7 Best Furniture Repair Markers in 2023

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Updated June 1, 2023

We assembled a list of the best furniture repair and furniture touch up markers and sets, preferring markers that are bleed-proof, non-toxic, come in a variety of wood-matched colors, are scuff and wear-resistant and proven to last, and are easy to use. We also liked sets that came with matching wax pencils for filling in deeper scratches and other damage.

Of those we researched, Katzco Furniture Repair Markers are the best furniture repair markers. We chose them because they’re exceptionally easy to handle and bleed-proof, are extremely effective with minimal effort, come in a set with a variety of wood-type matched colors, and are an excellent value. Keep reading to see what else made our list. We also recommend our guide on how to spot the best prices on appliances.

Top 7 Best Furniture Repair Markers

 #1  Katzco Furniture Repair Wood Markers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Easy-to-use, well-made markers that show results instantly, in colors perfectly matched to every variety of wood you’re likely to need them for, with a quick-drying and bleed-resistant formulation.

  • Comes with high-quality matching pencils
  • Medium-sized tips good for any size repairs
  • Quick-drying and bleed-resistant
  • Fewer colors than some on our list

Katzco Furniture Repair Markers come in a 13-piece set which includes 6 markers and 6 wax pencils and a high-quality sharpener for the pencil. The 6 colors featured range from light brown to black and are labeled with the corresponding wood they’re best suited for use with- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and black.

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It’s a fairly comprehensive kit and the markers are of the highest quality- one light coat will generally show the desired result immediately and it will be highly resistant to scuffing and other kinds of wear and tear, so you won’t have to be revisiting your repairs every few months. Some kits on our lists come with more colors, but these are the best performing furniture repair markers on the list. So, now you have a solution for scratches on any of your best little desks.

 #2  Ram-Pro Touch Up Furniture Repair Markers


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a high-quality set of fast-drying, no mess markers that comes with matching wax pencils and the extra-large tips making fixing larger damage areas easy.

  • Bleed-resistant
  • Matching wax pencils included
  • Fast-drying
  • Extra-large tips not suited to fine detail work

The Ram-Pro set includes 6 high quality markers with extra large tips and includes 6 matching wax pencils. The 6 colors are labelled to correspond to six common wood types and colors- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and black. We also loved the fast-drying formulation, which lets you see your finished result within seconds, letting you make adjustments quickly and without fuss.

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The extra-large tips will make larger repairs quicker and easier to do, but they may be less suited to smaller detail work, or to those with less steady hands. Still, it’s a great set of easy-to-use, mess-free markers that are ideal for big jobs you want to be done quickly. This kit will be perfect if your home is in need of any office repair.

 #3  RUYE Furniture Repair Markers


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality and durable set that comes with 17 individual pieces in a variety of unique colors, including cherry and walnut, with a quick-drying formulation that works to instantly remove stains and blemishes.

  • 2 extra tint options
  • Wax sticks and pencil sharpener included
  • Quick-drying formulation
  • Less of a value than other kits
  • Markers and pencils are slightly shorter than most on list

RUYE Furniture Repair and Touch-Up Markers come in 8 different colors with matching wax pencils for each- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, black, white, and gray. They’re high-quality, bleed-proof, and smudge-resistant, dry quickly, and excel at detail work. The set also includes 8 wax sticks, for additional variety, and a sharpener.

It’s a high-quality furniture repair marker set that offers more colors than most picks on this list, which includes the standard wood varieties plus white and gray.- The included pencil sharpener and wax sticks make it a great choice for people who need multiple repair options. , The slightly shorter size of the markers and pencils, however, may make them harder to use for larger hands. If your best portable desk is a bit banged up, this kit is the solution.

 #4  Rejuvenate Wood Repair Markers


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s an excellent paired-down set with ink formulated to combine hues better than most on our list and match wood types more accurately for more difficult jobs.

  • Designed for hardwood surfaces
  • Medium-width bleed-proof tips
  • Alcohol wipes included for easy cleanup
  • Wax pencils not included

Rejuvenate Wood Repair Markers come in the 6 most common wood types and colors- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and black, and they’re easy to use, with medium-width, bleed-proof tips and smudge-resistant, long-lasting coloring liquid. We also loved that the formulation allows for the easy blending of colors from different markers and that the set includes alcohol wipes for easy cleanup.

