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Best Face Paint For Kids

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We assembled a list of the best face paint for kids. We preferred high-quality face paints that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and paraben-free. We also preferred face paints that come in a good variety of colors and are water-based for easy application and removal with warm water and soap, and face paint kits that come with a choice of applicators. For your kids, you may also want to check out our best toys & games guide.

The best face paint for kids is Blue Squid Face Paint. We liked it for its generous paint sizes, variety of colors including black and white, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, paraben-free formula, and for coming with multiple brush applicators for a variety of uses. Keep reading to see more face paint kits available.

Top 7 Face Paint for Kids

 #1  Blue Squid Face Paint for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: Comes with three times more paint than similar kits in 12 different bright colors, is 100% safe for kids, and includes multiple brush options and handy extras, such as design templates.

  • One dozen bright colors
  • Comes with a set of design templates and multiple applicators
  • Paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic
  • Doesn’t include foam pad or sponge applicator

The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit is a set of water-based, non-toxic, paraben-free, 100% hypoallergenic face paints. It comes in 12 vibrant colors including black and white. We found that the extra-large pots made this kit last longer than other similar kits and that the three different included brushes made it easy to do a large number of designs. We also found the paints came off easily with warm soap and water and didn’t irritate the skin even worn for long periods of time.

We did miss the inclusion of a foam applicator pad or sponge for large areas, but we loved the inclusion of 30 different easy-to-use stencils and a handy guide with tips for getting started, and some design examples for ideas. Overall, it’s a high-quality, versatile set of face paints that are 100% safe, and are fun and easy to use for nearly any design. The best kids tablets are also easy to use and come in many designs.

 #2  Zenovika Face Paint for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large variety of options including 60 stencils, two different glitter colors, multiple brushes and foam pad applicators, and a good variety of hypoallergenic colors.

  • 17 vibrant colors with hair chalks
  • 100% hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Two stipple, two sponges, and two brush applicators
  • Brushes could be slightly better quality

Zenovika Face Paints are 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic water-based face paints. This large kit comes with 15 bright, diverse colors, 2 colors of glitter paint, and 2 colors of hair chalk for eyebrows. We loved the 60 jumbo stencils included in the kit, and we found the two sponges and two stipple applicators to be very effective and easy to use.

We did find that the two included brushes could have been of slightly better durability of construction, but they worked well and provided all we needed for most brush usage. We also found the included tutorial booklet full of great tips and techniques, and that combined with the huge variety of paints, applicators, and stencil designs make this a high-quality kit that provides a great variety of options. These would work well as a birthday gift, along with the best kids headphones.

 #3  Joyin Face Paint Crayons for Kids

Award: Easiest To Use

WHY WE LIKE IT: Non-toxic and hypoallergenic makeup crayons in 24 different colors including 6 metallic colors- they’re safe and especially easy for kids to use on themselves.

  • Wash off easily with soap and water
  • Great variety of shades for lots of creative possibilities
  • Crayon design makes them much easier for kids to use
  • Covering large areas is more difficult than with standard kits

Joyin Face Paint Crayons are water-based face paint crayons in foil wrapping that are 100% non-toxic, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. They come in packs of 24 colored 3” crayons, including 6 metallic colors. We found the crayon design to be soft and comfortable to use, and our research showed kids found them very easy to use themselves as opposed to standard brush and sponge kits.

We did find that covering large areas with single colors was more time-consuming than with standard kits and their sponge applicators, but we loved the great variety of colors, and kids enjoyed the 6 metallic colors especially. They’re a great set of face paints for parties where you may want activities kids can do themselves that are safe and creative and that can clean up easily. The best outdoor swings for kids are also a worthy investment for a kids party activity.

 #4  Create A Face Face Painting Kit for Kids

Award: Most Portable

WHY WE LIKE IT: Two high-quality brushes, sponges, eyeshadow applicators, and a small selection of easily blended colors and stencils for a top-quality but ultra-portable kit.

  • Cosmetic-grade makeup for vibrant designs
  • A complete high-quality selection of brushes and applicators
  • Large selection of detailed, reusable stencils
  • Smaller selection of colors than many models

Create A Face Face Paints are cosmetic-grade, paraben-free, water-based face paints that come in a kit of 8 standard and primary colors and 2 glitter colors. Included in the kit are two fine-detail, high-quality brushes, two foam sponges for larger-area applications, and one eyeshadow applicator. We really loved the high quality of the tools and the makeup, which was easy to put on with the variety of tools provided. We especially liked the eyeshadow applicator, which in research worked well not only for applying makeup around the eyes but for lips as well.

