Best Electric Scooters with Suspensions in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make the best electric scooter with suspension? To find the best scooter with suspension, it starts with finding one with the best suspension system. So you’ll want to find a scooter with the best shocks for a smooth and comfortable ride but is also rugged enough for off-road use. The excellent suspension will decide whether you can take your scooter on a bike lane or down difficult terrain.

Motor power and quality of the material are a close second. You want a scooter with powerful dual motors that can handle steep inclines and rough terrains. The brushless motor will determine the max speed you can travel on flat ground, hills, or up a sandy hill. And the material quality will determine how well your scooter holds up and withstands wear. Finally, look at the tires, make sure they are strong and sturdy to provide extra support to the suspension system on the front and rear wheels and carry the scooter’s weight.

Top Electric Scooters with Suspension

 #1  Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll love the range this option will give you because of the high-power motor. It is capable of going quite a distance. Beyond this, it has a convenient folding design that makes it far more portable.

  • Portable folding design
  • High power motor
  • 8.5” pneumatic tires
  • Breaks might get squeaky

The innovative design of this electric scooter makes it a perfect match for those who commute or like to travel locally. You can throw it in your car for a road trip and have easy transportation when you’re away. It has a “One-Step” folding system, so you don’t have to struggle with complicated components to get your scooter folded up. Unfortunately, the breaks have been known to get a little squeaky after extended use.

This long-range option can take you wherever you need to go. It offers around 17 miles depending on where and how you’re using the scooter. The high-capacity battery offers 7.0AH, enough to get you through anything. It can tackle inclines of up to 15 degrees with moderate ease. The dual braking system allows you to ride without worry, knowing you can stop on a dime when necessary for safety.

 #2  OTD Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: The range of this electric scooter is intense, and it can carry you easily for around 35 kilometers. You’ll be able to fold it up easily once you’re at your destination or store it away after usage.

  • Goes 35 kilometers per hour
  • Folds up easily
  • Extra wide base
  • No light-up safety features

This modestly sized model can expect a whopping 500 watts of power. It’s still small enough to be portable, especially since it folds up with ease. There is also a range of around 22 miles under optimal conditions. This makes it a long-range option, as well. Unfortunately, you might have a more challenging time riding at night with this model unless you purchase after-market accessories. There aren’t any lights on it, which might compromise safety.

There is also an IP54 water-resistance rating on this model. It’s made out of hard carbon steel that can withstand a lot of liquid, whether rain, puddles, or otherwise. This all-terrain model can handle whatever you throw at it, whether grass, city sidewalks, or even mountain roads. The ultra-bright headlights increase the safety aspect associated with this electric scooter. They increase visibility by up to 15 meters.

 #3  Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: The disc brake design will keep you safe no matter what speed you’re riding your scooter. There is also a dual rear suspension system to ensure extra shock protection is available on rough terrain.

  • Disc brakes
  • Dual rear suspension
  • Features a lights system
  • Battery might drain quickly

This model has a powerful brushless hub motor with 350 watts of power. This makes it an excellent pick for anybody who needs to do a daily commute to a job clear across the city. It can provide a travel range of up to 17 miles when facing optimal conditions. However, some consumers have reported that this option has a battery that drains a little quicker than they would have liked. This might be a problem when riding long distances.

You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of lights in the design. There are front, middle, and rear lights to help you increase visibility for yourself. They’ll also help other pedestrians and cars spot you far sooner than otherwise, especially in the dark. There is also an app that the brand developed to help you control certain features on your scooter, such as locking it and viewing your riding statistics. This app makes it a highly convenient choice.

 #4  Yume Y10 Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This high-speed option is fantastic for grown-ups who want a speedy option during their commute. It has super durable tires that can withstand off-road terrain. You’ll also enjoy the high-power battery.

  • High-speed option
  • Super durable tires
  • High-power battery
  • Not meant for children

You’ll enjoy the dynamic, trendy nature of this model’s frame. It’s built to last with highly durable additions such as water-based nano environmental protection coatings. This will keep your electric scooter safe even when riding in less than favorable conditions. That includes rain, sleet, and even snow. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the perfect scooter for your kids, this is not a suitable model. It’s absolutely a mode that is meant for adult riders.

