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Updated January 24, 2023

After more than 13 hours of research and testing, the best exercise resistance band is the Dynapro Exercise Resistance Bands. These exercise bands have varied resistance levels from 0 to 5 pounds, accomodating a wide range of exercises from tricep curls to deep stretches. They are also made of durable rubber and color-coded for quick identification, even on littered gym floors with tons of equipment scattered around.

The best exercise resistance bands provide increased resistance to all kinds of workouts from light Pilates routines to heavy strength training/building. Choosing the wrong one could cause a disrupted routine due to wear and tear or a lack of resistance. Our evaluation focused on the number of resistance levels, color coding, mounting options, looped bands vs. tube bands, and durability. We also concentrate on auxiliary features such as non-slip handles and helpful instruction manuals. Keep reading to learn more about the Dynapro Exercise Resistance Bands and five others that met our strict grading criteria. And if you want to try other tools, check our guide on the best exercise equipment.

Top 7 Best Exercise Resistance Bands

 #1  Dynapro Exercise Resistance Bands

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: These are the best resistance bands for bodybuilding, offering adjustable lengths and several resistance levels ranging from 5 to 50 pounds. They are great for people who want to perform heavy compound exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time (e.g. squats and chest presses)

  • Best for building muslce
  • Adjustable length bands
  • Very durable
  • Odd rubber smell after unboxing
  • Slight learning curve with adjusting band length
  • Some users reported missing workout guide

We love this exercise-resistance bands’ wear and tear-resistant rubber that bends and snaps back without losing shape or form. With adjustable length bands, we were able to increase and decrease the band’s resistance, making it great for single muscle or compound exercises. Comfortable, foam-like grip handles also help to reduce arm and hand fatigue.

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Thanks to these exercise-resistance bands’ color coating, it is easy to tell resistance levels. For example, the yellow bands have resistance levels of 5 to 10 pounds and the blue bands have 25-30 pound resistance levels. With fast-paced circuit training exercises requiring more or less resistance, we like being able to identify the right band quickly. If you’re looking to complete your home gym, take a look at the best ab machine too.

 #2  Letsfit Exercise Resistance Bands

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Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: These are the best resistance bands for glutes, made from stretchy latex with five different resistance levels from 5 to 40 pounds. It is a great choice for leg exercises such as side leg raises.

  • Best on a budget
  • Color-coded resistance levels
  • Works on many muscles
  • May need constant adjustment based on pace of exercise
  • Some users reporting issues “rolling” them off

These natural latex exercise-resistance bands are straightforward to use. Simply wrap them around your glutes or legs and perform a range of motion exercises to feel tension with each lift. We love its resistance levels, starting at 5 to 10 pounds for beginners and topping out at 30-40 pounds. While performing a simple Pilates routine, they felt really good against our skin with no tugging or pinching.

We like these exercise-resistance bands color coding, coming in various shades to quickly identify them on the gym floor. Bonus points for an included carry bag and an instruction guide with helpful tips on how to use them. Round out your workout with the best squat workout equipment, and you’ll be gaining muscle in no time.

 #3  Fit Simplify Exercise Resistance Bands

Award: Best for Rehab

WHY WE LIKE IT: These are the best resistance bands for seniors thanks to their easy to read color coding system and durable latex construction that offer five tension levels from “X-Light” to “X-Heavy.” These are also great bands for rehabbing an injury.

  • Great for seniors
  • Five tension levels
  • Made of durable natural latex
  • Band set of 5
  • May roll down legs during fast packed workouts
  • May pinch skin slightly if worn incorrectly
  • So-so smell

These exercise-resistance bands come in a resistance band set of 5. They can be used for all types of exercises, including higher resistance for compound exercises (squats) and lesser resistance for isolated exercises (leg lifts). We really like the versatility of using different resistance bands for different exercises.

Like our #2 pick Letsfit Exercise Resistance Bands, these exercise-resistance bands are made of natural latex. While testing, we observed no wear and tear or skin chafing, with resistance levels unchanged after a 20 minute Pilates workout. Kudos for its lengthy 41-page instruction guide with detailed explanations on workout moves and a carry bag. If your exercise routine needs a medicine ball, take a look at the best medicine ball too.

 #4  Whatafit Exercise Resistance Bands

Award: Best for Compound Exercises

WHY WE LIKE IT: These are the best exercise bands for building muscle, as they can be easily anchored to your door with cushioned handles. It is a great choice to use for compound exercises such as chest presses and chest flies.

  • Best quality
  • Can be stacked for increased resistance
  • Cushioned handles
  • Short straps
  • Slight odd smell

Unlike our first three picks, these exercise-resistance bands use metal carabiners and door anchors to mount on a door, allowing users to use their own body weight for resistance. Bands can also be “stacked” for increased resistance, great for chest presses and curls. We really appreciate this benefit for more of a full-body workout.

These exercise-resistance bands are made using natural latex, which does not irritate or chafe the skin. Its non-slip, cushioned handles are really comfortable to grip, even after completing 20 reps of chest presses using a 30 and 40-pound band. Bonus points for its instruction manual, which contains useful tips on using them safely. These bands will have you setting aside your best door anchor.

 #5  Walito Exercise Resistance Bands

Award: Best for Yoga

WHY WE LIKE IT: These are the best fabric resistance bands, coming in 3 resistance levels. It is a great choice to make floor workouts more challenging, including yoga and pilates.

