Best Electric Scooter Knee Pads in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make the best electric scooter knee pads? As with all protective gear for scooters, it starts with certified and tested safety performance. This means a good pair of knee pads will have effective foam padding and a tough outer shell to withstand scraping the pavement at typical speeds possible with even the best electric scooter.

They should also fit securely, covering the entire knee while still allowing you to maintain an adequate range of motion. Finally, a great pair of knee pads should be adjustable enough to offer some flexibility in terms of sizing.

While a helmet may be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to safety gear, knee pads are equally important. Whenever you’re riding off-road, going faster than typical bike speeds, or performing tricks, you need a good set of knee pads protecting your joints. Keep reading our electric scooter knee pads buying guide to learn more.

Top Electric Scooter Knee Pads

 #1  JBM Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: This complete protection suite comes with multiple products. There are highly adjustable straps that allow you to ensure a perfect fit no matter what. You can also use this gear for numerous types of sports.

  • Complete protection collection
  • Highly adjustable straps
  • Multi-sport compatibility
  • Made for basic protection

This set is made out of an EVA-padded material. It’s both soft and durable, so even while it has great longevity, it won’t be super uncomfortable while you wear it. There are also rigid plastic plates that will keep you safe with higher impact resistance during a fall. Unfortunately, this protective gear is made for essential protection only. This means that if you’re doing a ton of tricks, you should probably pick a different product.

There is polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic, and ethylene-vinyl acetate used in the production of this set. These are fantastic materials that will maintain their shape and form even after multiple falls. In this set, you’ll receive more than just knee pads. You’ll also get wrist guards, as well as elbow pads. That makes this an incredibly budget-friendly pick, as well as a reasonably versatile selection.

 #2  CRZKO Kids/Teenagers Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: Multiple sizes are available for this set to ensure a perfect fit. The anti-scratch PVC shells are made to resist shock upon impact, keeping you safer. Beyond this, the surface design is made of breathable mesh.

  • Anti-scratch PVC shell
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Breathable, mesh surface design
  • Meant for youth

Many vital protective factors go into the production of this set, such as the high-grade materials used. You’ll enjoy anti-scratch PVC plastic for the outer shells. The inside is made from soft EVA material padded for extra comfort. There is also a breathable fabric liner made from mesh. However, this set is made for the youth section of the store. That means that you should only purchase it for teenagers or kids, and adults should look elsewhere.

The adjustable sizes make this set suitable for children and teens anywhere from 15kg to 35kg in weight. There are also adjustable velcro straps to ensure freedom of movement and that a perfect fit can be achieved, which is crucial to proper safety. The manufacturer also includes an easy-carry bag. This is great since you’ll be receiving two knee pads, two elbow pads, and two wrist pads.

 #3  S SPOFINE Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll enjoy a complete suite of protection with this kit. They have highly ventilated designs, and there are strategically placed holes for airflow. They are also made with highly durable materials, such as PVC and PC plastic.

  • Complete protection suite
  • Highly ventilated designs
  • Made with PVC & PC plastic
  • Made for teenagers

This multi-usage set can handle all types of sports, including in-line skating, BMX, skateboarding, hoverboarding, and riding electric scooters. There are adjustable straps so that you can ensure a perfect fit, which is crucial to providing safety. While this set is advertised for an extensive age range, it’s more likely to fit larger kids and more petite teenagers. The suggested age range is eight to fourteen years old.

It’s made of highly durable materials, such as PVC and PC plastic. The interior is made of padded EPS foam to make it more comfortable and absorb more shock during falls. There are seven pieces in total, including the helmet, which can service heads between 21.6 to 22.4 inches in diameter. There are also wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads included. All of them are high-impact resistant for a higher level of protection.

 #4  PROJIE-L Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: The hook and loop closure makes these perfect for ensuring a great fit and keeping them from coming undone during high activity levels. You’ll also enjoy the EVA foam and polyester material that they’re made from.

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Made of polyester and EVA
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Not suitable for children

You’ll receive two knee pads, two elbow pads, and a set of seven wrist guards with this set. These are washable, so you can easily clean them after a long day of racing around on your scooter. They are multi-usage so you can use them for a variety of different purposes. This includes biking, skating, and electric scooters. However, this is a set that is meant for adult scooter enthusiasts. If you’re shopping for a more petite teenager or child, it will not be an excellent match for your purposes.

This set is highly resistant to impact. It’s made with both polyester and thickened EVA foam, both of which have impact-resistant qualities that keep abrasions at bay. There are multiple sizes to choose from and a handy guide to show which is right for you. There is breathable fabric on the inside, including lycra and a breathable mesh, so sweat doesn’t build up. You’ll be able to take these off quickly due to the hook-and-loop closures.

 #5  PHZ. Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: This set is highly resistant to impacts from falls due to the material. You’ll enjoy an abrasion-resistant PVC shell coating on all products included, as well as a layer of high-density thickened EVA foam.

