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What are the features that make for a great electric bike lock? Find the best electric bike locks starts with good security: electric bikes may represent significantly more of an investment than regular bicycles, and so it’s important that your bike lock do its job, and so we recommend using a bike lock with a high-security rating to help deter e-bike theft. Convenience is a close second since you don’t want your bicycle lock slowing you down and making it too much of a hassle to park your e-bike near where you want to go. Coming in third are the design and tech features of an e-bike lock.

Most experts recommend D-lock or U-lock designs that can lock the rear tire and rear frame dropout to a fixed object. You’ll want to make sure the lock you’re choosing is compatible with your electric bike, as some hub motors mean there’s less space available for a lock. Keep reading our best electric bike and electric bike lock buyers’ guides to learn more.

Top Electric Bike Locks

 #1  Via Velo Electric Bike U Lock


WHY WE LIKE IT: This electric bike lock features a weather-resistant build, making it a lot more durable than most other locks on the market, while the two keys provided will make your life a lot more convenient as you’ll worry less about losing the key on the road.

  • Easy to carry
  • Durable build
  • Weather resistant coating
  • Compatible with only a limited range of bike tubes.

The Bike U electric bike lock comes with a hexagonal PVC cover that protects the lock from both water and dust, making it a good fit for those who commute to work or frequently travel on their bikes. Moreover, with a high-quality and compact mounting bracket, you can easily carry the lock with you on your rides. However, note that the bracket is only suitable for 20 to 42mm bike tubes.

On the other hand, you’ll be thrilled to know that the steel shackle has a 250mm x 140mm x 14mm diameter, including the rubber casing, which prevents it from being cut quickly. And with the sturdy double-bolt crossbar locking mechanism as well as the pull and drill-resistant lock cylinder, your bike will be safe at all times. The lock weighs only about 3.2 pounds, including everything, making it easier to carry.

 #2  Seatylock Mason Electric Bike U Lock


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a widely compatible size thanks to its ample 115mm clearance, this electric bike lock will provide you with a flexible range of use with a fast setup method.

  • Dust and water resistant
  • Sturdy and diamond-certified build quality
  • Features double deadbolts for protection against twisting
  • Large size makes it difficult to carry

The Seatylock Mason Bike U lock features an automatic cylinder shutter that is both dust and water-resistant preventing it from getting rusty over time. And apart from increasing its durability, it will also make it safe to use in rainy conditions. However, you should note that while the large size of the lock makes it more flexible in terms of use, allowing you to attach it to most railings, this also makes it difficult to carry with most bikes.

Apart from that, the lock is also DIAMOND Rated as a heavy-duty professional lock. This means that the lock is certified to have good durability against most stress tests that simulate real-life scenarios. Also, with the added patented pentagonal crossbars, it will survive against most cutting tools allowing you to rest assured that your bike is safe against thieves.

 #3  DadyMart Electric Bike U Lock


WHY WE LIKE IT: Featuring a four-digit code lock cylinder, this electric bike lock helps make your riding experience a lot more convenient without having to worry about losing your keys.

  • Dust and sand-proof locking mechanism
  • 4 digit combination removes the need for a key
  • PVC coating for protection against low temperatures
  • Unsuitable for rainy conditions

The DadyMart Electric Bike U lock makes your bike more secure by preventing thieves from stealing your bike using a universal key or picking your lock. Its four-digit combination lock pairs up with the u-lock shackle that has been treated with numerous heat processes to make the lock more sturdy and safe against brute force methods like smashing or cutting. However, you should note that the lock doesn’t have the best resistance against water, which makes it unsuitable for areas with frequent rainy days.

Moreover, this lock also features a PVC coating that gives the lock a soft yet sturdy shell on the outside that protects the metal inside from cracking at low temperatures. The lock also comes with an easy setup method with its combination lock, and thanks to the flip cover design of the locking mechanism, you won’t have to worry about dust or sand reducing its lifespan.

 #4  Thinvik Electric Bike U Lock


WHY WE LIKE IT: This electric bike U lock will fit your bike thanks to the two size options it offers. You will be able to get the lock that best fits your bike, and with the option to choose a larger size, you will also get more flexibility in terms of locking it.

