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Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults in 2023

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We assembled a list of the best electric scooters for heavy adults, preferring scooters with maximum weight limits of no less than 220lbs, 250w motors, lightweight but sturdy frames for easy portability, a minimum of 12 miles of travel per charge, easy-to-learn controls, and safety and convenience features like shock absorption, front and rear lights, and mobile app connectivity.

Of the scooters we researched, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is the best electric scooter for heavy adults. We liked it for its sturdy build, extra engine power, environmentally friendly battery pack, extra-large seat, comfortable handles, intuitive controls, and convenient back carrying basket. Making it the best electric scooter we’ve ever reviewed. More excellent choices can be seen below.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults

 #1  Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: Easy to learn, sturdily built, ultra-comfortable, with a high top speed and powerful rear-wheel drive, making it the most well-rounded, user-friendly option available.

  • 220lb max weight load
  • 500w engine for great horsepower
  • Rear-wheel drive increases traction and control
  • Fairly low 40-minute travel time per charge

The Razor EcoSmart Metro is a 500w rear-wheel drive electric scooter with a sit-down design and large, electric bicycle-like wheels. Having twice the horsepower of most commuter scooters and the added traction and control of the rear-wheel drive, it provides plenty of power for even very hilly and bumpy roads making it one of the best electric scooters for commuting. We loved the extra-wide seat, large footrest, and simple controls, and found the disc hand brake responsive and effective.

The Ecosmart’s eco-friendly battery pack does have a shorter per-charge travel range than many models at 40 minutes or 12 miles, but for average city commutes and around-town shopping, it should be more than sufficient, and its cargo carrier makes it especially great for small shopping trips. Add in an extra powerful engine, smooth, easy, relaxing ride, simple, easy-to-learn controls, and lightweight but durable build, and with a 220 max weight load, it’s a great go-to choice for an electric scooter with a seat for tall or heavier adults. For other similar options, have a look at the best electric scooters with a seat, as well as a cargo carrier.

 #2  Glion Dolly Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: Very portable and lightweight but sturdy and easy to drive, with enough horsepower for hills and enough battery power for street legal recreation and commuting alike.

  • 250w engine with 600w top end
  • Airless tires for flat-free riding
  • Luggage bag and mini wheels for travel
  • Rear suspension only

The Glion Dolly is a 250w electric motor. It has a top speed of 15 mph, and its battery pack provides a range of 15 miles per charge. Its airless, never-pop tires and rear anti-lock brakes are made with safety in mind, and its light 26-pound foldable frame, built-in rolling wheels, and luggage bag make it a great choice for weekend car trips and air travel making it one of the best electric scooters for adults.

The lack of front suspension means it doesn’t provide as smooth a ride as some models. But its relatively generous horsepower, portability, safety features, and overall high build quality make it a great all-around choice for average-length commutes at a relatively modest price point. Other affordable models are the best electric mopeds that will do an average of 12 miles on a single charge.

 #3  Gotrax GXL G2 Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: Power enough for even very hilly rides but with an ultra-bright LED headlight, LED display, and double brakes for evening rides and added safety, making it a good street-legal choice for states with extra compliance laws.

  • Can take up to 14-degree inclines
  • Top speed of 15.5 MPH
  • One of the most powerful LED headlights on the market
  • Modest 9-12 miles of travel per charge

The Gotrax GXL G2 is a 250w foldable electric scooter with a top speed of 15.5mph which is capable of taking inclines of up to 14 degrees. It features an advanced eABS anti-lock double braking system for extra safe riding and a one-step folding design for easy travel.

Its extremely powerful LED headlight is among the brightest on the market and combined with its bright, easy-to-read display for mileage, speed, and battery power, makes it especially suited to night riding. While its battery pack provides a fairly modest 9-12 miles of travel per charge, its great street-legal horsepower, and top speed, along with extra compliance features like bright front and backlights and double brakes, make it a safe choice for compliance in states with added street legal laws. Another safe choice for kids and smaller riders is the best kid’s scooter, the quietest scooter.

 #4  UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills


WHY WE LIKE IT: A single, super-fast 1600w brushless engine, heavy aluminum alloy construction, all-terrain tires, and high weight limit make it a great choice for larger riders looking for both commuter and off-road capabilities.

  • Adjustable, removable comfort seat
  • Most powerful single-engine available
  • 265lb weight limit
  • Heavier than most at 117lbs
  • Higher price point than most
  • Gets 12 miles of use per charge

The UberScoot 1600w is a single-engine 1600w professional-grade electric scooter whose higher power torque motor provides an impressive top speed of 30mph with loads of hill-climbing power for inclines exceeding 15 degrees. It features an adjustable and removable padded seat, a switchable economy mode to save battery power on longer trips, and a travel range of up to 12 miles.

