eating at your home. The tongs allow you to serve up fresh-cooked meats and veggies with zero direct contact with the food. Additionally, users can easily hang these tongs on their grill or wall thanks to the storage hoops. Lastly, users will love the rubberized grips that insulate users from the heat and ensure they have a firm grasp on their food.

 #2  DAILY KISN ct4 Grill Tongs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features safety grips and an extended length to keep users safe while preparing hot meats and veggies for a backyard cookout. Additionally, users will love the robust metal construction that can easily support heavy meats without bending.

  • Strong metal contruction
  • Locking grip
  • Heat-resistant grips
  • No second set in the kit

The DAILY KISN ct4 grill tongs are an outstanding choice for users looking for sturdy grilling tongs for cooking outdoors or indoors. Thanks to the locking top and loop design, this set of tongs can hang on the grill or wall for quick and easy access. Additionally, this model is 17” long, so users can safely handle their food while minimizing their risk of burns. While this kit only comes with one set of tongs, they are dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup.

In addition to being dishwasher-safe and providing an easy storage solution, the DAILY KISN ct4 grill tongs deliver a strong tool for handling hot food or serving salad. The serrated edges deliver a solid grip on thick meats, and the rubberized grip keeps users from burning their hands while cooking. Additionally, the non-slip rubberized grips offer a refined grip to mitigate the risk of drips and spills while at the grill.

 #3  GRILLHOGS 9-Inch Grill Tongs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a top-quality design and extended wooden handles to keep users safe while handling food or serving up game-day treats. Users will love the robust metal construction and easy storage so they can cook with convenience.

  • Excellent wooden grip
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Premium design
  • Somewhat short

The GRILLHOGS 9-Inch tongs are a compelling option for users looking for a rustic and robust unit to serve grilled treats to their family and friends. This 9-inch set of tongs features an extended oak wood grip that keeps users safe while handling hot food. Additionally, this kitchen utensil features a lock-and-hook design that keeps these tongs easy to store and accessible for quick cooking. While these tongs are short compared to other brands, users will love the sturdy grips that are smooth and heat-resistant.

In addition to premium wooden grips and easy storage, the GRILLHOGS 9-Inch tongs offer a set of premium wooden and stainless steel utensils that are ideal for cooking and serving all of your grilled favorites. Users can pick up heavy cuts without bending their tongs, even while exposed to high temperatures, thanks to the stainless steel construction. Additionally, this cooking tool is perfect for serving salad, or other daytime treats to guests or family.

 #4  OXO 11320200 Grill Tongs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features multiple tools to make serving grilled favorites like burgers, wings, or grilled veggies safe and straightforward. Additionally, users will love the rubberized grips that offer a secure hold while minimizing the risk of burnt hands.

  • Strong weight capacity
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tongs don’t lock

The OXO 11320200 grill tongs are an excellent choice for users looking for a versatile kit to handle heavy meat cuts while grilling for friends or cooking indoors. This kit features a spatula and tongs, so users are prepared to whip up game-day favorites like burgers and wings without reaching for extra tools. Additionally, this model features rubberized grips for a secure hold resistant to high temperatures. While the tongs do not lock closed, these utensils feature hanging hooks for easy storage.

In addition to simple storage and a heat-resistant grip, the OXO 11320200 grill tongs deliver a strong utensil that won’t bend due to heat or heavy foods. The spatula features a double-bend design that offers more leverage while lifting food, and the tongs feature a built-in bottle opener for cracking open a brew at the grill. Additionally, the tongs feature a scalloped and angled head that keeps food from slipping to the ground or into flames.

 #5  GrillPro 40240 Grill Tongs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a novel design that makes it a versatile choice for chefs that want to simplify their kitchen. Additionally, thanks to the rubberized grips and extended length, users can save their hands from painful burns or grease marks.

  • Multi-use design
  • Rubberized grips
  • 16” long
  • Tongs are flat

The GrillPro 40240 grill tongs are an excellent pick for users looking to simplify their kitchen with fewer tools. This model serves as tons and a turner or spatula, so users can easily manipulate their food on the stove or grill without needing additional tools. In addition, this utensil features a rubberized grip for safe handling and minimizing burn risk. While the tongs do not feature a scalloped or angled head, they still grip food without letting it slip between the rates or to the ground.

In addition to heat-resistant grips and a versatile design, the GrillPro 40240 grill tongs feature an extended length to keep users safe from burning their hands or singeing off arm hair. This model features a locking mechanism for easy food handling, and the storage loop lets users keep this tool ready for any occasion. Additionally, the stainless steel construction ensures that this unit won’t bend or break while handling food, even over the grill flames.

 #6  Smart Cook COMINHKPR37982 Grill Tongs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features an extended rubberized grip and length to keep users safe while cooking over hot coals or in the comfort of their kitchen. Thanks to the durable construction, users can serve heavy cuts of meat or large helpings of grilled vegetables.

