Best Electric Scooter Gloves in 2023

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Products Updated March 23, 2023
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What are the features that make the best electric scooter gloves? For maintaining a comfortable grip on scooter handlebars and protecting your palms from abrasion, choosing the best riding gloves for your electric scooter can make a big difference. It starts with high-quality, durable padding so that your hands won’t chafe on long rides. Next, like a great pair of bicycle gloves, the perfect gloves for riding an eScooter should offer plenty of grip in wet or dry conditions.

Finally, the best electric scooter and bike gloves should offer an adjustable strap so that they can maintain a secure fit. This will help keep your hands warm when needed while still maintaining breathability, so your hands don’t get too sweaty.

Keep reading our electric scooter gloves buying guide to help you choose the right pair for your needs.

Top Electric Scooter Gloves

 #1  SIMARI Winter Electric Scooter Gloves


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pair is excellent for those who are riding in frigid conditions because they’ll keep your hands totally toasty. They’re also compatible with smartphone screens and allow you to change music or take calls on the go.

  • Great for frigid conditions
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Has a multi-usage design
  • Size runs a little small

These electric scooter gloves provide a fashionable look alongside great function, with a built-in anti-slip grip. They’re also friendly for touchscreen phones, so you can take calls or change your music while on the go. They’re great for both men and women and come in multiple sizes so you can get a perfect fit. Unfortunately, these gloves do run a little on the small size. You might need to buy a size larger than you think you need to account for that.

They’re a highly comfortable option with a material blend of 95% polyester with 5% spandex. This mixture gives them the ability to be durable without losing flexibility in their hands. A warm flannel lining keeps your hands from getting cold in poor weather. Alongside this, the elastic cuff keeps them flush to your wrist and keeps water from getting inside of the gloves. There are silicone particles included in the palms and fingers.

 #2  MOREOK Electric Scooter Gloves


WHY WE LIKE IT: You can use these for any sport you participate in that requires hand protection. The material and design make this a highly breathable option to avoid sweaty hands while protecting.

  • Protects your hands
  • Highly breathable option
  • Compatible with multiple sports
  • Doesn’t fully protect hands

The mixture of spandex, silicone, and suede allows these gloves to be flexible, breathable, and highly comfortable. There is a 3-panel palm design that provides a tailored fit without sacrificing the control you have over your range of movement. These gloves feature a fingerless design for even better motor control. Because of the open design, these don’t offer the best protection possible against scrapes and abrasions. If you need higher levels of protection, you might want to look elsewhere.

This pair of gloves are made with incredibly breathable materials. The high ventilation makes these perfect for keeping your hands from getting sweaty. They’re made with highly elastic materials like Lycra, as well as a knitted, moisture-wicking mesh that keeps them comfortable. There are specialized shock pads made with 5mm of thickened SBR gel. This keeps your hands safer from impact if you experience a fall. This pair also features adjustable wrist velcro for a more customized fit.

 #3  Seibertron Dirtpaw Electric Scooter Gloves


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pair makes it wonderfully easy to retain flexibility of movement. You can maneuver your fingers and wrist with ease. The fingertips are also compatible with touchscreens so you can use your mobile device while wearing them.

  • Easy to move your fingers in
  • Recognizes touchscreens
  • Protection for your entire hand
  • Might wear out early

The material line-up for this pair is a mixture of 30% synthetic leather, 30% Polyamide,15% Neoprene,15% Polyvinyl, and 10% Polyurethane. This keeps them highly durable while allowing for both breathability and flexibility at the same time. They also provide excellent protection against impact injuries during a fall. However, be careful if you’re looking to use these for heavy sports. Some consumers report that these gloves may wear out a little earlier than you might expect.

The inclusion of a lycra finger gusset allows your hands to move freely. They have a lightly padded silicone grip system on all of the fingers, extending a little onto the top of your palm. There is an injected padding system on the top that protects your knuckles and fingers against damage, as well. You’ll also enjoy the comfort of an easy-to-use TPR hook and loop closure system.

 #4  FanVince Winter Electric Scooter Gloves


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll enjoy the liquid-resistant nature of these gloves. It makes them great for use in cold weather since they’re also a highly insulated option that will keep you toasty. Another great feature is that they protect against winds.

