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Best Electric Mountain Bike in 2023

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To help you find the best electric mountain bike, or trail bike, we have researched a multitude of well-regarded e-bikes, researching to ensure they boasted durable build qualities and powerful motors that allow for high maximum speeds and reliable performance. We also loved electric mountain bikes with high-quality and long-lasting internal batteries, letting you ride for dozens of miles before needing a recharge. Find the best electric bike for your needs today from the options discussed below.

The best electric mountain bike that we researched was easily the NCM Praguer Electric Bike. This enduro bike excels at technical trails, thanks to a powerful 468wh battery and a 350w hub motor, with high-grade mechanical disc brakes for safety. Keep reading to learn more about other excellent electric mountain bikes available for purchase.

Top 10 Electric Mountain Bikes

 #1  Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Equipped with a turbo speed brushless 350W motor that can reach 20 MPH and features a handy LED display, for making assist adjustments on the fly. The battery is also easily removed, making this a great choice for those worried about theft.

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  • LED display for easy adjustments
  • Strong 350W motor can go up to 20 MPH
  • 40 miles per charge and battery is easily removed
  • Some assembly required
  • Light is on the dimmer side

The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is made from sturdy and reliable aluminum alloy, with a number of durability-minded features, including a high-strength front suspension fork and double-walled rims. The powerful 350W motor system can easily reach a maximum speed of 20 mph and the rechargeable battery gets up to 40 miles of use on a single charge. This battery can also easily be removed and stuffed into a backpack, eliminating the fear of theft. We also enjoyed the touch-enabled LED display, allowing for a number of assist and speed adjustments on the fly.

Though this ebike does arrive partially assembled, it will require an hour or so of work in order to get it in riding shape, though an Allen wrench is included. Also, the built-in light is on the dimmer side, so we’d recommend purchasing a third-party light for extra safety. But the miles per charge and strong motor make this one of the best electric bikes for climbing mountains.

 #2  Eahora AM100 Electric Mountain Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Dual hydraulic brakes, a 9-speed transmission system, and an adjustable air suspension fork make this ebike excel on rocky terrains and steep inclines. The maximum load capacity is also 330 pounds, so it is a good choice for consumers of all body types.

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  • Max load 330 pounds
  • Battery gets around 50 miles on a single charge
  • 350W motor can reach 30 MPH
  • Assembly required, and it takes around an hour
  • Shape of saddle may not be perfect for all consumers

The Eahora AM100 Electric Mountain Bike is built from the ground up for rocky terrains and steeper-than-average inclines, with dual hydraulic brakes, a 9-speed transmission system, and a fully adjustable air suspension system. The end result is a smooth ride no matter what type of terrain you are traversing. We also loved that the battery gets 50 miles on a single charge and that the 350-watt electric motor can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour. The load capacity is on the higher end, at 330 pounds, making this an excellent electric mountain bike for consumers of all shapes and sizes.

This electric mountain bike does require a fair bit of assembly, however, so count on setting aside an hour or so before it will be roadworthy. Also, we found the seat, or saddle, to be rather angular, so it could be uncomfortable for consumers of certain body shapes. Make sure to read our buying guide on the best electric road bike.

 #3  Engwe Folding Electric Mountain Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely comfortable for long periods of use, with a max weight capacity of 330 lb, a large leather seat, and fat tires. The foldable design also makes it great for camping trips, as it can easily fit in the trunk of a car.

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  • Splashproof cables and connections
  • LCD display offers useful metrics
  • Foldable design can easily fit in a trunk
  • Battery pack gets 25 miles before needing charge
  • Brake light is not particularly luminous

The Engwe Folding Electric Mountain Bike boasts an extremely comfortable design, with a large leather seat that accommodates most body types, a durable bottom bracket, and a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, in addition to ultra-fat tires that offer an even ride. The included LCD display offers a number of useful metrics, including speed, distance traversed and battery life, and the fact that this bike is foldable makes it easy to stuff into the trunk of a car when not in use. The built-in dropper post allows for easy adjustments, further contributing to a comfortable and stable ride.

Though the 500-watt brushless gear mid-drive motor system can ascend to speeds up to 22 miles per hour, the battery can only get around 25 miles of use before needing a recharge, though it can achieve a recharge in around four hours. Additionally, the LED headlight does create a nice and usable beam of light which is perfect for nighttime riding, but the brake light is on the dimmer side. For long-distance commutes, or traveling between cities, read our guide on the best electric cargo bike.