  • Impressive length
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Locking joint
  • Heat-resistant grip is short

The Smart Cook COMINHKPR37982 grill tongs are a superb pick for users looking for an extended set of tongs to safely grill cuts of meat or vegetables. This model features 16” of length so users can safely and responsibly handle fresh foods over grill flames or a hot stove. Additionally, users can keep a solid grip over heavy cuts or giant vegetables like grilled corn on the cob, thanks to the scalloped edges. While the rubberized grips aren’t very long, they are heat-resistant, so users can safely grip hot foods.

In addition to a long length and heat-resistant grips, the Smart Cook COMINHKPR37982 grill tongs deliver a sturdy cooking utensil that can handle outdoor cooking or serving salad to guests. This model features a rounded and broadhead that makes it easy to serve food or manipulate it on the grill. Additionally, the stainless steel construction ensures that these tongs won’t bend or break, even while exposed to the high temperatures of a grill or stove.

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Grill Tongs

What are Grill Tongs?

Grill tongs are one of the most essential tools you can have in your grilling kit, as well as a sturdy, high-end grill brush. This handy cooking tool lets you flip, turn, and move heavy cuts of meat or vegetables with ease. Composed of a pair of long, jointed arms with a comfortable grip that terminates in flat oval ends to pick up food, they keep your hands far away from the heat of the fire so you don’t get burned.

Tongs serve multiple purposes; you can use them to get a firm grip on your meat and flip it, or you can use them to pick up and rotate vegetables like peppers and onions for stir-fry without having to dirty another pan or knife. Some even come with teeth or a serrated edge that allows you to cut food while it’s inside the grill.

Grill tongs come in many different sizes, materials, and price points. They range from small, budget-friendly options to large, professional tongs for charcoal grills. In most cases, the best grill tongs are stainless steel and have a spring or button locking mechanism, so they securely lock in place while you’re using them.

Often, you’ll find grilling tongs with a different material on the handle to give you a comfortable grip, but a secure grip is also essential. Look for silicone or wooden handles for a more ergonomic experience.

Grill Tongs vs Traditional Tongs

Grill tongs are specially made for grills and outdoor barbecuing using a top tailgate grill. Their primary purpose is to avoid accidents or injuries which might occur if you were to use a standard pair of tongs on an AOG grill.

The primary feature that typically distinguishes grill tongs from traditional tongs is the extra long handles, often around 16 to 22 inches. Kitchen and salad tongs, for example, have much shorter arms of around 12 inches, and pickle tongs are as short as five inches.

Grill tongs are also made of more durable materials than other types because they’re subjected to intense heat. They’re usually made of stainless steel, while other tongs can be made from metal, wood, or plastic. These are materials that you don’t want to use on an outdoor grill like this Blackstone 28-inch outdoor flat-top gas grill/griddle station.

Some grill tongs boast teeth to help cut meat while in the cooking process, while traditional cooking tongs have softer edges or scalloped edges.

How Grill Tongs Work

Grilling tongs are easy to use and can be used similarly to any other tongs you use for cooking. However, they pair best with outdoor grills, like the best Weber grills, rather than skillets on your indoor stove or salad bowls.

All you need to do is place your food on the grill and then pick it up with the tongs to move it. Some cooks use one set of grill tongs to hold food steady while using another set of tongs for turning and removing them from the heat. This prevents you from having to use potentially flammable utensils like knives near an open flame.

Why Should You Buy Grill Tongs?

If you have been using a pair of kitchen tongs for your grill and are tired of getting burned, consider getting a pair of grill tongs. If you already have old grill tongs, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a fancier model, like an all-in-one grilling tongs with a spatula. Plus, if you know what you need for a charcoal grill, BBQ tongs are a necessary item.

Are Grill Tongs Worth Buying?

  • They’re made of durable materials: Most high-quality tongs are made of stainless steel, a solid and sturdy metal that can withstand the heat from the grill.
  • They’re less messy: You don’t have to worry about food getting all over your hands while adding it to the grill; drop it onto the grill with the tongs and pick it back up when it’s done.
  • They help avoid common cooking injuries: Grill tongs are made with long handles so you can keep your hands at a safe distance from the flames, rather than having to reach directly into the pit of fire as with other tools.
  • They allow users to grip foods easily: Grill tongs are designed with metal teeth at the tongs’ base, making it easier to hold onto slippery foods like fish or sausages without dropping them into the fire. The thinness of the tongs makes it possible to pick up thin pieces of meat, such as chicken wings or thin steaks, without breaking them.
  • They’re versatile: Some models come with one arm that ends in a spatula, making it a multi-purpose tool.
  • They make grilling easier: Grill tongs are easy to use and can be used similarly to any other tongs you use for cooking. They make grilling your food safer.

Why a Grill Tongs Might Not be for You

  • They can be heavy: The longer handles and thin profile make these tongs nearly 50% heavier than traditional cooking ones. This can make them less ergonomic and harder for people with less hand and forearm strength.
  • They’re more expensive: Grill tongs cost more than traditional kitchen tongs, so if you’re on a budget, this might not be the best purchase. If you’re looking for an affordable price, you’ll have to sacrifice material, quality, or size.
  • They have special cleaning requirements: Since grill tongs have thin metal prongs and teeth at the base of the tongs, most need to be hand-washed instead of being put in the dishwasher. This can also make them harder to clean, as food tends to get caught in the cracks and crevices of metal teeth. You can also try the best grill cleaner.
  • They don’t work well in small spaces: Grill tongs are often larger than other cooking utensils, making them less convenient for storage. They’re not exactly easy to put away in a small kitchen, so you might want to make sure you have enough space in your cabinets for convenient storage before buying them.