We loved its removable seat, heavy-duty build, and large-grip all-terrain tires, however, even with its switchable economy mode, its travel range is shorter than other models with similar horsepower, and at 117lbs, it’s among the heavier models available. Still, the almost unmatched engine power, frame durability, comfort features, and high top speed make it a powerhouse option capable of easily supporting heavier riders on tough roads and steep hills. Making it a great choice if you’re looking for the best off-road electric scooter.

 #5  Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: Android/iOS connectivity, a powerful 350w engine, programmable anti-lock brakes, triple safety lights, and airless all-terrain wheels make for a modern, safety-minded scooter.

  • Mobile programmable brake response
  • Non-pneumatic pop-free wheels
  • Front, middle, and rear safety lights
  • Higher learning curve than some models

The Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter is a 350w electric scooter with a top speed of 18mph and a travel range of up to 17 miles per charge. We loved the Android and iOS Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity, which features programmable brake response via a dedicated app for Hiboy’s hi-tech eABS anti-lock brakes. We also loved its full-featured LED display, airless all-terrain tires, and front, middle, and rear safety lights.

Its generous modern features, safety-minded design, and engine power are all notable, but with it comes a somewhat higher learning curve that may not suit newer riders. However, for a full-featured electric scooter with power to spare and a 220lb maximum weight capacity, it’s a great value. And so is the best folding mobility scooter that can handle up to 325 pounds.

 #6  Joyor X5S Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s got a sleek, clean appearance, a powerful engine, extra-large wheels, and a super lightweight one-step folding design that maximizes its portability.

  • 265lb weight limit
  • Front-wheel shock absorbers
  • 31 miles per charge
  • Large capacity battery charges slower than many
  • Relatively high price point

The Joyor X5S is a 500w foldable electric scooter. It has a top speed of 15 mph, and its battery provides 40 minutes of travel per charge under optimal conditions and 31 miles under normal conditions. Its light 33lb build makes it among the lightest scooters with a weight capacity exceeding 220lbs, while its extra safety and comfort features like switchable cruise control, a powerful front LED safety light, and extra-large 10” pneumatic tires make it up-to-date in terms of technology,

Though it has enough power for most commuters and recreational uses, the slow charging time of up to 7 hours may not suit all riders. But that aside, for larger riders looking for a powerful, sleek, ultra-safe scooter with many modern features, it’s a very solid choice. Another modern model that also offers a low cost of operation is the best gas scooter.

 #7  Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: Full LED display, 350w steep hill climbing horsepower, Android and iOS connectivity, and an extremely durable, safety-minded build make it a solid choice for the tech-conscious consumer.

  • Grated steel non-slip footrest
  • Take inclines up to 15 degrees
  • Android/iOS connectivity for mobile app
  • Lower than average 6mph top speed

The Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter is a 350w electric scooter with a top speed of 6 mph and a travel range of up to 17 miles per charge. Android and iOS Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity and an easy-to-read, full-featured LED display give it a modern design. We loved the extra-large, grated, steel footrest, which increases build durability and helps prevent foot slippage.

The digital and connectivity features, battery pack power, durability, and hill-climbing power are notable, but its low top speed of 6 MPH may make it less attractive to some commuters. However, for a full-featured electric scooter that handles hilly terrain and longer commutes with ease, it’s a great value for a scooter built with heavy users in mind. Compare this model to the best electric scooter for climbing hills that supports a weight of 330 pounds.

 #8  Segway Ninebot Max Folding Electric Scooter


WHY WE LIKE IT: A slender build with modern features and a generous weight limit combined with an extra powerful motor and very impressive per-charge travel length make it a winner.

  • 350w engine power
  • Maximum ride of 40.4 miles per charge
  • 220lb weight limit
  • Lacks suspension

The Segway Ninebot Max is a foldable electric scooter with an extra-powerful 350w engine and a top speed of 18.6- making it one of the faster, lightweight foldable electric scooters. Its powerful battery is capable of up to 40.4 miles of travel per charge, and we appreciated its numerous modern features like cruise control, mobile app connectivity for iPhone and Android, and a small LED display.

Its lack of a dedicated suspension may result in a slightly less smooth ride occasionally, but the overall build quality is high enough to mitigate this in most road conditions. For a very portable electric scooter with good horsepower, extremely impressive battery strength, and a very durable build suitable for heavier riders, it’s a go-to choice. Compare this model to the best folding electric scooter that has a 250w engine.

