Best Electric Bike Trailers in 2023

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Products Updated January 26, 2023
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What are the features that make for the best electric bike trailers you can use in tandem with your electric bike? It starts with rugged, high-quality construction and a weight rating well in excess of what you’d need to carry. We recommend steel or alloy construction for a good mix of lightness and durability. The weight of the trailer itself is the second factor to look at; a heavy trailer can drastically reduce even the best electric bike’s range and battery life. Finally, it’s important to take into account compatibility and ease of setup. You’ll likely want an electric bike trailer you can stow when not in use and that can securely and quickly attach to your favorite e-bike when needed.

Keep reading both our electric bike trailer and best electric bike buyers’ guides to learn more about the best ebikes and accessories on the market today.

Top Electric Bike Trailers

 #1  Schwinn Rascal Electric Bike Trailer


WHY WE LIKE IT: This electric bike trailer allows you to easily carry your puppy with you when riding an electric bike to work or the vet. It also comes in different colors to suit your taste.

  • Decent weight capacity
  • Great ventilation
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • The rubber mat begins smelling over time.

The Schwinn Rascal Electric Bike Trailer is the perfect attachment to use with your bike to carry your dog with you to the vet or anywhere else you might be heading. It supports up to 50 pounds of maximum weight, making it extraordinary for carrying your fuzzy buddy for a bike ride. It also comes with a rubber mat inside, making it comfortable for your puppy, but do note that it might begin to smell over time, so it’s best to wash it every few weeks.

Moreover, the trailer also comes with a folding frame and quick-release wheels that allow you to easily store or transport it in your car when you’re not taking your pet for a ride. Also, its durability won’t disappoint you, thanks to its steel frame and aluminum rim. Your pet will have plenty of air with the ventilation and won’t accidentally leap out of the trailer thanks to its net cover and internal leash.

 #2  Instep Electric Bike Trailer


WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfect for carrying children, this trailer comes with all the necessary features to protect your children from dust, bugs, and other harmful elements in the air.

  • Pneumatic tires for smoother ride
  • Weather shield on the rear vent
  • Features various color options
  • Limited compatibility

The InStep Take two electric bike trailer is magnificent for carrying both kids and pets with its double tow behind the bike design. It features 16-inch pneumatic tires, which, paired with the molded rims, allow you to benefit from a smooth and safe ride. However, you should note that the trailer is only compatible with bikes with a wheel size of 26 or lower, as anything larger might deem to be dangerous.

On the other hand, you’ll be thrilled to know that the attachment comes with a folding frame design with a swift release wheel mechanism, making it easy to set up and pack it up. Also, with the bug screen and a weather shield on the rear vent window, toddlers will have enough ventilation and protection from weather or air pollution. Paired with a 5 point harness and a safety flag, the trailer will also ensure the riders are safe and secure inside. And with four colors: blue, grey, light blue, and red you can choose whichever you like best.

 #3  Retrospec Rover Electric Bike Trailer


WHY WE LIKE IT: This electric bike trailer will make carrying gear and materials a lot easier with a bike thanks to its maximum weight capacity of 80lbs and easy-to-move design.

  • Features 4 point D rings for secure storage
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Climate friendly design
  • Limited space

The Retrospec Rover electric bike trailer will protect your gear and cargo from day-to-day weather issues with the weather-resistant fabric. At the same time, its 80lbs maximum weight capacity helps make sure you can fit enough gear for a bike ride without slowing you down too much. However, do note the space is limited due to its 27 Inch x 24.5 Inch x 20 Inch dimensions, so it’s only suitable for compact gear and materials.

The trailer also features a folding frame that makes it easy to store when not in use. Paired with internal 4 point D rings and a no-slip interior base, the hauler will make sure your gear stays secure and in place. You can even check to ensure everything is there with the added safety flag, allowing additional visibility. Also, with three color options of yellow, blue, and black, you can choose the design that you like best.

