Best Electric Bikes For Hunting in 2023

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Updated February 27, 2023

To help you find the best electric hunting bike, we have tried out a multitude of top ebikes, testing to ensure they were a happy accomplice as you went out in the wilderness. To that end, we preferred electric bicycles with powerful motors that could easily handle off-the-beaten trails and those that kept things quiet, so as not to disturb prey. We also liked long-lasting batteries and durable builds. You might already have or plan to buy the best electric bike for hunting from the list below.

The best electric hunting bike we tried was easily the Bakcou Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike. This is the premier electric bike for hunters, as it boasts a premium 1000-watt motor that excels across difficult terrain types and can be purchased in camouflage designs. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality hunting bikes available for purchase.

Top 10 Best Electric Hunting Bike

 #1  Bakcou Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Mule electric bike is packed with features for hunters, including availability in a number of camouflage colors and an ultra-powerful 1000w electric motor that excels in the wilderness.

  • 1000 watt motor excels across terrain types
  • Battery gets 40 miles per charge
  • Available in multiple camouflage colors
  • Left-handed thumb throttle
  • Load capacity is 300 lb

The Bakcou Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike is widely discussed in electric hunting bike forums and for good reason. This thing is a beast with a powerful, yet quiet, 1000-watt motor that can easily ascend hills and deal with debris typically found while in the wilderness. We loved the custom-built 48-volt extended distance battery, which gets around 40 miles per charge, and the fact that is available in several camouflage-friendly designs.

Though we found the left-handed thumb throttle to be exquisitely designed, some riders may be used to right-handed throttles. Additionally, the maximum load capacity here is 300 pounds, which is decent but can easily be exceeded when you take both the rider and hunting gear into consideration. This is the best electric bike on our list.

 #2  Rungu Dualie Electric Hunting Bike

Rungu Dualie


WHY WE LIKE IT: Hybrid double-wheeled and double-suspension design can handle any difficult terrain, including snow, and absolutely blasts up steep inclines with little to no effort at all.

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  • Dual hydraulic front and rear brakes
  • Battery charges in under 3 hours
  • Load capacity nearly 350 lb
  • Unique form factor may not be for everyone
  • 20 miles per charge while using max pedal assist

This Rungu Dualie Electric Hunting Bike is significantly more stable than any Xtreme fat tire hunting electric bike, thanks to a patented double-wheel and double-suspension design that makes short work out of steep hills and difficult terrain types. We loved the powerful Bafang mid-drive motor, which can go 25 miles per hour, and the ultra-safe dual hydraulic front and rear brakes. We also enjoyed the large 350-pound load capacity, which is more than enough for riders and their gear.

Though the battery charger is simply stunning, delivering a full charge in under three hours, we did find that the battery itself only got around 20 miles of use while using maximum pedal assist, though you can squeeze out a lot more juice if you are doing some of the pedaling yourself. This is one of the best bikes with hydraulics.

 #3  Quietkat Ranger 750 Electric Hunting Bike

2020 Quietkat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Includes a whisper-quiet motor with plenty of get-up-and-go, in addition to featuring an ultra-durable 6061 aluminum frame and plenty of rust-resistant parts that excel in wet weather.

  • Durable 6061 aluminum frame
  • Rust-resistant parts are great for wet conditions
  • Heavy-threaded 26” by 4.5” fat tires
  • Battery takes nearly 7 hours to reach max charge
  • Max speed 20 MPH

The Quietkat Ranger 750 Electric Hunting Bike includes a 750-watt motor that excels at traversing rough terrain while remaining whisper-quiet, so as to not disturb any prey you have your eyes on. We loved the durable 6061 aluminum frame, which is sturdy yet comfortable, and the heavy-threaded 26-inch by 4.5-inch fat tires, which assists the motor in traipsing across the wilderness. Many of the parts that make up this electric bike are also highly resistant to rust, so feel free to ride and hunt during bouts of bad and rainy weather.

Though the 750-watt motor is excellent at acceleration and at ascending steep hills, it does max out at 20 miles per hour, which may not suit daily commuters. Additionally, the battery is top-notch and lasts a while before needing a charge, but reaching a maximum charge does take nearly seven hours. It does have a durable frame just like the best adult tricycle.

