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Updated: Nov 13, 2023 7:54 AM
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The best gaming glasses you can buy today are the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses. They are our top pick thanks to their excellently tuned low color distortion lenses, block UV from fluorescent lighting, reduce glare from screens and ultimately do a superb job blocking blue light to help you stay focused. These are some of the features you find in the best gaming accessories.

To help you find the best gaming glasses on the market we compared top performing glasses from Gunnar, Coasion, PlayStation and more. We evaluated them for long term comfort, visibility and effect on eye strain and fatigue. To further round out our list of the best blue light glasses, we also kept an eye out for the best cheap gaming glasses as well as for prescription gaming glasses. Keep reading to learn more about the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses along with the rest of the picks on our list.

Top 6 Best Gaming Glasses

 #1  J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: These advanced blue light blocking glasses are available with low color distortion lenses that preserve “true” color vision while blocking up to 90 percent of the most harmful, high energy blue light rays.

  • Filters out 52- 62%UV400 rated for UV protection
  • Preserves natural-looking colors
  • Slightly less filtering than the Gunnar gaming glasses
  • Some might not like the slightly yellow appearance

Available in different levels of tinting, these blue light glasses come in handsome, classic rectangular frames that are spring-loaded for a comfortable, versatile fit for men and women alike. The low-color distortion lenses block 52% of blue light. They work well for computer work and general office tasks, as well as protecting your eyes from the high energy blue light that comes from fluorescent indoor lighting, and unlike some gaming glasses, they don’t shift the color spectrum or give everything a yellowy appearance.

These blue light shield gaming glasses are also available in a more intense tint, which blocks 62% of blue light overall but gives a little more of a warm tint to your field of view. Both versions block a full 90% of the highest energy and most harmful blue light. This light, with a wavelength of 400-430 nm, is sometimes called near-ultraviolet and is thought to be responsible for the eye symptoms associated with computer vision fatigue. These gaming glasses will help with the glare from the best Xbox one games.

 #2  Livho Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: The thin, vintage-style frames don’t obscure your field of view, and the UV-blocking lenses provide eye protection for gaming. They’re also stylish enough to wear to the office and they’re comfortable enough for long hours at the computer.

  • Comfortable, adjustable nose bridge pieces
  • Non-polarized so no loss of screen view
  • Titanium alloy frame
  • Vintage round frames may not be to everyone’s taste
  • Not as glare-reducing as tinted gaming glasses

These gaming glasses are a convenient and comfortable way to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and headache risk for those who put in long hours staring at screens. Especially if you work in an office or your monitor lacks a blue light filter, you may find great benefit from these blue light blocking glasses. Said to help with sleep quality and energy levels, as well as preserving the eyes from UV-damage, they’re an essential gaming and computer accessory. If you’re a PS4 owner, pair these together with a PS4 headset with mic for comfortable and optimal gaming.

With lightweight titanium alloy frames, these glasses are comfortable for long term use. Their unassuming vintage style is a nice contrast from the somewhat cheesy plastic look common among cheap gaming glasses. That said, the mature style isn’t for everyone, and some may prefer the Ray Bans-inspired look of the Playstation gaming glasses (our #2 pick.) To upgrade your gaming audio, you’ll want the best gaming headset too.

 #3  Numskull Official PlayStation UV and Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: An official Sony Playstation product, these gaming glasses are formulated to protect the eyes from damaging UV and excess blue light from monitors and mobile device screens. They work for PC and laptop users as well as for gamers.

  • Shifts color spectrum to enhance detail
  • UV 400 rated
  • Carrying case and cleaning cloth included
  • Made of plastic instead of metal as with the Livho
  • Fit can be tight for those with wider heads

These officially-licensed Playstation gaming glasses are highly rated for their eye protective effects as well as increasing the sharpness of on-screen detail and helping with motion tracking for more effective gaming. Unlike the clear blue light blocking glasses from Livho, these shift the color spectrum slightly. The resulting warmer view also reduces eye strain and helps with screen-associated insomnia.

Thanks to great sharpness and UV protection, these Sony Playstation glasses are among the best gaming glasses for hardcore gamers, twitch streamers, and eSports players. They also work well for those who work long hours at a computer, though graphic designers will have to keep in mind that they shift the color spectrum. If you’re a hardcore gamer, take a look at the best VR headsets.

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 #4  ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: These non-tinted blue light blocking glasses are durable and easy to wear, with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint coating. They also offer the additional benefits of UV blocking, glare reduction and LED flicker reduction, making them great for the office and home office use.

  • UV 400 rated blocking
  • Anti-glare lenses
  • Scratch and oil resistant
  • 56 mm lens is wider than some prefer
  • Doesn’t block as much blue light as some picks

Designed for improved health and productivity as well as sharper gaming performance, these blue light blocking glasses from AnyLuv have non-tinted clear lenses and offer UV-400 level UVA and UVB protection, reducing eye strain and fatigue and helping preserve visual acuity. They come in metal frames that have high quality yet lightweight feel.