  • Best fabric
  • Thick, durable fabric
  • Great for legs and arms
  • Too little resistance for some people
  • Not as elastic as latex
  • So-so 1 year warranty

These exercise-resistance bands use light, medium, and heavy resistance levels. They are very comfortable to use, with no rolling or slipping off down legs and arms during fast-paced workouts. While performing a yoga routine, each band stretched and retracted to its original position without losing form of shape. We were very impressed with its durability.

Unlike our first four picks, these exercise-resistance bands are made using a fabric mix of polyester, cotton, and latex. Though they are durable, it offers a bit less elasticity than natural latex, which make it more useful for a limited range of motion exercises. If you’re more into weights, compare this with some of the best lifting weight straps to find what’s right for you.

 #6  TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands

Award: Great for Leg Workouts

WHY WE LIKE IT: These are one of the best resistance bands for squats, offering five resistance levels from 10 pounds to 40 pounds. These are a great choice for squat exercises when dumbbells and weight machines are not available.

  • Best for squats
  • Five resistance levels
  • Very durable
  • Some user reported feeling less resistance than indicated weight
  • Small hooks

Much like our #4 pick Whatafit Exercise Resistance Bands, these exercise-resistance bands use anchors and carabiners to mount on doors. They can also be stacked to offer a max of 110 pounds of resistance. We really like these bands’ latex tubes, which stretch and retract easily without snapping or breaking.

Thanks to clearly marked bands and color-coded latex tubes, these exercise-resistance bands are very easy to identify. Bonus points for an included carrying case and e-guide providing detailed exercise instructions, which is very helpful for beginners. If you enjoy these workout bands, you’ll probably also enjoy the best thermogenic supplements before your workout.

 #7  ERUW Exercise Resistance Bands

Award: Best for Stretching

WHY WE LIKE IT: These exercise-resistance bands come with three different resistance levels from 17 to 33 pounds, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to perform deep stretches.

  • Durable latex
  • Easy to attach straps to the door
  • No instruction manual
  • May be too little resistance for some people

We like these exercise-resistance bands for a wide range of workouts. A door anchor plug makes it work for tricep pulldowns and quad lifts. It also works great on its own for bicep and tricep curls. Lastly, we found them very useful for stretching.

Thanks to this exercise-resistance bands latex material, it does not tear. Unlike the Fit Simplify and Letsfit resistance bands, these resistance bands are much longer, making them more useful for wider range of motion exercises. Plus, it is very versatile – simply tie the ends together and create loops, which helps support the heel during hamstring and inner thigh stretches. If you’re looking for a workout that’s a bit more low key also check out the best recumbent bike for seniors.

How We Decided

In determining the best exercise-resistance bands to buy, we explored the number of tension levels, looped bands vs. tube bands, and mounting options. Most of our recommended picks have three to five tension levels for looped bands and between 10 to 50 pounds of resistance for tube bands.

In deciding between looped vs. tubed bands, it comes down to the range of motion. Looped bands apply pressure to the glutes, arms, and legs by placing tension with a limited range of motion. Tube bands allow a greater range of motion, useful for compound exercises such as chest presses and tricep curls. They are also easy to stack to add increased weight. Look into durability as well. Our preferred looped and tubed bands are made of natural latex, which do not tear or lose shape.

Our #6 pick, TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands, allows up to 110 pounds of resistance – tops on our list. Lastly, mounting options should be considered. Many tubed bands come with door anchors, which allows users to use their body weight to lift and lower themselves.

Another popular choice that just missed our list is the resistance band set from Black Mountain – one of the top-selling resistance band sets of The set includes five resistance bands, a door anchor, ankle straps, two cushioned foam handles, an exercise chart, and a carrying bag.

Best Exercise Resistance Bands Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Number of Tension Levels
    Our recommended picks carry anywhere from 3 to 5 resistance levels, ranging from extra light to extra heavy. The higher the number of tension levels, the more gradual one can go with exercise, building upon previous successes with added weight.
  2. Type of Band
    We recommend tubed bands for a greater range of motion with different exercises such as tricep extensions, standing back rows, chest flies, and chest presses. Looped bands are known to cause tension in a particular body area to limit range of motion, such as the glutes. One benefit of tubed bands is not having to remove them between different exercises.
  3. Mounting Options
    Tubed bands use door anchors to provide a greater variety of workouts.
  4. Durability
    We like exercise resistance bands that are made of natural latex, which do not tear easily or chafe the skin. Good ones also maintain shape and form no matter how many times it expands and retracts.

Exercise Resistance Band FAQs

Do resistance bands actually work?

Yes, they do an excellent job of making your muscles work harder. As the band expands and stretches to its limit, it adds resistance to the muscles, helping build muscle or a toned physique over time.

How much weight do resistance bands add?

Our recommended pick offer anywhere from 5 to 50 pounds of resistance per band. Tubed bands offer the added benefit of stacking e.g. our #6 pickTheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with 110 pounds of max resistance.

What are resistance bands good for?

Resistance bands are good for a wide range of exercises, including compound exercises such as squats and chest presses that work multiple muscle groups at the same time or isolated exercises that target a specific area such as leg raises and bicep curls. Women and men alike might be interested in "mini bands" or "loop bands" – smaller resistance bands (Top Pick #3) that stretch around the legs and glutes perfect for yoga, pilates, CrossFit and fitness building. Plus, our Top Pick #3 resistance band set comes as a pack of five.

How do I choose a resistance band?

To get started, think about the types of exercises you will be performing regularly. Are you looking to isolate individual muscles and apply direct tension with a restricted range of motion? Looped bands are a good bet. Looking to do compound exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time? Look for tubed bands, which offer a wider range of motion. They are usually attached to door anchors, making workouts like chest presses and chest flys possible.
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