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Updated January 24, 2023

Looking for the best free PC windows games? Maybe you just got a new Windows hybrid or you’re really looking forward to making the best use of Windows 10, Vista or heaven forbid, XP. Here are some of the top free PC games to download and play.  And yes, of course they are free games and you can download many of the video games as full versions. For a variety of the most popular games, check our list of the best video games.

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1. Dota 2


Dota 2 is one of the more popular free windows games in the MOBA genre (multiplayer online batter arena), due in large part to its free download and the work Valve has done to keep the game balanced and interesting. In fact, that may be an understatement as many consider it to be one of the best video games out there at the moment. There are more than one hundred different characters to choose from and a vast variety of potential tactics for every battle, which makes this game one of the best free PC games and our Top Pick. The game is also addictive and highly enjoyable if you like the ultra-strategic fighting styles. Of course, if you prefer other MOBAs there are other free downloads in this category, too, such as League of Legends. You may compare this to other games by reading our list of the best video games of 2014, why they are special, and where you can find them for yourself or for friends.

You can download Dota 2


2. GT Racing 2

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GT Racing 2 is, of course, a racing game, but with an element of realism that others rarely possess. Designed to be used on handheld devices like Windows hybrids and tablets, the game offers cars for 30 different manufacturers, including Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and others. There are a ton of events, too, includes classic races, pvp racing, and 1,400 different options in all. The game is updates each week with 28 new challenges to keep the race interesting. Do you want to get your rampage on while playing GTA 5? Get the best GTA 5 cheats.

You can download GT Racing 2


3. FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

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Moving on to the sports genre, here’s another of the touchscreen-oriented Windows 8 games worth your time. Yes, FIFA games tend to be console-focused, big titles that cost lots of money, but Ultimate Team is an alternative, a free download that allows you to build your own team by playing and winning competitions. Wins allow you to accumulate points and hire new, famous players to improve your own roster until you become unbeatable. It’s a great choice if you can’t get your FIFA fix elsewhere. Have you just bought a new Xbox? Browse our list of the best games on Xbox live arcade.

You can download FIFA 15: Ultimate Team


4. Dungeon Hunter 4


Dungeon Hunter 4 is one of the latest in a chain of “Diabloesque” fantasy games – well, Diablo 2-esque, more technically. There are four character classes, lots of battle skills to upgrade, lots of loot to find, and hordes of enemies to vanquish alone or with a team. The latest Dungeon Hunter also gets points for its friendly graphics (no matter your system) and easy learning curve. There are other dungeon crawlers available, but this is one of the best free games for Windows in the genre.

You can download Dungeon Hunter 4


5. Pinball FX2


Who doesn’t like a good pinball simulator? FX2 is just such a game, impressive with its mesmerizing and highly detailed graphics. You get the primary tables for free with Windows 8, but you can buy additional tables if you ever feel like spending money on the game (including Star Wars and Marvel tables). Otherwise – hey, it’s one of the free games for Windows pinball. Balls, lights and sound dance around. An hour passes. You know how it works.

You can download Pinball FX2

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6. Firefall


Firefall is an impressive free genre hybrid, a sci-fi MMO shooter in an ever-changing open world. Pick your class, go exploring, fight aliens, and join teams in complex combat to help make a different in this free-to-play journey. You can spend money on starter packs if you want, but the core game remains free to play. If you like your shooters but prefer an MMO environment to play in and thousands of other players to encounter, this is probably the game for you. The sci-fi art is also a breath of fresh air in a genre often clogged with samey trips through the same tropes.

You can play Firefall


7. TrackMania Nations Forever


TrackMania Nations is also a racing game, but it’s different from the average car-on-a-highway style seen so often. It’s more of an off-road adventure with loops, ramps, and rough and crazy roads. You can compete with the huge online pool of other players, build your own challenging tracks, and customize or paint your vehicle with great detail. Important point: The full game is only free at the right spots, like Steam.

You can play TrackMania Nations Forever

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8. Blacklight Retribution


Blacklight Retribution is a more traditional shooter for those who prefer the FPS genre but still don’t want to pay any money to play good games. This game is all about different types of crazy sci-fi weapons and exoskeletons, and how to use them to in team battles and much more. Other features let you customize your armor and weapons in great detail and even see through walls.

You can learn more about Blacklight Retribution

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9. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions


It’s time for a good old-fashioned card game…except on Windows, of course. If you enjoy Magic The Gathering is similar card games, you should definitely give this online version a shot. All the deep strategy elements are still present, but they are complemented by exciting new actions and graphics. Mix and match to create your own decks…but remember that you may have to pay to access all possible decks for the most content possible.

Learn more about Might & Magic: Duel of Champions


10. Alien Swarm


Pick your class, create a squad, and then work together to hunt down and destroy aliens with this free game focused on limited co-op action. The top-down perspective and strong, often haunting graphics make this game a particularly unique experience. The more you level up, the more weapons and equipment you can unlock for an increasingly complex experience with your friends or new allies.

You can download and play Alien Swarm

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