There is also a digital speedometer with three different speed modes. This gives you precise control over your electric scooter. You’ll also enjoy the two different power modes, furthering your control. It also has dual-motor control and a multifunctional driving system. The rear suspension is large to provide better impact resistance when riding on rough terrain. An LCD smart screen displays the time, battery, speed, etc. Finally, a USB port allows you to charge your mobile device if you need to.

 #5  YADEA Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: You won’t have to worry about accidentally overcharging your scooter when using this model. It has overcharge protection built right in. There is also an error alarm to alert you to any potential problems.

  • BMS battery design
  • Has an error alarm
  • Overcharge protection
  • Bottom might wear out

If you have a long commute that you want to cut in half, this electric scooter will help you get there quicker. It provides an excellent 37.2 miles of range, so you won’t have to second guess whether you have the juice to get there or not. Beyond this, it can reach speeds of 21.8 miles per hour. That’ll also go a long way in ensuring your commute is short, smooth, and enjoyable. You’ll want to keep in mind that the bottom of this scooter can be prone to wear and tear. Because of this, it won’t be an excellent option for those looking to go off-road regularly.

There is also a 0.98-inch fork shock absorber. This helps keep impacts from shocking you while riding, increasing your overall comfort. The maintenance-free tires are 10-inches and solid to ensure their durability and longevity. You’ll enjoy this scooter’s 8H fast charging capabilities, which will get you back on the road and riding in no time. The easy-to-read LCD display allows you to check stats while riding quickly.

 #6  Monorim V4 Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll love how smooth the ride on this scooter is, especially with the adjustable resistance. It supplies two interchangeable springs. There is also an enhanced braking support system.

  • Extremely smooth ride
  • Enhanced braking support
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Doesn’t come with instructions

The superior performance of this electric scooter’s battery cannot be understated. It has 10.4 AH powering the lithium-ion battery. This allows the scooter to hit max speeds of 21.7 miles per hour, depending on different environmental factors like rain and hills. However, this model does not come with instructions from the manufacturer. Most consumers report that the set-up process is still relatively easy, and they didn’t run into any problems.

You can expect around 17 – 22 miles of range from this scooter. This is more than enough to commute to, and sometimes from, wherever you need to go. Whether it’s work, the gym, or a college campus, this scooter is excellent for making sure you’ll get there worry-free. It has an upgraded motor wheel, as well. The 10-inch honeycomb tires are totally solid and absorb considerable shock. This is especially handy when riding on uneven terrain.

Beginners Guide to Best Electric Scooters With Suspension System

What Are the Best Electric Electric Scooters With Suspension?

In essence, electric scooters with suspensions are personal transport vehicles that utilize an electric motor to power their wheels. They are designed for use on paved and unpaved roads, and handled carefully by scooter users. However, they have varying degrees of suspension systems to create an excellent ride quality for the scooter rider.

Electric scooters with suspensions come in various styles and designs. They have different motor power outputs and varied comfort and safety features that make them unique compared to other scooters. Some electric scooters are more apt for use on rough terrains or mountain trails, while others are suitable for daily commuting purposes.

Basically, the best electric scooter with suspension will be one that combines style and functionality for a smooth ride. The ideal unit is one with a hydraulic disc brakes system for improved safety. An essential factor to look at is the scooter’s weight, which should be light enough for easy handling. Comfort features such as armrests can undoubtedly add an extra level of convenience to the whole experience.

Most importantly, the best suspension electric scooter will have a front and rear shock absorber that absorbs the negative impacts during rough road rides, thereby creating a more comfortable and safer ride for users. The shocks usually come in dual or triple tube designs with hydraulic suspension mounts. These units are fully adjustable depending on the user’s preferences.

Electric Scooter With Suspension vs Standard Electric Scooters

Electric scooters with suspension offer some significant distinctions from the standard electric scooters.

Most importantly, they are more stable and safe to ride even on rough terrains. They can handle uneven surfaces such as broken roads or concrete pavements without compromising their stability. This is possible because of the shocks that come with adjustable suspension devices.

The second difference is that these scooters often have larger air-filled tires than standard ones, which is advantageous in uneven or rough terrains. They are also lightweight, meaning users don’t need to exert as much effort to carry them, which could make them a nice option for anyone in need of a quality scooter for college.