With a blue light blocking rating of 45 percent, these gaming glasses filter the more energetic end of the blue light spectrum while preserving most of the natural appearances of colors. Unlike with the Playstation and the Gunnar Optics onyx gaming glasses, these don’t have a visible tint, so they look like “normal” prescription glasses. If you prefer to game on your computer, you could also take a look at the best gaming keyboard.

 #5  Gunnar Optics Riot/Onyx Gaming Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: These onyx-framed Gunnar gaming glasses are formulated to block the most energetic fraction of the blue light spectrum, with a 65% blue light blocking rating, the highest of any glasses on our list.

  • Highest filtration percentage on our list
  • Durable, three-barrel hinges
  • Ergonomic shape for long term comfort
  • Limited stylistic options compared to the Livho or Coasion gaming glasses
  • Not as detail-enhancing as the Playstation glasses

A dual purpose set of blue light blocking glasses for gaming and general computer and mobile device work, these optometrist-recommended glasses are FDA approved and designed to help you avoid insomnia and mental fatigue caused by the excess blue light emanating from screens and LEDs.

The Gunnar Opitks onyx gaming glasses come in a durable, humidity-proof, and lightweight polycarbonate frame and offer 65% blue light blocking, which is more than the Anyluv non-tinted glasses. Like all the best gaming glasses on our list, these are UV 400-rated for UV blocking. This helps ward off age-related macular degeneration and preserve visual acuity. You’ll for sure want to wear these when you’re gaming on your best gaming console.

 #6  COASION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: These gaming glasses have cool vintage style rims that allow them to work well in a professional setting and complement a variety of outfits, and they’re UV-400 rated as well, so they block harmful UV rays in addition to their blue light blocking properties.

  • Classic Wayfarer design
  • Stylish vintage-look design
  • Memory polymer TR-90 frame for comfort
  • Exact blue light filtering percentage not specified
  • Doesn’t provide as many of the sharpness benefits as the Playstation glasses

These are among the most stylish of the cheap gaming glasses on our list, a budget-friendly eye-wear choice that looks good at the office and on Zoom calls and Facetime meetings, while also helping to reduce the eye strain and potential long-term damage from blue light emitted by monitors and screens.

Their frames are semi-rimless, for a classic look made popular by prescription eyewear in the 1950s and 60s. The titanium polymer TR-90 frames are low-friction coated for easy fitting and have a shape memory that helps them fit comfortably for long term wearing. When you have these glasses, you might also want to use the best gaming mouse.

How We Decided

In order to pick the best gaming glasses for reducing eye strain and preventing computer associated vision syndrome, we set out a few basic qualifications. First, we required that the glasses actually block a portion of the blue light spectrum, rather than just adding a tint. Even the best cheap gaming glasses should offer genuine blue light blocking.

Second, we insisted on full UV protection, with the UV 400 standard as a minimum specification. This means the lens blocks nearly 100 % of all light having a wavelength of 100-400 nm. Blue light blocking glasses should additionally filter out some of the light with 400-500 nm wavelengths. Some gaming glasses give an exact value for how much of the blue light spectrum they block. Depending on use, you’ll likely want between 45 and 65% blue light blocking glasses.

We also only considered gaming glasses with lightweight, polycarbonate or preferably titanium polymer or alloy frames. We looked for comfortable, memory material nose bridge pieces, and hinges that were at least double barrel for longevity. The inclusion of a carrying case, cleaning kit, and eyeglass screwdriver were considered a bonus.

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Best Gaming Glasses Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Tint
    Some of the best gaming glasses, such as most Oakley gaming glasses and Nitebux gaming glasses, as well as the Playstation (our #3 pick) and the Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses (our #5 pick), have a visible tint, which shifts the apparent color of what you see. This means that as well as filtering out the upper end of the visible light spectrum, they modify how you perceive other colors, too. Some may appreciate the effect, finding it leads to less eye strain and allows for better focus. Others may need to see colors more “naturally,” and just want to filter out the very shortest wavelength and most harmful visible light.
  2. UV Rating
    For the best protection against age-related macular degeneration and to help protect against screen and fluorescent light-induced headaches and fatigue, the best blue light glasses for gaming will have a UV protection rating of UV 400.
  3. Full Rim vs Rimless
    Largely a matter of style preference, rimless or semi-rimless gaming glasses may offer a more “mature” and professional look, and maybe more compatible with prescription gaming glasses.
  4. Polarization
    Many of the best gaming glasses are non-polarized, in order to avoid interference with the light output from some monitors. Polarized sunglasses can actually render certain electronic displays invisible– this is much less of an issue with modern OLED and LCD screens, but many gamers find that polarizing sunglasses can cause some annoying loss of detail and contribute to a “flicker” effect.
  5. Anti-Glare Coating
    The best gaming glasses will come with an anti-glare coating, reducing the appearance of off-angle reflections. Depending on your ambient lighting, this can be a real issue with wearing glasses while looking at a computer screen.
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