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10 Best FPV Racing Drones in 2023

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When searching for the best FPV racing drones, you’ll need to decide on the features that are right for your usage. We recommend that you prioritize drones with brushless motors and frames constructed completely or partially with carbon fiber. Make sure you consider the camera quality and its transmission speed. Also, when buying an FPV racing drone always look at what is included in the kit. You may also want to check out our top-rated drones.

After researching a wide range of racing drone models with different features and at various price points, we’ve concluded that the Walkera F210 FPV Racing Drone is the best one you can buy on the market today. Continue reading for more on this model and our other top picks for the best drones on the market.

Top 10 Best FPV Racing Drones

 #1  Walkera F210 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Walkera F210 3D delivers outstanding performance from a ready-to-fly kit with optimized receiver responsiveness and fabulous flight customization options.

  • Carbon-fiber motor cover
  • Brushless 2500KV motor
  • Fast 5ms receiver response time
  • Goggles not included

This Walkera has a sleek, high-quality carbon fiber build with a fast motor and ultra-responsive transmission times. The drone’s quadcopter design has a completely centered point of gravity that offers stability and fabulous turning capability. Its carbon fiber build includes a motor cover to protect it from obstacles during flight, yet keeps the drone lightweight at only 370 grams, which is crucial for speed.

Speaking of speed, the Walkera F210 has a powerful, durable 2500KV brushless motor that will achieve peak speeds. This particular package includes a Devo 7 controller that facilitates a 5ms response speed and has intuitive, sensitive controls for competitive maneuvering. This drone offers the ability to view your flight in either 2D or 3D. When operating in 2D, you get a great flight time of up to nine minutes. When using 3D, you still get around five minutes of flight time. For filming capabilities with longer battery life, check out our best follow-me drone buying guide.

 #2  EMAX Tinyhawk 2 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Tinyhawk manages to fit a speedy brushless motor and 700TVL camera on its compact, lightweight carbon fiber frame. It’s well-paired with a responsive F4 all-in-one controller to deliver a dynamic flight experience. It’s not quite a top pocket drone, but it is pretty small.

  • Switchable VTX power
  • Flight controller with EMAX SPI Receiver
  • Fast 5ms receiver response time
  • Not very customizable

The EMAX Tinyhawk 2 has all the elements for fantastic all-around flight performance in a compact, aerodynamic build. Its high-performance starts with a powerful 7500KV brushless motor that achieves outstanding RPMs on its two-inch T-mounted propellers, allowing the drone to reach speeds of up to 50 mph. The frame is constructed of a mix of carbon fiber and polypropylene.

The included all-in-one flight controller features an EMAX SPI Receiver for quick, reliable transmissions for fantastic control and maneuverability. Its quick response time extends to its video transmission (VTX), powered by a RunCam Nano 2 camera, so there is virtually no signal lag during flights. You can also switch between three different VTX settings to adjust transmission speeds as needed. Users will get about 7 minutes of flight time from one charge and two rechargeable, lithium batteries are included with the unit. For more high-speed options, the best professional drones have incredible options as well.

 #3  ImmersionRC Vortex 180 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Everything about the ImmersionRC Vortex is light and easy, which allows its powerful 3500KV brushless motor to truly shine and achieve some fast in-flight speed.

  • Weighs only 270 grams ready-to-fly
  • Customizable components for peak performance
  • Speedy 5.8GHz antenna
  • Learning curve to operate

At only about 270 grams and 180mm in diagonal length, the ImmersionRC Vortex 180 is an extremely lightweight racing drone. That being so, its XNova 3500KV brushless motor assures that you don’t sacrifice any power or speed. While the drone comes fully assembled, tuned, flight-tested, and ready to fly, the nature of its build still gives you the flexibility to customize it in the future if so desired. Although, compare an RC Helicopter vs a drone to see which one works best.