The additional comfort features such as the detachable seat, spring suspension, and adjustable handlebar height provide a more enjoyable riding experience. Less strain is exerted on the hands and arms of users, and their knees do not suffer from constant impacts during uphill rides.

Also, with the provision of backrests and seats, users can enjoy a laid-back riding experience instead of having to maintain their balance and focus entirely on controlling the scooter at all times.

Another key difference is the quality of construction. Suspension electric scooters are typically made of high-quality materials and components, resulting in greater durability and improved ride quality. With proper maintenance, they can provide reliable service for many years to come.

However, suspension scooters do have a few disadvantages. First off, they are usually more expensive than standard models. Also, they can be pretty heavy at times, even though most manufacturers try to make them as lightweight as possible. Lastly, users may have some difficulty adjusting to the ride of an electric scooter with suspensions at first.

How Electric Scooters With Suspension Work

Electric scooters with suspension are designed not to compromise the stability of the scooter during rides. This is made possible through special shock absorbers fitted on the rubber wheels.

These shock absorbers are best described as hydraulic pistons that can adjust according to road surfaces and conditions. When a rider applies force on their handlebar, these pistons compress air within them, resulting in a slight lifting motion of the wheel.

This results in less strain on the body and hands and protects the knees from disproportionate impacts during downhill rides.

With regards to motor movements and motor power, these scooters are not different from standard scooters. They also come with variable speed settings for improved control and flexibility, along with batteries that offer a more extended range of travel on a single charge. The powerful motors allow the electric scooters to achieve a maximum speed of up to 50 miles per hour, which is great if you want the fastest electric scooter for adults.

Their high-quality material and design allow suspension scooters (AKA offroad electric scooters) to handle rough terrain easily. Users can choose from different models depending on how they intend to use their scooters, including those designed specifically for off-road terrain.

Their ability to support heavier rider weight creates stability and safety for these scooters. Variations in road conditions are handled efficiently, as no extra effort or attention is required from the rider to keep the vehicle stable during use.

Why Should You Buy a New Electric Scooter With Suspension?

Do you need a new electric scooter with suspension? If you just moved into an area with rough terrain or bad roads, then this high-end scooter is the go-to choice for you. In this case, especially if you have a lot of luggage to transport, an electric scooter with suspension is your best option.

One key benefit is that electric scooters with suspension offer greater flexibility than a scooter without suspension. There is no need to worry about rough terrain or bumpy roads. These devices can easily handle all road conditions while still ensuring maximum comfort even at maximum speeds.

The new advanced dual suspension systems allow riders to enjoy a laid-back riding experience instead of having to maintain their balance and focus entirely on controlling the powerful scooter at all times.

Is an Electric Scooter With Suspension Worth Buying?

  • Guarantees a comfortable ride: The best electric scooter with suspension features improved shock absorbers that allow the front and rear tires to react quickly to changes in road surfaces. This results in a safe and comfortable ride, even at high speeds.
  • Advanced safety features: To ensure ultimate safety for riders, the most advanced suspension scooters come with anti-lock braking systems, hydraulic disc brakes, a rear brake light, and turn signals that are automatically activated by the steering handlebars.
  • High-quality material: The best electric scooter with suspension has a heavy-duty design that can handle rough terrain and aggressive use. It is made of high-quality steel and aluminum, which are both strong materials. They also feature sturdy frames to support heavier rider weight without compromising the vehicle’s stability during use.
  • Improved stability: The advanced suspension systems under the wheels of these scooters are designed to allow them to respond quickly to changes in road surfaces. This makes for a balanced and stable ride even at high speeds on all types of terrain, including rough roads.
  • It has longer battery life: As a power-hungry component, the battery pack creates one of the most significant expenses in owning an electric scooter. The best units have an advanced Lithium battery that operates at higher voltages and has lower internal resistance. These features allow them to provide maximum range per charge.
  • They feature more robust motors: The most advanced electric scooters with suspension feature extra-powerful hub motors that deliver high speeds and greater overall power. They allow the vehicles to achieve speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, making them ideal for daily and longer distances.

Why an Electric Scooter With Suspension May Not Be For You

  • High maintenance costs: The advanced suspension mechanism is one of the most complex and expensive components of building these scooters. This results in higher prices when it comes to maintenance, often required after a few months or years of use. In addition, replacing these parts may be difficult or impossible without access to original branded features.
  • It is only ideal for adults: Electric scooters with suspensions are mainly recommended for adults. Their features, especially the heavy-duty and robust steel construction that makes them suitable for rough use, may not be ideal for young inexperienced riders.