Though this electric hunting bicycle is great for taller-than-average riders, up to 6’6”, the company recommends it not be used by those shorter than 5’11”. Also, this bike does require a fair bit of assembly upon receipt, though tools and clearly written instructions are included with the purchase. If you live in areas without a lot of paved roads, be sure to read about the best gravel e bike. But in areas with diverse terrain, check out our best electric fat tire bike guide.

 #4  Civi Bikes Predator Electric Hunting Bike



WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-friendly hunting bike with a fantastic feature set, including an ultra-durable 6061 aluminum frame and an extremely comfortable Selle Royal saddle, with padded non-slip grips.

  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Comfortable Selle Royal saddle and padded grips
  • Chaoyang 26” x 4.0” fat tires
  • Only available in high-step frame style
  • Heavier than competing models, at 62 lb

The Civi Bikes Predator Electric Hunting Bike comes in at a value-conscious price point while still offering features in line with higher-priced competitors, including a durable 6061 aluminum frame that will survive just about any scrape. We loved how comfortable this bike was for lengthy hunting sessions, thanks to the Selle Royal saddle and padded grips, and the incredibly useful Chaoyang 26-inch by 4-inch fat tires. These tires excel on the sand and debris-laden paths, making them a must-have for hunters. The Bafang 500-watt motor is decent, taking the steepest inclines with ease, and the battery can get 35 miles of use out of a single charge.

This is a fairly heavy bike, coming in at 62 pounds, thanks to the inclusion of a spring fork, which may not suit all consumers. Additionally, this model is only available in a high-step frame style, which may not please those looking for a step-through bicycle. The best bike lock will help too just in case those looking to steal your ride are on to you.

 #5  Surface 604 Rook Electric Hunting Bike



WHY WE LIKE IT: Includes a powerful 500w hub motor paired with an industry-leading 12mosfet 25A controller, which translates into more than enough torque to tackle ultra-steep inclines and hills, in addition to excelling on debris-laden paths.

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  • Battery range 40 miles per charge
  • Comfortable Selle Royal ergonomic gel saddle
  • Passcode-protected color LCD display
  • Taillight is on dimmer side
  • Max weight 285 lb

The Surface 604 Rook Electric Hunting Bike will be your best friend if you find yourself hunting in locations with plenty of steep inclines. The 500-watt motor and 12mosfet 25A controller create a massive amount of torque, making hills and traversing difficult terrain types a breeze. We loved the passcode-protected full-color LCD display, which relays a number of useful metrics, and the comfortable Selle Royal ergonomic gel saddle. The battery here will get you around 35 miles of use on a single charge as well.

The maximum load capacity here is 285 pounds, which is decent but it must be noted this includes both the rider and all of their gear. Additionally, the taillight included with this electric bike is on the dimmer side, though the headlight is exceptional. This hunting bike is one of the best for hills, just like one of the best kids mountain bikes. Feel free to expand your search to the best electric mountain bikes guide.

 #6  Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 Electric Hunting Bike

RadRover 5


WHY WE LIKE IT: Features a pair of puncture-resistant Kenda K-Shield tires, which is great for debris-laden paths, with stainless steel front and rear fenders and a 750w Bafang geared hub motor that powers through loose terrain.

  • Stainless steel front and rear fenders
  • 750w Bafang motor great for rough terrain
  • Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes
  • Max load capacity 275 lb
  • Battery takes a while to reach a full charge

The Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 Electric Hunting Bike comes equipped with a pair of Kenda K-Shield tires that are highly puncture-resistant, thanks to an inner layer of aramid and ceramic particles. In other words, glass, thorns, and related debris will not ruin your hunting excursion. We loved the durable stainless steel front and rear fenders and the Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes, both features adding an excellent amount of safety during rides. The 750w Bafang motor is also optimized for rough terrains.

This electric hunting bicycle can only accommodate loads up to 275 pounds, and this includes both the rider and all associated hunting gear. Additionally, the lithium battery is decent, allowing for 45 miles of use per charge, but the included charger takes around six or seven hours to reach a full charge. And also read our buying guide on the best electric trike.