Even at such a lightweight, this mini drone includes an integrated microphone and a FatShark 600TVL CCD flight cam. Video transmission is excellent and user-variable up to 600mW. It also offers patented Dynamic Power Control, which automatically adjusts video transmission power at different stages of flight. This goes a long way to optimize battery life. All features are extremely easy and responsive to control and view from the Synergy flight controller with full-graphic OSD. For additional lightweight options, check out our best foldable drone buying guide.

 #4  Arris C250 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you like to fly FPV racing drone courses outdoors, then you’ll appreciate the long-range transmission that this Arris drone provides. It’ll be hard put to lose your signal or your drone’s location with this kind of range.

  • Can operate a mile from receiver
  • Single-touch drone locator on controller
  • 700TVL high-resolution camera
  • Arms are a little narrow

If you’re looking for a ready-to-fly drone that will take you the distance, the Arris C250 is fully stocked and has an outstanding range of almost a mile. This is unlike the Parrot Anafi Drone, which has a range of 2.5 miles. That’s thanks to its high-performing transmission equipment, including a 5.8G 200mw 32CH FPV TX and Radiolink AT9S Transmitter. The video transmitter and antenna come fully pre-assembled on the drone and it transmits a full range of 40 channels you can use.

The included Arris XAT700M FPV Mini Camera has an excellent 700TVL resolution and a high-sensitivity sensor so that you can easily operate remotely even at long-range distances. This likely makes it one of the leading long-range drones. The included controller has a handy buzzer feature that helps you locate the drone in case of a crash. Capture all your flights with the best video camera and show off your flying skills!

 #5  EMAX EZ Pilot FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: This starter kit could be the best FPV drone for beginners, as it provides a high-performing, ready-to-fly drone from a top drone racing brand with lots of easy-to-use “training wheel” features to get you going.

  • Software caters to different user levels
  • Includes 5.8G FPV Goggles
  • Drone is self-leveling
  • In-flight battery life only four minutes

The EMAX EZ Pilot FPV Drone RTF Kit gives you, the pilot, everything you need to get flying right out of the box, and all from a leading FPV brand. This fantastic kit is built around the aerodynamic EX Pilot drone with four gyroscopic, self-leveling props that provide a smooth flying experience. The bundle includes a lot of extras, including a controller with one-stick technology, Transporter 5.8G FPV Goggles, a linear antenna, and all the other necessary accessories.

What is really great about this started kit is that the EX Flight control software allows less experienced users to rely on smart features that ease you into using your drone, making it one of the best drones for beginners on our list. Smart Height Assist technology allows you to set a height limit so that you can avoid getting out of control. The single-stick feature enables the drone pilot to steer using just one control stick, simplifying the process. The kit also includes two extra replacement props and all the power and charging accessories you need.

 #6  Hubsan X4 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Hubsan has made sure that pilots get the full visual experience of the near 40 MPH speeds of this drone by including a fantastic LCD screen and goggles to use during your FPV flight.

  • Record visuals onto SD card
  • High-speed video transmission to LCD or goggles
  • 300-feet of video transmission range
  • Wind can affect flight control

The Hubsan H122D X4 racing drone is a pro-grade model that provides drone pilots with excellent first-person visuals. The drone package is not only ready-to-fly, but it also includes a pair of HV002 goggles as well as an HS001 LCD display, making it a contender for the best FPV drone kit with goggles you can buy today. That gives users the versatility to control their first-person flight experience from the screen or via the goggles. The LCD screen mounts conveniently onto the controller and has an SD card slot that you can record your flights.

The drone itself has a built-in 720P high-def camera and employs fast 5.8Ghz video transmission at up to over a 300-foot range of distance. Those excellent visuals are put to good use with professional, dynamic flight controls, including the ability to maneuver difficult aerial tricks, spins, and flips, as you’re able to do with many of the best fixed-wing drones. The drone is fast enough to reach speeds of up to 40 MPH in flight.

 #7  Holy Stone HS200 FPV Racing Drone

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Holy Stone provides a top-to-bottom drone kit with all the equipment a newbie flyer needs to get in the air at a phenomenal price. The drone also offers an impressive range of flight features for great usability.