It’s the simplest, most pared-down set on the list, and while the lack of matching wax pencils may make them less versatile and useful for deeper damage, they’re the best furniture repair markers on our list for people with more unusual repair needs who need an easy-to-use, reliable solution. If you’ve been waiting to tackle that gouge in your best office chair, now you have your chance.

 #5  Daixi Furniture Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a good-quality set of easy-to-use, quick-drying, extra-long-bodied markers with matching wax pencils that are a great value for an effective repair solution.

  • Comes with all you need for most jobs
  • Mess-free and bleed resistant
  • Quick-drying formulation
  • Slightly lower overall quality than top picks on list

The Daixi Furniture Repair Kit offers 6 furniture markers and 6 wax pencils in the most common wood types and colors- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany and black. At 7.8”, the marker cylinders are considerably longer than any others on our list, which makes them perfect for those with large hands, and the set comes with a sharpener for the wax pencils.

It’s a fairly comprehensive set of good quality markers and pencils- though not as finely crafted as the top offerings on our list. Additionally, the extra length makes them easy to use for those with larger hands, but those with smaller hands may find the opposite is true. Regardless, for a complete set of markers and pencils with a sharpener included, in all the most common colors needed, it’s a great budget-friendly choice for anyone who needs a solid set for a variety of uses. This repair kit could definitely be used to cover up scuffs in your best standing desk.

 #6  Nadamoo Furniture Repair Markers


WHY WE LIKE IT: A comprehensive kit that offers more options for difficult or unusual repairs than most on our list, shipping with 8 wood color options and matching wax sticks.

  • Dries in seconds
  • Sharpener for wax pencils included
  • Includes 2 extra tints
  • Slightly shorter than others on the list

Nadamoo Furniture Markers come in 8 different wood type and color options- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, black, white, and gray, the set includes matching wax pencils for each and a sharpener. The markers and pencils are made to be easily blendable, making them excellent for unusual jobs and detail work while still being easy to use.

It’s a comprehensive set with more colors than most on the list and the extra blend-ability of the markers and pencils will come in especially handy for those with less common repair needs, though both the markers and the pencils are shorter than most on our list. The somewhat short marker length, however, may not make them perfect for consumers with large hands.

 #7  Jobar International Repair System

Jobar International Repair System


WHY WE LIKE IT: A good-quality and easy to use set of markers suited for unfussy repairs on a variety of wood types, with wide tips that are perfect for large repair jobs.

  • Wide tips for covering lots of surface area at once
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Matching wax pencils included
  • Not as good for detail work as some
  • Pencil sharpener not included

The Jobar International Repair System consists of 6 wide tip markers and 6 wax pencils in the most common wood types and colors- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and black. The markers are bleed-proof and will resist most minor scuffing and smudging for long periods of time.

It’s a solid set of furniture repair markers that will handle most common repairs. The wide tips make them especially good at covering large areas quickly, though they’re less suited to detail work than most on our list. Still, it’s a good-quality set and a good value for unfussy, fast repair work that will work for the most common of repair scenarios.

How We Decided

Wood furniture, whether it’s antique or modern, adds character and style to any home, but it’s also subject to wear and tear that can leave ugly scratches and blemishes and ruin its appearance quickly. Getting furniture repaired or replaced professionally is an expensive, tedious proposition. So furniture repair and furniture touch-up markers offer a low cost, an easy-to-use alternative that anyone who’s used a sharpie should be able to do with relative ease.

For the purposes of our list, we preferred markers that come in a variety of colors, are scuff-resistant, bleed-resistant, non-toxic, and are made specifically for wood repair. General-purpose permanent markers aren’t made for use in wood repair and cover-up and will more often than not make the damage look worse.

We also favored marker kits that come with matching wax pencils for filling in deeper repairs, include a sharpener for the wax pencils, and whose colors are labeled to the corresponding variety of wood they’re best suited for.