 #4  Nakto Cargo Electric Mountain Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-friendly ebike with plenty of high-end features, including a high-strength carbon frame, a waterproof motor system that can reach 25 MPH, and a premium shock absorption system.

  • High brightness headlight and taillight
  • Waterproof motor reaches 25 MPH
  • Premium shock absorption for a smooth ride
  • Weight capacity of 250 lb
  • Only 1 pedal assist level

The Nakto Cargo Electric Mountain Bike comes in at a value-friendly price point while still offering high-end features, including a high brightness taillight and front-end headlight, and a durable high-strength carbon frame. The 250-watt brushless motor is waterproof and can reach a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. We also found the shock absorption system on the bottom bracket to be of a particularly high quality, offering a smooth ride on a variety of terrain types.

The maximum weight capacity here is 250 pounds, which may not be a great choice for all body sizes. Also, there is only one pedal assist level here, which pales in comparison to some electric mountain bikes which offer as many as nine pedal assist levels. For a more balanced experienced, check out our guide on the best mid drive electric bike.

 #5  Tomasar Folding Electric Mountain Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly bike with plenty of advanced features, including a folding design for easy storage and a 21-speed professional transmission system, which is great for climbing steep inclines.

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  • Compact design is easy to store
  • 21-speed professional transmission system is great for climbing
  • Anti-slip tires excel on snowy and wet terrains
  • Battery only gets 15 to 20 miles on a single charge
  • Assembly can take up to 2 hours

The Tomasar Folding Electric Mountain Bike comes in at a budget-friendly price point while still offering plenty of high-end features, including a 21-speed professional transmission system that absolutely excels on steep inclines and a variety of terrain types. We loved the anti-slip tires, which are great for snowy and wet conditions, and the compact and foldable design, making it easy to store the ebike when not in use or in the trunk of a car as you drive to a camping destination.

Though the battery can easily be removed, which discourages theft, we found during research that it only got around 15 to 20 miles of use out of a single charge. Additionally, this electric mountain bike needs a fair bit of assembly upon receipt, which can take anywhere between one to two hours. Best sure to check out our list of the best ebike for hills.

 #6  Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Efficient and sturdy tires that excel in a wide variety of terrains and weather conditions, which are anti-slip, wear-resistant, and made partially out of aluminum alloy.

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  • Gorgeous anti-rust frame
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Ultra-bright front-end headlight and USB charging capabilities
  • No taillight
  • Max speed of 21 MPH

The Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike comes equipped with high-grade 26-inch aluminum alloy bead spoke wheels, which are anti-slip and wear-resistant, making them perfect for a large variety of weather conditions and terrains. We loved the front and rear mechanical disc brakes, which are of exceptional quality, and the fact that the built-in battery also features a USB port, for charging smartphones and the like. The LED headlights are particularly luminous and sweeping and, as such, work to make this a safe ebike to ride.

Though the headlight is simply fantastic, there is no taillight here, which could be an issue for some riders. Also, the max speed here is around 21 miles per hour, despite a powerful motor that can easily ascend steep inclines. Also, take a look at our best electric hunting bike buying guide list.

 #7  NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Durably built and lightweight, with a best-in-class internal battery that can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge. This is a fantastic e-bike for all surface types of driving conditions.

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  • 60 miles on a single charge
  • Includes high-quality Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • 6 levels of pedal assistance, or none if preferred
  • Load capacity of 275 lb
  • Saddle/seat may not suit all consumers

The NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike is made from lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum alloy, with discrete electrical components and a fantastic near 500wh battery that allows for 60 miles on a single charge while riding in eco mode, though somewhat less at full power. The safety features are on point, with Tektro mechanical disc brakes coming standard, and this bike offers six levels of pedal assistance and allows for no assistance whatsoever, making this double nicely as a traditional mountain bike. It can also easily traverse a wide variety of surface types at a maximum turbo speed of 20 MPH, thanks to a 350W hub motor.

Though the motor is indeed powerful, there is a capacity limit of 275 pounds, which means folks above that weight will not be able to safely use this electric mountain bike. But this capacity limit is good with the best kids mountain bikes. Additionally, the custom-made saddle is on the firmer side, which may not suit the preferences of all consumers.

