10 of the Best Free Mac Games

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Updated January 24, 2023

Mac games are fun, but free Mac game are better. If you are looking for a few extra games for your Mac laptop or desktop, but don’t feel like spending any more money, check out these top-tier options for your entertainment and action fix. For a variety of game choices, browse our best video games page.

1. Papers, Please


Papers, Please is not only one of the best Mac games, but one of the best small-time downloadable games to be found in recent memory. It had garnered tons of excellent reviews and high recommendations for its unique approach to gaming and fascinating design. Essentially, you are an immigration inspector working for a totalitarian dictatorship who must watch out for spies, escaped prisoners, and the like at your border station, reviewing documents and looking for important clues while trying to keep your job (and your life).

However, there is a caveat: This game is only sometimes free, based on various Steam deals – among other sites – and special discounts, so you’ll need to keep a careful eye on it. If you feel like paying, Papers, Please only costs $10, so it isn’t exactly unaffordable.


2. Team Fortress 2


And many rejoiced when Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play, allowing millions to waste as much time as they wanted with this gun-focused action game. TF2 is a great example of free Mac games, with complex team scenarios that are easy to play with friends and cater to players of all skills, with nine different classes and hundreds of various accessories to check out. It may not appeal to the more casual players, but it’s very easy to have a blast. All you need to bring is the bandwidth. Would you like to play older games that date back to the early 2000s? Check our best video games 2014 list.


3. Heroes of Newerth


Heroes of Newerth is a few years old, but is still excellent fun, especially for those who like a little bit of MMO mixed in with some tower defense. Teams are pitched against each other, made of up to five players, each who play Hero Units that manage their own platoons and attack bases. Leveling, gold, and skill customization is all included. Again, this isn’t the best game for causal players, but if you have a bit of time to waste and want a free, fun online game that gives you your fix of WoW without the price, try Heroes out.


4. Shotgun FunFun


Available for both Mac OS and iOS, Shotgun FunFun is almost exactly what you would expect. Jump and shoot your way through the platform, side-scrolling levels, wielding your trusted shotgun, unlimited ammo, and jumping skills. Can you defeat all the demon zombies, or just some of them? This is a more brainless option great for taking a short break or for comparing high scores with your friends. While the mobile version costs money, the Mac version is free to play!


5. Touchgrind


Touchgrind is a free game modded from an iOS version to create a Mac-friendly, top-down skating game. If you are a fan of skating or boarding games, by all means give this game a try. It’s one of the infamous games that are very easy to pick up, but can take ages to fully master and pull off impressive tricks, if you are into that sort of thing. If you aren’t, well – it is a free download.


6. Riven X


Riven, the spiritual (and literal) sequel to Myst, has been especially designed as a game for Mac with Riven X. If you love click-and-explore games with beautiful, deep worlds, this may be a great open-source torrent project for you to try.


7. SNES9x


The SNES9x emulator definitely deserves a mention on this list. It’s a huge project designed to let you play (with a few, ah, questionable downloads) a vast number of Super Nintendo programs on your PC or Mac. You can relive your childhood days, explore classic, or find a few genre favorites to keep you distracted. Emulators take a bit more work to manage and load than other games, but with some attention they are certainly worthwhile.


8. Shadow Era


Shadow Era is a free TCG or trading card game. If you have an ongoing love for card collecting and card battles and the other aspects of TCGs, then Shadow Era is a cheap, effective way of getting your fix. It also has a lot of other staples, such a fantasy story filled with crazy characters, spells, strategy, and all the other experiences. When it comes to long-term value for free games for Mac, Shadow Era is hard to beat.


9. Tetris


Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned game of Tetris? When it comes to free Mac downloads, you’re spoiled for choice in Tetris territory. There is the popular Quinn, which has some of the highest reviews, and the 3D Downfall, which has a lot of extra features. Even the original Tetris brand games sometimes go on sale for a free download.


10. YS Flight Simulator


When it comes to free flight simulators, it’s difficult to do better than YS Flight Simulator, which has a version designed for Mac. You can fly multiple missions from combat and support to intercept and online multiplayer flying. If you like simulators and love taking the action to the skies, try this game out.

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