7 Best Floor Sweepers in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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In order to help you pick the best floor sweepers, we’ve compared user and expert reviews and tested out the top-rated models. When compiling our list, we looked to see which one was the best hard floor sweeper, the best manual carpet sweeper, and also which models performed best for picking up stubborn pet hair.

Our top pick this time around and the best floor sweeper we’ve tried is the Bissell Natural Sweep. This fully manual and eco-friendly sweeper is compact, quiet, and performs equally well on carpets and hardwood flooring. Keep reading to learn more about other high-grade floor and carpet sweepers available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Floor Sweepers

 #1  Bissell Natural Sweep Floor and Carpet Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: Eco friendly, made from recycled materials and effective on carpeted surfaces and hardwood floors, this high-quality sweeper is a quiet and pet safe alternative to a vacuum.

  • PVC-free and made from 80% post-consumer materials
  • Wide, 9.5-inch sweeping path
  • Twin brush rollers for picking up pet hair
  • Weighs more than many competing manual sweepers
  • Lacks a touchless emptying feature

This simple, durable, and versatile Bissell natural floor sweeper is effective on high and low pile rugs, carpets, hardwood, and tile floors, so you can use it in just about any room. And unlike powered sweepers and vacuums, it’s virtually silent and uses no electricity. This is also among the best floor sweepers for pet hair of those we’ve tried.

It’s also especially eco friendly among manual carpet sweepers, thanks to its use of recycled plastics and lack of disposable parts. Bissell donates to a portion of this sweeper’s revenue to help homeless pets, which is a program we admire. To keep the rest of your house clean, you might also be interested in the best robotic window cleaner.

 #2  Fuller Brush Electrostatic Floor Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: Classic early 20th-century design plus a silent operation and effective dirt removal make this sweeper an excellent choice for quick clean up duties. It’s great for those who’d rather show off their carpet sweeper than hide it in a closet.

  • Ultra-quiet thanks to high-quality wheels and bearings
  • Soft vinyl bumper to protect furniture
  • Metal brush housings for durability
  • Lacks specialized pet hair catching brushes

This carpet and floor sweeper stands out as one of the only such items that might actually add to your home decor as well as help with cleaning. Using a design basically unchanged since its introduction as a commercial floor sweeper some 114 years ago, the Fuller nonetheless provides effective cleaning power and modern convenience.

It uses fully metal brush housings and reversible, roller brushes along with stiff corner brushes to clear a 9-inch sweeping path. Smooth action and safe, vinyl bumpers make it a great manual sweeper for hardwood floors and for use around furniture. If your house mostly has carpet, our guide to the best vacuum cleaner might work better.

 #3  Swivel Cordless Floor Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: This battery-powered electric floor sweeper makes quick work of small messes and picks up pet hair, dirt and crumbs with more agility than a vacuum cleaner.

  • Four rollers allowing for side-to-side cleaning
  • Hinged handle makes it easy to get under beds and furniture
  • Lightweight design, at just 2.9 lb
  • Batteries require periodic replacement
  • Not as durable as a manual carpet sweeper

If you’re looking for the best electric floor sweeper and want to stay in the same price range as manual sweepers, this battery powered, multi-directional sweeper is worth a look. It has four rollers, two transverse and two longitudinal, that allow it to clean while swinging side to side as well as pushing back and forth.

It does a good job of picking up dust, crumbs, dirt, and small messes, and provides good edge-to-edge cleaning on a variety of surfaces. A swiveling jointed handle lets you easily get it under beds, couches, and tables without having to bend and stoop. If you don’t think that this will do the job, check out our guide to the best Dyson vacuum.

 #4  Rubbermaid Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: This low profile sweeper is great for cleaning low pile carpets and hard floors as well, and it works especially effectively when it comes to cleaning small spaces and fitting underneath furniture like couches and easy chairs.

  • Ultra maneuverable thanks to swiveling handle
  • Rubber bumpers protect furniture
  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • Not as broad a cleaning path as some manual sweepers
  • One-directional cleaning makes use somewhat more time consuming

Designed for use on low pile carpets and various kinds of smooth flooring, this agile low profile sweeper is a great choice for cleaning the carpeted areas around couches, bookshelves and in bedrooms. It can reach under furniture as little as three inches off the floor.

A swiveling handle lets it slide underneath beds and chairs with ease and saves you from having to bend over often. Also, its durable galvanized steel body should impart a long service life. It’s not the most effective on thicker carpet, and it only cleans in one direction, which can be inconvenient for larger spaces, but it’s highly effective for small areas where a wider floor sweeper might not reach. If you want to be as prepared as possible while you’re cleaning, check out our guide to the best rubber gloves.

 #5  Casabella Floor Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: This manual floor and carpet sweeper folds flat for easy storage yet blazes a wide, 11” sweeping path, and it’s equipped with bi-directional rollers letting you more quickly clean up carpeted floors, hardwood floors and other floor types.

  • Ultra maneuverable thanks to swiveling handle
  • Rubber bumpers protect furniture
  • Electrostatic charge attracts dust and dirt
  • Not as easy to use as an electric carpet sweeper
  • Dustpan is relatively small

This manual floor sweeper is very adaptable thanks to its floating wheel design and soft bristled, bi-directional rollers. It’s safe for all floor types and even works well on shag carpeting as well as low pile carpet and bare floors. It’s easy to maneuver and has a hinged handle that lets it get under chairs and couches.