 #7  Nakto Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly bike with plenty of high-end features, including a high-strength carbon steel frame, a 48v battery that gets 55 miles from a single charge, and a pair of durable fat tires that excel across multiple terrain types

  • High-strength carbon steel frame
  • Battery can get 55 miles on single charge
  • 26”x4” fat tires for all terrain types
  • LED display not backlit
  • Can struggle on ultra-steep hills

The Nakto Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike comes in at a budget-friendly price point while offering many features in line with pricier competitors, including a high-strength and ultra-durable carbon steel frame. We loved the 48V 12AH lithium-ion battery, which can ride up to 55 miles on a single charge, and the speedy 500-watt motor, which can go up to 28 miles per hour. The 26 inches by 4-inch fat tires are also a great addition for hunters, allowing this bike to effortlessly glide over rough terrain.

Though the motor is designed for acceleration and high top speeds, it doesn’t do quite as well on ultra-steep inclines as some of its competitors, though it is serviceable. Also, the LED display is useful, relaying a number of metrics, but is not backlit for night riding. For those commuting and needing something more portable, check out our best folding electric bike buying guide.

 #8  Addmotor Motan Electric Hunting Bike

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


WHY WE LIKE IT: Excels during night hunts, thanks to an ultra-luminous LED headlight and a backlit LCD screen that relays a number of useful metrics, with a fantastic battery that gets up to 55 miles of use out of a single charge.

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  • Gets 55 miles per charge
  • Max speed 23 MPH
  • 26” fat tires great for most terrains
  • Not for riders below 5’11”
  • Requires some assembly

The Addmotor Motan Electric Hunting Bike adds some essential features to your next nighttime hunt, with an ultra-bright LED headlight and a backlit LCD display. This screen relays a number of useful metrics, including mileage and speed, and includes a USB port for the charging of smartphones. We loved that the 48V 750-watt brushless rear hub motor can easily ascend most hills and maxes out at 23 miles per hour. The battery life here is also excellent, allowing for up to 55 hours of use on a single charge.

 #9  Rambo Power Electric Hunting Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality electric bike with plenty of features for hunters, including a useful camouflage design, Kenda fat tires that offer superior traction, and customizable frame mounting points, allowing riders to place various pieces of gear wherever they like.

  • Useful camouflage design
  • Kenda fat tires offer plenty of traction
  • Customizable frame mounting points for gear
  • Saddle is somewhat rigid, though can be replaced

This Rambo hunting bike is of exceptionally high quality, with a number of innovations designed exclusively for hunters, including a useful camouflage design. We loved the Kenda fat tires, which offer superior traction while traversing the wilderness, and the backlit digital display. The powerful 750-watt high-torque motor is whisper-quiet, easily tackling most inclines, and the customizable frame mounting points allow riders to place hunting gear wherever they like.

Though the seat post is highly adjustable, which is nice, the saddle itself is on the rigid side, though it can be replaced and does soften over time. This bike did require some assembly, but we found it to be fairly effortless. Also, consider the best e-bikes for women.

 #10  QuietKat Apex Electric Hunting Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an industry-leading 1000w mid-drive motor that is upgradable to 1500w, with a battery that can get up to 50 miles per charge and a 325-pound load capacity, more than enough for a rider and all appropriate hunting gear.

  • Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5” fat tires
  • Battery gets up to 50 miles per charge
  • 325 lb load capacity
  • Pretty heavy, at nearly 80 lb
  • Saddle is nothing special and somewhat rigid

The QuietKat Apex Electric Hunting Bike boasts an incredible 1000 watt motor, which is upgradable to 1500 watt, resulting in a maximum speed of up to 28 miles per hour, incredible climbing ability, and the capability to easily traverse wild paths, snowy terrain, and even sand. The load capacity here is 325 pounds, which we found to be adequate for most hunting applications, and the battery can get up to 50 miles per charge. We also loved the inclusion of Kenda Juggernaut fat tires, further helping this bike blast through the wilderness.