How Long Will an Electric Scooter With Suspension Last?

The average lifespan of an electric scooter is one to two years. However, specific factors can affect the useful life of these vehicles, such as how often they are used and maintained, how they are handled in everyday use, and what type of terrain they are used on.

Although electric scooters with suspension systems feature heavy-duty material that lasts longer, exposed parts such as air-filled tires tend to wear out faster than the rest of the scooter. This is precisely because the scooter with suspension is often used on rough terrain that exposes these parts to more physical stress.

When handled carelessly, particularly on rough terrain, the best electric scooter with suspension can experience sudden impact and abrasion that expose openings in their gear and electrical systems. This increases wear on the moving parts of these scooters and reduces their overall lifespan.

That said, it is imperative that you take proper care of your electric scooter. For instance, ensure that you check and fix any cracked components or broken parts as soon as possible to reduce wear on the other moving parts of the vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter With Suspension

You need to consider crucial factors when choosing the best electric scooter with suspension for your needs. However, it shouldn’t be a daunting task to find the best option. It is imperative to consider factors such as the terrain, safety requirements, motor power, weather, and intensity of use to find the model that is best suited for your needs. Keep reading to discover more about this and how to find your next electric scooter with suspension.

1. How is the Terrain of My Commute Distance?

The terrain that you commute on is significant when choosing an electric scooter with suspension. These scooters are specially designed for rough terrains, making them appropriate for use in areas where roads have potholes and uneven surfaces. However, you may need a less powerful model if you will be using the scooter for commuting in areas where the terrain is smooth.

2. Do I need Additional Safety Features?

Depending on your requirements, some models of these vehicles provide additional safety measures that make them appropriate for use in specific situations. For instance, electric scooters with LED lights are a good option for those using the vehicle at night or in poorly lit areas. Alternatively, electric scooters with rear reflectors are suitable for use in areas where you blend into the crowd.

3. What Kind of Intensity Will I Be Using the Scooter Under?

Another crucial factor you should consider when choosing these vehicles is your intended use for them. For instance, if you need a vehicle that provides smooth rides to ensure your comfort during use, you need a model with a 10-Inch Pneumatic tire or suspension system. Alternatively, scooters with air-filled tires are more appropriate for off-road commuting than those with airless tires.

4. How Much Weight Can the Scooter Carry?

The best electric scooters with suspension are designed to carry up to 300 pounds. However, you will still have better control even when carrying more weight than the recommended maximum capacity. It is imperative that you choose a suitable model for your needs.

5. What Level of Motor Power do I Prefer?

The motor power that the best electric scooter with suspension has is often dependent on the intended use of the vehicle.

For instance, if you will be using the bike as your primary mode of transportation, a model with dual motors can ensure that you have more than enough torque to climb steep inclines and travel longer distances.

However, if you only intend to use the vehicle for commuting in areas with smooth terrain, a single 250-watt motor model is more than enough.

With hundreds of models to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find a good one. So, check out our recommendations for scooters with Emove Touring and Zero 9. And for a comparison of models, check out the HiBoy vs Xiaomi

Electric Scooters With Suspension (FAQs)

What types of suspension are used on electric scooters?

There are several types of suspension systems used on these vehicles, including front and rear suspensions. The most common type is the front suspension. Others include under-seat and fork suspension.

Why is suspension important for electric scooters?

Suspension allows these vehicles to travel on all kinds of rough surfaces without damaging the vehicle. It also contributes to a smooth and comfortable experience, even when the e-scooter is used in uneven terrains.

Should I get an electric scooter with suspension?

If you commute on unpaved or hilly terrains, an electric scooter with suspension is a suitable option for your needs. More than that, it is also more comfortable than a conventional electric scooter.

How can I improve my scooter suspension?

Improving your electric scooter's suspension can be achieved by regularly servicing it. This will ensure that you get to enjoy optimal performance and a smoother ride.

What features should I look for when buying an electric scooter with suspension?

The most important features are the power of the engine, speed, and weight capacity. In addition to that, you also need to consider the suspension system used by the vehicle.
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