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7 Best Foldable Makeup Vanity Mirrors in 2023

The best foldable makeup vanity mirror you can buy today is the Bestope Makeup vanity mirror. It features three magnification levels from 1X, 2X, and 3X, the ability to adjust the mirror up and down 180 degrees, a dimmable cool white LED light and chic rose gold finish. Keep reading to learn more about the other picks on this list. With our best picks, find the right vanity mirror that you can add to your list of bathroom essentials.

To determine the best foldable makeup vanity mirror, we looked at the following features: lighting, temperature, brightness, magnification, adjustability, power source, and additional accessories. While we know that LED lights are best for makeup applications, we did consider whether you could adjust temperatures and control the brightness. But core options like magnification and adjustable positions can also impact a mirror’s usefulness. And finally, power sources can determine how portable a mirror will be. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our top picks.

Top 7 Best Foldable Makeup Vanity Mirror

 #1  Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights


WHY WE LIKE IT: We think the fashionable rose gold finish storage tray in the base, and three magnifications makes this the best lighted makeup mirror.

  • Excellent illumination which is ideal for contouring
  • Three magnifications
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Limited to vertical rotation only

We think the Bestope vanity mirror is our Top Pick and the best lighted makeup mirror because it comes packed with features. In addition to being the only rose gold option in our guide, we like that it’s a tri-fold makeup vanity with four mirrors. You’ll get two 1X magnifications as well as a 2X and 3X panel. We also like that these mirrors are made of high definition glass.

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You’ll also get 21 LED lights that can be dimmed through the single touch button on the main panel. You can also rotate this mirror up and down 180 degrees. And as is fairly common with these foldable makeup vanity mirrors, you get a base that includes a storage tray and the ability to choose between two power sources – AAA batteries or USB. This means that you have the option to turn this into a portable mirror. This is one of the best-lighted makeup mirrors on our list.

 #2  AirExpect Makeup Vanity Mirror

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A folding mirror with 72 diffused LED lights, and storage in the base with a built-in anti-rolling tray to keep your most essential makeup brushes nearby.

  • Anti-rolling brush tray in base
  • 72 diffused LED lights with 3 color modes
  • 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification
  • Limited to vertical rotation only

Folding mirrors are all the rage these days, but we think the AirExpect makeup mirror vanity deserves to be the Honorable Mention because it also offers three color temperatures – white, yellow, and a white/yellow mix as well as an adjustable dimmer. This vanity mirror also has the most LED light bulbs. But more importantly, that light is diffused to help eliminate harsh lines. You’ll also like that this fold-out vanity offers four mirrors, two full-length 1X mirrors, and two half-length mirrors that are 2X and 3X.

We also like the fact that this mirror swivels up to 90 degrees and includes built-in storage in the base. But unlike most of the other models in this guide, the AirExpect mirror includes a brush tray with a raised design to keep your brushes from rolling around. And as is standard, this model can be powered by batteries or USB. You might also want the best smart toilet for your bathroom.

 #3  EmaxDesign Vanity Mirror


WHY WE LIKE IT: A portable vanity that features a dual power supply, four mirror surfaces with three magnification levels, and dimmable lighting that folds out to just over 12.5 inches in width, making it ideal for dorm rooms.

  • Small base makes this great for tight spaces
  • Can be rotated 180 degrees
  • 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification
  • Lighting output not as bright when running on batteries

Whether you’re a budding makeup artist or just like to get ready with plenty of light, the EmaxDesign vanity mirror is a great starter option that takes up very little space. We like that this is another dual-powered option that can run on batteries or USB and can also be rotated 180 degrees vertically.

You’ll like that this mirror features 21 bright cool temperature LED lights that can be dimmed using the single touch button on the main mirror. As is also common, you’ll get four mirrors with two full-length options that are 1X magnification and two half-length mirrors that are 2X and 3X. This tri-fold vanity also comes with a tray in the base. This will be the perfect place to do your hair alongside your best hairdryer.

 #4  Fancii Compact Vanity Mirror with Natural LED Lights


WHY WE LIKE IT: A small lighted compact mirror that fits in your pocket with 1X and 10X magnification, and includes a battery that charges via USB, making this the best travel makeup mirror.

