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Products Updated June 27, 2022
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To help you find the best garment bag for shoes, we have tried out a multitude of top products, preferring models with plenty of room to spare and those that are made out of high quality and durable materials, including breathable woven fabric. We also liked items that offer some form of water resistance and those that excel with the storage of a wide variety of clothing items, in addition to shoes, such as dresses and suits.The space in some of these bags makes them some of the best carry on luggage.

The best product we tried was the Univivi Garment Bag for Travel and Storage, which is made from highly breathable woven fabric, which helps keep your clothes fresh, and features two zipped pockets for shoes and assorted knicknacks. It also boasts a fabric handle and a foldable design, both of which help make it a perfect piece of carry on luggage for travel. Keep reading to learn more about the Univivi Garment Bag for Travel and Storage and the other products on this list.

Top 6 Best Garment Bag for Shoes Reviews

 #1  Univivi Garment Bag for Travel and Storage – Top Pick

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely high quality item, made from breathable woven fabric that offers some degree of water resistance and holds three to four suits or dresses, in addition to boasting two zipped pockets for shoes.

  • Water-resistant material
  • Two zipped pockets for shoes and related items
  • Made from breathable woven fabric
  • There are bigger bags on list
  • Plastic window detracts from breathability slightly
  • May be too narrow for thick coats

The Univivi Garment Bag for Travel and Storage is made from breathable and water-resistant woven fabric and has room enough for three to four entire outfits, including suits and dresses. The bag also includes two zipped pockets that can hold multiple pairs of shoes, watches and assorted knickknacks. We also liked several manufacturing choices that make this a perfect product to use as carry on luggage, including a comfortable fabric handle and a foldable design.

Though we appreciated the large PVC plastic window, which allows you to see exactly what is being stored in the bag, the size of the window could slightly impact breathability. Additionally, we found the bag to be slightly narrow, though this design choice should not impact clothing items other than thick coats. All of the best running shoe brand apparel should fit nicely, but as we said, breath-ability is an issue.

 #2  Sleeping Lamb Breathable Gusseted Garment Bag – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Made from tear-free fabric that holds up to daily use, with a large gusset that can hold up to seven hangers, along with accompanying outfits, and a convenient trifold design, which allows it to be used as a piece of carry on luggage.

  • Room for 7 hangers
  • Made from tear-free materials
  • Trifold design with 2 handles
  • Not water-resistant
  • No option for shoulder straps
  • Shoe pockets could be bigger

This Sleeping Lamb Breathable Gusseted Garment Bag is made from breathable and tear-free fabric, making it hold up well to the rigors of daily life. It features two zipped enclosures on the bottom for shoes and related materials and a large gusset up top that can hold up to seven hangers. This is also an appropriate choice to be used as carry on luggage, thanks to a trifold design and a pair of fabric handles.

While we appreciated that the polyester blend fabric resists accidental tearing, it is not rated to be water resistant or waterproof. Also, we found the shoe compartments to be slightly smaller than the ones found with our pick, which could impact consumers with large feet. So some may opt to go with the best weekender bag instead. Another carry-on garment bag is the NEWHEY Convertible Suit Travel Bag, which is a great polyester garment carrier for a weekend or business trip and has shoe compartments to prevent your clothes from getting stains.

 #3  WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bag – Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely high quality product, made entirely from imported fabric, with extra large compartments for shoe storage and room enough for up to eight suits, which almost might make it the garment bag for dresses.

  • Large dual shoe compartments
  • Made from imported fabric
  • Plenty of room for hangers and clothing
  • Height maxes out at 52” (top picks go up to 60”)
  • Cannot see through fabric
  • Heavier than top picks

The WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bag is made entirely from high quality imported fabric, a blend that contains polyester, which gives this item a truly luxurious feel. There is plenty of room for up to eight outfits, with hangers, and the two shoe compartments that run along the bottom are particularly large and should easily fit even extra-sized shoes and related materials. It’s also available in two colors, navy and black, both of which look fantastic.

Though there is plenty of room for suits, the height maxes out at 52 inches, which could be an issue for those looking to transport or store long dresses. This is also a heavier product than our top picks, clocking in at nearly two pounds. If you were looking for the best carry on luggage, this isn’t it. If you’re interested in another high quality travel garment bag, consider checking out the Hook & Albert Leather Garment Bag which has a main compartment that can fit up to two suits, two accessory zip pockets, and two shoe pockets that can fit up to a size 14. It’s large space and eccentric design makes it a contender for best garment bag.

 #4  Zilink Garment Bag for Travel and Storage – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly item that comes in a pack of two, each available in multiple length options (up to 60”) and boasts the same travel friendly foldable design as our top picks.

  • Comes in pack of 2
  • Available in many length options
  • Foldable design
  • Shoe compartments not as big as top picks
  • Cannot be placed in washing machine
  • There are wider bags on list

This Zilink Garment Bag for Travel and Storage is an extremely budget-conscious product, thanks to arriving in a multipack of two units. These bags feature the same foldable design as our top picks, making them ideal to be used as carry-on luggage, and are available in a wide variety of length options, from 43 inches to 60 inches, the latter of which being long enough to support extended dresses and the like.

