Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles in 2023

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Updated May 4, 2023

Finding the best GPS trackers for motorcycle use involves considering the location and security features you need for your bike. We recommend that you look at how fast the device can provide real-time GPS coordinates and what kind of historical tracking data is accessible. Additionally, you need to look at the tracker’s power source and consider models with a long battery life and good battery monitoring features.

After analyzing over 50 trackers of varying prices and with varying features, we’ve concluded that the Spytec GL300 is the best GPS tracker for motorcycles on the market today. Keep reading about this model and the others that made our list of the best GPS trackers available. 

Top 10 GPS Trackers for Motorcycles

 #1  Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: Spytec has created a lightweight, discreet tracking device with fantastic performance, including fast data processing via the cloud and the ability to create custom geofences and tracking reports. Service is highly reliable and data is securely encrypted.

  • SOS button for emergencies
  • 24/7 alerts for entering and leaving boundaries
  • App uses fast cloud-based technology
  • Extended battery pack sold separately

The Spytec GL300 is an advanced GPS that does everything really well, starting with its super-fast real-time location updates every five seconds. This is a crucial feature if you need to track down a stolen motorcycle. You can also rely on its service that boasts a 99.99-percent uptime according to Spytec. That reliability extends to its lithium-ion battery, which lasts up to 2.5 weeks before needing to be recharged. You’ll receive alerts when the battery gets low and, if you need extra juice, you have the option to add an extended battery pack that lasts for an incredible six months.

Spytec compliments its device’s outstanding performance with very well-designed, feature-packed mobile apps and a web platform. The platform allows you to track in real-time, view historical data, create custom reports, and customize the notifications and alerts you want. You can also establish multiple geofences of any size and shape, and be alerted whenever the motorcycle is entering or leaving those zones. It also complements the best car trackers nicely.

 #2  Americaloc GL300W GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: Americaloc offers fabulous data storage that allows users to go back and find their favorite routes and search for other vehicle activities. Users are also provided with a ton of options for custom notifications, app alerts, and reporting to ensure you get the info you want and need.

  • Fantastic historical data storage
  • Create up to 100 custom geofences
  • App uses fast cloud-based technology
  • Platform takes time to learn

It’s hard to beat the Americaloc GL300W’s intuitive, highly-customizable route tracking and history features. Americaloc allows users to look at tracking data as far as a year back. Data is easily searchable by date and type of activity, such as location, parking, motion, entering or exiting geofences, and instances when the motorcycle exceeded speed limits.

Americaloc is superb when it comes to the use of geofences. You can have up to 100 unique boundaries at once of any size or shape and receive immediate alerts via text message, notification, or email when the tracker leaves one of those areas. Americaloc’s platform also lets you create custom routes and makes sure that the tracker is following the route exactly. All of these features are fabulous for tracking trips and navigating, as well as for security. If you’re also a cyclist, you may be interested in our best GPS tracker for bikes buying guide.

 #3  Amcrest GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: In addition to building a durable, discreet, and speedy tracker, Amcrest has designed a fantastic app experience that gives you access to dynamic live tracking and the ability to replay past routes.

  • Ultra-sensitive 3-way accelerometer
  • Replay past trips in real-time
  • Generate custom reports in the app
  • Magnetic case sold separately

If you’re looking for fabulous app features with a great user interface, the Amcrest GPS Tracker has the best motorcycle GPS tracker app available. The app is intuitively organized into sections according to the device’s major functions: map, trips, events, zones, and alerts. When you’re tracking in real-time, the app’s detailed maps — powered by Google Maps — offers standard, satellite, and hybrid views of the route. The trips section gives users an overview of past trips with the ability to search by date and view individual trips in further detail. You also have the option to “Run Trip,” which replays the route on the map. You can also plan routes before you head out on the road.

Additionally, the app provides fantastic extra features for customizing reports and alerts to your needs. Of course, all of this functionality is enabled by the actual device which operates on quad-band technology for superb speed, reliability, and little to no latency. This durable IPX5 waterproof device is ideal for placement on the exterior of a motorcycle. The battery is rated to last around 14 days before needing to recharge and its smart power features automatically put the tracker in sleep mode when not in use to save energy. And if you catch yourself misplacing your phone with any frequency, the best GPS phone tracker is another item to add to your list.