Unlike some similarly priced carpet sweepers, this one features bi-directional brushes that roll backward as well as forwards picking up dirt and dust. The twin dustpans are on the smaller side compared to those in some competing carpet sweepers, and it takes a little more muscle to operate, naturally, than does an electric carpet sweeper. But there’s also no power cord to worry about and no need to think about battery run time. For the rest of your cleaning needs, take a look at our guide to the best disinfectant.

 #6  Alpine Industries Triple Brush Floor Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model is among the easiest manual carpet sweepers to empty and clean, thanks to a well designed tab system that opens the dust pans, along with a neat included bristle comb that helps get pet hair off of the rollers.

  • Simple to clean with the included comb
  • Rubber bumpers for protecting furniture
  • Durable steel frame
  • Not fully bi-directional
  • Lacks the side-to-side rollers of some other carpet sweepers

This floor and carpet sweeper uses three rollers with bristles designed to pick up dirt, pet hair and crumbs. It has a rubber bumper that wraps around it to prevent scuffing furniture and moldings. The bristles are effective at picking up pet hair on most floor types including bare linoleum, low pile carpeted floors and smooth tile.

This is among the best manual sweepers when it comes to the ease with which you can empty the dustpans and clean off the rollers. It comes with a handy set of tabs for easy emptying and it even includes a comb that makes it a breeze to remove pet hair from the rollers. For your kitchen cleaning needs, our guide to the best sponge might also be useful.

 #7  EZ SPARES Quiet Floor Sweeper


WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget-friendly carpet and floor sweeper has all the basic features we’ve come to expect from a great manual sweeper, including dense, effective bristles and a rubber bumper for protection against scuffing.

  • Works on multiple surface types, including marble and linoleum
  • Extra stiff pet hair catchers at the corners
  • Clean out comb included
  • Can be difficult to maneuver
  • Brushes roll forwards only

If you’re looking for the best hard floor sweeper when it comes to value for the money, this model with its densely packed horsehair bristles may be worth a look. It boasts convenience features including a tab-operated dust pan that allows for touch-free emptying, a swiveling handle and a comb that helps clean off the bristles.

While it’s effective on most common floor types including low pile carpet, linoleum, laminate flooring, and hardwood, it tends to be most effective on the harder surfaces, where its dense bristles can do a good job picking up dirt and debris.

How We Decided

In order to select the best of the manual and electric sweepers on the market, we looked for convenience, performance, and durability. We limited our search to those carpet and floor sweepers that had a built-in dustpan or two and a handle that could swivel up and down.

For best durability among manual carpet sweepers, we preferred to select models made from metal and featuring all-metal rollers equipped with high-quality bearings for smooth, quiet operation.

We gave preference to carpet and floor sweepers that were easy to maneuver back and forth, and that pick up dirt when the brushes roll backward as well as forwards. Side-to-side cleaning was considered a handy bonus.

We looked for commercial carpet sweeper performance on multiple types of flooring and carpet, choosing sweepers that were able to pick up pet hair on low pile carpeting, shag carpeting, and fine rugs, as well as those able to switch seamlessly from hard floors to carpeting

For electric carpet sweepers, only the most maneuverable and convenient made the list. We looked for lightweight cordless sweepers, weighing no more than 4 pounds, and with at least 30 minutes of run-time per charge.

Best Floor Sweeper Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Number of Rollers
    More rollers will allow a carpet and floor sweeper to pick up dirt more effectively up to a point. Three and four roller carpet sweepers can allow for cleaning on forwards and backward strokes as well, saving time.
  2. Anti-Scuff Bumpers
    If you’re concerned about dings and scuffs on moldings and chair and table legs, look for a soft rubber, vinyl or similar material bumper around the outside edge of the sweeper. This serves to protect furniture.
  3. Swiveling Handle
    A swiveling handle helps you get a floor sweeper under chairs, sofas, and tables. High-quality sweepers should have a hinge mechanism that allows you to push the sweeper just as easily when the handle is nearly horizontal as when it rests at an angle closer to vertical.
  4. Quietness
    Noise is a big reason for choosing a carpet sweeper vs vacuum cleaners. The best sweepers should be virtually silent, using “floating” wheels with high-quality bearings that make little noise even on hard flooring.

Floor Sweeper FAQs

Can you use a carpet sweeper on hard floors?

Depending on the model of carpet sweeper, you can use it just as effectively on hard floors as on carpets. The best floor and carpet sweepers have wheels that go up or down and adapt to different floor types ranging from rugs to hardwood.

What is the best carpet sweeper for pet hair?

If you’re looking for a carpet sweeper that picks up pet hair on carpets as well as or better than a vacuum cleaner, look for one with both fine and coarse bristles and with brushes that roll forwards as well as backwards, which avoids the problem of simply pushing the hair further down into the carpeting.

How do floor sweepers work?

Manual floor sweepers work by means of rolling brushes, much like those of a vacuum, but with fuller and denser fibers acting as brooms that sweep dirt up into the sweeper’s integrated dustpan. Some of the best floor sweepers also make use of an electrostatic charge that accumulates on fibers and causes them to attract dust and dirt.

What is the difference between a sweeper and a vacuum?

As the name implies, a vacuum cleaner relies on suction generated from an internal motor to pull dirt up out of carpeting, while a sweeper uses the motion of the rollers to move brushes along the surface and pull dirt, hair, and debris up into the pan. Manual sweepers are quieter than vacuum cleaners, especially on hard floors, and have the advantage of not having to worry about a cord getting tangled, as well as being more eco friendly since they use no electricity and have fewer disposable parts.
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