  • Small and tiny for bags and even pockets
  • Dimmable diffused LED lights
  • 1X and 10X magnifications
  • 10X mirror isn’t lit

Diffused light is best for applying makeup — even on the go. But most of the mirrors in our guide, while portable, aren’t designed to be carted around regularly in your purse or backpack. The Fancii compact mirror is the best travel makeup mirror in our opinion because it’s small, features a diffused LED light, and charges via USB.

The handheld compact comes with 1X and 10X magnification mirrors. However, some people may not like that only the 1X mirror has the diffuser ring light while the 10X is not lit. But you’ll also like that this model automatically turns off when the lid opens and closes. Plus, the mirrors are treated to be scratch resistant and smudge-free — even if you’re the type who puts their fingers on the mirrors as you use them. When you’re getting ready in the morning, you may also need the best eye cream.

 #5  Absolutely Luvly Tri Fold Vanity Mirror


WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable mirror with a sleek modern design that offers a dual power feature while still providing three magnification levels makes this a great option for budget-conscious makeup mavens.

  • Sleek modern design
  • Diffused LED lighting
  • 1X, 2X, 3X magnification
  • Magnified mirrors aren’t lit

If you prefer a sleek magnified makeup vanity mirror that won’t break the bank, then we recommend the Absolutely Luvly Tri Fold Vanity Mirror. This Best on a Budget pick features all of the core features that you want in a folding vanity mirror but will make your wallet happy. As is common, you get a dimmable LED light, but this model features a diffuser for more even and consistent makeup applications.

We also like that you get four mirrors, two full-length 1X magnification options, and two half-length mirrors that are 2X and 3X. You’ll also like that you can vertically adjust this mirror up to 180 degrees. Choose between USB or batteries to power this mirror. However, this mirror requires AAA batteries. And you’ll also have the storage tray in the base of this mirror. Now when you’re using your best curling iron to get ready in the morning, everything will be perfectly lit.

 #6  Easehold Makeup Vanity Mirror


WHY WE LIKE IT: A bright 10X lighted makeup mirror with diffused LEDs and can be rotated vertically and horizontally makes this ideal for the most natural makeup application.

  • Offers the most adjustment options
  • Four magnification levels
  • Full diffused LED light
  • Lights may be dimmer when powered by batteries

We think that the Easehold lighted makeup mirror is the Best Quality pick in our guide because it offers the most angle adjustments. While all of the other mirrors in our guide can only provide vertical up/down tilt adjustment, Easehold is the only vanity that not only shifts up and down 180-degrees but the mirror can also be rotated between a horizontal or vertical position. And as if this isn’t enough, you also get four magnification options (1X, 2X, 5X, and 10X) thanks to an included removable 10X magnification mirror.

This 10X lighted makeup mirror features soft natural light diffused LEDs that emit a soft natural light, but you can adjust the brightness. You’ll also like standard features such as the storage tray in the base, and the ability to switch between UBS or battery power, although we did note that battery power can result in dimmer light output.

 #7  Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror


WHY WE LIKE IT: A flat fold mirror with four preset light settings and two magnification levels makes this the ultimate lighted magnifying travel makeup mirror.

  • Choose between 4 brightness settings
  • 1X and 5X magnifications
  • Fold-flat design
  • Electric powered only

Tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors are fairly popular, but they’re not necessarily the most travel friendly. If you’re not satisfied with a compact mirror such as our #4 choice, then we recommend the Jerdon tri-fold vanity mirror. We like that this gives you more workable mirror space, while also featuring an adjustable stand for easy angled use.

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We like that although this is a compact mirror, you get two magnifications between 1X and 5X. But most importantly, you can quickly choose one of four preset lighting modes: day, office, evening, and home. And that makes this the ultimate lighted magnifying travel makeup mirror in our guide. However, this is the only mirror in our guide that requires electricity to work.

How We Decided

Foldable Makeup Vanity Mirrors are a great way to improve getting ready for the day thanks to better lighting and angled mirrors. To create our guide, we focused on the following features — lighting, temperature, brightness, magnification, adjustability, power source, and additional accessories.

All of the foldable makeup vanity mirrors in our guide feature LED lights. However, our Honorable Mention and #7 picks are the only ones that allow you to adjust the color temperature. The remainder is limited solely to cool LED white lights. But, all of the models in our guide support dimming so you can control the brightness.