  • One-key take-off and return
  • Ready-to-fly package at an outstanding value
  • App and smart features included
  • Video transmission only through mobile device
  • Not suitable for professional races

The Holy Stone HS200 offers a fabulous, speedy drone experience at an excellent price point. At well under a hundred dollars, the kit includes a ready-to-fly drone, remote controller, and well-stocked supply of accessories, like propeller guards, replacement propellers, a smartphone mount, and even a screwdriver.

In addition to providing everything in its ready-to-fly kit, Holy Stone has thoughtfully designed the drone’s flying experience. The drone’s six-axis gyroscopic technology provides stability for novice fliers. It also has different modes you can toggle on to make for an easy flight experience, like altitude hold for in-place hovering and headless mode for simple navigation. Additional smart features are available through the drone’s dedicated mobile app, such as voice control and gravity sensor mode. It’s a great option if you’re looking for the best drone for kids who enjoy racing.

 #8  Walkera Rodeo 110 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Get the full picture with the Walkera Rodeo 110 from the real-time video it captures from a high-quality, wide camera. It will truly give pilots the panoramic feeling of being in an actual cockpit.

  • 5.8GHz video transmission
  • 600TVL HD wide-angle camera
  • Low-light image transmission
  • Controller and monitor sold separately

The Walkera Rodeo 110 has fantastic features to give flyers the expansive, bird’s eye view they’re looking for. It all starts with its fully-equipped 600TVL high-definition, wide-angle camera that transmits video in real-time. Users can toggle between 200mw and 600mw from a single switch on the drone’s controller.

It is compatible with high-speed 5.8GHz video monitors. Video is live-streamed directly to the monitor or goggles of your choice, giving you the option to purchase exactly the type of FPV equipment you want. The drone itself is constructed of high-impact resistant, lightweight carbon fiber and is very compact, measuring under four inches at its longest point. That being so, its brushless motor can power it to achieve outstanding speeds of up to 45 MPH. If you’re a Go Pro user, the best drone for Go Pro is another great option for you with great filmmaking capabilities.

 #9  Ruko U11 FPV Racing Drone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Drone users who want a very versatile flying machine will be very happy with the Ruko U11 given its outstanding camera quality, long flight time, and easy-to-use smart flight features. It’s a high-quality machine for photography, adventure, and recreational racing.

  • Longer operation via expandable power
  • Capture 4K photos and 2K resolution video
  • Wide-range of intelligent flight modes
  • Less powerful than dedicated racers

This Ruko drone is a fantastic device for those looking to satisfy their racing itch while still being able to use it for other purposes. The quadcopter design is lightweight, compact, and controllable up to a range of 300-meters. Flight experience is a blast and customizable with many different intuitive smart features, like optical flow positioning, GPS-based flight paths, Follow Me mode, Circle Fly, and more.

Those flight options cater nicely to many different usages, which you will definitely have to make the most out of its 4K UHD, FPV camera. It has a 90-degree adjustable view range and a uniaxial gimbal with shock absorption to keep visuals steady. You can record your video with the best micro SD card. Between that and its high-quality video, the Ruko is definitely a candidate for the best FPV drone for filming as well.

 #10  Snaptain S5C FPV Racing Drone

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Snaptain has built a drone designed to communicate and operate seamlessly with mobile devices. Its smartly-designed mobile app allows users to control the drone effectively and make use of a wide range of smart flight modes and features.

  • Built-in device mount
  • Voice controls and smart flight modes via mobile app
  • Record video footage directly to mobile device
  • Remote has somewhat basic controls

Snaptain offers a smart, intuitive, and feature-rich flight experience through the dedicated Snaptain Era app that’s compatible with Apple and Android devices. Users will enjoy advanced flight controls, like voice control, gravity control, 3D-VR compatibility, and the ability to select a range of intelligent flight modes. The video transmits in real-time to your phone or tablet and can be recorded and shared on social media platforms.

The included controller has a built-in, fold-out smartphone mount that is adjustable to fit pretty much any of the best smartphones on the market. This allows you to use your phone as a smart monitor with a controller. However, you also have the option to use your phone on its own to fly the drone and still achieve great maneuverability, including executing spins and flips. The drone’s built-in 1080P camera transmits stunning live video to your device.