We also liked the 32 included stencils, which we found more durable than in most kits. The included tutorial ebook was also appreciated as a handy step-by-step guide to some more complicated makeups. The selection of colors is smaller than many comparable products, but we found the quality of and versatility of the tools and the rich, high-grade, colors perfect for small groups and for doing more advanced work, while still being safe and easily washed off with soap and warm water. Another quality gift you may get your kid is one of the best kids mountain bike.

 #5  Miserwe Face Paint for Kids

WHY WE LIKE IT: A large selection of colors in generous amounts, four different brushes, four sponge applicators, glitter powder and more make this a one-in-all kit for kids.

  • Quick-drying formula
  • A huge selection of easy-blend shades
  • Paraben and allergen-free
  • Could focus more on primary colors

Miserwe Face Paints are water-based face paints that are certified paraben and allergen-free and come in a kit with 18 colors and 2 glitter powder packs (gold and silver.) Also included are 40 stencils, 1 reusable silver sticker, four different brushes for various levels of detail, and four multicolored sponge applicators. We loved the variety of brushes and the variety of detail they allowed, and we also found the makeup generally went on smoothly and came off easily with warm soap and water. If your kids also enjoy being creative with colors, then we recommend you a product from our best inkpads guide.

We did feel that the color selection could have focused slightly more on bright primary colors instead of some hues, but the sheer variety of colors mostly makes up for this. We also found the glitter powder a great option for mixing glitter with different base colors as opposed to having dedicated glitter paint. It’s a comprehensive, generous kit that will serve just about any face paint need. And if your kids love drawing, then it’s worth checking out our best chalk sets guide.

 #6  Effecteer Face Paint for Kids

Award: Most Versatile

WHY WE LIKE IT: Easy-to-use, safe for all skin types face paint crayons offer more choices than most with 32 bright, rich colors including 6 metallic and 6 fluorescent.

  • Longer lasting, extra-large 3.25” crayons
  • Includes 36 handy stencil designs
  • FDA certified non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Not as effective for larger areas as standard sponge applicators

Effecteer Face Paints are FDA-certified non-toxic and hypoallergenic water-based face paints that come in kits of 36 colors, with 36 high-quality stencils included. The kit comes with 24 standard colors, 6 metallic, and 6 fluorescent colors. We found the fluorescent and metallic colors a great addition to the palette, and that the standard colors filled a great range between primary colors and more unusual hues, giving us plenty of options.

Like other crayon face paints, they’re not quite as effective at covering large areas as standard sponge applicators, but we loved how easy they were to use both for kids and adults, and we found their extra length meant better for larger hands than other crayon face paints. They’re an economical choice for a high-quality, easy-to-use kit with more color options than most. The top 7 best kid’s dressers also come in a variety of colors.

 #7  CCBeauty Face Paint for Kids

Award: CCBeauty Face Paint for Kids

WHY WE LIKE IT: Cosmetic-grade makeup that comes with ten ultra-high quality, fine detail brushes for a kit perfect for detailed, beautiful, long-lasting makeups for adults and kids.

  • Long-lasting non-water based formula
  • One dozen rich, professional-grade colors including gold and silver glitter
  • High-grade makeup brushes allow for fine detail
  • Smaller selection of colors than many on market
  • Oil-based formula requires slightly more cleanup

CCBeauty Professional Face Paints are cosmetic-grade, oil-based, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic professional face paints that come in a set of 12 rich colors, including silver and gold glitter. The 10 ultra-fine, high-quality brushes included come in a variety of sizes and shapes for far more advanced and detail-oriented makeups. We found in our research that paints were just as easy to apply as water-based paints and that the excellent, fine-haired brushes noticeably allowed more control and detail during painting.

The selection of colors is noticeably smaller than found in others on the market, and we found that the oil-based formula meant that occasionally a little more rigorous cleaning was required (though warm soap and water will still do the job). However, the difference in the quality of the colors, their blend-ability, and the fine details possible with the large variety of ultra-high quality brushes means this is a great kit for those looking to do more complicated makeup for adults, while still being perfectly safe and easy enough to use for kid’s events like birthday parties. The best robot toys for kids will also be great entertainment for kids’ events or parties.