 #4  Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Optimus 2.0 is a fantastic motorcycle GPS device with a great price tag and offers a very reasonable subscription for reliable, fast GPS service. It has impressive advanced features for the cost.

  • Low, no-fee monthly subscription
  • Dual-magnet case mount included
  • 10-second location updates at no extra cost
  • Recommended to use case for durability

The Optimus 2.0 tracker is an extremely reliable device, highlighted by fantastic battery monitoring features and a built-in accelerometer for great insights into activity. The range of features may come as a surprise given its price point, especially considering that it also comes with a dual-magnet case for easy mounting on your motorcycle. Optimus offers a low monthly subscription fee for GPS access, which doesn’t require a contract and can be canceled anytime. Even then, you get location updates every 10 seconds.

In addition to getting a lot for its affordable price, you get a lot from its lithium-polymer battery that lasts two weeks on a single charge. Battery level monitoring is easy as you can view the exact percentage of power remaining and request notifications when it reaches certain levels. The tracker’s accelerometer toggles the device into power-saving standby mode when the vehicle isn’t in motion, an excellent feature for preserving the battery. For the dog lovers among you, our best dog GPS tracker is another must-have item to keep your pet safe.

 #5  LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: Don’t worry about buying a mount, case, or installing hardware with the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, as its built-in, super-strength magnet allows you to set it anywhere on your bike and start using it right away.

  • Built to withstand extreme weather
  • Super-strength magnet for easy placement
  • Accurate tracking within feet
  • Must use web platform to use all features

LandAirSea 54 is a textbook example of a tracker with an excellent all-in-one design with a lot of convenient features. With a 2.25” circumference and 0.8” thickness it’s one of the most compact, discreet devices you can get. That makes it all the more impressive that it has a super-strength magnet for mounting built-in to the unit. Installing the LandAirSea tracker on your bike is as simple as placing it in the exact spot you want and letting go. The magnetization is strong enough that it will remain securely on the motorbike in all conditions. It’s encased with protective, waterproof material to withstand the elements.

Great two-week battery life allows you to leave the tracker in place for a while before worrying about a recharge. You can even extend its internal battery life when you’re not using real-time tracking, as it will automatically switch to Low Power Mode to conserve power. When you do use it for tracking, you’ll receive extremely accurate location data within six feet of the motorcycle. If you’re a hiking aficionado, the best GPS tracker for hiking is another option for you.

 #6  Trak 4 GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Trak 4 GPS Tracker is built to last, both in terms of battery life and durability. Receive custom, daily reports to keep tabs on your motorcycle without having to charge it for at least a year.

  • 18-months of use on a single charge
  • Commercial-grade weatherproof exterior
  • Customize updates to optimize battery life
  • Heavier than other trackers
  • Large logo may be unattractive for some

Simply put, the battery life for the Trak 4 blows everything else out of the water. Even with daily reporting turned on, the lithium polymer battery will last an incredible 12 to 18 months before needing a recharge. Location update settings are customizable at any time to help manage battery consumption. You’ll receive alerts via your preferred method of communication when the battery finally does get low. Easily recharge it with the included micro-USB cable.

Trak 4’s exterior is made from durable, commercial-grade material that’s 100-percent waterproof and weather-resistant. It has built-in screw mounts if you’re looking for a more permanent attachment method, or you can opt for its convenient adhesive magnet mounts. The device will check-in daily even when you’re not using the motorcycle at all, offering great peace-of-mind for times when you can’t ride frequently. For people with multiple motorcycles, you can track several devices at the same time through the mobile app, so you can make sure all of your bikes are secure all-at-once. We think if you’re going to invest in the best motorcycles, it’s important to keep them safe.

 #7  Tkstar TK905 GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Tkstar TK905’s anti-theft features, like its shock sensor that alerts you of potential theft and tampering, are ideal for protecting your motorcycle no matter where it’s parked.