  • Repels most liquids
  • Highly insulated option
  • Protects against winds
  • A little on the thin side

There is an anti-slip design due to the silicone particles injected into these gloves’ thumb, index finger, palm, and middle finger. This allows you to have a secure grip due on handlebars, your phone, or anything else you’re carrying. The maneuverable nature of these gloves offers a free range of movement. However, this does cost you when it comes to some of the soundproofing and cold weather protection. They’re just a little bit on the thinner side.

A touchscreen design allows you to switch music, take calls, answer texts, or play games while on the go. They are highly resistant to abrasions and have a high grip strength. This makes them an excellent choice for those going off-road or who generally have poor grip. You’ll enjoy the warm, wind-proof design that is also water-resistant. You’ll be able to wear them even in inclement weather conditions.

 #5  Anqier Electric Scooter Gloves


WHY WE LIKE IT: The anti-skid silicone grip on the palm allows you to have a non-slip handle on anything you’re holding. It is also a mobile-device-friendly design that registers on screens for phone usage. The spandex material makes them highly flexible.

  • Has an anti-skid silicone grip
  • Mobile device-friendly design
  • Made with spandex
  • Too insulated for summer

This high-quality option is made primarily out of spandex, making it incredibly easy to wiggle your fingers around and have freedom of movement in your hands. There is also premium waterproof Lycra to make them softer and more comfortable to wear. However, you’ll only get good usage out of these gloves during the winter months. Since they’re insulated, they aren’t an excellent option for warm climates or summertime.

An anti-skid design keeps you safe. There are silicone pads on the palms that increase their resistance to friction and abrasion. The fingers are coated in a touch-conducive material, so you can use your phone even while wearing these gloves. They are great for winter and keep your hands warm because of their insulating properties. You can use these gloves for multiple sports and usages, making them a highly versatile choice.

 #6   X4 Full Finger Electric Scooter Gloves


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is an option to protect your entire hand with ease. They’re made with polyester and nylon, making them both durable and lightweight. This padded option is breathable, comfortable, and shock-resistant.

  • Protects your full hand
  • Made with nylon and polyester
  • Incredibly padded option
  • Might be a little bulky

You’ll be able to rest assured that your entire hand is protected, especially the knuckles due to reinforced plates added to the design. These gloves are made out of a mixture of nylon and polyester, making them highly lightweight and durable enough to last under even the most challenging conditions. However, all of this material makes these gloves a little on the bulky side. This might prove to be too cumbersome for some consumers.

You can also use these electric scooter gloves for a high range of applications. They’re perfect for ATV riding, dirt bikes, motocross, mountain biking, and more. They’re a highly breathable option that will allow airflow, so your palms and hands don’t get sweat while using them. You’ll also enjoy that they’re shock-resistant, so even during falls, you’ll have protection against impact. These highly padded gloves are great for ensuring the safety of your hands.

Beginners’ Guide to Electric Scooter Gloves

What Are Electric Scooter Gloves?

Like bicycle gloves and motorcycle gloves, electric scooter gloves are designed to help you maintain a comfortable grip on your handlebars. They usually have more protection than road bike gloves but may not include the hard shell, knuckle guards, and extra padding found on motorcycle gloves. They may also be designed to keep your hands warm or just to improve grip and dexterity. Finally, electric scooter gloves come in either full-finger or half-finger designs.

Electric Scooter Gloves vs. Electric Scooter Accessories in General

Along with the best electric scooter knee pads, wrist guards, helmets, and elbow pads, riding gloves are essential accessories for eScooter enthusiasts. They’re handy for many different kinds of scooter activities, from trail riding and off-roading to extreme sports riding to everyday commuting.

Unlike accessories such as LCD readouts, thumb throttle remaps, Bluetooth speakers, rear lights, and deck lights, gloves don’t require you to modify your existing scooter or install any new apps on your phone. This affordable accessory is one of the easiest ways to improve your riding experience and increase comfort, regardless of whether you’re just going up and down the main streets of your city or adventuring over the roughest roads in the hills.