How We Decided 

We preferred 100% hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-toxic face, and body paints that don’t irritate skin or cause blemishes. We also preferred certified paraben-free face paints that don’t clog pores over several hours of wear. We did not include single-color paints such as Snazaroo face paint.

We also mostly favored water-based face paints which were easy to apply and remove with warm soap and water, and which were easy to blend but dried quickly to allow for more intricate designs without smudging. We also like paint sets that came with glitter gels.

Finally, we preferred face paint kits that came with a generous amount of paints in a good variety of bright colors and included black and white paints for detail and base work, and which came with at least one pencil-style applicator and one foam-pad application for foundation work and large-area work. We also liked face paint kits that came with extras like stencils, glitter, and multiple applicator sizes.

Facepaint For Kids Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider


Facepaints should above all be safe to use. Some professional makeup supplies can be harsh for sensitive skin and many more don’t allow the skin to breathe properly during use. Some makeup in the early days of stage makeup even contained large amounts of lead.

Thankfully, nearly all face paint made for kids is made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials that won’t cause irritation, rashes, or blemishes- nevertheless, it’s essential to always check product descriptions thoroughly to make absolutely sure no significant irritants or toxins are in the makeup you buy.

Easy to Apply and Remove

While professional stage and film makeup takes skill to apply and may require the use of specially designed removers and cold creams, any face paint made for use on children should be easily removable by lightly scrubbing with warm soap and water and nothing else- in other words, a child should be able to do it themselves.

The same goes for the application of the makeup – while more often than not, facepaint for kids will be applied by adults at fairs, parties, and events- it should be easy enough to put on that a child could do it themselves if you want to give them a full creative license. The most available kit will come with various applicators- usually pencils with soft foam pad ends, or foam latex pads much like those found in street makeup products. The quality of these can definitely vary quite a bit though, so it’s good to check to see what the kit comes with.

Variety of Colors

Any kit you purchase should come with a good selection of bright colors, especially if you’re planning on using the makeup for a face painting booth at an event or party, where you’ll want to have a wide palette to choose from in order to give kids the most options.

Also important is that the kit comes with black and white in addition to standard colors- they’re useful for blending and lightening or darkening colors as well as for drawing details like scars, skulls, cat whiskers, and more. Color selection can vary wildly between products, so be sure you check the palette first to be sure it’s going to serve your needs.

Face Paint For Kids FAQs 

Are face paints safe? 

Generally speaking, yes. However, a list of ingredients that are sometimes found in face paints would include parabens, trace lead, cadmium, chromium, talc, and agents found in various artificial fragrances. In large amounts, all of these substances have been shown to have dangerous effects- however, consumer face paints have been found to rarely have any more than trace elements of these substances, well below the limits of what the FDA deems safe, to the point of being inconsequential. So while occasionally you’ll see face paints containing these substances, they could not be legally sold if they posed any danger to consumers. Still, it’s best to always read descriptions thoroughly. 

What are some tips for using face paints on kids?

When painting designs with different colors, try to let the first or base color dry before applying the next color- otherwise the two colors can easily blend into each other and you’ll have to start your work again. Baby wipes are safe to use on both hands and faces, so they can be great for cleaning off your hands while working, but they’re also useful for spot-cleaning areas if you make a mistake and want to start over Use a sponge instead of a brush for larger areas. Some kits will come with both a brush and a foam pad, but sometimes the best way to apply paint to large areas is a sponge instead. Most (unused, obviously) kitchen sponges are perfectly safe for use on faces for this purpose, and they’ll apply an even amount of paint to large areas much quicker than a brusher or even a foam pad.

Is glitter safe to use on faces?

Glitter is a very popular option at parties and events for kid’s face painting booths, but it’s important to know what kinds are safe to use. Craft glitters should generally not be used- this includes craft paints with glitter in them and loose packs of craft glitter. These kinds of glitter are not meant for use on the skin and may not be 100% nontoxic and hypoallergenic. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for facepaint glitter available that are 100% safe for use on kid’s faces and are easy to apply. It’s still best to double-check product descriptions to make sure they’re completely hypoallergenic and non-irritating, however.

What is the best face paint for kids?

The best face paint for kids is Blue Squid Face Paint, which is also the best face paint for sensitive skin. We like it for the generous amount of paint in each kit, multiple included application options, easy cleanup, and paraben-free, hypoallergenic formula. Other great products we did include in our tests include Mosaiz face paint and Kryvaline face paint.

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