 #4  Aosom Elite Electric Bike Trailer


WHY WE LIKE IT: Functioning as both a carrier and a stroller, this electric bike trailer will allow you to easily take your kids for a bike ride or carry the gear you need to take with you when commuting to work.

  • Good weight capacity
  • Secure and safe riding features
  • Durable frame and build
  • Folded mode is too heavy for carrying

The Aosom Elite electric bike trailer includes a sling seat that uses a 5 point security harness to ensure that the rider has a smooth journey. This makes it perfect for parks or the street where there may be inevitable bumps or roughness in the road, which could make the ride uncomfortable for children and pets. However, you should note that while the trailer can be folded for easier carrying and storage when not in use, it’s still pretty heavy.

Furthermore, the trailer has a durable full steel frame and smooth-riding tires, which help make it easier to ride when attached to a bike, while the seat belts and adjustable brakes make it safer for kids. And with an 88lbs weight capacity, it’s more than enough for carrying two children simultaneously. Also, the weather canopy helps protect your children from both sun and rain, while the mesh covering also makes for good ventilation.

 #5  Goplus Electric Bike Trailer


WHY WE LIKE IT: This electric bike trailer features a maximum weight capacity of 88 lbs, making it excellent for carrying heavy gear or materials that you might need to move from place to place on a bike.

  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Versatile coupler
  • Simpe and stylish design
  • Set up instructions are complicated

The Goplus electric bike trailer makes for the perfect device to transport cargo on a bike without having to go back and forth multiple times. Along with its high weight capacity, its dimensions of 29.5 Inches x 23.5 Inches x 13 Inches (LWH) make it a great fit for college students as it will allow them to quickly move their luggage inside the campus. However, the trailer setup instructions aren’t apparent out of the box, but you can set it up swiftly with a bit of time or a quick search online.

Apart from that, the accessory has a durable frame made out of steel pipes and iron-plate as well as 500D Oxford cloth material for the cargo compartment. This means you won’t have to worry about its durability, and with a widely compatible coupler, you can easily connect it to most bikes. Also, thanks to its foldable mechanism, you can easily store it when it’s not in use.

 #6  Burley Bee Electric Bike Trailer


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a folding mechanism that transforms it into a compact and carriable accessory, this trailer can easily be stored or transported when your child isn’t riding it.

  • Compact folded mode
  • Includes a rear cargo space for extra storage
  • Reflective material in the design help with night visibility
  • Unsuitable for smaller children

The Burley Bee electric bike trailer comes with the option of a two-seater or one-seater, which means you won’t have to spend your money on extra storage that you might never use. And with a 100lbs/75 lbs weight capacity on the 2 and 1 seater respectively, this carrier can easily carry your child, their toys, as well as anything else that you might need on your day. However, this trailer isn’t ideal for small children whose heads might not reach the flexible mesh at the top, causing them to sit forward if they’re wearing a helmet.

On the other hand, you’ll be excited to know that it also comes with a rear cargo space which will allow you to store extra stuff at the back without taking up space in the seats. And with hammock-style seats, your children will be securely seated on the trailer, thanks to the five-point harness and belts. Also, a yellow top and reflective piping on the back and the wheels will help increase the visibility for the trailer in the dark if you happen to be riding with it at night.

Beginners’ Guide to Electric Bike Trailers

What Are Electric Bike Trailers?

In short, electric bike trailers are wheeled cargo carriers designed to add storage space and help carry heavy loads with your e-Bike. Usually, they mount to the bike via a seat post attachment or a trailer hitch that may bolt to the rear wheel hub carrier. You’ll find this feature on many ebikes like the Nakto electric cargo bikes or Schwinn electric bikes.

Among the types of trailers used for electric bikes, there are two main categories: one-wheeled trailers and two-wheeler cargo trailers. The wider dual-wheeled trailers are often optimized for heavier loads. The best one-wheeled electric bike trailers can offer plenty of space while still allowing the use of a narrow path. Specialized models include heavy-duty aluminum utility cargo bike trailer rigs and cargo hunting trailers for electric mountain bikes. You will likely also need specialized electric bike locks that are designed to add security to your electric bicycle parking.