Magnification is an important feature since this will dictate how easily you can perform beauty tasks that require precision. All of the mirrors in our guide offer a range of magnifications. The most common option includes a 1X, 2X, and 3X configuration (Top Pick, Honorable Mention, #3, Best on a Budget, and #6). However, our #4 travel-friendly pick offers a 1X and 10X mirror, our Best Quality offers a 1X, 2X, 5X, and 10X, and our #7 pick offers a 1X and 5X mirror.

Next, you’ll want to think about how easily you can adjust the angles of your mirror. While all of the mirrors allow you to swivel the side panels, the most common adjustment is to shift your mirrors up or down between 90 to 180 degrees. Only our Best Quality pick can also support rotating the mirror into a vertical position as well as shifting the mirror up or down 180 degrees.

The power source is also important. You’ll find that the most popular option is a dual powered design. Except for our #7 pick, all of the other selections run off of USB and/or batteries — although batteries can vary from AA to AAA. Our #7 pick is the only electric-powered pick in our guide.

And finally, we looked at any additional accessories. The most common accessory we found was a built-in storage tray in the base of the mirror. Except for our #4 and #7 selections, all of our remaining picks come with this common feature.

Best Foldable Makeup Vanity Mirror Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Location
    Where will you set up your vanity mirror? Are you going to create a dedicated table or do you prefer to keep it as a portable option? The amount of space you’ll have for your makeup space will impact the type of vanity mirror you pick. Most folding makeup vanity mirrors are smaller options that are designed to save space. But if you know in advance that you’re going to use a smaller surface focus on smaller mirrors.
  2. Lighting
    Improper lighting can cause you to incorrectly apply your makeup. Most lighting is LED-based, but you may also want to consider whether you want diffused light versus visible bulbs. For best results, position your vanity near a window to take advantage of natural outside light for a more realistic view of your makeup. Avoid incandescent (traditional) light bulbs as LEDs more closely mimic natural light.
  3. Temperature
    With temperature, we’re discussing whether lighting is cool (bluish) or warm (yellowish). For makeup application, avoid warm lighting because it can create illusions that may encourage you to apply too much or too little makeup. Most beauty and lighting experts will agree that the best makeup lighting is cool in temperature since it best mimics natural outside light. However, some vanities offer daytime, indoor, and nighttime preset lighting options so that you can apply your makeup with confidence that it will look right no matter where you go.
  4. Brightness
    Using light that’s too bright or dark can also impact your makeup application. Most foldable makeup vanity mirrors are designed with dimmers so that you can adjust the lighting.
  5. Magnification
    Magnification isn’t a must-have feature, but it’s fairly common with foldable makeup vanity mirrors. For beauty tasks that require more precision like grooming your brows, or creating a cut crease, higher magnification is important. Magnification options can vary widely across manufacturers but the most common choices are between 2X and 15X magnifications.
  6. Additional Accessories
    This category also falls under a “nice to have” feature. Some makeup vanity mirrors feature nice add ons such as charging ports, the ability to connect your phone via Bluetooth to play music or answer calls, or even additional storage trays.

Foldable Makeup Vanity Mirror FAQs

What is the best lighted makeup mirror to buy?

The best lighted mirror will fit the dimensions of your workspace while providing proper light and the right level of magnification. In our guide, we nominated the Bestope vanity as our top pick because of the dimmable cool white LED lighting, three magnification levels, the dual power support and the sleek rose gold finish.

What magnification should a makeup mirror be?

This is going to depend on the types of beauty tasks you’re attempting to perform. But in general, a 5X magnification is ideal for basic grooming tasks. But for taming brows or applying eye makeup, you might be better served with a 7-8X magnification.

How do I choose a vanity mirror?

Think about where you plan to apply your makeup. Will you have a dedicated surface, or are you sharing it? Will you have a large area to work in or are you limited to a small surface area? Knowing this information will save you from buying a mirror — even a folding one — with a base that’s too large for your workspace. Also, think about if you want a magnification or lights. And if you do want lights, do you want to be able to switch lighting temperatures or adjust the brightness?

Is LED or fluorescent better for makeup?

Avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs if your main goal is proper makeup application. Fluorescent light (just like in retail store dressing rooms) is extremely unflattering and can cause you to apply too much makeup — creating a harsh effect. Instead, LED light most closely mimics natural sunlight, which is the best lighting for makeup applications.

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