  • Sturdy build quality
  • Two different size options
  • Double door lock mechanism
  • Mounting is not very secure

With its zinc alloy build, the Thinvik electric bike U lock will provide your bike with improved security, which gives the lock cylinder protection against drilling or brute force theft techniques. Pairing up nicely with the double door unlocking feature as well as a serpentine groove key structure, this helps make the lock harder to crack with universal keys or lock picking. However, keep in mind that the mount isn’t the most secure, so it’s best to carry it in a bag or other carrying accessories.

On the other hand, the 18mm steel shackle helps protect the lock from being cut easily, which along with the U lock, makes it suitable for locking your bike with poles or trees by the street as long as they have a diameter under 30mm. Moreover, the small and medium-sized options also make this usable with electric scooters that typically have different-sized bodies.

 #5  West Biking Electric Bike Lock


WHY WE LIKE IT: Made out of hardened carbon steel that has a thickness of 14mm, this electric bike U lock will allow you to swiftly and securely lock your bike. And along with the easy setup, you won’t have to worry about wasting too much time on it.

  • Serpentine key slot
  • Carbon Steel and Zinc alloy makes for strong build quality
  • PVC layer protects against rusting
  • Small form factor limits usage

Featuring a zinc alloy lock core paired and a carbon steel shackle, the West Biking electric bike lock will keep your bike safe from most types of theft techniques, including but not limited to cutting, swaying and prying. Also, with the serpentine slot for the copper key, this lock will prevent the use of a universal key to steal the bike. But, note that the lock has a small size factor, which, although makes it easier to carry with the provided bracket, limits the flexibility in what you lock the bike to.

Other than that, you’ll be impressed by the lock PVC protective layer of 2mm, which will prevent the lock from suffering water or dust damage over time while also ensuring the core doesn’t rust easily. The U lock is also usable with gates, fences, or even motorcycles, making it multi-functional for people who might need it.

 #6  In-Gauge Electric Bike U Lock


WHY WE LIKE IT: This electric bike lock has a hexagonal PVC cover that protects it from different weather conditions. You will no longer have to worry about your bike lock suffering from rust, water corrosion, or malfunctioning due to dust.

  • PVC cover and sturdy build
  • Widely compatible mounting bracket
  • 3 keys with extra key code provided
  • Lack of combination lock

The In-Gauge electric bike U lock allows you to easily carry it thanks to its high-quality mounting bracket that removes the need to have a carrying bag for the lock. You will also be happy to know that the bracket easily fits bikes with tubes within the range of 20-42mm, making it widely compatible. However, you should note that the lock functions on a key instead of combination locks which means you’ll have to carry a key with you whenever you’re riding the bike.

On the bright side, the lock does come with three keys, which removes the need to worry about losing the keys. And even if you do lose the keys, you have a unique code given with the keys, which you can later use to order a new set whenever you need to. The lock also includes a rubber casing which, paired with the heat-hardened steel shackle, protects the lock from brute force or cutting.

Beginners’ Guide to Electric Bike Locks

What are Electric Bike Locks?

Electric bike locks are bicycle locks designed to add security to your electric bicycle parking. They come in the same basic varieties as regular bicycle locks and motorcycle locks. Since e-bikes are, in general, more expensive and have more valuable parts than regular bicycles, locks designed for e-bikes are, in general, larger and more robust than traditional bike locks. E-bike locks also must cope with the sometimes-limited space around the frame of an electric bike. They have to fit around components such as mid-drive motors, tube batteries, and motor controllers. Plus, to make the lock even easier to use, it’s a good idea to find a great electric bike made for seniors.

Electric Bike Locks for Electric Bicycles

Electric bike locks have to function like the locks commonly used for regular bicycles, meaning they should be light enough to carry and they should allow you to use standard bike parking spots, such as the bike racks on university campuses and in many downtown areas.

However, because e-bikes (such as Schwinn electric bikes) have more equipment installed, including valuable materials such as lithium-ion batteries and permanent-magnet electric motors, they may present a more tempting target for a bike thief. This means an e-bike lock must be more challenging and time-consuming to get through.