Electric Bike Trailers vs Electric Bikes

Some electric bike trailers are powered with their own electric motors, while others are non-powered and designed to be pulled along by a rider on an e-bike, using a combination of pedal power and electric power. They may be as simple as a box attached to a wheel, or they may include features like disc brakes, a quick-release system, and a safety flag. And, they make great attachments to the best gravel e bikes.

Electric push trailers come with a motor and can be used with a traditional bicycle or an electric bike. As with electric cargo bikes, these trailers can be a practical, eco-friendly way to transport equipment, luggage, and even pets and small children along a bike path or around town. Electric push trailers generally have a higher weight capacity than un-powered standard bike trailers.

Electric bike trailers, when used with a well-designed e-bike, are a practical and eco-friendly way of carrying stuff around. Just like one-wheeled trailers for regular bikes, one-wheeled e-Bike trailers are among the most versatile trailers around to increase the cargo capacity of your bike without compromising your ability to use bike paths.

How Electric Bike Trailers Work

Electric bike trailers attach to your e-bike and provide extra cargo capacity, letting you transport heavier loads and larger items than you could otherwise carry on a rear rack or bicycle basket. A quality trailer typically comes with a durable frame to handle the additional weight. E-bike trailers benefit from a practical design with either a single wheel or two wheels connected by a trailer axle.

However, if you need a great bike rack for your electric bike or adult tricycle for storage purposes, that’s a different accessory.

There are different types of trailers for electric bikes. Cargo trailers give your electric bike the ability to carry groceries, hardware, tools, and more. Some e-bike trailers are also designed as pet trailers and can provide a secure way of taking a dog or cat with you on your bike ride. You can even find kid trailers for electric bikes. And for a safer drive on slippery ground, consider purchasing the best rear drive motor electric bikes.

Some e-bike trailers include their own brakes for the rear axle, and some are equipped with their own motor and battery to provide extra power. These pusher trailers can sometimes be used with a conventional bike. When used with an e-bike, a pusher trailer may provide enough extra juice so that you barely notice the trailer’s extra weight.

Why Should You Buy a New Electric Bike Trailer?

Do you really need an electric bike trailer? Electric bicycle trailers provide distinct benefits over standard bike trailers and makeshift bike storage. Newer e-bike trailers offer features like performance brake pads and rugged tires. Some models of pusher trailers incorporate their own 500-watt motor, which helps minimize the effect of extra weight on an e-bike’s smaller mid-drive electric motor.

Is an Electric Bike Trailer Worth Buying?

An e-bike trailer makes a lot of sense if you often carry gear, luggage, pets, or children around on your electric bike. Although, if you have a conventional bicycle that you’d prefer to keep using, then you’ll want to look at our Schuck ebike modification conversion kit review.

Riding on Hilly Terrain: If you ever carry things up and down hills on your electric bike, a good set-up e-bike trailer distributes the extra load more conveniently and more safely than using a large backpack or basket.

Take Your Pets: Bike trailer towing is an easy and convenient way to bring small dogs or even your cats along with you on an e-bike adventure. Pet trailers for electric bikes are designed to offer a secure and comfortable trailer ride.

Eco-Friendly Utility: Adding a cargo trailer to your e-bike is a more eco-friendly and efficient way of transporting loads for gardening and home improvement projects, compared to making numerous extra, short trips in your car or truck.

Why an Electric Bike Trailer May Not Be for You

May Reduce Battery Range: Pulling a loaded cargo trailer with your e-bike’s motor will likely use more battery power and reduce the available range. However, a pusher trailer with a low profile and its own power supply can practically “pay for itself,” adding power to make up for the added weight.

Maneuverability: The average trailer may have a noticeable impact on how your electric bike handles turns. With larger, two-wheeler cargo trailers, for example, you won’t be able to make deeply carving turns. Narrow track or single-wheel trailers minimize the handling impact of bike trailer towing.