 #8  Addmotor Motan Electric Mountain Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality ebike with plenty of bells and whistles, including a large battery that can get 65 miles out of a single charge and a powerful 750W electric motor that can reach 23 MPH. The ultra-fat tires make this the perfect bike for off-roading, including beach riding.

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  • Battery gets 65 miles on a single charge
  • Ultra-fat tires for off-road terrain and large headlight
  • 750W hub motor can reach 23 MPH
  • On heavier side, at nearly 80 lb
  • Some assembly required
  • Expensive

The Addmotor Motan Electric Mountain Bike is built for traversal across a wide range of terrain types, including rocky locations and sand, with ultra-fat Kenda 20” X 4.0” 60 TPI tires and a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds. The front-facing headlight is particularly luminous, making this an adequate choice for night riding, and the removable battery can get up to 65 miles out of a single charge. We also loved the powerful 750W integrated wheel motor system, which can reach 23 MPH, water-resistant connectors, and wiring harness. In short, this is a sturdy and reliable ebike that should last for years.

This is a relatively heavy electric mountain bike, however, clocking in at around 80 pounds, which could make it a nuisance for apartment dwellers or those who need to climb stairs to get home. Additionally, this bike needs some assembly upon receipt, which could take up to an hour or so. But the 65 miles on a single charge along with its ultra-fat tires make this one of the best bikes for many terrain types.

 #9  Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Great choice for beginner riders, with a comfortable padded saddle, high-grade disc brakes that excel even in rain, and a reliable front suspension.

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  • Comfortable padded saddle/seat
  • Quick-release front wheel for storage
  • Safety forward, with disc brakes and front suspension
  • Max user weight 220 lb
  • Max speed of 15 MPH

The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike is the perfect choice for those new to ebikes, offering good safety features, including disc brakes that operate even over wet terrain, a high-grade front suspension, and copious bells and reflectors spread out around the exterior. The large padded seat is comfortable for long periods of use and the quick-release front wheel makes it easy to stuff in a closet when not being used, or in the trunk of a car.

Though the battery is encased in a water-resistant case and is easily removable, it only gets around 25 – 30 miles of use on a single charge, and the 250W electric motor can only ascend to 15 MPH, though the latter does increase this electric bike’s safety rating. Also, the maximum user weight here is 220 pounds, which is on the lower end. The best adult tricycles have a much larger weight capacity.

 #10  Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Features a fantastic back-lit display that relays a number of useful metrics, including speed, battery life, and more. The nine levels of pedal assist and bright LED headlight and taillight also make this an exceptionally safe ebike.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • 9 levels of pedal assist
  • Bright LED headlight and taillight
  • Battery is concealed, but not easily removable
  • Max 30 miles of use on a single charge

The Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike comes with an interactive display that relays a number of interesting and useful metrics, including battery life, speed, distance traveled, and much more. The 250-watt hub motor system can reach 20 MPH and we found this ebike to excel at steep inclines, thanks to the nine levels of pedal assist available. We also loved the included safety features, such as ultra-bright LED headlights on both the front and rear of the bike and the sturdily designed disc brakes. Though it does need a partial assembly upon receipt, we found the process to be easy, taking around 20 minutes.

Though the battery is concealed in the center of the aluminum frame, it is not easily removed, which could make it a target for theft. It is still advisable to get the best bike lock for this Jetson Adventure. Additionally, this battery only gets around 30 miles of use out of a single charge and takes around six hours to reach a maximum charge.

How We Decided

To help narrow down the above list, we made sure that each and every electric mountain bike we chose excelled across a wide variety of terrains, including rocky trails, asphalt roads, and even sandy beaches. We also made sure that the motors were powerful enough to handle the kinds of steep inclines riders typically encounter while out in the wild.

As far as speed, we made sure that each ebike we chose could reach a maximum turbo speed of at least 20 MPH or so, with some allowing turbo speeds of up to 30 MPH. We also only picked bikes with rechargeable batteries that could operate for long periods of time before needing a recharge, as long as 55 miles in certain instances. We also picked mountain bikes with removable batteries, so as to discourage theft, and those encased in a water-resistant shell of some kind.

We admired durable bikes that offered an even center of gravity, or weight distribution, with high-quality control units and head tubes. Many electric mountain bikes also offer the option for customization, via adjustable seats.