The designs of electric bikes can also present unique challenges for bike locks. A commuter e-bike or cargo e-bike may have limited space around the rear frame and within the rear wheel, where a bike lock typically goes. Moreover, if you’re riding a Pedego trike, you’ll find these are much larger and usually won’t fit in a traditional bike rack.

Thus, bike locks for electric bikes have to overcome some unique challenges. Different types of locks are available for e-bikes, including chain locks, D-locks, U-lock shackles, and cable locks. Some recommend using multiple locks for a higher level of security against bike thieves. E-bike commuters may want a secondary lock to help secure a motor or the battery, for example. E-bike locks should also have a more secure locking mechanism than what’s needed for a traditional bike lock. This is the same when it comes to safety when comparing electric bike helmets to regular bike helmets.

How Electric Bike Locks Work

Just like a lock for any other type of cycle, an e-bike lock works by securing the vehicle frame to a fixed object and/or securing the wheels to the frame so as to make it impossible for the wheels to turn. As with most types of bike locks, securing the wheel to an object may not be enough to deter potential thieves. This is especially important for E-bikes, which are more often the target of bike thefts in high-risk areas, likely due to the resale value of components such as batteries and electric motor parts.

Experts suggest using high-security locks with a security rating of “Diamond” or at least 9 out of 10, depending on the rating systems used. But the strongest lock is still only as good as your locking technique. So for an electric bike, the idea is to secure the bike frame and as many components as possible to a fixed object. Always test bike racks to see if they are secure; bike thieves sometimes use leverage attacks to pry loose the railings of bike parking spots. Some bike racks are also merely bolted to the ground and can be lifted up using air tools.

In addition to using a quality, strong lock, finding the right placement for it is important. You’ll want to leave as little space as possible around the lock. To keep your bike safe, you want to make the area around the lock an awkward spot to use hand tools in. Leaving minimal space around a frame lock makes it more difficult to use an angle grinder or bolt cutters to break the lock.

For e-bikes, and in particular for when you don’t want to remove the battery and carry it with you, adding additional locks provide a higher level of protection for high-value and removable items like batteries and motors. For this purpose, you might want to use a secondary steel chain lock or even a few cable locks. Most cyclists recommend against using only cable locks, however, as cable locks are relatively easy to cut through.

Why Should You Buy a New Electric Bike Lock?

Bike theft is common, and electric bikes are a significantly more tempting target for thieves. They are lighter and less cumbersome to haul away than motorcycles or mopeds, and they contain valuable parts and materials. These include batteries, electric motors, copper wire, and permanent magnets. A newer electric bike lock can provide a higher level of security for your e-bike and give you some peace of mind when it comes to using an electric bike for errands or to commute.

Is an Electric Bike Lock Worth Buying?

Compared to older, standard bike locks, a decent lock or set of high-quality bike locks for your e-bike will have some distinct advantages.

Extra Security: Any type of lock designed for use with electric bikes will have a higher level of security than a standard bike lock. This may involve thicker chain links, an additional disc lock feature, or a hide-away key cylinder on the secure lock. Some more expensive locks also include alarms and smartphone connectivity.

Securing Electric Components: Even if an electric bike is locked to a solid object, an opportunist thief may decide to steal a battery, battery cable, or rear wheel and hub motor. E-bike owners may find it worthwhile then to invest in an ebike-specific lock, especially if using an e-bike that didn’t come with pre-installed battery locks.

E-bike Specific Designs: Many e-bikes make it difficult to use proper locking techniques with a traditional bike lock. This can be due to the placement of hub motors, batteries, and cables, and is especially an issue with cargo e-bikes. The perfect bike lock for an e-bike will allow you to secure the bike and motor in such a way as help to deter a potential thief.

New Tech Features: Some newer security locks for electric bikes employ clever tech features such as a disc detainer mechanism or even wireless alarm systems. This can provide an extra form of security when leaving your bike unattended.

Why an Electric Bike Lock Might Not Be For You:

Extra Weight: Compared to cheap u-locks, most electric bike locks are somewhat heavier, and you may be hesitant to burden yourself and your e-bike with a heavier lock. However, you don’t need to rely on cumbersome giant padlocks to add security to your bike storage. Some of the lightest lock models designed for an electric bike will offer features that may confound and deter a potential thief. And speaking of weight, you may also be interested in the best electric bike trailers that are designed to add storage space and help carry heavy loads with your e-Bike.