Increased Effort: If towing with a pedal-assist-only e-bike equipped with a small 250W mid-drive motor, you may find that starting from a full stop becomes more difficult as the trailer weight increases. Once loads reach 100 pounds or so, this can be quite noticeable. Using a pusher trailer or an e-bike that has throttle control can offset this difficulty.

How Long Will an Electric Bike Trailer Last?

Depending on the use, an electric bike trailer should last as long as or longer than the bicycle itself: about 8 years according to research published in MDPI journals of sustainability.

Un-powered bicycle trailers are generally very durable. A quality trailer with a steel or alloy frame and a good paint job should weather the elements quite well. Tires will eventually need replacing, but will probably outlast the tires on the bicycle itself.

Powered pusher trailers are about as durable as electric bicycles. The electric motors are usually simple, brushless DC motors that require very minimal maintenance. Battery life with modern lithium-ion battery packs is about 5-10 years depending on the number of charge cycles and the storage environment.

As with most electric vehicles, heavier loads, extreme temperatures, and fast charging cycles will speed up battery consumption.

Other components, such as electronic controls, bearings, brake pads, and inner tubes, last anywhere from two to ten years, depending on the intensity of use. Storing an eBike trailer outdoors, especially in areas that get freezing temperatures or have high levels of humidity, will cause moving parts to wear out faster. Unless exposed to saltwater, rust is rarely an issue with electric bike trailers.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike Trailer

There are a number of key considerations when it comes to choosing the best e-bike trailer for your needs. It’s important to take into account trailer weight capacity, width, the type of trailer hitch mechanism, and wheel and tire choices. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the right e-bike trailer for you.

Key Features/ Factors

There are a few key questions to ask regarding any potential electric bicycle trailer purchase.

1. What Are You Carrying?

The first thing to consider is what will be the main use for your electric bike trailer? Are you carrying pets, giving kids a ride, or only hauling lumber and camping gear? If you’re looking at pet trailers or bike trailers for kids, safety considerations are the most important. Next, you’ll want to consider the comfort of the trailer ride.

If you’re carrying smaller items or grocery bags, camping or party supplies, then durability and how the trailer handles will be more important.

If you want to be able to carry a kayak or a deer carcass, you’ll want to look into one of the more specialized boat trailers for e-bikes or cargo hunting trailers, respectively.

2. What Size Trailer Can You Comfortably Ride With?

Wider two-wheeled e-bike trailers can have a significant effect on how the bike handles and rides. Depending on your experience level and also on what kinds of paths and trails you may ride on, you may want to select a versatile trailer that’s narrow enough to fit in the same lane as the bike.

3. What Kind of E-Bike Are You Using?

Different electric bicycles are compatible and work best with different trailer types. While a heavier, 750-2000W electric mountain bike should be fine towing a 45-pound dual-wheel cargo trailer, a smaller pedal-assist-only e-bike may struggle with this kind of load. Make sure to check the compatibility of the trailer hitch system as well.

4. What Types of Terrain Do You Ride On?

Just as with bicycle tires, e-bike trailer tires are generally designed for particular types of terrain. If you ride on rough trails or through mud and dirt often, you’ll want to look for a trailer with more rugged tires


What are some important things to consider when choosing an e-bike trailer?

First, make sure the trailer matches your intended use for it: you can transport kids or pets in specially-designed kid trailers for electric bikes, but not in standard cargo trailers, for example. With cargo trailers, make sure the weight rating is enough for what you typically carry, and make sure the hitch type is compatible with your bike.

What's the maximum speed for e-bike trailers?

While e-bike trailers don't in general have a separate speed rating, as with light truck trailers, they can usually withstand the typical average speed of an e-bike, depending on terrain and road surface. This is generally around 15-20 mph.

Do e-bike trailers come with alternative hitch fittings that go with different frame and axle designs?

This is important for electric bikes and mountain bikes. Most e-bike trailers come with quick-release skewers that fit the rear dropout of the bike. They may come with fittings for differently-sized rear dropouts, however. Common sizes include 130 mm and 135 mm.
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