How Long Will Grill Tongs Last?

Since the best grill tongs are made of metal, they’re designed to withstand high temperatures. They’re durable and should last up to 10 years. However, there are still some ways you can contribute to the longevity of your grill tongs.

Use them only for grilling food. If you use your grill tongs to pick up anything other than hot meats and vegetables off the grill, you’re likely to break them. This means no picking up coals, rocks, or sticks with them.

Keep them clean. Even if your grill tongs are dishwasher safe, keeping them clean will make sure food doesn’t get trapped in any cracks or crevices, which can weaken the metal over time and make it prone to breaking.

Store them safely. When storing your grill tongs, make sure they’re not right next to anything that can get too warm or cause heat damage, like the oven or stove. Keeping them stored in a safe place will help prolong their lifespan and keep them functioning properly for years to come.

Avoid dropping them on hard surfaces. Try to avoid doing this, since any metal moving around is likely to be weakened over time by the force of the impact.

Hang them vertically on a kitchen utensil rack. If you have room in your kitchen for an accessory or utensil rack, this will keep the metal from getting stuck in any one position for too long. This can help prevent warping or weakening over time.

Use them only if they’re comfortable to hold. You should feel comfortable using your grill tongs; don’t use them if they aren’t working well for you, or you could end up with a lot of frustration.

By following these steps to preserve your high-quality grilling tongs, they should last for many years.

How to Choose Grill Tongs

If you’re looking for some grill tongs that will work for you, first consider the material. Next, look for tongs with heat-resistant properties, and consider if you’ll need them to be dishwasher safe. Also, think about the size and length of the tongs before you make a purchase.

Best Grill Tongs Key Factors

1. What materials should I look for?

When purchasing a set of grilling tongs, you should first look for the material you feel is suitable for you. Most grill tongs are made out of either stainless steel or a mix of metal and plastic. However, some sets may also be made from wood, bamboo, copper, or silicone.

While stainless steel is heavier than most other materials, it’s also durable and weather-resistant. This is important when you grill outside and store your utensils with your grill. However, silicone is lighter and easier to maneuver. Just make sure it’s made with high resistance to heat.

2. What type of handle should I look for?

Some grilling tongs come with ergonomic handles to help you grip them better while cooking on a grill or a stove. However, you can also find some with rubberized handles to keep your grip secure while they’re wet.

If the tongs are dishwasher safe, be sure to check if the handle is slip-proof and heat-resistant. This will help prevent any burns while cooking and help protect the overall construction of the grilling tongs.

3. Should my tongs be dishwasher safe?

You don’t have to choose tongs that are dishwasher safe, but it makes cleaning and maintenance easier. You can put them in the dishwasher after you’re finished cooking to clean them thoroughly. Rinse them off first if any food particles are stuck since it’s important not to leave anything inside.

4. What size should grill tongs be?

The next thing you’ll want to consider is how big or small your grill tongs are. If you have a small set of cooking tongs, they may not handle larger foods like whole chickens or racks of ribs. At the same time, bigger grilling tongs are harder to store in your kitchen utensil drawer. So, keep this in mind if you’re using a big grill, like the one in our Camp Chef flat-top grill review.

Compare the size of your grill tongs to the size of food that you’re cooking. This will help you determine if the length and width are right for the purpose.

5. How do I determine how long my grill tongs should be?

This depends on what type of food you’ll be cooking most often with your grilling tongs. If it’s smaller, grab foods like vegetables or individual pieces of meat, then go with a smaller set of tongs. However, if your grilling activities involve large cuts of meat or heavy foods like corn on the cob, you’ll probably want a longer grill tong.

Best Grill Tongs FAQs

What makes for a good grill tong?

Good grilling tongs have many of the same qualities as any grill utensil. Tongs should be made with sturdy metal or metal-plastic construction so they don’t rust, melt, or break under high heat. Grill tongs are dishwasher safe if you choose a sanitary handle to prevent bacteria from growing. Look for a heat-resistant handle that won’t burn you while using it, and keep in mind how big the tongs are so you can pick out foods from your grill.

Can you use silicone-tip tongs on a grill?

The most common materials for grilling tongs are stainless steel, metal, plastic, or wood and bamboo. Using tongs made from silicone or metal can damage your grill, so stick with those that are designed to be used at high heat without worrying about melting or staining the surface of your grill grate.

How long should BBQ tongs be?

For smaller grilling tongs, look for ones that are at least 12 to 16 inches long. For bigger grill tongs, 18 to 22 inches is usually good.

How do you clean tongs?

After use, most grill tongs can be rinsed off or put in the dishwasher. Be sure to read the instructions on your tongs and check if any food particles are stuck. Otherwise, you can clean them by hand with a soft sponge and dish soap.

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