 #9  Swagtron Swagger 5 High-Speed Electric Scooter for Adults


WHY WE LIKE IT: Packs tons of power and speed into a law-compliant 250w motor and has a high maximum weight capacity (320lb) with a stylish and head-turning frame.

  • Top speed of 18mph
  • High 320lb carrying capacity
  • Can take inclines of up to 20 degrees
  • Shorter charge than many at 6-11 miles

The Swagger 5 High Speed is a 250w electric scooter that boasts a top speed of 18mph and can take steeper terrain than many commuter models- up to 20-degree inclines depending on rider size. We appreciated its light frame and modern touches, like mobile app connectivity for both iPhone and Android, and its heavy-duty tires ensure a fairly smooth ride over speed bumps and similar road features, but the high weight carrying capacity of 320lbs was even more impressive.

With a maximum ride length per charge of 6-11 miles, its battery isn’t quite as efficient as some models on the market. However, its stylish appearance, modern features, extra speed and power, and super-strong frame make it the best electric scooter for heavier adults. Compare this to the best 50cc scooter that has a weight capacity of 225 pounds.

 #10  Xinao NANROBOT D5 Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

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WHY WE LIKE IT: 2x1000w motors provide high top speed and excellent hill-climbing power complement a much higher weight capacity and travel-per-charge length than many models.

  • 330lb weight limit
  • 40mph top speed
  • 45 miles per charge
  • At 77lbs, considerably heavier than many models
  • Much higher price point than commuter models

The Xinao Nanrobot D5 is a professional-grade electric scooter with powerful twin 1000w motors capable of speeds of up to 40mph and travel distances of an impressive 45 miles per charge. We appreciated its heavy-duty build, large-grip, extra-large 10” off-road tires, and heavy front and rear suspension, which provide a comfortable, smooth ride even for offroading purposes.

Its high price point and heavy 77lb weight mean it may not appeal as much to casual and commuter riders, though the front and rear hydraulic brake system add extra safety for heavy traffic and hill-climbing and descending for cities like San Francisco. But it’s an incredibly powerful, super-fast scooter that easily accommodates larger riders in practically any riding circumstance. Now compare this with the best top electric scooter, which is the fastest scooter on the market.

How We Decided

We looked at the best scooters for heavy adults, which had a maximum weight load of no less than 220lbs. We preferred environmentally-friendly electric scooters which had a minimum engine power of 250 watts for sufficient hill-climbing horsepower on average inclines and speed bumps, We also looked for double braking mechanisms, whether disc brakes, drum brakes, or eABS, and fast-recharging battery packs, which provided at least 40 minutes travel per charge for normal scenarios like city streets and modest hill climbing.

We preferred scooters with support features like shock absorption and built-in suspension, which had easy-to-learn controls and comfortable, moisture-wicking handles and seats where applicable. We also appreciated anti-theft features and designs made for people with less riding experience.

We also liked scooters with built-in suspensions or shock absorbers for smoother rides, more durability, and weight support, and which had extra convenience and tech features such as carrying baskets, LED and touchscreen displays, safety lights, and app and Bluetooth connectivity. For this list, we did not try to determine the best electric moped for commuting, the best kick scooter for commuting, or the best foldable electric scooter. We also did not include popular street legal, steel frame, gas-powered scooter models such as those by Vespa and Tao Tao, or mobility scooter models.

Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Build Strength, Maximum Load Weight, and Portability
    A tough, durable frame with a good weight or maximum load capacity are qualities to look for in an electric scooter (like the Apollo Phantom), but portability is a factor you’ll also want to consider, since most people who purchase electric scooters are going to spend time during each use carrying it, whether it be into their workplace, on public transportation, or during travel.
    • The average maximum load weight of an electric scooter made for commuting and light recreation is around 200lbs- sufficient for many adults, but larger riders over 200lbs will find their options diminish when considering this factor.
    • As a result, heavy riders may require sturdier frames and bigger wheels to accommodate a heavier load, while the heaviest riders may need an electric scooter that is specifically designed for heavy-duty use.
    • Professional-grade scooters with high-power motors will often have increased weight limits, but will also be heavier, less portable, and more costly than most commuters need. In that case, if you want something portable, you’ll need to view our list of foldable electric scooters.
    • Heavy-duty scooters, however, will have heavy loads in mind and feature heavy weight limits that can support heavier riders.
    • Finding a scooter that matches your weight limit needs as well as your desired price point and portability will require carefully looking at product descriptions, but it won’t be impossible.
    • Some powerful scooters can provide you with optimal speed, a comfortable ride, and be easily transported. The key is to look for models that reach your desired maximum speed, come in the right price range, and are designed for easy portability.
  2. Safety Features and Design
    A number of features can go into the design of an electric scooter where safety is concerned, but probably first and foremost, will be the brake design. But motor power and battery life are also important when it comes to electric scooters.
    • Double braking systems with anti-lock brakes are something to look for in any scooter to be used in high-traffic and/or hilly areas, though disc brakes and drum brakes can also be very effective and are more common.
    • The maximum weight capacity is also important to pay attention to, as are features like ergonomically designed handles that keep hands dry and prevent slippage and suspensions or shock absorbers that provide a smoother, safer ride.
    • This is key, especially if you’re using the model in our Razor E200 review, which handles a max weight of 150 lbs.
    • Extra safety features like back and front safety lights or throttle limiters are good to look out for as well.
  3. Engine Power
    A 250w engine is the average for commercial scooters and will provide more than enough horsepower for most commuter’s needs, be it rush hour traffic in New York or other city streets, hill climbing, or weekend shopping trips, but lower-power scooters can still provide enough boost for many commuters. 100w motors can be more than sufficient for average and smaller-sized riders, especially in flatter environments, so take your size and the terrain of your normal commute into account here, especially keeping in mind that more horsepower generally also means a higher price point- although the price point of street legal scooters tends to have a narrower, lower range in contrast to the longest range electric scooter. Although, if you want super speed, visit our comparison of the Uberscoot 1000W electric scooter vs Speedway 3
  4. Battery Life
    A lithium battery pack is the standard power source for most electric motor scooters, but charge times and the amount of travel one charge allows can vary quite a bit, even amongst purpose-built commuter models. Many models feature battery packs made for up to 15 miles of travel before they need recharging, which will be more than sufficient for most city commuters. However, some models designed with young riders in mind will have significantly shorter travel time/distance per charge numbers that may prove too underpowered for work commutes, while conversely, models with high-power batteries made for long trips will generally be heavier and considerably pricier. Balance your needs accordingly and pay close attention to product details.

    However, if you’re not looking for adult scooters but children’s scooters, then you’ll want to read our articles on Swagtron vs Gotrax, Inokim Mini 2, and the top-tier kid’s motorized electric scooters

Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults FAQs

What is the average maximum weight limit for electric scooters?

The average maximum weight limit for electric scooters made with commuting or light recreation in mind is around 200lbs. Some heavy-duty off-road scooters have much higher weight limits- including over a 500lb capacity- usually at the cost of notably increased frame weights (as well as higher price points.) However, there are a good number of options for commuter scooters within a good range of price points. Limits of up to 220 aren’t uncommon for such models, and some have high limits in excess of 300lbs. Manufacturers haven’t ignored the need for products designed for tall adults and larger riders, so you have plenty of options to choose from without having to make compromises to portability and affordability.

Are electric scooters safe?

Generally speaking, electric scooters are a fairly safe mode of transport, and electric motors are safer and more environmentally friendly than gas motors. However, there’s a large range of engine power, top speeds, extra safety features like shock absorbers, front and rear suspension, and tire and frame builds on the market, and the safety standards of each model, therefore, is variable. The safest models will generally be the ones with high weight capacities, airless or non-pneumatic tires that are pop and deflate-proof and low maintenance, double-braking systems, and lower top speeds (10-15mph).

Are electric scooters safe to drive in the rain?

This can vary substantially from model to model and product descriptions aren’t always clear on the matter. Some models have exposed electronic or mechanical parts that aren’t necessarily waterproof or water-resistant, and some have wheels that aren’t ideal for wet roads. Electric motors, unlike gas-powered motors, are vulnerable to moisture and dust causing shorts and other forms of power failure. Generally, if a scooter is designed to be water and/or rain-safe, it will say so in the product description. So though some models may be fine in wet conditions, or at the very least, driving through puddles, it should always be assumed that any scooter you’re looking at isn’t water and rain-safe unless it’s explicitly stated in the description. Customer service for a model or make can also help to answer this question most of the time when in doubt.

What’s the best electric scooter for heavy adults?

The best electric scooter for adults street legal is the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter for its sturdy build, extra engine power, a high-but-within-compliance top speed of 18mph, eco-friendly battery pack, comfortable seat and handles, intuitive controls, and convenient back carrying basket.

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