Finally, we liked markers with wide tips for faster application on larger damaged areas. We also favored markers that are fast-drying and mess-free so that even beginners can get great results with little effort or hassle.

Best Furniture Repair Markers Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Easy To Use
    Furniture repair markers are effective tools to fix scratches and blemishes but a poor quality marker will be more likely to bleed extra liquid and generally make more of a mess, making the repair job a lot harder and require a lot of cleanups to avoid leaving extra stains you’ll have to use caustic materials to remove. Make sure the markers you buy distribute coloring evenly and slowly to avoid creating more of a problem than you started with.
  2. Includes Wax Pencils
    You won’t always need them, but very often you’ll be repairing scrapes, scratches, or holes where a good amount of the actual wood has been removed, and this is where wax pencils come in. The wax pencil functions somewhat like wood putty- it’s used to fill in deep scratches, holes, and chunks before applying the full coloring with the furniture marker. It’s pretty close to a necessity for many repairs and any quality set of furniture markers should come with a matching set of wax pencils in the corresponding colors. Many sets will also include a sharpener for the pencils, which is also very handy for keeping the pencils precise.
  3. Non-Toxic
    It may seem like a no-brainer but furniture repair markers are essentially wood finish in marker form- while most markers are made with non-toxic materials, it’s a good idea to always check for any warnings their descriptions may contain- especially if you have children or pets in your home.
  4. Permanent, Scuff-Resistant, and Purpose-Built
    Purpose-built furniture repair markers are not like school markers or laundry markers- they’re basically a wood finish and, like wood finish- become darker in color the more coats you apply with them- and they should also be permanent and resistant to fading or discoloration over time. Finally, they should be tested to be resistant to scuffing and wear- especially if you’re using them for floor repair- although no markers will be 100% resistant and it’s entirely possible for a repair to be ruined by another accident. Most commercially available brands will absolutely fulfill these requirements, but before you buy, it’s good to make sure what you’re buying is a marker made specifically for the purpose and not a coloring-book grade marker that says it’s for furniture.
  5. Variety Of Colors Matched For Wood Types
    Obviously there are a huge variety of woods in the world, and a lot of shades of each, so unless you’re buying one marker for one specific task, make sure the set you buy features a decent gradient of colors. A light brown marker won’t do the job for mahogany or ebony, just as a charcoal-black one won’t work for tiger maple. Again, most furniture repair marker sets come with five or six colors ranging from light to dark and in a few different hues, and usually, those colors are labeled with the corresponding variety of wood they’re best suited for, to take some of the guesswork out of deciding which to use.

Furniture Repair Markers FAQs

Do I need wax pencils?

Not all furniture repair and touch-up markers come with matching wax pencils, which can keep the cost of a set down, but markers alone aren’t always effective for deeper scratches and damage, which is where wax pencils come in. Generally, the wax pencil is used to fill in the depth of the damage using the corresponding color or wood type label- a bit like wood putty- then the marker is used to apply the finish coat over the wax, resulting in a repair that fills in the missing wood and masks the color difference.

Why markers instead of professional repairs?

A lot of furniture damage that may only be aesthetic can still require replacing entire sections of your furniture, which can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas a good set of furniture repair markers and wax pencils can produce the same results for a tiny fraction of the cost- and the satisfaction that you did it yourself.

What is the best furniture repair marker kit?

The best set we found for the best value is the Katzco Furniture Repair Marker Set, which offers the best quality markers and wax pencils available that excel at all kinds of repair challenges and are easy to use and mess-free even for first-timers.

Who are the best furniture repair kit manufacturers?

The best furniture repair kit manufacturers are Katzco, Rampo, and Ruye, who offer excellent furniture repair and furniture touch-up markers and sharpies in the most common wood colors as well as colors like grey and white for less common items and wood finishes. Another great manufacturer of repair, touch-up, and finish repair markers and sets who didn’t make our list include Ideaworks, who offer affordable and high-quality sets similar to those on our list. If you’re looking to buy in person, Lowe’s is a great place to start, and they generally carry all of the items on our list, as well as other popular brands.
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