Gloves aren’t legally required anywhere, unlike scooter and motorcycle helmets. However, they do provide extra protection in case of falling or scraping the ground on hard turns. For this reason, a good set of gloves is an excellent idea, especially if you’re into more technical or competitive scooter riding.

How Electric Scooter Gloves Work

Like traditional riding gloves and road bicycle gloves, scooter gloves are designed to improve your grip on the handlebars and make for a more comfortable and safer ride. Depending on the type, they may include extra protection for the palms and thumb. They can also be full-finger gloves or a fingerless design, similar to road biking or gym gloves. Fingerless breathable gloves tend to be cooler and more comfortable on warm summer scooter rides.

Riding gloves are usually made from leather, nylon, or a mix of nylon and other synthetic materials. They may have outer layers designed for abrasion resistance and inner layers constructed from high-stretch materials for comfort, along with an adjustable wrist strap or velcro strap for a flexible, snug fit on a wide range of hand sizes. In addition, they may have a removable wrist plate for extra safety.

Why Should You Buy New Electric Scooter Gloves?

Casual and occasional electric scooter use doesn’t always call for dedicated riding gloves. But, if you’re a frequent rider, these gloves allow exceptional grip and better comfort for everyday scooter riding. They’re also great for off-road and adventure riding in a wide range of trail conditions, making it easier to hang on despite any road vibrations coming through the handlebars. Finally, for trick riding, gloves contribute much-needed protection, and in combination with the best electric scooter elbow pads and wrist guards, they help avoid upper limb injury.

Some first-time riders of eScooters use bicycle gloves. Biking gloves are adequate for occasional, short-distance riding, but for more intense or higher-speed scooter trips, experts recommend upgrading to a pair of gloves that offer more protection. Even if you already have road bike gloves or tactical gloves, you might benefit from the specialized features of electric scooter gloves.

Are Electric Scooter Gloves Worth Buying?

High-Speed Riding: Some electric scooters can travel at speeds up to 40mph or more, but even at the more usual 20mph, a fall or slide can cause severe road burn on your palms. Thus, it’s important to have a good pair of riding gloves with features like a reinforced palm for maximum protection and a removable wrist plate. Gloves also help maintain grip at higher speeds where road vibrations can make the handlebars more challenging to hold.

Off-Road and Dirt Trail Use: When riding over rough terrain and variable, sometimes unpredictable trail conditions, it’s important to know you can maintain maximum handlebar grip. Gloves with a flexible yet snug fit and silicone grips can be especially useful if you ride your eScooter on park trails or dirt roads.

Winter Commutes: If you plan to use an electric scooter year-round, it might be wise to invest in a set of gloves for improved cold-weather grip as well. Full-finger gloves can improve brake grip and help keep your hands warm on cold winter rides, making them virtually indispensable for safe riding in sleet and snow.

Extreme Sports Riding: For trained and advanced riders, hand scrapes and chafing are even more common than for casual electric scooter commuters. Riding gloves with fingertip protection and a reinforced palm are thus especially important for stunt riders and anyone performing tricks on electric kick scooters.

Why Electric Scooter Gloves Might Not Be For You

You Mostly Ride in Warm Weather: You might think that gloves aren’t necessary or comfortable in warm weather. While it’s true that you don’t have to worry about your hands going numb from the cold while out on your eScooter in hot conditions, riding gloves still form an important piece of safety gear for electric scooters. In addition, you can often find scooters and bike gloves intended to help keep cool using breathable materials.

Difficulty Finding the Right Fit: Gloves do have to fit snugly yet allow you to maintain unrestricted comfort and mobility. Finding the perfect glove can be challenging, especially for those with larger or smaller-than-average hand sizes. That said, many of the best electric scooter gloves come with velcro wrist closures and adjustable straps, along with high-stretch materials to keep them secure.

Already Using Bicycle or Motorcycle Gloves: While it may be convenient to use bicycle gloves on your electric scooter, you might want to use more specialized motor scooter gloves if you often ride faster than typical bicycle speeds. Also, depending on the scooter’s handlebar diameter, you may find that Motorcycle Gloves are too restrictive to allow maximum handlebar grip.

How Long Will Electric Scooter Gloves Last?