You Have Bike Storage: If you rarely park your e-bike outside, you may think that a dedicated e-bike lock is redundant, especially if you already have a folding lock or another compact size lock for a regular bicycle. Electric bikes are as much as three times more likely to be the targets of theft, however, e-bikes and e-bike parts are more likely to be stolen in plain sight. So what may seem like common sense precautions for an ordinary bicycle may not be an adequate level of protection for an e-bike.

E-bike Alarms and Tracking: Some e-bikes are equipped with smart devices that enable tracking and remote de-activation of electric assist features. While these features do provide some anti-theft protection, they aren’t a substitute for the secure option of a quality lock and proper locking techniques.

How Long Will an E-bike Lock Last?

In terms of wear and tear, e-bike locks are designed to be durable and withstand the elements well, so a lock will usually outlast the electric bike itself. Security locks with electronic features, for example, a smartphone-integrated digital lock mechanism, may only last three to five years, based on the wear of the electronic components. Most quality locks are well-protected from rust and road salt, but budget locks may not have as much plastic coating or rustproofing, and this types of bike lock can start to show corrosion in a matter of months. You may think cheaper locks have an attractive, reasonable price range, but you get what you pay for with those kinds of locks.

Some locks may become functionally obsolete long before they are physically worn out, however, due to changes in bike theft trends. Older u-locks may be vulnerable to a simple picking form of attack with a Bic pen, for example. Thieves may be able to easily guess the combinations on a certain type of lock with a combination cylinder, due to the inadequately hidden grooves in the locking discs.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike Lock

Depending on where you park your bike and how often you use your bike for essential errands or commutes, there are several important things to consider when choosing a lock for your e-bike. For higher levels of protection, it’s recommended that you use a heavy chain or D-lock with at least a “gold rating” when ranking locks in terms of the commonly-used Kryptonite rating scale. If leaving the battery and other accessories attached, it may be a good idea to invest in extra locking options for additional anti-theft protection.

In general, the more complex and difficult it appears to get at your e-bike, the more likely thieves will leave your expensive bike alone and move on to a more convenient target.

Key Features/Factors

There are a few important questions that will help you decide on the best e-bike lock.

1. What Kind of e-Bike Do You Ride?

The design of an electric bike has a lot to do with what type of lock works best. Thicker locks with a D-shaped locking structure may not fit around hub motors, for example. Chain-based flexible locks and folding locks can be more convenient for e-bikes, but ebike locks should be thick enough and placed in such a way as to deter cable cutters using a portable angle grinder to cut them off. Folding bike locks do tend to be more portable versus non-folding, robust locks.

2. Where Do You Park Your Bike?

If there are no specific bike locking racks where you normally park, you may want to choose a lock that works with commonly available solid objects. Be careful to avoid “dummy poles,” which thieves may know about–these allow someone to remove the bike by disassembling the structure it’s locked to. Consider the material of the lock as well. You may oftentimes see stainless steel locks, but hardened steel is much tougher.


Do bike thieves pick locks?

With some exceptions, bike thieves rarely resort to lock-picking techniques. Most bicycle thieves will preferentially target bikes that aren’t secured to fixed objects or that have locks that can be cut through easily since this is in most cases much faster than picking a lock. An exception is the case of certain older U-locks that were unusually easy to pick–these are occasionally still used and can be tempting for opportunistic bike thieves with minimal hand tools.

Is it important to use a flexible lock with an electric bike?

Depending on the model of electric bike, these types of locks can have some advantages. U-locks can limit the possibilities for locking an e-bike to an object, since they may not fit as well around hub motors. A flexible lock can also be used to secure the e-bike to a lamppost, helping keep your electric bike in plain sight when there are no bike racks nearby.

Is a wearable lock a good idea for an e-bike?

Wearable locks may be more convenient to carry on an e-bike, though security is still the most important feature, and the weight of a good quality chain lock can become tiresome to wear on a long ride. However, many e-bikes have the battery mounted where you would normally attach the frame-mount for a D-lock, and a wearable lock solves the dilemma of where to store the lock when on the go.

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