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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Owning the best grill on the market is one thing, but not cleaning your grill with the best grill brush will surely bar you from being a true grill master. A good grill brush will not only help you keep your grill clean, it’ll help prolong its life and prevent corrosion, as well — not to mention, you’ll get better tasting food.

Grill cleaning is nowhere close to what you’d call fun, but a good grill brush makes the process tolerable and quicker to accomplish. These brushes feature tightly woven bristles attached to an angled brush head, long 18-inch ergonomic handles, and a variety of head types and materials to choose from based on your unique use case.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn everything you need to know about grill brushes, from how they work and why they’re highly endorsed in the grilling community to their longevity and other major considerations to bear in mind.

Top Grill Brushes

 #1  GRILLART BR-4516 Grill Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll love how powerful this option is when scraping residue from your grill. It also has a highly ergonomic design, allowing for a more comfortable experience that won’t leave your hand aching.

  • Powerful scraping option
  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile model
  • Struggles with cleaning edges

If you need a powerful solution for stuck-on material, this is a great product to take care of the problem. The sharp scraper will ensure that you can efficiently remove residue without hurting your hands in the process. However, there is a design flaw when it comes to this model. Some consumers report that the grill brush will struggle when it comes to cleaning the edges of your grill without some finagling.

This grill brush is also great for removing tough stains on your grill. It provides an effortless cleaning process that leaves your grill looking better than ever. Beyond this, it offers 18-inches of the handle to help you apply the pressure you need without getting too close to a hot grill. The bristles are incredibly dense to get more scrubbing action out of the brush. It’s recommended for all grill types, so almost anybody can use it.

 #2  Alpha Grillers Grill Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model is safe for all grills, even if you have a porcelain grill. This makes it highly versatile. It also has an extra-long design, so you don’t have to worry about accid4entally burning your hands.

  • Safe for porcelain
  • Extra-long design
  • Huge surface area
  • Not quite as heavy duty

Anybody looking to grill often would benefit from the many attractive features this grill brush brings to the table. It’s a highly durable model, allowing you to confidently clean your grill with plenty of pressure and elbow grease. You won’t have to worry about bending or breaking, even when you throw your back into scrubbing. Unfortunately, this brush might not be the answer if you’re looking for a heavy-duty option. Folks who have used it are reporting that they weren’t that impressed with how it does with stuck-on material.

It’s tough on dirty grates and will ensure a clean slate for your next meal to cook on. That means you don’t have to worry about any residue affecting the taste of the meat or vegetables you grill. This grill brush is safe on all grill materials, including porcelain. This means that you should be safe to use it no matter the model you have at home. The bristles are made out of rust-resistant stainless steel, and the handle is 18-inches long

 #3  Cuisinart CCB-5014 Grill Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: This ergonomic model is highly comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about sore hands after scrubbing. It offers three rolls of aluminum coils, perfect for tackling stuck-on material.

  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • 3 rolls of aluminum coils
  • Highly durable model
  • Some plastic parts used

This grill brush is perfect for anybody who always seems to have sore hands after cleaning their grill. It offers 16.5-inches of the handle, giving you plenty of room to work with. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to reach all areas of your grill without worrying about hurting yourself on a hot grate. You will want to know that some plastic is used to make some of the materials of this grill brush. This might cause some consumers to question the overall longevity this model can offer.

The stainless steel material this grill brush is made with is exceptionally dense and durable. There are three rolls of aluminum coils with stainless steel wires weaved into them. This creates an ultimate tool for scrubbing off the tough residue in a snap. It’s a slightly slanted design, so you’ll have an easier time getting into cracks and crevices in the bottom portion of your grill. This is an easy-to-clean option. All you have to do is run it under hot water after cleaning your grill and scrub it with a sponge if necessary.

 #4  BBQ-Aid Barbecue Grill Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: You won’t have to worry about scratches being left behind when you use this model on your grill. It has a multifunctional design and will also provide scraping action. It also uses premium wood in its design.

  • Doesn’t leave scratches behind
  • Multifunctional design
  • Premium wood material
  • Can’t lift grates when cleaning

If you’re short on time and need to finish the cleaning job quickly, this grill brush will be an excellent option. It’s quick to remove stuck-on residue because of its superior design. The ergonomic handle is made of wood, which is much more comfortable than models that use stainless steel. Unfortunately, the scraper part on this grill brush is a little on the short side. Because of this, it won’t be able to slide under grill bars and lift the grate while you’re cleaning up.