Brakes were also of paramount importance and we tended to choose bikes with mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear tires. High-quality suspension systems and pedal-assist functionalities were also considerations, as both can help riders ascend steep hills. Finally, we liked electric mountain bikes with plenty of safety features, including bright LED headlights and taillights, bells, and reflective coverings along the exterior.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Motor
    The motor is one of the prime considerations when shopping for an electric mountain bike, particularly if you like going turbo speeds or performing other speed-heavy use case scenarios. You should be looking for a powerful motor of no lower than 250 watts that can not only reach a good maximum speed of around 20 – 30 miles per hour but is also extremely capable of trail riding and traversing a wide variety of terrain types. Though the sporty aesthetic and riding style of a rear hub motor may be tempting, they aren’t well-suited for electric mountain bikes where weight distribution is important, so opt for a mid-drive motor. To that end, it is nice when an ebike features several pedal assist modes that allow you to mix and match physical pedaling power with the motor. Although, if you want some books with some strong pull, you’ll want to look at our list of the leading off-road electric bikes and greatest electric fat tire bikes.
    • Without getting too technical, make sure you know that ebike “torque” is the measurement of the turning force of its wheels that help the bike accelerate. Ebikes for trails need plenty of power so they tend to have more torque than an ebike with a lighter weight that’s intended for flat terrain or a commuting riding experience. An electric mountain bike will generally need at least 80 Nm of torque to get adequate motor power output for climbing hills or rocky mountain terrain. The same goes for cargo e-bikes that need plenty of power to haul extra weight.
    • Higher-end ebikes can feature a torque sensor that gauges how much pressure you’re applying to the pedals and can adjust the bike’s torque to give you more electric assistance via pedaling power. Though a nice ebike with a torque sensor and long-lasting battery capacities may not have as much of an affordable price versus a regular bike, you’ll get to put less work into pedaling and get a more pleasant and fun ride to enjoy the scenery.
  2. Battery Life
    If the motor is plenty powerful on a great electric trike, it can achieve turbo speeds. The next step should be to take a look at the rechargeable battery. The main factor here is, obviously, the maximum range before needing to be charged. Look for batteries that can get at least 25 miles on a single charge, with some allowing for as much as 55 or 60 miles on a single charge. Recharging should be fast and efficient, around four to six hours for a complete charge. It is also nice when the battery can easily be removed, typically via key, which can help eliminate the fear of theft, as the battery is one of the pricier parts of the ebike. The motor and battery often work in tandem to maximize efficiency and ride quality. It must also be noted that range extenders are available for purchase.
  3. Safety Features
    You’ll be cruising at high speeds through treacherous terrains with these mountain bikes, so robust safety features are an absolute must-have. Look for ebikes with mechanical disc brake systems, hydraulic disc brakes, and shocks that can absorb rocks and small bumps in the road or trail. Other safety features include powerful front-facing headlights and rear-facing tail lights, bells, and reflective surfaces along the exterior. Full suspension systems, including rear suspension, can also help to ensure a safe ride. Many enduro bikes also include top-notch speed sensors, which send pertinent information to a mission control display for perusal. Be sure to research what the downhill performance is like for the bike as well. Features like additional suspension travel will give the bike more grip when traveling down rough terrain. Though these additional safety features may knock out an affordable, competitive price, they may significantly help you out during tougher rides.

Electric Mountain Bike FAQs

Is an electric mountain bike worth it?

We think so. Electric mountain bikes are designed to efficiently handle rough terrains and typically allow for manual pedaling when you want some exercise. They are also durable, water-resistant, and shine as commuter vehicles in addition to being used for off-road pursuits.

What is the best value electric mountain bike?

When sussing out the electric mountain bike that offers the best value, you want to take a look at the price point and the feature set, in order to arrive at the value ratio. To that end, we think the Nakto Cargo Electric Mountain Bike is the best value, as it has incredibly safe and long-lasting headlights and taillights, and premium shock absorbers.

What is the fastest electric mountain bike?

If you have a need for speed when it comes to a road bike, you could do no better than the Addmotor Motan Electric Mountain Bike, which maxes out at 23 miles per hour. There are faster ebikes on the market, such as the PG Bikes BlackTrail, but they are not always recommended for mountain biking, nor are they particularly safe. Another fast option is the Shimano Steps e8000, which features a powerful Bosch motor and a wh battery.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Not many, to be honest. Enduro bikes outshine regular bikes in nearly every category. If we had to pick some small downside, we’d say that they are overall pricier than standard bicycles. Another downside is that they are often much heavier than standard bikes. All types of bikes have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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