  • Highly resistant to impacts
  • Abrasion-resistant PVC shell
  • High-density thickened EVA foam
  • Sizing runs on the small side

This set of protective gear offers high protection against falls. It has abrasion resistance due to the PVC plastic caps seen on all the products. You’ll also have high-density thickened EVA foam to further protect against impact and cushion you for a more comfortable fit. The foam also provides high levels of breathability. Unfortunately, this set does run on a smaller size. Larger adults probably won’t be able to fit into it correctly.

You have two ways you can wear these, either with the bandage adhesive or as a sleeve. The adjustable straps have a velcro closure which makes them incredibly secure when worn. Breathable liner fabrics, including polyester, mean that this set has great ventilation. There are seven pieces available in this set, including knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This makes it a complete suite of total protection.

 #6  STARPOW Knee Pads


WHY WE LIKE IT: This comprehensive suite of protection offers multiple ways to keep yourself safe during a fall. You can make precise sizing adjustments using the included velcro straps. There is also a handy measurement guide available.

  • Comprehensive protection
  • Precise sizing adjustments
  • Handy measurement guide
  • Material might be stiff at first

If you want impact resistance, this is a great choice for you. These products are made of highly durable EVA padded material, which is also highly durable. They should be suitable for those weighing anywhere from 26 pounds to 166 pounds, making them ideal for youth and adult riders. The material might be a little stiff when you first start to use these products. However, as you continue usage, they’ll mold to your body and loosen up a bit.

You can use this multi-purpose protection gear for biking, skating, rollerblading, riding an electric scooter, and more. You’ll receive elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards with your investment. All of them are highly impact-resistant to keep you safe during a fall. The wrist guards have a thumb-hole design to help stabilize your hands and keep your wrist safe. They have an angular shape to provide a great fit no matter your body type.

Beginners’ Guide to Electric Scooter Knee Pads

What Are Electric Scooter Knee Pads?

In a basic sense, electric scooter knee pads are pads designed to protect a rider’s knees. They usually come with a hard plastic shell, high-density foam padding, and a pair of elastic straps to secure them in place. In addition, the outer layer of the pad is often made from a breathable material to aid in cooling.

Electric Scooter Knee Pads vs. Other Electric Scooter Accessories

Like other protective equipment, knee pads are among the most important accessories you can buy for your eScooter. While electric scooters are not the most dangerous form of personal transportation, knee injuries are relatively common, especially when riding off-road or performing scooter tricks. Along with the best electric scooter gloves and other properly fitted safety gear, knee pads can save you from cuts and bruises and help reduce the risk of serious injury when riding.

Compared to other scooter accessories like the best phone holders for electric scooters, speakers, extra gauges, and decals, knee pads are arguably more essential for some types of riding. You might not need them for a quick trip to the corner store, but for riding along a challenging trail, they’re highly recommended, along with a good quality helmet, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

While you can put off buying some accessories until you’re ready to upgrade or customize your eScooter, knee pads are essential if you’re just starting out.

How Knee Pads for Electric Scooters Work

Knee pads for electric scooters, like the pads worn for hockey, skateboarding, and other moderate-energy, abrasive activities, work by absorbing the shock of impact and providing a barrier against scraping. They use adjustable straps or sturdy elastic to stay in place on a rider’s knees. The pad itself consists of a material like heavy-duty EVA memory foam or other high-density foam, while the shell can be hard plastic, aluminum, or alloy, depending on the level of protection needed. Different knee pad designs may differ slightly in their coverage and construction materials, but they all have the same function: to shield the rider’s knees and help avoid injury.

Why Should You Buy New Knee Pads for Electric Scooters?

If you’ve just started riding an electric scooter around town, or if you’ve decided to explore more challenging recreational forms of riding, it may be a good time to invest in a good pair of knee pads. Knee pads, along with a helmet, wrist pads, and elbow pads, help protect against some of the most common scooter injuries.

Even if you already own knee pads for skateboarding or roller skating, buying new knee pads for your electric scooter will add extra comfort and provide a higher level of protection. Electric scooters tend to go faster than non-powered scooters and bicycles. Higher speeds increase the potential for serious injury. This means it’s even more important to have properly fitted knee pads.

Newer models incorporate extra padding and have ergonomic design features that make them easier to put on and more comfortable to wear than older cheap knee guards. Compared to older types, newer pads for scooters are also more likely to feature breathable material that helps keep your knees cool on the ride.

Are Knee Pads for Electric Scooters Worth Buying?

New Riders: Knee pads are highly recommended for beginners when learning to ride an electric scooter. Even if you plan on riding at a slow speed, wipeouts can cause scrapes and other knee injuries. Knee pads set can help avoid these common injuries and make it much safer and more pleasant to get the hang of your new electric scooter.

Off-Road Riding: A comfortable set of knee pads is a vital piece of safety gear for off-road and trail riding. Loose, rocky surfaces and rough terrain can make riding much less predictable. As with other extreme sports and outdoor sports, ground contact is virtually unavoidable when trail riding. For this reason, upgraded scooter knee pads with flexible foam and extra protection are beneficial. Moreover, if you’re using a high-end Big Wheel Fat Tyre electric scooter for off-roading, then you’ll definitely want some high-quality knee pads. 