The bristles are made of durable stainless steel. This gives them an extreme abrasiveness that gets your grill cleaned up quicker. Even while the bristles are abrasive, they will not scratch your grill. This model is great for those that are anxious about potentially damaging their grill because the design is meant to be scratch-free. It has a sturdy build, allowing you to put in as much elbow grease as needed without worrying about your grill brush breaking.

 #5  Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: This grill brush boasts a hefty, long-lasting design. You’ll appreciate that it’s made out of durable material that won’t wear down as quickly as competing models might. It’s a highly effective tool.

  • Resists wear and tear
  • Made of durable material
  • Highly effective design
  • Handle is extremely short

If you want to get a little more “in there,” then this grill brush will be able to make that happen. It has a much different design to competing models in the same class. Because of the design, you can apply a ton of pressure more easily and really go all-in on tough residue and stains. Unfortunately, the handle on this grill brush is a little bit on the short side. Because of this, you’ll have to really dive into your grill, which might be a messy process.

Unlike lower-quality models that use nylon bristles, this option is made with many abrasive coils. This is a unique build that doesn’t have the same issues as standard models. For example, you don’t have to worry about bristles falling out or becoming worn down. It’s super easy to clean, as well. This is because all you have to do is dip it into hot water as you clean, allowing the heat from the grill to speed the cleaning process along.

 #6  POLIGO Safe Grill Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: The wire frame design of this grill brush makes it a durable model that has just the right amount of “give” while it scrubs. You’ll also appreciate that it boasts an extra-long handle and easily removes harsh residue.

  • Wire frame design
  • Extra-long model
  • Removes tough residue
  • Might feel a little unwieldy

Those who want to stay far away from their hot grill will appreciate the design of this grill brush. It offers 18-inches of handle length to keep a safe distance at all times. This means not having to risk burning yourself while cleaning a hot grill. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that this option is long enough to feel unwieldy to certain people. This means that if you have short arms or are a smaller person, it might not be a great fit.

It also has a 360-degree design so that you can clean more confidently. This means that the bristles face in all directions, ensuring that you don’t miss a single spot when cleaning the grate. This model combines three different brushes in one, putting them side-by-side so that it can genuinely provide a thorough cleaning. This model won’t leave scratches behind on your grill, making it a safe choice. It’s also highly rigid while remaining lightweight, making it comfortable to use.

Beginner’s Guide to Grill Brushes

What is a Grill Brush?

There’s no point priding yourself in grilling up a perfectly seared steak when its flavor is off unclean grates, especially when you use your best burger press, too. Grill cleaning is highly recommended since dirty grates can be a major food safety concern — and that’s where grill brushes come in.

Speaking of grill accessories, you’ll also want a solid pair of strong grill tongs and a safe, high-end grill cleaning solution. Keeping your grill clean will result in the best barbequed foods.

A grill brush is a basic, quality-built cleaning tool made of either stainless steel, brass, wood, or nylon for effective cleaning of grill grates. Wire grill brushes have metal bristles that can be used while the grill is still hot, while those with nylon bristles are meant to be used on a cold grill. Some have a metal scraper attached to dislodge stubborn debris stuck to the grates. With these as a part of your cleaning routine, you’ll get both longer-lasting grates and flavorful food.

Grill Brush vs Grill Stone

Cleaning your grill is necessary after each grilling session. But even with the best offset smoker, cleanup is always a messy business, and that’s why you’d want a convenient tool that cleans your grates with minimal effort. You’re looking at two options for this task — grill brushes and grill stones.

A grill stone could be considered a grill brush without bristles. These tools consist of a handle and a pumice-stone-like cleaning block that conforms to the shape of the grates. Unlike a bristled brush, grill stones leave behind residue after the cleaning process is done. However, the residue doesn’t pose as serious a health issue as stray bristles from grill brushes coming loose and getting stuck in your food can. Of course, top manufacturers ensure that the bristles are strong and tightly woven. Other bristle-free brushes are also available and come in the form of stainless-steel metal scrapers and wooden varieties.