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How We Decided

FPV racing drones are built differently than consumer photo and video drones. They are designed to be lightweight, fast, and provide an immersive first-person flying experience. In considering these drones, we looked at the type of drone and package it comes in, its motor, remote control, and battery. Camera quality was a consideration in our search as well, though most units have cameras with high enough quality for racing purposes.

Racing drones are sold in different ways. On one end, buyers have the option of buying a ready-to-fly kit, which includes everything you need to get started flying right away. Another option is called bind-and-fly, which includes the fully assembled drone but the controller is sold separately. More advanced users can buy kits that require some assembly or completely build the drone from scratch according to the specific individual parts they want.

We only considered ready-to-fly and bind-and-fly packages on our list. Next, we considered the drone’s motor. Racing drones can have either a brushless or brushed motor. Brushless motors are more durable, efficient, and require less maintenance compared to brushed motors. In terms of power, we considered drones with 1000 to 2300KV motors and compared brushed vs brushless motor drones. Generally, this allows a high-quality racing drone to reach speeds of around 75 miles per hour in the air. For remote controls, we looked at drones with a fast transmission speed between the transmitter and drone of at least 10ms.

Best FPV Racing Drones Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Package and Assembly
    Racing drones are sold in many different ways, so you’ll need to consider what’s included in your drone’s package when you buy it. Ready-to-fly drones come fully assembled and flight-tested, so they require no assembly or adjustment before use. These are the best options for beginners. Bind-and-Fly packages come assembled as well, but a controller is not included with the drone. For drone operators with more experience, this allows for choosing a compatible controller that suits their operating needs. From there, drones come in a range of kits that require actual drone assembly and the separate purchase of parts. Professional drone racers generally custom-build their drones part-by-part.
  2. Transmission and Control
    The benefit of purchasing a ready-to-fly drone racer is that you know that the drone, its transmitter, and the remote controller are compatible and perform well together without issue. Of course, advanced operators want to customize each component as that allows them to optimize performance. When buying a racing drone, make sure to look at the transmitter it uses, the antenna, and the video transmission speed. These parts affect usage and performance, including the distance range of the drone, battery life, responsiveness, and more.
  3. Material and Construction
    The material of the drone’s frame is an important factor in the device’s durability and weight. Most racing drones are at least partially constructed with carbon fiber because of the stability it provides while being an extremely light material. Additionally, you’ll want to look at how components of the drone are placed on the frame. Some components may be fixed onto the frame, but many racing drones allow for part removal and replacement. Inspect to see that parts like the battery, camera, and transmitter are secure and protected during flight.

FPV Racing Drones FAQs

What is the best racing drone to buy?

Each bag has its own cleaning requirements, but you can never go wrong with using an old toothbrush or rag and gently rubbing the product with a mix of lukewarm water and mild detergent. Keep these things out of the washing machine.

What is the fastest FPV drone?

The best FPV drones can achieve incredibly fast speeds. Professional racing drone pilots build their own FPV system that flies at speeds upwards of 100 MPH, which is the FAA’s limit for drone racing speed. Most ready-to-fly FPV drones can fly at speeds around 50 MPH, which is still outstanding for small quadcopters.

What are the best FPV goggles for drone racing?

FPV goggles provide an incredibly immersive flight experience when operating a drone. If you are using the goggles for a more casual, recreational experience, then any FPV racing drone kit with goggles will perform adequately. The competitive racing environment, however, requires more advanced goggles that you need to purchase separately from your drone. These goggles have super quick transmitters and receivers designed to minimize the latency of video transmission from the drone’s camera.

What does FPV stand for?

FPV is an abbreviation for the first-person view, which refers to the view you get when controlling a remote-controlled vehicle. For drones, the flight controller gives you a first-person view from the perspective of the drone as if you were in the drone’s position via its HD camera. FPV camera drones give users the perspective as if they were in the pilot’s seat of a plane.

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