Upgraded Scooter: While you may be comfortable riding a low-speed electric scooter around town with just a helmet, you may want extra protection from elbow pads and knee pads if you’re upgrading your scooter to go faster. At 20 mph or faster, road rash becomes more of a problem, and so most scooter experts recommend a full-face helmet and knee pads fitted to your knee shape with elastic material.

Younger Riders: Whenever teens or younger riders use an electric scooter, a full set of protective gear is generally a good idea. In most areas, anyone age 14 or older can ride an electric scooter, but these vehicles have more potential speed than non-powered scooters and skateboards. This makes good pads and electric scooter helmets that much more important. For optimal protection, make sure the pads are properly fitted. Smaller teens may find child knee pads work well.

Why Knee Pads for Electric Scooters May Not Be for You

You Only Ride in Town: While pads and wrist guards are not always seen as a necessity for urban commuting on electric scooters, the injury statistics show that in-town scooter crashes result in similar injuries to bicycle and eBike use. This means that if your commuting schedule permits, a comfortable knee pad, and elbow pad set is a great addition to your electric scooter helmet for protection against common injuries.

Concerns about Comfort: If knee pads seem overly uncomfortable, you’re not alone. However, you may be used to cheap knee guards used for other outdoor sports and skating. Electric scooter protective gear, on the other hand, often features a comfortable memory foam pad soft EVA material, along with breathable materials and an elastic velcro strap that helps keep knees cool.

Fit and Mobility: You may feel like knee pads would restrict your mobility or else be too loose to afford adequate protection. However, newer full-coverage knee pads allow you to maintain a complete range of motion while still protecting you from scrapes and angled impacts, thanks to elastic straps and flexible foam.

How Long Will Knee Pads for Electric Scooters Last?

When stored properly, electric scooter pads will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, similar to bicycle and motorcycle helmets. You can generally reuse pads that have been through scrapes and minor impacts, but as with a motorcycle helmet, a knee pad that has suffered high energy or direct impact may need to be replaced for optimal protection.

Pads in use more often and for extreme sports, off-road, or trail riding will generally wear out sooner than pads worn occasionally or used for commuting. The elastic material and adjustable velcro strap usually wear out among frequently used pads before the soft EVA material.

Factors that affect the storage lifetime of pads include extreme temperatures, humidity, and UV light. For optimal longevity, store electric scooter protective equipment indoors in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Kids and teens’ knee pads generally don’t last as long, since kids will generally outgrow a given knee pad size within a few years.

How to Choose the Best Knee Pads for Electric Scooters

There are a number of factors involved when choosing the best knee pads for your electric scooter. The type of riding you do and the type of scooter you have will help determine what level of protection is needed. Rider size is another factor since knee pads have to fit securely to be effective. For example, kids’ knee pad size is different from adult sizes.

Knee Pads for Electric Scooter Key Factors

1. What Kind of Scooter Do You Ride?

The type of scooter you ride is an important consideration when choosing protective gear. If you have a more powerful eScooter with a higher top speed, it becomes more important to choose pads with full coverage and foam that can absorb angled impacts. IA faster eScooter also makes it more important to select pads that fit firmly to make sure they stay in place during slides.

2. Do You Ride Your Scooter to Commute?

Commuting is also an important factor when considering your next pair of knee pads for electric scooter riding. If you ride to work, you’ll want pads that allow your knees to stay cool, so breathable materials and plenty of airflow are important.

3. Do You Ride Off-Road?

For more serious trail riding and off-roading, you’ll want pads that fit very securely and have ample coverage for the entire knee area. Off-road impacts tend to be more angled and involve more scraping, so a tough, scratch-resistant shell is important.

4. What’s your size?

Proper fit is one of the most important factors when choosing any sort of protective gear. The right set of knee and elbow pads should fit securely but without limiting your mobility or cutting off circulation. Pads that are too loose can shift during impacts, reducing their effectiveness.


Why do we need protective gear when riding an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are relatively easy to ride but can go fast enough to cause injuries if you fall or crash Protective gear, such as an electric scooter helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards, can help avoid serious as well as minor injuries.

How do you clean knee pads and elbow pads?

It depends on the brand and product specifications. Some pads are designed to be machine-washable. In general, you can hand wash most knee and elbow pads using gentle laundry detergent or biodegradable soap, then hang dry them. Due to the potential effects of high heat on the internal foam structure, you shouldn't put elbow pads, knee pads, or wrist pads in the dryer.

Do I need knee pads for riding an electric scooter?

It depends where you're riding and how fast you're going. In general, knee pads are considered standard safety gear for off-road and trail riding and any high-speed or advanced electric scooter riding. However, many experts recommend knee pads in addition to a helmet and wrist guards whenever you ride a scooter or electric skateboard.

Do you wear knee pads over or under clothing?

In general, it's a matter of personal preference. For most situations, you can wear knee pads outside of pants for convenient placement and removal. If you're wearing baggy shorts, very wide-legged pants, or a long skirt or dress, it may be easier to wear them under the clothing.

How tight should knee pads be?

Knee pads for scooter riding should be snug but not overly tight or constricting. If your pads are the right size, they should fit without falling down or limiting your range of motion. Make sure you can bend your knee without the pads getting in the way or coming loose.
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