Electric scooter gloves typically last five to ten years, depending on the riding and storage conditions. The construction and material choice can also affect a glove’s longevity. Most riding gloves incorporate synthetic materials and high-density plastics that are designed to resist abrasion and moisture. Velcro straps and cloth thumb panel areas tend to wear out sooner than the palms and knuckle pads.

You can usually reuse gloves that have been in minor scrapes, but experts recommend replacing gloves that are torn or where the pads have become partially detached. To extend the useful life of scooter gloves, as with most helmet types and other protective gear, store them someplace cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Extreme heat and freezing temperatures can cause synthetic suede palm pads and silicone grips to wear out sooner. For leather gloves, keeping them clean and using proper leather conditioners can help maintain their durability over the years.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter Gloves

A number of key factors go into choosing the best riding gloves for your electric scooter. These include the type of riding, the weather and road conditions you may encounter, and the performance capabilities of your scooter model. You might also want to take comfort and fit into account, consulting size charts and making sure the gloves you’re considering are available in your size.

In general, great riding gloves have features like textured fingers for grip, a reinforced palm for durability, and breathable material for comfort. For more technical riding, you might want gloves constructed with more high-stretch materials and featuring a cloth thumb panel for better dexterity.

Electric Scooter Gloves Key Factors

1. Weather and Temperature Conditions

Whether you need to keep your hands warm or cool when out riding can help determine what kind of riding gloves work best for you. Cold weather eScooter trips might call for full-finger gloves with plenty of padding and a snug wrist closure. You’ll still want textured fingers for grip on the bars and brake levers, of course. On the other hand, riders in warm conditions might want to look for riding gloves with breathable material and moisture-wicking technology that helps keep them from getting sweaty. And, you’ll want to pair them with the best helmet for an electric scooter.

2. Do You Ride Off-Road?

While thin leather or synthetic suede gloves may work well for low-speed urban commuting, dirt riders may opt for gloves that provide more padding and more fingertip protection. In addition, thicker gloves help dampen road vibrations and make it easier to keep a firm grip on the handlebars in rough road and trail conditions.

3. What model of scooter do you ride?

Different eScooter models may call for different riding gloves. The fastest electric scooters can reach 40mph or more and call for maximum protection, meaning that most such “extreme” scooter riders recommend gloves with reinforced pads and knuckle guards. Common eScooter models may not all have the same handlebar diameter, so it’s important to get gloves that offer a full range of motion and allow you to grip your handlebars comfortably. So, as you’re searching for the best dual motor electric scooter, make sure to choose a pair of gloves that best fits your model and needs.

4. What’s your riding style?

If you’re interested in more advanced or technical riding or plan on using your eScooter for stunt riding or extreme sports, you’ll likely have different demands for your riding gloves. For example, technical riding calls for gloves that allow you to maintain a wide range of motion while protecting your hands from abrasion.


Are electric scooter gloves different from bike gloves?

While some riders use bike gloves for electric scooter riding, bicycle gloves may not be ideal for all kinds of electric scooter use. For everyday commuting, you may want more lightweight or stylish gloves, for example. But, on the contrary, high-speed riding may call for more protective gloves.

Are full-finger or half-finger gloves better?

It depends on personal preferences for comfort as well as the weather and temperature conditions where you ride. For higher-performance riding, you might want full-finger gloves that offer added finger protection. On the other hand, some riders prefer half-finger gloves to help keep cool in the summer.

Why should you wear electric scooter gloves?

Safety is the main reason for wearing gloves while riding an eScooter, but comfort and improved performance are also benefits. Most eScooter falls involve hands scraping the ground, and gloves can help avoid severe abrasions.

Can you use motorcycle gloves for an electric scooter?

Depending on the riding style and the type of scooter you have, you may use motorcycle gloves. However, most riding gloves are designed for a certain handlebar diameter, and they may not offer enough dexterity for the smaller handlebars of some eScooters.

What are good scooter gloves?

It depends on your needs and where you ride. In general, good scooter gloves should offer some protection for your palms and wrists while still allowing you to maintain grip. Many top-rated scooter gloves have high-stretch wrist closures, textured silicone grips, and durable, abrasion-resistant pads.
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