  • Remote audio monitoring
  • Shock alarm to dedicate theft
  • Up to 60 days of battery life
  • Need to buy SIM card separately
  • Setup can be confusing

The Tkstar tracker gives motorcyclists the ultimate peace-of-mind with a long list of security alerts. Users can create custom safety zones of any size and around any location, like your home, parking lot, and garage. The device will send out an alarm if your bike leaves that zone without authorization. Even more impressive, the TK905 uses a hyper-sensitive motion tracker to send alerts when the vehicle moves or when it senses shock, such as when someone is trying to steal the bike. Sensors can be triggered even when the tracker is in sleep mode.

Tkstar also allows you to monitor audio around the device remotely, so when you receive a security alert you can choose to listen in to hear what’s going on. All of the device’s security settings and alerts are easily customizable; and manageable via its dedicated smartphone app. In addition to its durable waterproof IP65 casing, Tkstar has five magnetic pieces built-in for easy and secure mounting. If you’re a parent, security is especially important to you. Check out our best GPS trackers for kids buying guide to see more tracking options.

 #8  PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: This PrimeTracking GPS Tracker has fantastic live tracking and route monitoring features for your motorcycle and more. When you’re not riding, you can easily use it in the car, on your person, or to track virtually any other asset you want to protect.

  • Unlimited distance range
  • Reliable signal when placed inside or outside
  • Sensitive speed and motion detection
  • No built-in mount or case

For motorcyclists who want the ability to use their trackers for other purposes from time-to-time, PrimeTracking’s device is lightweight and compact enough to do so easily. Location tracking is equally reliable and accurate whether the unit is placed externally or inside a bag, glovebox, or pocket. At just 3” long, you can easily conceal it from view no matter what you’re tracking.

The device works fast at processing location data with virtually no latency. The PrimeTracking app, which is powered by Google Maps, is great for route tracking on your mobile phone and has a friendly interface. You can even set a predetermined route before heading out so you can make sure you’re staying on course and get alerted if you’ve gone too far. If you throw the device in your motorcycle bag, it will seamlessly transition even when you move the bag off the bike to recognize differences in speed and activity. The variety of features makes this an ideal option for a variety of uses and for any type of motorcycle. If you’re a cat owner, we also recommend this best cat GPS tracker in the event your feline friend goes roaming.

 #9  Trackmate Mini 3G GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Trackmate offers fantastic additional anti-theft features by being hardwired to your motorcycle, including the ability to know when the bike is being turned on and off. You also don’t have to worry about battery life as the device is powered by a motorcycle battery.

  • Remote ignition cut-off
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Dust and waterproof IP65 exterior
  • Must follow the manual to install

The Trackmate Mini is specifically designed to hardwire to a motorcycle, giving you access to features that other battery-operated devices don’t have. This tracker wires into the ignition, which allows you to detect when the bike is being turned on or off. One of its special features is if you get an alert that the ignition is starting without authorization, Trackmate enables you to cut it off remotely via the app and web platform.

Another benefit of this hardwired tracker is that it’s powered off of the bike so you don’t have to worry about charging it. For added dependability, Trackmate has its own built-in back-up battery so that you can still track your bike and receive emergency alerts even if it becomes disconnected from the bike. You’ll receive alerts in the event that the device is tampered with or if its wiring is disconnected. Given its compact size, however, it’s virtually inconspicuous when mounted on a motorcycle.

 #10  goTele GPS Tracker for Motorcycle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The goTele’s extremely rugged design is likely to withstand whatever motorcycle adventure you throw at it. It also has great features for keeping you connected even when in remote locations.

  • Water, shock, dust, and impact resistant
  • Access to offline map tracking
  • Operates without cellular service
  • Learning curve when getting started

For motorcyclists who frequently ride off the beaten path, the goTele bike GPS is a quality product that withstands harsher conditions, including rough elements like heavy rain. It all starts with the device’s durable weatherproof design that’s waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant. It can resist temperatures as low as -4 degrees and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s designed for tough outdoor conditions for extended periods of time, which is great for adventure touring.