This is a pretty heavy electric bicycle, however, coming in at nearly 80 pounds, which could be an issue if you are forced to carry it somewhere. Also, we found the saddle to be nothing special, with a rigidity that could slightly hamper lengthy hunting sessions. And, you might want to take a look at the best electric bike for seniors, a great gift for those who are a bit older.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we paid special attention to the features that hunters typically look for while shopping for an electric bike. To that end, we preferred bicycles with powerful electric motors that were designed for hill climbing and for traversing wild terrain. Puncture-resistant fat tires were also enjoyed, as were bikes that offered a whisper-quiet operation.

Of course, electric motors would be nothing without accompanying lithium-ion batteries. We liked batteries manufactured by renowned companies, such as Samsung and LG, with the ability to ride for 30 to 50 miles on a single charge. We also enjoyed batteries that charged quickly, in around three or four hours, and those that could be easily removed for theft deterrence and for charging on-the-go.

We also took a good look at the safety features on offer, choosing ebikes equipped with hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes and those featuring durable aluminum alloy frames. Other safety features include luminous LED headlights and integrated horns, for night riding. Finally, we liked bikes with plenty of additional features, such as backlit LCD displays and built-in USB ports for the charging of smartphones and other gadgets.

Best Electric Hunting Bike Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Motor
    When it comes to an electric hunting bike, you really want a type of motor that is optimized for wild terrains.
    • Look for powerful motors of at least 500 watts with plenty of torque for ascending steep hills and other inclines. Read our Pedego Stretch review for a bike that has such features.
    • You should also take a few moments to actually listen to the motor as it runs. While hunting, you want to make as little noise as possible, so make sure your chosen motor option is whisper-quiet.
    • The battery life should suffice for however long you normally go hunting for, and an LCD display screen to show the current battery level of the hunting ebike. If your hunting e-bike has a smaller battery capacity or you can’t find one with a larger battery size, consider carrying around dual battery packs so you can get extra time to ride on it.
  2. Rough Terrain
    In addition to the motor, electric hunting bikes boast multiple other features to help them easily traverse rough terrain types.
    • These include ultra-durable aluminum alloy frames, which are nigh indestructible, and ultra-fat tires that are often puncture-resistant when rolling on rugged terrain.
    • They’d be able to pull off a smoother ride on uneven terrain, road terrain, and everything in between. In
    • These bikes also typically allow for larger-than-average load capacities, so as to accommodate both the rider and the heavy load of all associated hunting gear on a hunting trip.
    • If this sounds more like your speed, then you’ll want to learn more about mountain e-bikes.
    • Speaking of rough terrain, most of the finest electric fat tire bikes work just as well as many high-end electric mountain bikes.
  3. Safety Features
    Safety is paramount while riding through the wilderness in search of your next prized prey on an ebike for hunting. To that end, look for a quality product with hydraulic brakes or mechanical disc brakes that offer an efficient stop even while riding over debris, and look for high-grade suspension forks and shocks that successfully absorb all of the vibrations that come from riding over rocks and bumps on the trail and give you a smooth ride. On that note, you’ll find similar safety features on the Bakcou Mule Elite bike.
  4. Additional Features
    Consider the storage space on these bikes for hunting so you can carry your supplies and equipment on a rear rack for example. If you have to carry around heavy items, let the rear rack do the heavy lifting for you during hunting season.

Electric Hunting Bike FAQs

What is the best electric hunting bike?

We think each of the electric hunting bikes on the above list is fantastic, but if we had to pick just one we’d go with our top pick. The Bakcou Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike is available in a variety of camouflage designs and features a 1000 watt motor.

What is the best cheap electric hunting bike?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly or a value-friendly electric hunting bike, we’d recommend the Nakto Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike and the Civi Bikes Predator Electric Hunting Bike. Both of these bikes boast plenty of high-end features while coming in at a lower price point than many competitors.

What makes a good electric hunting bike?

There are a number of features to look for when shopping for an electric hunting bike or mountain bike. Whisper-quiet motors are a must, as are motors that can easily climb up hills and excel across multiple terrain types. Fat tires can also be helpful, as can hydraulic brakes and ultra mid-drive motors.

Who are the best electric hunting bike manufacturers?

We made sure to include selections by a number of renowned electric bike manufacturers on the above list, including Bakcou and Rambo. Other great bikes that nearly made our list include the E-mojo 1000w Prowler fat tire electric bike and the M2S Hunting Bike. Some other well-known companies include.
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