Moreover, the long handles attached to the brush head allow you to apply more pressure and provide a better cleaning angle. This way, your hand won’t come too close to the hot grate, and you’ll be able to tackle the deep-set grime at the corners of the grate and firebox.

How a Grill Brush Works

There are only two components to a grill brush (a handle and brush head). While there’s nothing extraordinary about these no-frills, handheld tools, they are by far the most effective in scouring large swathes of the grill to rid it of dirt and grime.

All you have to do is hold the 18-inch long handle and produce enough force to scrub the grill effectively. You’ll benefit the most with tightly woven, omni-directional bristles, an ergonomic handle design, and an integrated steel scraper. Start by working the bristled end and switch to the steel scraper to break up stubborn particles caked onto the grates. Lastly, polish your grates with a scrubber.

Grill brushes are versatile and can work on any grill, be it ceramic, stainless steel, or even cast iron. Plus, high-end brands even go so far as to back their brushes with a 5-year warranty, which is commendable since brushes endure excessive wear and tear.

Why Should You Buy a Grill Brush?

There’s no better indicator of the start of summer than smoky, delicious meats and veggies served hot from the grill. But to achieve out-of-this-world flavors, it’s essential to clean your grill thoroughly, especially if you want to impress family and friends at the next summer barbecue. Moreover, a cleaned gump-free grill will prevent cross-contamination of food and protect your grill grates from corroding.

Are Grill Brushes Worth Buying?

  • You’re A Regular On The Grill: If you’re a year-round grilling master, you’d understand the importance of a fresh, clean grill more than anyone. As long as you have a grill brush for a deep cleaning session after every backyard feast, you’re good to go.
  • You Want To Minimize Flare-ups: Old grease on dirty grill grates tends to melt and drip into the flame, creating flare-ups that burn your food. Giving your grill a good once-over with a brush will prevent that.

Why a Grill Brush May Not Be for You

  • You Don’t Own A Grill: This is a no-brainer — purchasing a grill brush is unnecessary if you don’t own a grill.
  • You’d Prefer An Alternative To Metal Bristles: Sometimes, sharp bristles get left behind and lodge into your food, posing a safety and health risk. To be on the safe side, you can opt for aluminum foil, grill stones, or even onions for cleaning.

How Long Will a Grill Brush Last?

When it comes to how long a grill brush will last, there’s no exact time frame claimed by manufacturers. However, if you start noticing bent bristles coming loose, that’s a strong enough indicator to replace the brush (or the head). For added safety, it’s recommended you change out the brush every season.

Maintenance is key if you want to extend its lifespan because a hardened grime-coated brush isn’t going to come to the rescue for too long. It’ll only transfer all the gunk back onto the grill. You can knock the brush against something or brush it against a second wire brush for a quick clean. But if you still can’t dislodge tiny remnants, you’ll want to clean the brush with warm, soapy water before leaving it out to dry. The last thing you want is for the bristles to rust and undo all your hard work, especially if you’re cleaning an AOG grill. These are super hard to clean.

How to Choose a Grill Brush

While brushes are essential tools for when you want to get your charcoal grill going, you can’t just pick the first one you come across online. Before arriving at your purchasing decision, there are some considerations to factor in.

Best Grill Brush Key Factors

1. What Material is Your Grill Brush Made of?

Grill brushes are made of four different materials — brass, nylon, wood, and stainless steel.

These brushes commonly have steel bristles coated with a protective finish to prevent rust formation. They are strong enough to scrape away at even stubborn food particles, but it’s best that you stick with high-quality steel, or else the brush may begin to rust.

Brass is another suitable option for thoroughly cleaning grates, but it tends to be much softer than stainless steel, which means you may have to put in a little more elbow grease to get a good clean. However, you’ll appreciate that your grill grates hardly get damaged or scratched with brass brushes.

Additionally, some brushes are made of nylon and natural plant fibers, and their bristles tend to be brightly colored to easily spot them if they’re left behind while cleaning. These brushes must only be used on cool grates as heat can damage the fibers.

Lastly, you have wooden varieties that need some breaking-in before serving their purpose well. The risk of bristles coming loose is out of the picture with these brushes. The wood only has to adapt itself to the shape and placement of the grill grates with repeated use. Remember that the wood may absorb moisture, causing the brush to rot and eventually crack if stored in a damp space.

2. What Type Of Grill Gates Do You Have?

Along with the material of the brush, you also have to consider what metal composition your grill grates are made of for deep cleaning without damage.