The company goTele uses a combination of GPS and radio frequencies to pinpoint and track location even when outside of the cellular or Wi-Fi service range. It also gives you the ability to access offline maps. These features are incredibly useful for those who like to take long country rides in the middle of nowhere. You can still be assured you’ll find your way and be able to log your route and trace it back if necessary.

How We Decided

One of the priorities when purchasing a GPS tracking system for your motorcycle is security. GPS devices can help law enforcement track down a stolen motorcycle so long as the device provides an accurate location and long-range. We only considered trackers with GPS technology because they use geolocation to provide real-time location updates with virtually limitless range. A cellular GPS tracker, on the other hand, will become disconnected if it is out of its carrier’s network range. Some GPS models will also include a sim card so you can use cellular data as well.

All devices considered had to have both iOS and Android mobile apps for monitoring and accessing the tracker’s features, as well as a web platform. The interface must be intuitive and allow users easy access to live tracking as well as additional features like geofencing, smartphone notifications, and more.

Battery life and battery settings were important considerations in our research. Only devices that could achieve approximately two weeks of use on a single charge were considered. We also looked for battery-saving features, like an automatic standby mode when the device is not in use. It was important that you can monitor battery life easily and receive alerts when battery power is low.

Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Tracking Technology
    Trackers use different types of technology with varying degrees of speed, accuracy, and reliability. Cell phones, for example, are equipped with a wide range of tracking modes that enable users to track their own location or the location of others.
    • When buying a device for your motorcycle, make sure to consider how fast it can receive location updates so you can tell that you’re looking at your target’s exact location in real-time.
    • Most likely, you’ll want something that pings its location every 60 seconds at the slowest. Look for devices that use GPS geolocation.
    • Devices that only use cellular service can be less reliable if they go into areas with poor network coverage. That’s why, with a phone app and GPS technology, users can track their current location in real time on their mobile device with more accuracy.
  2. Security Features
    Many use trackers for the security features they provide. There are a number of preventative features you can consider, such as geofencing, motion detection, tampering alerts, and more. Make sure that you can customize the security alerts you receive and that they will be delivered instantly. Features like this can provide extra protection when your bike is parked out in the open or in an unfamiliar location.
  3. Battery Life
    Battery life is hugely important when it comes to the dependability of a tracking device. It is one of the first things you should look at when shopping for motorcycle trackers. Good battery life should be around two weeks. Look for features that help you save battery, such as automatic power-saving mode when the bike is parked and low battery alerts to tell you when you need to recharge.

GPS Trackers for Motorcycles FAQs

What is the best motorcycle GPS tracker?

The best motorcycle tracker has fast real-time location tracking and great security features. Features like this allow motorcycle owners to keep an eye on their bikes and are great for theft prevention. Most motorcycle GPS tracking devices are battery-powered, so the battery life of the device is important as well. A good battery life is around two weeks or more for a high-quality model.

How can I track my stolen motorcycle?

Trackers for motorcycles offer the best way of tracking down a stolen motorcycle. These trackers offer real-time information updates that show you the route of the bike and its current location, usually accurate to within 15 feet or less. Having a tracker on your motorcycle can help law enforcement agencies track down the bike and retrieve it for you. Ideally, a tracker’s theft prevention features will help avoid it being stolen in the first place.

Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a motorcycle?

Most good GPS trackers can be placed nearly anywhere on a motorcycle, though the ideal location to hide it will vary depending on the type of bike you have. GPS devices with a magnetic mount can be fixed to any safe metal part of the bike. A great, secure location is at the tail of the motorcycle. You can usually find a discreet place to mount your tracker on the underside of the bike’s tail.

What is the best anti-theft device for motorcycles?

The best anti-theft trackers for motorcycles have motion sensors that can alert owners when the bike is moved or being tampered with. Additionally, trackers that allow you to establish a geofence boundary around its parking spot are great for making sure the bike stays where it’s supposed to. Some trackers can be hardwired to the bike and allow people to cut-off the ignition remotely if it is started without authorization.
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