Though the dual shoe compartments are of a high quality, and made from breathable mesh fabric, they are slightly smaller than the compartments found with our top pick, which could be an issue for some consumers. Additionally, this product is hand washable only and cannot be placed in a machine, which is typical of all of the best luggage. Another one of the best garment bags that’s foldable is the Blue Claw Co. Folding Travel Garment Bag on, which is made of a durable ballistic nylon. Aside from the main compartment that can serve as a suit carrier, there are zippered pockets for two pairs of shoes.

 #5  Seyfocnia Carry On Garment Bag – Best Waterproof Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: Uniquely designed item that can transform from something resembling a standard piece of luggage to a garment bag, with an adjustable shoulder strap and waterproof materials running throughout.

  • Tear-resistant material
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Available in several color choices
  • Design may not be everyone
  • Shoe and toiletry compartments on smaller side
  • Fairly heavy, at 4 pounds

This Seyfocnia Carry On Garment Bag boasts a unique design that starts as a standard garment bag but can be rolled up into something akin to a typical piece of luggage. It is completely waterproof and made from a high quality tear-resistant fabric blend, with the ability to be purchased in a wide variety of different colors. We also liked the adjustable shoulder strap, which can be helpful during travel.

The unique design on offer does contribute to the product’s weight rating, however, as it weighs around four pounds, which is certainly on the heavy side. Additionally, the dual shoe and toiletry compartments are on the smaller side compared to some picks on this list. This may force you to also bring the best backpacks on your trip. If you’re willing to consider a rolling garment bag, check out the Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag, which is designed to be a tri-fold garment bag.

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 #6  Kimbora Breathable Garment Bag – Best for Tall People

WHY WE LIKE IT: Comes in a pack of two units, making this a great value, boasting length options up to 60 inches, which should suit the needs of tall consumers.

  • Multiple length options
  • Comes in pack of 2
  • Durable carry handles
  • Shoe and toiletry compartments smaller some picks
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant
  • Not machine washable, though can be spot washed

The Kimbora Breathable Garment Bag comes in a multipack of two units, making this a good value buy. Each bag features an adequate width and a 3.7” gusset, making this an ideal choice to store multiple suits or dresses. There are three length options on offer, maxing out at 60”, making this a great purchase for consumers of all heights. We also liked the large PVC plastic viewing window and the trifold design, both of which are features in line with our top picks.

Though these bags do feature dual compartments for shoes and toiletries, they are smaller than some picks on this list, which may be an issue for those with large feet. Also, this product is not waterproof of water-resistant so exercise caution during travel. This was almost the best bag for suit storage, but was edged out by our top picks for the reasons stated above.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we focused primarily on products with plenty of room for shoes, usually via a pair of bottom compartments. To that end, we enjoyed compartments that were breathable, and often see-through, materials, which helps to eliminate the kinds of musty odors that footwear can occasionally create.

We also wanted to make sure that these bags excelled with the holding of garments in addition to shoes. Most of the products we picked offer plenty of length options, up to a maximum of 60 inches, which is perfect for consumers of all heights and for those looking to store long, flowing dresses.

Finally, we took great consideration in making sure these items were good choices for both storage and traveling. To the former, we looked for products with large gussets that can hold plenty of hangers and, accordingly, outfits. To the latter, we preferred items that neatly fold up, making them suitable to be presented as carry on luggage, often featuring dual handles for easy transport.

Garment Bag for Shoes Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Shoe and Toiletry Compartments
    If you are buying a garment bag primarily for the transport and storage of shoes, you are going to want to make sure that the product offers dual compartments. While one compartment is usually designated for toiletries, they are often the exact same size so, essentially, you get two shoe compartments. Additionally, look for compartments made from breathable mesh fabric, as this can cut down on musty odors, which can accumulate over time with footwear.
  2. Carry On Luggage
    Many of the above products can be hung in a closet for the purpose of long-term storage but can also fold, or otherwise transform, into something suitable to be carried on to an airplane as luggage. These products usually feature a trifold design that reduces the chance of creating large creases and wrinkles in clothing, in addition to large fabric handles, which are great for lugging the item around a busy airport.
  3. Clear Windows and Other Useful Features
    Many of the above garment bags feature clear windows, so you can see what is being stored at a glance. They also boast a number of other useful functionalities, including water-resistance, in some cases. Many products are also made from ultra-durable fabric blends, which include nylon and polyester, as this can help prevent accidental tears and other damage.

Garment Bag for Shoes FAQs

Do these bags help protect against moths?

Absolutely. These bags are typically made from breathable mesh fabric and, while porous, will still work to keep away curious insects, including the notorious common clothes moth.

Are garment bags considered carry-on luggage?

While each airline has their own distinct rules, with varying degrees of nuance, garment bags are typically able to be carried on to an airplane, as opposed to being checked.
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