Soft nylon-bristle brushes are perfect for delicate porcelain or other ceramic-coated grates that tend to get scratched easily. However, it may take a bit more effort to get your grates sparkling clean. But if you want to avoid cleaning with bristles, the second-best option is a wooden scraper.

Stainless steel cooking grates are best paired with stainless steel grill brushes. To remove the grit so that your grates are left looking brand new, it’ll be in your interest to clean the steel grates while they’re still hot to take advantage of the steam.

Though cast iron grates help cook exceptionally delicious food items, they have tiny pores that get clogged with food particles if not cleaned correctly. First, burn off any food remnants stuck to the grates and let it cool. Then, use soft-bristled brushes or a grill stone to scrape away at the minute bits of grit and grime.

3. What Grill Brush Design Do You Prefer?

Grill brushes come in three different designs — bristle brushes, scrubbers, and scrapers.

A bristle brush is a frequently chosen tool for grill cleaning. It’s designed to be used with a brush action, during which each bristle comes in contact with the grate to remove the caked food and dirt. They further branch out into two varieties — flat brushes that boast a tightly woven panel of bristles and pipe cleaner-style wire brushes with an all-surrounding bristle design.

These days, you even have motorized bristle brushes with steam cleaning power. With these, the cleaning method is pretty much the same as regular brushes, except that instead of manually engaging in the brushing action, you just have to press a button. However, they may have loose bristles and bogged-down motors, so you can instead choose a human-powered scouring tool and save both money and time.

If you’re looking to stay away entirely from bristle brushes due to the risk posed by loose metal bristles, you can incorporate a scrubber into your cleaning routine. Generally, scrubbers have steel wool pads affixed to a handle. You’ll find that these varieties come nowhere close to the durability and effectiveness of bristle brushes. However, you can always use them for polishing the grates as a final step.

Lastly, you have the scraper and brush combination, but many grilling enthusiasts swear by scrapers as their only cleaning tool, especially when cleaning the best griddler. They work by getting under the grease and lifting it. They also come in various forms — metal versions with grooves, flat blades, and wooden scrapers.

4. What Additional Features Does It Have?

As for choosing which grill-cleaning tool is right for you, think about additional features you’d like on your brush that’ll help make your cleaning process a breeze.

For starters, you’ll want to buy a grill brush with an ergonomic, long handle for a better grip and to keep your hands safe from the heat. Moreover, some handles have extra cushioning and let you use both hands simultaneously for extra muscle power.

Most brushes come with hooks, pegs, or loops on the plastic handle to hang them systematically in a dry area. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for a double-duty tool that features a brush on one end and an integrated scraper on the other. This two-in-one solution will be most effective in breaking up stubborn grit.

Lastly, steer clear of the brushes with fancy bells and whistles. As mentioned earlier, grill cleaning robots and motors are designed for added convenience, but they may not be durable and effective in the long run.

4. What’s your Budget?

Since grill brushes are often replaced due to wear and tear, it’s common to find them in the low price spectrum.

Brushes under $10 typically hold up well for one season before you need a replacement. Unless you’re strapped for cash, shelling out a few more dollars is worthwhile as you’ll find the majority of grill brushes between $10 and $20. Above $20 you get brushes with exceptional features on them, like top-quality wood, innovative synthetics, ergonomic builds, and silicon cushioning. If you want to go for motorized brushes, there’s a steep surge of price points, with models ringing in at $100 and above.

Best Grill Brush FAQs

What kind of brush do you use on a stainless steel grill?

You can use a stainless steel brush on a stainless steel grill as the bristles are stiff and effective at removing dirt and grime from hard surfaces.

What can I use instead of a metal grill brush?

Instead of a metal grill brush, you can use a wooden variety or opt for alternatives like crumpled aluminum foil balls or even scouring pads.

Do I need to clean my grill brush?

Yes, every time you use a grill brush, you must do a quick cleaning by rinsing it off thoroughly to help preserve the bristles for longer.

How long does a grill brush last?

A grill brush should last you one season since the bristles may start getting loose. However, high-end models are backed by 5-year warranties.

Which wire brush removes rust?

A stainless steel or carbon steel brush can do the job of removing medium-duty to tougher rust effectively from grill surfaces.
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